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This story is a sequel to Tasting Power

In the ruins of a world they were never truly a part of, two fillies travel with only each other as company, yet, the elder starts to have doubts about their destination and wonders if everypony she loves is doomed to leave her, as well as the true cost of raising her little sister in a crumbling world.

Proofread by TCC56 and an anonymous user. This can be treated as a standalone work. Finalist in Scribblefest 2016! The old version has a spoiler-filled review by HapHazerd here! Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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Heh..Eragon reference...fitting considering what the spell actually did..the importance of proper spelling everyone.:pinkiehappy:


Yes! I love those books, and that spell always intrigued me-not only incorrect spelling, but poor word choice, and good intentions gone wrong. Let us hope Eragon never writes fanfics. :trollestia:

Love the turmoil here and how Tia is so close to her sister

Thanks! This is a favorite of my older stories.

Can you tell me “where” is the wrong spell and Eragon reference? I didn’t noticed...

Also, why Tia wasn’t hugging her Luna anymore? What happened to Luna? How she has changed? (In short please, I don’t wanna read sequel :)

Great story, 9/10

Luna no longer fits Celestia’s perception of her.

It’s in the chapter title.

Ah, yeah, now I see, thanks :)

Still this story has unique atmosphere, that even after reading mysterious feeling still lingers...

Thank you! I try to incorporate that feeling like into a lot of my stories.

Heartbreaking and I'm starting to understand why Luna's so messed up. I'm wondering how Celestia grew up to be as sane as she is.

We would make a plan. A plan to ensure that nothing went wrong and that we were not separated. After all, We were a strategist and nothing could break the bond of two sisters as close as Luna and Celestia.


f o r e s h a d o w i n g
it hurts :)

Lovely imagery. Very suspenseful. Wondering about the clover field where Celestia found out the truth. Is there an order I should read these things?

The clover field was in The Dark Side of the Sun, which you already commented on. That's all it is referencing.

Ohhh, now I remember it. It was a reference to Celestia accepting that her parents weren't coming back. I should've gotten that.

Yeah, sorry that wasn't clear enough for you. :twilightsheepish:

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