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This story is a sequel to Antumbra

Lumina, the mother of Luna and Celestia, has a terrifying vision and immediately goes to seek advice on its meaning. Hopefully, the primordial spirit of the World Tree will be able to advise her on what to do. Even if it may not be what she wants...

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Ah... so that explains why Celestia and Luna were alone in The Dark Side of the Sun(excluding Discord).

Very confusing dialogue in this fic. The talking heads make everything ten times more confusing, more so as the chapter is full of them.




The Dark Side of The Sun.


It is advised to have read at least some of my other stories to understand what is happening here. This is a side-story to Tomb of Magic and a prequel to The Dark Side of the Sun, yet can be understood on its own.


6219770 Apologies... I had read another fic and it must've just been a slip of the tongue(or of the keyboard...).

6219773 Oh, I wrote that in bad context. I was not referring toward the plot of the story, I was referring towards the fact that I couldn't tell who was speaking half the time, which made the story - a dialogue - hard to follow. So, allow me a to try again.

Very hard-to-follow dialogue in this story. I felt the talking heads were the main issue, as they made the dialogue ten times more difficult to understand.



Oh dear. :applejackconfused: I sincerely am sorry for that. I've never gotten that complaint on a story before...

If I get any more complaints about this issue I will look the story over again and revise it.

Wow. I take it the sequel will cover the fated battle?

No, there’s no sequel to this short. It even predates Antumbra, but still is more of an epilogue and where Luna and Tia’s story starts to make itself known.

So, there was some sort of cataclysmic battle. Interesting. Sounds like Tia and Luna's mom fled a dying world after losing a war. She must have perished in battle.

Her backstory comes in pieces/implications in other stories, particularly Cryptic Coda. As for her ultimate fate... well, I might have a story for that! :twilightblush:

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