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This story is a sequel to Ashes

Luna is a charming and mischievous filly loosely raised by her sister in a vast world that doubles as the home she barely remembers. Now she finds herself separated from the only family she has. Neptune is a humorless king who refuses to leave his home because of something he discovered years ago, yet the both of them share a distant past although their drastic experiences split their paths long ago.

Edited by TCC56. Neptune is this universe's equivalent of King Leo. Cover art by MagnaLuna. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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(I guess I'll comment here haha)
Okay, so this story looked pretty interesting and it was a cute read, but I have a few comments.
First of all, your wording is really pretty, but the story is a bit hard to understand. Also, Luna calling herself "we" all the time made it really confusing.
But this line

and his voice got really shrill when he yelled, especially at us for calling him Princess Tuna.


So, overall cute, but it didn't make a lot of sense to me until the very end.

7340013 When Luna and Tia are very young they do that, but I'm glad you liked the story Luna is so fun to write. This story is a companion story/sequel to Ashes which may be why it was confusing at parts. Don't forget to upvote! :twilightsheepish:

7340029 Okay, that might make sense. And haha okay:rainbowlaugh:

I really like this is there a sequel to this story???

7617997 There is no direct sequel, but this story occurs next on the timeline. Celestia and Luna appear next in this one shot, but they aren't fillies any more.

7618004 okay I'll read it at soon as I can at some point

Luna is adorable and adventurous. Look forward to reading the sisters meeting with Neptune

He appears again in a few later stories. And yeah, Luna being a cutie definitely made it fun to write her!

It was a silly thought, but We deeply pondered where all the butterscotches were. We had learned the hard way that there were no butterscotch trees even in enchanted forests. Even so, We had not seen any candy anywhere unless you counted sugarcane.

That's adorable.

Exciting. Luna the junior badass.

She's always a fun mixture of adorable and badass in my stuff.

Any more of their young adventures?

Their young adventures stop here. However, there is a group for this ‘verse that has a timeline if you want to look for stories in a certain time period.

Edit: wait my big anthology has some selections.

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