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John is alone on this world and has not seen a single soul in a long time. His only companions have been the ghosts only he can hear. Driven by guilt, he goes from town to town, searching and doing the only thing he can do:

Give the dead their final rest.

Discord once gave him a gift. It was given in grief. John has yet to understand what this gift means. He has lost track of time and madness and sanity wage a constant war in his mind.

For John, the greatest terror in his heart is facing the Goddesses.

He's about to meet one of them.

Cover art by mylittlesheepy

Direct link to the unaltered art here.

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That cover art, tho'. I love it!

~ Chapter: 13

7805304 *nervous anticipation intensifies*

7805306 *nervous editor anticipation intensifies*

~ Chapter: 13

You already know my thoughts on this story. I only have one thing to say.

That I wish I had known of those songs, especially the latter so I could have it on repeat when I first read through it.

A nice little story, its harsh and cold. But oh so right in where it should be. We fall, high or low, we fall. Time only gives us more chances to. And the cruelest and worst is the burden that comes with being so. I liked this, but my mind was in a dark place. So bravo.

This one has its own little moment of the human nature.

And goddammit, this story has finally justified me creating the "sad bookshelf."

Now I quickly need to make another one, because I hate the number 13.

Whew. I saw the tags. But I definitely wasn't ready. Dang, man. I'm going to go look at kitten photos for a while.

and p.s. - Discord is a dick.

So sad But when I read that they had Children I cracked a smile :pinkiehappy:

Excellent taste, though I prefer Vangelis's tears in rain from blade runner.
Hurt however is perfect.

The only two things I found disagreeable in this entire story, which is, NO small achievement.
Are the gimmicks, minor, can be avoided, difficult to avoid when writing so no biggie.
Second is the real problem I find with most sad-conflicted stories is the overdramatizing of guilt and anger.
It may have it's purposes but it is a fairly one dimensional adversary.
It works MUCH better as an influential problem, working in tangent with dilemmas.

Writing food for thought.

*Edit, also look up Glassy sky as a more fitting soundtrack to this.

7805444 The funny thing is, I tried to cut back on how much emotion John was experiencing. Ah well, live and learn. Your thoughts are appreciated and thank you! :twilightsmile:

Damn this a good story.

It's...honestly good, yes not much answers...but I think a bit of mystery tag should be on it.

You don't count because it's part of your name.

Dude... This is awesome! I think I would like to see either a sequel or a prequel to this amazing story.

Great story! I loved the hopeful ending, in contrast of the gloomy setting. Well done! :twilightsmile:

This was a very good story. You pulled off the emotional impact rather well. I especially liked the note of hope near the end. Too many stories like this are tragic for tragedy's sake.

That was actually much needed, considering that I was panicking for the past 30 minutes and hoping to fix my mouse. It's mostly fixed now.

Well no exactly what I was expecting but I love this story either way. Sad and well very sad is all I can really say. I wouldn't mind a small sequel or prequel about all of this. especially if it goes with the 2 time-hopping invaders.

7805701 e621.net/data/45/88/4588ed008a22a8d20ace63daa0b15752.jpg?1329153526

Not related, but I wanted to end this little beef on a high.

~ Chapter: 13

I've just floated around on this website for a long time and tend to read those 100k+ word stories, but the synopsis just caught my eye on the frontpage and I started with the first paragraphs, and then I suddenly had finished it.

Excellent story that tugged at the heartstrings, I could relate to several characters (maybe not the exact experiences ;) but atleast how they felt), so excellent job conveying that, +fav and like

:rainbowhuh:So this was one of the alternant timelines from the season 5 finally?

Either way, this was a great read. This is going strait into my favorites library.

I really like this story, good job man.

stand by, a gift shall be appearing in a day or so

This has got to be the works of some evil God.

I don't quite get the time bit. I mean, ok, time travel, but uh - from where? If everypony died, nopony is in the future. And what, did some leap forward from the past? Except, well, how would they know where to go?

good work but your lighter stuff is so much better .

read ponies for good news there is enough sad news IRL

7806121 Ahem... Twilight vs whassername. Bouncing back and forth through alternate timelines.

7806183 You win one cookie.:scootangel:

7806115 No. Just me. I'll get over it. Maybe.:trollestia:

7806066 Someone's doing a reading, I believe.

~ Chapter: 13



I suppose that AUs that rather heavily too, then!

7805706 I would imagine the time hoppers were Celestia and John's own children, as the epidemic not happening would mean they cease to exist. I mean if literally all other life is gone then I don't think it could be anything else.

Awesome, a Scarheart story!

This, right here, is exactly what I imagine immortality to be if given to someone who was originally mortal. It's probably the most terrifying and horrible thing anyone can imagine, but no one can really say what they would do if given all the time in the world. Very well done, messere, very well done, indeed.

I haven't been brought to tears (twice) by a story on this site in such a long time.
I applaud your storytelling and writing prowess. This was very well written.


You linked the song I was going to ya bastard. Good taste though.

Also probably the best one shot story I've read on the effects of immortality in a long long time. Thank you so much for this fine work.

Everything I know is gone, a now dead god gave me his immortality, and I get the feeling you watched me for a long time. I don’t get why you didn’t do anything or try to talk to me then. I don’t know why you let me go mad. I don’t even know if I’ve already gone insane. Everything is madness. I look like I was living in a concentration camp.”

She never answered his question; why did she leave him to wander and lose his mind (perhaps permanently as Luna believed) in madness for two and a half centuries? Sure she said she was angry at the start but 250+ years of ignoring the only other sapient being on the planet? She also said she never truly blamed him, which was why she didn't seek vengeance. So the 250+ years of ignoring him while he wandered and raved in madness, guilt, and regret makes her seem either cruel or completely apathetic to his fate.

“Your mind is mortal. She thought you would have gone irreversibly insane in due time, hence one of the reasons she chose not to go after you.”
Mulling that revelation over, I scratched an itch on my left side. “I guess I don’t blame her. I probably would have done the same if I was in her shoes.”
“I disagree,” the Goddess arched her neck, fixing me with a look. “I do not think you are the sort to let someone go mad. I love my sister, but some of her methods leave a lot to be desired. She can be a vengeful pony and at times very petty. But she is my sister and I love her for all that she is. One day, I hope the two of you can come to at least an understanding.” There was hope in her words. Her optimism was a comfort, as if it was something I needed in the worst way.

Plainly she thinks that leaving someone to go mad is unacceptable, but she did exactly that for 250 years!

Hell they then have children together within 5 years. She must have gotten over the genocide absolute ages ago if she's willing to have kids with the unwitting perpetrator.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this story quite a bit. Still, there are some plot holes or bizarre logic going on in the background. Regardless, it's a one-shot so they are largely completely excusable.

7806659 She did approach him a few times, but John ran away each time. He was crazy at the time and his mind is befuddled. Living as long as he had at this point made him a very confused individual. This is the first time he can remember with some clarity her coming. He remembers the last times as blurs.

7806294 That or it's ponies from way further into the future. Life can evolve again and all 3 of them are immortal so it wouldn't be impossible. Really i just don't want it to be that, i want something more substantial.

7806659 Wasn't it mentioned more than once that Celestia did in fact approach him multiple times but he always ran away?

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