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Jakob is a quiet man trying to raise his daughter in peace. He is haunted by the loss of his wife many years ago. The choices of his life have led him to this point, leaving him in a state of constant contemplation.

He once shared an adventure into a new world filled with colorful equine-like creatures. His wife waded in among them, embracing their offers of friendship, leaving him bemused in her wake. Gladly he followed her through all the joys and pains, the peace and the conflicts.

Now, all that is left are the memories of a love that once filled him, and the daughter that was the result of that same love.

June is now coming of age to notice her father has a serious problem. He is lonely and she intends to do something about it, but how?

It begins with a single, magical candle and a touch of meddling from the Alicorn of Love.

Art by Corina Chirila.

Edited by Chapter 13 and TuxOKC.

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Seven years. For seven years she was neglected. In that time, she was underpowered, defeated by a nag in the moon, defeated by an evil bug roach, a victim to tentacle vines, defeated again by the same evil bug roach as before, as well as many other slights and insults in between.

All she wanted was one episode of her own, one to show her glorious personality in all of its radiant glory. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Her impressive record as the longest living and serving monarch (now diarch, lots of love to dear, dear Little Luna), brokering peace and prosperity the likes of which no other nation could hold a candle to! Or a sun, for that matter.

Time to do something about that.

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Derpy Hooves is your typical mailmare. She has a good job, has a nice house, and is a loving mother. Just don't keep her from her daughter.

However, when there's a real crisis, Celestia turns to our favorite gray pegasus with her wonderful golden eyes to save the world! Derpy has the best weapon at her disposal for just such a crisis!

This story is a thank-you for Cross Lament.

Image source.

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The most wanted villain in recent memory, having been captured by Starlight Glimmer, has been requested by Cadence to be put up for redemption.

The catch?

Chrysalis has to choose a husband from a list the Princess of Love has crafted after three days and two (mostly) sleepless nights of coffee fueled discussion. Energy drinks were consumed. Donuts suffered inglorious fates. Prince Blueblood was put in charge while the sisters delt with lending a hoof in deciding the fallen changeling queen's fate.

Her other choices?

Celestia wants her turned to stone.

Luna wants to send her to Tartarus.

Stone, Tartarus, or marriage. Those are her choices.

Cadence won't let her choose the first two.

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John is alone on this world and has not seen a single soul in a long time. His only companions have been the ghosts only he can hear. Driven by guilt, he goes from town to town, searching and doing the only thing he can do:

Give the dead their final rest.

Discord once gave him a gift. It was given in grief. John has yet to understand what this gift means. He has lost track of time and madness and sanity wage a constant war in his mind.

For John, the greatest terror in his heart is facing the Goddesses.

He's about to meet one of them.

Cover art by mylittlesheepy

Direct link to the unaltered art here.

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Follow Speaker and his changeling brothers and sisters who, after the events of Canterlot, took it upon themselves to find a new queen. They found a portal in a deep cave and went through it, questionable circumstances aside. Now they find themselves in a world full of humans, and with a new queen!

Meet Catherine and her family as they cope with a gaggle of shape-shifting creatures who really do just want to fit in and be loved.

The problem is, Catherine's parents are not very keen on their daughter chosen to be the new Queen of the Changelings.

And the cat has gone missing.


Some chapters will have musical numbers in them!

The story that inspired the two short stories that lead up to this one!

FimFic Authors are In Your Bed by Admiral Biscuit

Which two stories, you ask?

Link to Estee's short story is here.

Link to my short story is here.

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One of my first true attempts at an HIE romance-type story. Mostly, it's just a slice of life, a typical mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights involving a family. A very important family.

It's going to be really sappy and really cheesy.

Posting the chapters where I think they'll fit. You don't know where in order they'll pop up!

Join on the epic journey of a man and his daughter going to breakfast in Canterlot! Will they prevail? Will they have toast? Will there be dancing? Love blossoms, marriage! Skipping everything in between and focusing on those moments in life when everything that has been fought for, cried for, believed in, raged against, forgiven, forgotten...


Why, the chapters seem to appear in reverse order... Why?

I was half asleep when I initially wrote this. It was a fun little exercise and I think I feel a little naughty for writing it, and not for any naughty ways. I hope you enjoy it!

This has now been reopened! Each chapter can stand alone, but they are all connected! Please, enjoy!

Rated "T" because of grown-up talk. Sort of.

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All things have a beginning.

Even for one such as Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings.

She lost her bid for Equestria. The changeling was found lying in a crater miles from where she had been flung. It was a miracle she had survived. Her army was shattered. So far as the Equestrians knew, Chrysalis was the only survivor.

But her hive survives and has gone to hiding as another queen seeks to find it.

If Equestria thought Chrysalis was a monster, wait until they meet Queen Taalia...

In the meantime, Atalanta has given Queen Chrysalis a renewed sense of purpose. Hatched in captivity, she is the whole world to her doting mother.

She writes the story of her life for her daughter, who could very well be the last of the changelings once Chrysalis is gone...and who this Queen Taalia is.

Cover Art by pinkanaon. Check out the art!

MLP:FiM was created by Lauren Faust.
MLP:FiM is owned by Hasbro.
All Rights Reserved.

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Extinction. Such a terrible word. Earth experiences an extinction level event and the human race will not survive.

Until a tear in the ashen gray sky appeared, giving mankind hope...

MLP:FiM is owned by Hasbro.
MLP:FiM was created by Lauren Faust.

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The queen has fallen. Her kingdom has splintered. The failure at Canterlot, however, did not begin her downfall.

It was the son she bore. Called by changelings a Halfling, his blood mixed with the blood of ponies has him marked as an abominition in the eyes of the most conservative of changelings. Fearing change and what a mixed breed foal might mean, the Royal caste collaborated with members of the Religious caste to declare the queen and her child outcast from changeling society, effectively stripping her of her title and the authority with it. With her kingdom in a state of civil war, the fleeing former queen does the unexpected and sets her sights upon the Crystal Empire for refuge.

With a small group of loyal followers, she made her way to the north, into the Everwinter Storm where the Crystal Empire awaited. There, a changeling priestess offers refuge and Sanctuary on holy ground. There, the queen might be able to secure a refuge for her son. Perhaps his father would be keen to take him in while she set about the business of righting the wrongs against her.

Vengeance, but only after her son is seen to a safe and secure environment.

But why let him be raised by prey?

MLP:FiM is owned by Hasbro.
MLP:FiM was created by Lauren Faust.
All OC's are mine unless specified.

This story is not canon past season 3.
Chrysalis' name from the show will not be used as her real name, but as the code name given to her by the ponies for investigative purposes.

You guys are awesome. Thank you!

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