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Seven years. For seven years she was neglected. In that time, she was underpowered, defeated by a nag in the moon, defeated by an evil bug roach, a victim to tentacle vines, defeated again by the same evil bug roach as before, as well as many other slights and insults in between.

All she wanted was one episode of her own, one to show her glorious personality in all of its radiant glory. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Her impressive record as the longest living and serving monarch (now diarch, lots of love to dear, dear Little Luna), brokering peace and prosperity the likes of which no other nation could hold a candle to! Or a sun, for that matter.

Time to do something about that.

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Sex jokes....


It's rated E.


Wow Scarheart...

You make all of my stories look like a pile of puke with your writing. That was a good story. Make this into an actual Season 7 episode, baby!

8117545 Hey, at least you kick my butt in animating. XD

Don't knock your writing, bro. It's really good!

8117497 I feel the need to say that I was going through my Yugioh cards today, and came across my Uria sacred beast card. among the other two sacred beasts. So seeing your profile name makes me smile a lot. Have a Like. Maybe a Follow if you give me a witty response.

8117432 Hey, it's you! That guy who wrote the story I like! You're awesome! And so is Scarheart!

8117550 Speaking of animating, I'm coming off my break tomorrow and getting started on Part Two of the CastleManeia animation, and then I have a really cool idea starring Luna.

This story, this is, as we say in Britain, "some boss dapper cocaine, m'lord." (sips tea like a snobby twat)

At least I think that's what we say in Britain. Wow. I'm British and I still don't get my own country. XD Anyway, good to see another great story getting featured, especially from someone who shows up on my stuff now and then. I'll make more of an effort to support you as you have done for me. About time I stopped being a selfish prick and gave something back, right?

Congrats honestly, Scarheart. Keep it up. Your work, I mean. Not your private parts. XD British humor, man. No wonder people don't like us. XD

8117551 Ah the Sacred Beast cards! A wonderfully powerful archetype that deserves more recogni-oh Uria just got Kaiju'd...dammit.

8117550 I just noticed I don't have to return to the story's main page to leave a comment. I can actually comment at the bottom of a chapter.

I am a freaking dumbass. How have I gone this long without knowing that!?

8117568 Hey, bro, don't sweat it. At least you don't forget to source the image in your cover...:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

8117574 I have before. And thanks for reawakening nightmare once thought laid to rest.

Oh well.

8117565 Whatever. Have a follow regardless. You amuse me enough. :)

It kinda does suck that Celestia does not have her own episode. And yes, every one seems to get screen time but her. That said, (and I realize that it was by design here) her actions felt a little (read "a lot") OOC.

Not a bad story, though. :twilightsmile: And it does highlight that poor Celly is largely ignored, at least regarding focus for an episode.

*hugs pony Princess*

8117615 Oh, I don't know if she's OOC or not. She doesn't have enough screen time for character development...:trollestia:

Can I borrow your old Nightmare Moon gear? It doesn’t fit you anymore.

Wait, what? If it doesn't fit Luna how will it fit Celestia? Did Luna shrink??

I love that Season 4 joke that keeps on coming up. It's like another Noodle Incident.

Celestia fixed everything she had broken because magic was friendship and went home.

I feel like you did that backwards on purpose.

This was a great story. I like you. well done mate.

8117642 Nightmare Moon was as big as Celestia. Luna is not.

(Edit) Yes it was.

Oh snap, she did shrink! I never really noticed that NMM was larger than Luna.


This story is wonderful.

What I like best about this is how you kept Celestia's incredibly nice character. It would've been so easy to write her waltzing in and throwing her magical power around, but you didn't. She comes off as so very mortal, vulnerable, and plain adorable. A very satisfying read.

I'm kind of with her on this one, they really need to give in and give her an episode. Personal I would love to see one with her and Spike on a cutie map mission. Would be an interesting break in the normal plots structure as well.

you silly mad genius


That was hilarious. Poor Sunbutt, though.

What is like to see is an episode where she gets stuck together with Chryssie and they have to cooperate to survive. Like a buddy cop comedy on crack.

She hummed the Imperial March as she went.

And now I have a mental image of Darth Celly. And it. Is. Glorious. :rainbowlaugh:


Spike lacks a cutie mark to be called by the cutie map, and I'm fairly certain it's limited to the Court of the Council of Friendship, which last I checked was part of Equestria and not equal to the Equestrian Royal Court! Otherwise the Mane 6 would be enacting shit left and right. D: Hello Decorating Twilight's Castle: Nation-style.

8118101 one of the earlier commenters nailed it. Look for the Noodle Incident in the tropes.

Almost only works in horseshoes and hoof grenades, Celly.

It also does for government work.

Close but no cigar!


Aye, she terrorizes with velvety-soft bunny slippers and generous helpings of free candy. All shall tremble before her!

Hey Scarheart, congrats on another feature and on a hilarious story with a concept that's been topical since season 2! Burst out laughing at the Season 4 mentions.

8118975 Thanks! Looking forward to more of your stuff!

Good story.
Lost it at that last bit. :rainbowlaugh:

Though, not sure if that was an intentional reference to Caesar or just a coincidence.
("Quintilius Varus, give me back my legions!")

I'd ask what happened for Season 4 but... Noodles.

Boxes of chocolate menaced like Star Destroyers behind her.

Does that make her the Death Star? :trixieshiftleft:
8117632 Oh look, me :'D

My sense of humor must have missed something but why is this so popular? I don't get it.

What gave you the idea for this by the way?

Chapter 37 almost done and I got a side dish prepared to

A great benefit of fanficiton, and honestly one of the reasons I care more about it than the actual show, is that no character is ignored and/or glossed over.

8119393 This has a heavy dose of British humor in it. I'm afraid I grew up watching a lot of Flying Circus. I'm sorry the humor was not there for you.

8119482 This was something that was simmering for a couple of years. It never really formed up into a story until after this season's Flurry Heart episode.

8119279 Nah, just the Sith Mare. A very nice and huggable Sith Mare.

8119169 Yes, it was a reference to that famous Latin quote.

At least she has comics.

Comment posted by Rainbow Prime deleted Apr 25th, 2017

8119877 Either way is acceptable. There is no error. This is subject to writer's preference.

Comment posted by Rainbow Prime deleted Apr 25th, 2017

Luna: "But, sister, you've had at least one comic focusing on you!"

Celestia fixed everything she had broken because magic was friendship and went home.


Poor Celestia...

Perfect ending... :trollestia:

I saw this and wondered if it was related to the tv show Seven Year Switch, which is a reality show about a partner-swapping experiment that happens to be running currently. Possibly just coincidental timing.

They're both unrelated references to the phrase "Seven Year Itch", which is an old wives' tale about how marriages are ruined by infidelity after about seven years.

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