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A moment of nostalgia · 10:54am Sep 27th, 2020

Over three years ago, Hironoto did a dramatic reading of Bane. I gave it another listen tonight. It's so odd hearing words I had written being spoken by someone else who enjoyed the process of creating this audiobook. It makes me appreciate those who take the time to share what they enjoyed. This is something that humbles me.

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Muses are Hard to Find · 12:22am Mar 4th, 2017

Since finishing Bane, I've been mentally drained. It was a satisfying, but exhausting story to write. After sitting back and seeing the reaction from readers on this site, I've felt as though I had put so much into writing the story, that it left me drained. As a result, there have been no updates and I would like to apologize to my readers for the lack of writing from my end.

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Bane Update: · 1:13am Dec 25th, 2016

I'm debating on just replacing the third act of the story with the new one or just add it on as a bonus chapter. It's almost done, just needing a final touch and then some editing. Being the night before Christmas, I doubt I'll be able to get it up as promised. However, it is almost done and is four times longer than the last part of the story, right around 2,000 words or so.

I do apologize, but when it goes live, I do hope it lives up to expectations.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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Before the Year is Out: · 8:12pm Dec 23rd, 2016

I intend to flesh out the ending of Bane just a little bit more. It has been pointed out the ending has a couple of loose threads that need to be addressed. I intend to do that. (Spoilers below)

1.) What happened to Philomena? She sort of dropped off from the story. Well, she does not like John. He is the cause of Celestia's broken heart and she watched her friend suffer the loss of her ponies.

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Beware of Trolls in the Comments! · 9:01am Dec 22nd, 2016

Here's a helpful video to keep my faithful readers from falling into traps laid by trolls in the comments!

No need to thank me. Just keep reading my stuff! I love it when people read my stuff!

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Bane: Now for the Reading Impaired! · 8:45am Dec 21st, 2016

(Or for those who like to listen to horse words while writing horse words.)

I am deeply grateful to Hironoto for his efforts in making an Audiobook!

Thank you, everyone who took the time to read this story. It's the efforts of learning to be a better writer, tossing ideas around with friends, and having editors who keep my words making proper sense. I do hope to continue getting better as a writer, so little gifts like this pop up.

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