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The most wanted villain in recent memory, having been captured by Starlight Glimmer, has been requested by Cadence to be put up for redemption.

The catch?

Chrysalis has to choose a husband from a list the Princess of Love has crafted after three days and two (mostly) sleepless nights of coffee fueled discussion. Energy drinks were consumed. Donuts suffered inglorious fates. Prince Blueblood was put in charge while the sisters delt with lending a hoof in deciding the fallen changeling queen's fate.

Her other choices?

Celestia wants her turned to stone.

Luna wants to send her to Tartarus.

Stone, Tartarus, or marriage. Those are her choices.

Cadence won't let her choose the first two.

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Thou gets a like and tracking for this glorious 'possibly' intended train wreck that cannot be stared away from.

[red and black outfit , that floating chair again], [little orange and white versions of himself, Oompa oompa, oompity-doo’] and on and on so many references to so many movies, stories, and what have you. I would read this just for those. !lease more of the same.

“This has my Stamp of Approval! I shall declare this Bug Pony Horse Waifu train-wreck-to-be officially

tracked! (Pun intended.)

In the first draft there seemed to be some confusion over whether Chrysalis was bound on a dais, or a días. Were this a Dark story, I would would go with 'días', and have her head on a pike! But alas, this story would be tagged Silly if we had said tag, so instead Chrysalis is trussed up with steering wheel clubs!

8067446 At least no one will be stealing her anytime soon.:trollestia:

Here's my jest for that part when Thorax is pleading to his... ahem... Mom.

“Mom,” Thorax began, stepping forward and looking sad. “Mom, this is probably going to be your only chance at redemption. You can’t throw it away! Don’t you want to be like me, like my brothers and sisters, your children? Like One of us, one of us! Gooba gobble, gooba gobble! One of us!”

This is fantastic. I especially appreciated how Twilight had exactly zero fucks to give.

I know this is probably a weird nitpick, but... Shouldn't they at least ask Chrissy whether or not she's straight?
Anyway, besides that, I'm loving this story! :twilightsmile:

Talk about a kangaroo court. And it's she even straight?

I hope she gets to punch Twilight in the throat before this morning is over.

8068039 Of course it's a kangaroo court! This story is silly! They're letting Discord play judge.
As for Chryssie's sexual orientation, Cadence doesn't care. It's hubby, Tartarus, or stone. Besides, Chrysalis went after Shining, not Cadence.


It's very well-written, I'm looking for more.

8068018 :trollestia:I'm going on the assumption Chrysalis is bi and Cadence doesn't care.:trollestia:

Welp! Looks like it'll be up to Starlight Glimmer to save the day.


Just remember, the end result will be a breeding pair for this endangered species. Win-Win.

“He wrote a terrible story,” answered Cadence.

I hope that's not who I think it is....


That phrase describes any number of us! Some of us more than others of us!

Me more than you, for example. Luckily, I'm a nobody, so I'm probably safe.

Damnit, fine, I'll get a key made for her...

8067265 such a cutie like her father~

that describe at least half of us. myself included, but if it was me. I would not complain too much.

I had hopes for this story until it turned into a Humans In Equestria thing.

8070101 Who said it's a human in Equestria story? Anyways, sorry I crushed your hopes and dreams. I can get a broom and a dustpan for you...:scootangel:

8070114 If it's "changeling in Human world" or "humanized changeling in human world" then it's worse in my opinion. I'm sure somebody enjoys this, but not me. Sorry.

8070117 No worries! Can't please everyone. That is impossible.

Sir, the next button is broken. I suggest you get that fixed. :ajsmug:

“Mom,” Thorax began, stepping forward and looking sad. “Mom, this is probably going to be your only chance at redemption. You can’t throw it away! Don’t you want to be like me, like my brothers and sisters, your children?”

Chrysalis reared back, her ears plastered against her skull as an expression of Ultimate Horror tore across her visage.

Having seen what they look like these days, I really don't entirely blame her.

That was glorious, sir. May I have another?

I sense this is going to be halarious, will read later

8070655 That's still something people are complaining about, huh? Would have thought people would stop getting butthurt over that but clearly Season 7 will be a living hell for some folk XD

8070114 Oh! You said the trigger word of the day!

Only thing I'm not getting is the Pax thing. And Google is giving me conflicted results.
Anyone willing to shed some light on that for me, please?

Anyway, this has the potential to be something amazing, and I'm absolutely loving it already :rainbowlaugh:

Damn, haven't seen a club in a long time.

All I have to say is:

8070864 ever heard of Pax Romana? It means Roman Peace. Pax is Latin for peace.

Corrections offered without malice. :twilightsmile:

poured over treaties


Also a common nitpick. :derpytongue2:

“He wrote a terrible story,” answered Cadence.

He doesn't deserve bug horse waifu!

she selfish, rude,


“I assume you have plan, O Princess of Love?”

have *a plan

“Cadence, you are giving me a frighten,” said a worried Luna.

Not sure if typo, or tired Luna-doesn't-speak-modern joke.


Minipax, Citizen, because Big Brother loves you.

Inb4 it backfires horribly. :B

8068586 I know, I know, I just like my tubby wubby bug horse waifu too much.

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