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Derpy Hooves is your typical mailmare. She has a good job, has a nice house, and is a loving mother. Just don't keep her from her daughter.

However, when there's a real crisis, Celestia turns to our favorite gray pegasus with her wonderful golden eyes to save the world! Derpy has the best weapon at her disposal for just such a crisis!

This story is a thank-you for Cross Lament.

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Praise Derpy! The greatest Equestrian hero!

8097150 Well of course she is! Derpy is best pony!!

Derpy is the mare.

This was a bit strange, but very cute. Nice work.:derpytongue2:

I liked this. :derpytongue2:

Best pony saves Equestria (again)!

An even bigger instruction manual fell out and tumbled to the ground far below.

Shenanigans! My suspension of disbelief is broken! The story is ruined! What kind of OOC OC Mary Stu character are you writing here?

Nobody keeps the instruction manuals!

(I kid! I kid!)

This was silly.

I love it.

I do. Only a fool throws away instructions to something that is not fully understood.

Hmm... good :twilightsmile:

DEPRY, the hero we need, not the hero we deserve.

"Go ahead, My Little Pony."

Nice one!

Also, thank you for introducing me to Kailua. And for having Derpy in your story.

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