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Some nights can be exceptionally weird. Especially when a random box arrives in Princess Celestia's mail, with no return address. Inside, lies a shiny little red button.

What's it for? What does it do? Who sent it? Where did it come from? Is it some supernatural world-destroying weapon, or a magical artifact that grants wishes? Who cares? Why don't you just press it and find out!!

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CONTINUE! <Insert Angry Fluttershy Here>

If only I was 11 minutes sooner the I could have said FIRST!!! but I'm to late D:

3137208 I love Ren & Stimpy!! Aww the memories! :pinkiesmile:

Uh, what did I just read? That was about as random as my story. I didn't even think that was possible.... Oh well, I will now favorite in hopes of seeing more of Sir Button.


The hilarity and craziness of the story is what draws us to it.
This ranks 10/10 for awesome crazy stories
Rofl gets a whole new definition.

but here's the real back story

It was a small unassuming device with a silver bow tied to it. Before Celestia reached for the button, she looked up from it to the guards staring at her curiously. “Are you certain Twilight or Spike did not send this to me?”

Twilight got so pissed off by the button that absolutely did nothing that she got discord to imbed some of his magic, making it do something when pushed.
Knowing that Celestia is a HUGE troll she sent it to her without a care.


Discord bumbs into Button Mash during his visit to Canterlot with his mother. He makes Button drop his JoyBoy, sees the bright red "A" button, and is completely drawn to it. He snaps out of it as Button walks away with it and gets an idea that'll allow him to mess with ponies somewhat indirectly. And that's how this all started.
I just came up with this all on the spot :twilightsmile:

Can I have an image of Luna popping bubble wrap, please?

Continue. I want to read about how when Discord pushes the button, nothing happens. Or, that he's unaffected by it and all the other ponies are chasing him for it.


So..what'll happen? :rainbowhuh:


That's just it! We don't know! Maaaaaaaybe something bad? Maaaaaaaybe something good? I guess we'll never know!

... you won't touch it, will you?


*Salutes with open hand like an Eeediot*

Ahh... My old randomiser button, wondered where that went.... And you pushed it... :trollestia:

The Princess of the Night now stared at him incredulously. Why don’t you just call a repair pony... No, better yet, how about you go and use your magic to fix it yourself! We have a situation on our hands, draconequus!”


Otherwise, ROFL!!!

Earth called. They want their button back. No wait you can keep it.

I wonder, what does this red button do?:derpyderp1:

Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to-wait, what?:rainbowderp:

What do you mean, it doesn't explode?!:rainbowhuh:

Didn't you know?

It's a well known fact that if such a button was presented to ANY Human, he or she would find it impossible to resist. :pinkiehappy:

So why not banish it to the sun/moon?
It will always find it's way back!
Ah, that's why...

Hmm.. Give it to me, i'm immune to it's whispers
I thought you said you were immune!
I lied, i just wanted to push it a shit ton of times >:D

It was tails.

And now, Celestia... let's look and see what you've won!

I like those shout outs you threw in there. Children of the Night and Bioshock Infinite were two of them, correct?:unsuresweetie:

I honestly thought that if they pressed it all that would happen was that it would say "That was easy!"

This is creepy. I was listening to "Children of the Night" at the EXACT moment Luna started singing in the story. Wat? :twilightoops:

3141807 That,,, actually makes sense. :pinkiecrazy:

Now, meet the new and improved asdfmovie Pointless Button! :trollestia:

Twilight and Guylight as the Letece twins, love it.:pinkiehappy:

Whereas the previous button activation had changed the gender of half the guards in the room to mares, everypony was now turned into pink, fire-breathing chickens.

Everyone man your battle stations! The evil cuccoos have returned!


Or it just wanted to pack up the guard the guard and send them to Tasmania.

inb4 pressing the button X amount of times fixes everything.:pinkiehappy:

Yep. Calling it now. Press it just once more, and it fixes everything. Don't press it before time's up, and it's all permanent.

Discord rubbed his goatee with his eagle talon, grinning. His eyes were as a crazy looking as ever. "Houses tied to balloons traveling across entire continents, alien space wars, storms raining food, improper actors portraying and ruining beloved super heroes, celebrities dancing nude and looking like chickens... Oh and did I forget to mention the CHAOS?!" He pulled a strange object out of his hand.

Let's see how many of these I got: Disney's UP, Pacific Rim (or just about any sci-fi), Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, every superhero movie ever, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and possibly Miley Cyrus, and then humanity in general.

:twilightsmile:So how'd I do?

Oh God. Somepony stole Derpy's Lemon Muffin Surprise! D: AGAIN. :rainbowderp:

I want Luna to press teh button! :D then nightmare moon pops out and the war between them begins.

I wonder who will beat the other at the game of chess.

Oh my God; is anything going to be left in the world by the time this adventure is done?

...Red buttons are always good or bad. Never in between.

3220285 This button doesn't like to conform to other red buttons. it chooses its own destiny... and ways to cause chaos :trollestia:


So like causing Fluttershy and RD to swap personalities?

3221245 That would just be the beggining :pinkiecrazy:

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