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Dancing Dead


Humanity came to a fall, the world’s foundation toppled as cities sank, and the world slowly fell into the core of itself, compressing to the point of a black hole.

It only took five hours.

They say we don’t know what happens on the inside of a black hole, but one man found out that it can be quite the trip.

Mike, an average man of 18, one of the only survivors who lasted to the final minutes when things collapsed, was whisked away into a never-ending void, and soon enough, he was pulled towards somewhere familiar, accompanied by a guide who he remembered as well.

But his guide is not a normal man anymore.


This is a collaboration between myself and this fucker.

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wait is that cover art in minecraft?
holy fuck, either someone is really talented or something else.


And you can probably use them all as houses or living space too.

2953063 Oh my goodness, I wasn't the save file. Power of friendship, I suppose.

Then again, having twenty or so changelings on top of you might make you change-ling your mind.

Dude... WHAT THE FUCK??? :facehoof:

2953096 prolly not, judgeing how stupid people make big empty rooms with torches in em. I saw someone make this hugh harry potter thing from just one side to make a screenshot. Lame. Oh, and hurr durr does approve of your latest story.

Hure dure!

XD, So many puns! :rainbowlaugh:

I completely lost it at "No, This is Patrick.":rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

That is all
Please continue this madness :pinkiecrazy:

One question though why didn't you write them before the changeling attack started it could have caused so much more mayhem or was it used to much?

One question though why didn't you write them before the changeling attack started it could have caused so much more mayhem or was what I said used to much?

It had to be done. There was no other way.

Hey, glad you like it so far!

Fuck you and your moustache!

We did that so it would be more action-y. Because reasons and science.


Also, if anyone found any mistakes or typos or some shit, feel free to let me know.

There won't be a point until later in the story. If you stick with it, you might get lucky.

2957009 How often are you going to update?

As often as I can, dude. If we're lucky, we could get the next chapter done within the next day or so.

Awesome!:rainbowdetermined2: This was quite honesty one of the funniest things I've ever read.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the kind words! If you like funny, random bullshit then you should check out my other story too.


...Can I has the map with that Canterlot?

3006940 It wasn't me who went naked on Gayscon and started to meat spin.

3010033 :facehoof: immaturity at its finest

make you change-ling your mind.

You're bad. This sentence is bad. And you should feel bad. :facehoof:

Horrible puns aside i'm very interested in how it will continue!

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