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quill and ink

Grass grows birds fly and brotha i eat people... not really Oh and im that guy who thumbs up everyones storys to make you feel better if your story was thumbs downed


I didn't ask for any of this. Me a normal everyday courier for the Mojave express had gotten himself bound and shot in the head. I knew being a Courier was dangerous work but it's not like I was carrying anything important. Or was I ?. Soon after I was dug up by a sercuritron named Victor and nursed back to health by the local doctor doc Mitchell. I would have been dead if not for their interference. After I was stabalized I needed answers like where my assailants wen't and why they had shot me I eventually found the leader Benny. I then proceeded to kill him in his own suite. Then suddenly I was sucked into a war I didn't even want to be apart of. And all the main factions wanted me leading the charge. So I weighed my options and picked the best choice the NCR. When I joined them everything seemed to fall apart I lost many friends and companions all in the name of the NCR the things they asked me to do after we captured the dam were unspeakable. Burning Red Rock canyon to the ground and leaving no survivors.Not even children. Forcing towns to fall under NCR rule at any cost. After a while I saw the only difference between thieves and murderers was that the NCR makes laws so they can do it without consequence. So I left them behind choosing to never work with them again I opted to work against them instead with the revolution and they branded me a terrorist, and a public menace. Now rangers and bounty hunters are after me but they never return alive. Now here I am on a Lonesome road following a rogue transmission saying that a woman known as Luna can give me the means to wipe my bounty and give me enough money to retire. Could be a Rangers trap and maybe not but the way I see it if it is I got whats coming to me. And every Courier will eventually meet their end.

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[Confirmed bachelor] All you bro's reading this. You truly are awesome and incredibly handsome.

I... What...The fuck?!
Also, why does this completely rips off Hired Gun?

John Henry Eden

I can hear Washington rolling in his grave...:ajbemused:
Eden's inspirational quotes are quoted from REAL-LIFE PRESIDENTS!:flutterrage:

I am going to have to edit this aren't I. *Sigh* :ajsleepy:

You... sound like you BARELY remember any of the game's details. Benny wasn't an assassin, just a dick who wanted power for himself. That's a pretty big thing to fuck up.
And the lack of proper grammar! God it hurts! And that's just in the summary...
If you can't even get anything right in the summary, expect a lot of people to ignore this fic. If the summary is filled with both canon and spelling errors, you will get a fair bit of hate. Seriously, take a good three hours to go through and pick up anything that could be considered an error.
And as the one of the ones practically responsible for the whole 'Fallout protag in Equestria' thing, this kinda makes me sick.

2834018 A complete remake sound like a better idea

It's a story about a civilian contractor accepting a job offer from a mysterious woman and was subsequently teleported into Equestria.
Sounds familiar?

"Just like that? your not going to ask me any questions on where where going?" The women said crossing her arms
"I find it better not to ask questions or my brain will tell me no the he'll take over my body."

For the love of...:facehoof: Get. A. Proofreader.:ajbemused:
Also, I know it's an Old World Blues reference, but it just sounds weird and unnecessary. I'm surprised Luna didn't even question it.

Comment posted by oywxuoll deleted Aug 7th, 2013

2834219 I think I might do a remake. But I doubt it.

2834043 I am going to try and fix all of the problems in my story.

Comment posted by oywxuoll deleted Aug 7th, 2013

2834043 I have finished editing and I await your response so I can make this even better. :twilightsmile:

.2873618 ignore all the haters this is a site were you can read great stories for free. this is not Barnes & Noble who care if there are mistakes if you want no mistakes in a story go buy a fucking book at a store. i am just getting tired of hearing people bitch about grammar i have no problem with it, if a word is misspelled who cares as long as get the gist of it then get over it and don't bitch. i bet half the people bitching have never wrote anything before. as for this story i like it i cant wait for an update and i liked and faved it and to the people who are bitching about the grammar on this story or any other for that fact ITS FREE QUIT BEING A GRAMMAR NAZI AND GET OVER IT TO the author i like your story keep it up cant wait for an update

2888051 I highly appreciate your comment. So here is a new chapter.

Comment posted by Vidatu deleted Aug 7th, 2013


1 I,m not taking it down.

2 This was not done ironically and you insult me by writing that.

and 3 How are you going to judge someone when you haven't written one story. And you mainly just post blogs.

Not to make this comment seem rude but I believe I made my point. :twilightsmile:


The group of six pony's
No I,m afraid not.
"So misses ?"
When the wolf's attacked
"Wait, your giving off allot

I,m not taking it down.


"*Stomps feet* *Points to tree and nuts on the ground*"

This! Is! Not! A! God! Damned! Script!
*Punches through computer screen*

3004140 You know what I don't see anyone else complaining.

And if you have such a problem with my story then don't read it.

I know this may come off rude and I'm sorry for that but still. I know you must have edited many story's in your time but this is how I wright my story's. So now I bid you adieu.

Quill and Ink out.

Comment posted by quill and ink deleted Aug 7th, 2013

Note I must finish the the new chapter.

That's because nobody's reading your story.......:facehoof:

3251031. Eh I'm not doing it anymore sooo.

Sure, who cares about the opinions of people like tony1685, it's not like he's one of the best Fallout writers on this site or anything...

I suppose it doesn't matter anymore at this point, but still...

Gold? I haven't seen gold since the Sierra Madre.


4062205 I wasn't but if you want me too I might as well.

4170336 Thats fine if you don't want to continue, I actually forgot about this until now

4172905 Well I just got a new computer and now it will be easier for me to write.

new computer?? :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: then i am expecting new chapters...soon

2834299 dude you are like a freaking hero here
*Makes constructive criticism CHECK
*Is not a complete dick CHECK
2888051 *cough *cough

Huh, for some reason that didn't show up in my notification. But yeah, glad someone appreciates my work.
*Flies off into the sunset*

7710951 looks at the magnificent sunset
"God speed, magnificent bastard"

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