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Full name is "Royally Screwed" but you'll need to read my fic to find out why. I dunno if it's worth it though.


Motivation. · 8:29pm Mar 5th, 2013

Remember people, put your mind to it, and you too can be -

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Hey, thank ya for the fav! :pinkiegasp:


I'm currently trying to get my Fallout fic off the ground.

And I'm writing my fics next chapter, which is taking FAR longer than anticipated, so all and all I'm doing average :rainbowlaugh:

Today, actually, has been going great. I wrote a fic that I thought would go off like a lead balloon, but it was featured!

I'm just at work now. You?


Ahh man, that sounds terrible :fluttershysad:

How're ya doing now?

Hehe, well, oddly enough today I just felt like coming back to the site-- I'd been away and just emotionally demoralized for days upon days before.

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