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Full name is "Royally Screwed" but you'll need to read my fic to find out why. I dunno if it's worth it though.


Raider, a young pilot and wanna be Sky-Knight is engaged by a battle-cruiser, unfortunately for him it doesn't end well. Fortunately for him he is still in one piece and in a slightly less desolate location than he remembered...well as he plummets to his death that is.

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Aw man, storm hawks! I loved that show :D

I really wanna see what you do with this.

Only took 31 hours to get through moderation :pinkiehappy:

I like the Storm Hawks and I like where this story is heading.

Wondered if we has a Storm Hawk crossover. Looks like we do. But I will be lost when it comes to the English names...

Well, on seeing the Storm-hawks thing brought be into a bit of a nostalgia trip, I've decided I'm gonna check this one out when I've a little time tomorrow,
I'm liking the sound of it already though, an' I've just looked at the Desc.
Nice idea using the SH's, I can kinda see where this could head....


Just read through.....AWESOME! Seriously, I had my doubts as to how well this would go/work....
You are awesome, I want to see what happens next. I'm just glad my memories of the SH's were good enough for me to remember exactly what the chase would look like. Changelings...I want to know more!

1401037>>1401093>>1401216>>1401303 Thanks for the support guys. :yay:

I don't even think Sweden got the whole first season of the series.


Well if you follow from this video you can find all of the episodes.

I won't get far. 10GB download limit on my net.

1401093 Didn't you do that FoE fic with Ed-E in it?

I suddenly appreciate the comment a lot more now. :rainbowlaugh:

≤Confirmatory beeping≥ However it's not a Fallout Equestria fic. It's a Fallout New Vegas crossover with semi-present cannon Equestria

It just me or is tha lead baddie in tha show a total babe? :trixieshiftright:

.....wait a minute scratch that... all the females use the same character model.

yay a new chapter and FIRST :flutterrage:
good story though, if you know the series that is

It's been seven years since I seen the Storm Hawks. Still remember everything.

Keep up the good work. I like were this is going. :moustache:

i got to the second last episode and missed the final cause i had a school camp. came back and sister spoiled it for me
:facehoof: sigh

This is still an awesome story. :twilightsmile:
I wonder whats going to happen to Raider's skimmer and those crystals he stole.
What kind of crystals were they again? :trixieshiftleft:
Also please please please dont give Raider magic, that would just be too cliche. :fluttershysad:

Sorry it's short, I'll make it up to you guys.

Hmmm....Chrysalis faking an assaulted on her own home; I like the way you think (If I'm guessing right that is). Keep up the good work, I'm really liking this fic. :moustache:

Waaaagh-some! Love the subtle manipulation Chrysalis is pulling off, great story!

You know guys, I've been feeling really down lately, those two comments. They mean a lot. Thanks!


I think the song is enough to explain.

I like where the story is going, but I'm disappointed that it doesn't involve the main cast from the show. Why call it Storm Hawks if there's an absence of the actual Storm Hawks? I think we could've had a lot more fun with them in this situation as opposed to Mr. Plain Human Protagonist.


Cause I'm a bad writer, incapable to even writing my own characters properly, much less a well established and well written group such as the Storm Hawks squadron. And I chose this as a title cause I am unoriginal and stupid.

How many powers you gonna give him?

1566668 The powers come from the crystals, and if you've seen the show you'd know the crystals have finite energy. The Windstone is already empty.

Bucking awesome-sauce, Carapace liiiiives!

me after finally finding a storm hawks crossover
You see that shit up there? It's awesome!

1567414i have to ask when your going to update, also when he get his ride back up and running

3076737 I have to admit, coming back to this I feel incredibly guilty, I doubt it'll ever be continued to be honest. Sorry for building your hopes, I'm sure someone else can do these sort of stories far better than I could ever hope to anyway, keep and eye out and thank you for reading.

This is amazing. Good job with the knowledge of both Atmos and all. Thanks to this I feel like rewatching the 'Hawks Rise Again' disk I have, to get my bearings on Storm Hawks again so (jokingly) I can catch a mistake on the crystals.

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