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Dancing Dead


During another meaningless day at home, an unsuspecting man suddenly becomes the portal from which Pinkie emerges.

Shameless self insert.

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I favorited it before it was even posted...HIPSTER YUKI!

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: So random and bizarre
Glad I had a hand in this :ajsmug:

Shittiest piece of shit ever?
Challenge accepted!

If this is what your shit is like, what do you do otherwise? Piss rainbows?:rainbowdetermined2:

I'm not sure if there will ever be a serious point to this story, but it's so off-the-wall random (in a good way) that I'd hope you'll continue this style of story making, at least for a while.

>mfw Challenge accepted!

Thanks for the kind words, man! I'm gonna continue this, alright. I'm gonna continue it hard.
...But it might be a week or two before you see anything, 'cause I gotta let my 'random bullshit' tanks refill themselves.

Yeah, I'm gonna start out my FIMfiction 'campaign' (if I can call it that) by just writing random bullshit, but I plan on working on some more serious stories later on down the road.

i accept this challenge with open mind!!!!
yeah, i got nothing clever...

This made absolutely no sense. My kind of Fic. :pinkiehappy:

TeeHee, witty comments elude me :pinkiecrazy: t'was good.


(translation: This is good stuff. Please continue.)

I don't think I've laughed this hard since "My Little Stashie". :rainbowlaugh:

inb4 the chapter name being "Three cha-- oh, hell no, I'm outta here."

What the fuck did I just read?

And why do I want more?


Why thank you!


Welp... I don't even know, but I can assure you that there is more to come.

You sir have earned my respect due to this fiction best part dubstep music got wasted in the process.

Are you going to continue this? Just wondering...

You bet your sweet ass I am... just not now. I lack motivation or some shit, I dunno. Whatever~



Why do we keep getting shot in the face?:fluttercry:

I don't want to read this story, yet I feel that I must... Curse you Pinkie Pie and your use of fourth wall hypnosis! :pinkiecrazy: (if that's not a thing it needs to be)

ive been staring at this stories main scream for over 20 min and cant stop saying what....... curse pinkie and her 4th wall breaking powers

Honastly when I first saw the title AK-47's and bubble wrap were not the first things that came to mind. HOWEVER! I have decided to give it a chance and not immediately banish it to that scary dark place where I send everything I don't like! :twilightsmile:Nothing ever escapes from there:pinkiecrazy:
Dun dun duuuuun!

Wow! Not even a chapter long and the human character and a perverted version of Pinkie already did a whoopie:ajbemused: Clop stories gross me out! I'm outta here... Sayonara:trollestia:

I'm torn between wondering what the hell I just read:rainbowderp: and literally rolling on the floor laughing.:rainbowlaugh:

Also, Fallout: New Vegas FTW!

2958343 Congratulations, You've managed to utterly confuse me. While still making perfect sense. Which doesn't make sense. Which in turn makes perfect sense.

The truth is... The game was rigged from the start.

Hi Benny! :pinkiesmile:

What in the god damn...

Well Victor is a freakin stalker, you shouldn't trust stalkers. :rainbowwild:
Especially when they ask you to butter their butts.:trollestia:

No thanks!:rainbowderp: I'm too much man for that tin can to handle... I'd end up frying his circuits with my manliness.:trollestia:

Hiya, Dancing Dead. Someone submitted your story to the Good Grammar Directory, a comprehensive directory of grammatically correct stories on FIMFiction. I'm not really sure why that is, but I'm here to review it anyways. Unfortunately, it does not meet our standards, as befits its status as the "shittiest piece of shit to ever shit."

Nonetheless, because I technically have to do this before sending it rattling down the memory hole, here's a run-down of the grammar errors in the first 500 words you could fix in order to have it added to the Directory.

'The shit I put up with,'

Why isn't this italicized? Also, that sentence should end there, since the next doesn't start with a speaking verb.

'Deadly', as he was sometimes referred to on the Internet opened a drawer

You really need a comma between "internet" and "opened".



Something which had been thrown against the wall and had slid down, as signified by the yellowish-green streaks

This is more of a usage error, but I think "evidenced" would work better than "signified" in this context. It doesn't technically count against you; I just thought I'd bring it up.


Y'all take this stuff too seriously. Maybe it's a joke, but lighten up. Yeesh. :facehoof:


Unfortunately, it does not meet our standards, as befits its status as the "shittiest piece of shit to ever shit."

WOW! If you was anymore of a prick, you might be as tall as my johnson. Now, before you go all huffy-puffy with your retort, take a deep breath, (I recommend you take your head out of your rectum first, lest you want to continue smelling your own liver) and shut your cum pocket.

Seriously. I mean it. Do not say another word, for the sake of all writers out there. We all would appreciate it, thank you.

While you did give some (somewhat) constructive criticism, it was lathered in more hate-filled rhetoric than Zimmerman driving through a 2 Live Crew concert throwing empty Coors cans at everyone.

So, to save the sanity of all current and future authors out there, I will ask you to apply Crazy Glue to your ashen piehole, and seal it forever.



Seriously, I didn't write this with you or your group in mind. There's even a disclaimer:

Shameless self insert/the shittiest piece of shit to ever shit.

This is 'evidenced' by the fact that I wasn't trying very hard whilst writing this. I understand that you're trying to help, but I'd suggest getting off your high horse before you try again.

Be on your way, now.

3053006 He did make a good point though, and that's why I'm going through this whole story so that it CAN make it into the Good Grammar Directory. It just might take me a couple days.:pinkiehappy:

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