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This story is a sequel to Meet Your Makers

For Princess Luna, the evening seems like it will be business as usual, at least until strange lights begin appearing in the darkening sky over Canterlot, amidst other odd goings-on. Unbeknownst to Equestria and the world at large, an ancient and mysterious culture the Earth has not seen in millenia has finally returned after much hijinks and exploration in the cosmos, curious as to what has become of their beloved ball of rock and its unique inhabitants in their long absence.

Now Luna's face to face with jovial hornless minotaurs clad in gear that belongs in an Equestrian sci-fi flick. Maybe Celestia's outlandish claims weren't so outlandish, after all.

Crossover tag due to certain overly obvious references.

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Yay! No one shoots anyone!

Banana juice is a great thing to trade.
Especially to tha mooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!:trollestia:


I love how this is the only first contact/origin story I've read/seen where there are no wars/fights/murders when the Humans make/meet the Ponies!

5390445 Oh, I am sure there are many others around here. One just needs to know where to look.

Good stuff :pinkiesmile:

Seriously though, is there gonna be more of this?

5392470 I could easily make more chapters in theory, but it's very unlikely in the foreseeable future. If anybody else wants to take these characters and premise and continue it on in further stories, they're more than welcomed to it.

Heavy weapons guy.
TF2 reference, right there.
also, Madagascar reference, i think. (the chimps)
Gandalf or maybe Dumbledore reference?
oh, right.
I was going to shove a nuke in my ear, cause this is mind blowing. you covered evrything to make it sound ridiculously believable.
I approve.

Praise the sun, bitches!

Wait, they had decent relations with Daleks? Without anyone getting killed? We are talking about the Daleks that want to EX-TERM-IN-ATE! everything, right? I find that hard to believe.

5396159 Perhaps the human ability to exterminate on the battlefield convinced them that the humans were a variety of Dralek?

All my dreams... all my hopes... great engineers and architects of worlds, warriors of unparalleled tactical genius and resolves, diplomats most cunning and compassionate... all of humanities possible glorious futures down the drain as I realise...

We are to be the universe's dodgy if well meaning salesmen. Oh the travesty! :raritydespair: :raritycry:

Oh well. At least we're going to have fun doing it. Crazy humanity it is! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowdetermined2: :trollestia: :coolphoto: :yay:

5499172 Actually, SolCorp and their massive trading empire are but one facet of the gargantuan human civilization that exists out there in the story's weird, heavily under-explored universe.

5500483 Inevitable I suppose. I don't really think we're ever going to pin down human culture to one ideal or another, I was just having a little fun. I honestly find an empire built on the cultural ideal of the crazy inventor in his back shed trying to sell his inventions more then satisfactory.
I just got to say I loved that opening greeting, still looking back at it and chucking now. :rainbowlaugh:

And trade with the Dalek Empire? That is rather impressive... or perhaps less impressive and just plane awesome if it's a certain second empire you're referring to. :duck:

“Sol Corporation’s superduper HQ was in Seattle, Washington, silly!”

Augh! I knew it! In the prequel story you (vaguely) described the Space Needle!

“Tiny horse soldiers, how adorable,” the man quietly chuckled to himself in a thick accent.

“Hello. I am heavy weapons guy,” Mikhail responded, finishing his sandwich.

The reference... I get it.


Dalek Empire

Souring negotiations with the Daleks, that took what 30 seconds? I mean really is getting the nazi space slugs to want to kill you really an accomplishment? Someone probably sneezed and the Dalek ambassador cried "Assassin! ASSASSIN! ASSASSIN! EXTERMINATE!"

I wonder if dr whooves has discovered that equus is actually the earth in a far distant time. it would mean that he didn't break into another universe, but just broke a time barrier, and regenerated into the dominant species of this time period. it would make many references in the dr whooves genre somewhat inconceivable. it would explain pinkie's abilities to some extent.


Probably because that's likely exactly what she does, Draconequess and Phoenix DNA... Discord is part of the latter and has demsontrated shapshifting abilities, and phoenixes are immortal, with what is already technically a form of regeneration, it's likely each of Paulina/Pinkie's 'life cycles' take the form of her gaining an entirely new body, though her 'mind', 'spirit' and 'soul', whatever you call it/them, stay the same. Which means she could literally be any pony throughout history....

One of Pinkie's incarnations was either Starswirl, or Clover the Clever, and another was whoever it was she played during Hearth's Warming Eve (don't remember the name), calling it now.

Anyone wanna take any bets on what other historically important ponies Pinkie Pie's past incarnations might have been?

Also, humans are basically a culture of matriarchal (if the command structure you seem to have set up in this universe is anything to go by, it's a Woman's multiverse in this future, setting the stage for obviously female dominated Equestria we see in everything FiM, me like, me like a lot), party high, having successfully turned all of human civilization (the civilian parts at least) into an eternal vacation, running a business empire akin to a matriarchal version of what the ferengi would be if they had a moral compass, and dalek-taming all around awesome people in the future who have created multiple species, including ponies, and what appear to be TF2 based clonetroopers....


6749762 The fact that readers are/were discussing my ridiculous little lore like this blows my mind. It's glorious! Thank you for reading!


So... Just curious, was I right about Pinkie/Paulina's regenration powers, and if so, was I right about any of her past lives, and if so, which one was I right about, was Pinkie's past life Starswirl or Clover?

Also, your welcome, as stated in my previous comment, the universe you have created is an insane roller coaster of awesome that I will never get tired of, even if the sequels reach numbers greater than that of 9,000... And now, this:

6749781 You hit the nail on the head, yes. Although in my personal headcanon on the matter (yes, I have headcanon of my own lore :rainbowlaugh:) Pinkie Pie would have definitely been Star Swirl.

I did not read this yet, but I would recognize Destiny's Earth wherever I see it.

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