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Maybe next time Starlight will remember that she can just teleport to Smolder's side, grab her, and teleport them back to Ponyville. It's not like we haven't seen her use long-distance teleportation with an unwilling creature before (a la her final battle with Chrysalis in The Ending of the End - Part 1, season nine, episode twenty-four).

Honestly, I'm starting to think that there's something about the air in the Dragon Lands which makes ponies forget the finer points of using their magic, considering how Rarity and Twilight seemed to be in a quasi-fugue state near the end of Gauntlet of Fire (season six, episode five):


Weirdest thing I found out about the unstoppable super boss, the Tarask, is that apparently it needs to breathe.

You can take down a world killer effectively with a giant pillow? :unsuresweetie:

Im sure in the next update theyll update it to be a fluid breather and have its mucus membranes dissolve all known materials. Because any material it cant dissolve can just be used to suffocate it?

Then again, a Bubble charm wouldnt have worked because Gorgon wouldve just clawed it flamed it or broke it by smashing his head against the ground?

Just hope Twilight doesnt use that Starswirls first Copy spell on her in mistaken protection. Get a bit rediculous just one female dragon putting down half the total eggs that month. :twilightoops:

I call it plot induced stupidity it is when the writer makes the character forget what they can do just so they can wrap up the drama because if you think about it there are actually very few times Twilight was actually in danger if you consider everything Twilight can do

Oh, boy~ Been looking forward to this. Thanks for posting!

what a good fic friend I look forward to seeing more content like more caps of starlight x the great gorgon dragon
(Without a doubt, this is a great couple and I should see more of the two of them)

I hope this fic continues with more chapters or a sequel where you can see starlight being fucked by gorgon herself and even the other pony girls by giant dragon cocks

By any chance they’re going to be another chapter or a sequel? With the rest of the mane six, trixie and the rest of smolders female friends and spike somehow winning dominating ember… maybe going berserk? XD

Do a sequel where Amber Rapes Spike or one where Spike rapes Rarity

Amazing stuff like usual!:rainbowwild:

hope to see a sequel to this centered on Ember's plans for Spike.

Actually this story was originally meant to follow Starlight around as she visited all the homelands of the other creatures of Equestria to view their mating habits, only to discover they all involved copious amounts of rape like the Dragons. But I lost motivation in that idea and decided to recycle my ideas into a far, far darker and disturbing clopfic I have planned.

“Nah, I’m just fucking with you,” Gorgon laughed, slapping her rear with a meaty clap. “Though you do have an extremely fine ass! Might be claiming it later when you least expect it.” Starlight was less than amused. Was that even a threat or was he just hitting on her?

Le está coqueteando.

“Oh relax~, ” Ember scoffed at her with a dismissive wave of her claw, still chuckling. “I’m not going to let him nut inside me. Not unless he’s strong enough to earn it. Which he so isn’t.”

You might get that dillsbury surprise that you fuck around and find out because Spike look like a softy but destroy the village of feet.

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