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The fuse is lit. Let's see how long it takes to blow......"Maniacal Laughter"

Learn how to make paragraphs. Nobody is going to want to read a wall of text with no breaks.

Please at least be accurate. It's not a wall of text with no breaks, there are plenty of paragraphs (29 to be exact!), and to try and leave that review and scare off people from reading this is incredibly disingenuous.

Poor, Mrs Cake. At least she's making solid business investments now!

Somegriff is going to be getting Twilight extremely busy with working up the new spells for Zecora to potion up, and spike exhausted transfering everything around that they wont have time to think of why the increase in business?:trixieshiftright:

Pinkie is making notes on what to get Mrs Cake for her Special Birthday Party next year. :pinkiehappy:

Such an active imagination she has. The very idea of it all, shame. Definitely should seek help from a professional.

Ponyville, what a perfectly normal average boring little town where heros retire to relax. :trixieshiftright:

I find it hilarious to think that because she wing'd it when it came to directions that she actually went to the wrong parlor and none of this chapter should've happened. lol

Damn those pesky timers! Don't worry. Where we're going we won't need no timers!!!

We should all strive to be as hard a worker as Mrs Cake. Practically exhausted working 2 jobs in one day!

What, no! This has to be a dream sequence or something. A paragon like Mrs Cake, doing that! I don’t believe it!

Damn, I really believed in him. Fs in the chat.

Donuts are the best! Especially the crème filled kind.

Mr Cake looking perplexed in a couple months as to how the ordre for 6 dozen eggs ended up with one egg worth 6 dozen usual eeggs? :trixieshiftright:

The public sex in this one was really fun. :trixieshiftright:

Amazing ass play, as usual, and the thrill of (almost?) being caught. I must say I’m a bit apprehensive about those talons, but Mrs. Cake doesn’t seem to mind...

She slammed her big fat blue butt over him and draped her big crimson tail over the rest of his body so that he was entirely hidden by the time the customer walked in.

Damn. :rainbowderp:

Given I find Razza to be a bit of a creep I'm really enjoying Dusty's verbal smack down of him.

“Now that our agreement is in order, let’s suck on it!”

How civilized! :ajsmug: This story is still going to fun new places.

I love the mention of musk and breeding, great chapter!

I was expecting cake to be getting knocked up, but this is a unexpected but welcome surprise
I think those two are going to have a lot of fun in the future.

Man, I just do not like Raza. I can't help but feel he's going to fuck this up for everyone. Granted, this is your story and can make whatever you want happen, but still.

What do you think of Dusty and Phoenix?

Dusty feels like a real Bro, down to just give Mrs. cake a good time(can't help but feel raza would have been all pouty during the jail scene). Phoenix is a very sexy, she seems like she'll push Mrs. Cake to new heights of sexiness/depravity while keeping things from collapsing.

2nd longest Mrs. Cake-centered clopfic on the website!!! (tagged with the #porn tag)

Which one is the longest one?

Calling it, Spin-off story “Cream Filled Cup Cake: Milf Patrol”

I guess Phoenix may get some new customers!

Oh, Raza. I’m rooting for you buddy.

Well, I hesitate to say Phoenix was added to Mrs Cake’s harem. More like Phoenix took control and it won’t be her last.

Also, I like to think the couple asked Sky if he wanted to join for a quickie.

Mrs. Cake is gonna have her hooves full with these guys or will it be the other way around? ;)

Ah the park! I’m surprised they didn’t run into anyone else getting a night BJ there.

Mmmm this chapter was pretty good~
Hope she really does end up pregnant!

The bad sex in this chapter was quite funny, and actually became pretty hot once Mrs. Cake took command. :twilightsheepish:

"I love my husband, that's why I cheat!" -Mrs. Cake

In my opinion, it's that she's too dedicated to what they built (business, children) to abandon the marriage. She can say there's love there to hold onto, but there's many reasons why that doesn't hold up.

Hope you're liking the story!

Aw, Sugar Bell didn't return to work covered in cum then? Probably hood for hygiene, but imagine how much fun it would be to see Cup's reaction.

You can love who he is but lose sexual attraction to people(pones).

Maybe so but going behind another's back is still rather wrong. Can't wait to see what happens

She is gathering all the information now. But what will she do with it I wonder

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