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I write things. Feel free to commision a porn or non-porn thing for $0.01 a word, caps at $10/1k words, any additional words are free. Price is per chapter.


[no title] · 3:34pm Jun 2nd, 2016

*Opens up Google Docs* Soon.

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Commissions/Trades/Upcoming Stories

1: 4k minimum, Twilight broken as a slave for Tia. 4 Chapters.
2: 6k Minimum, non-pony SlashySmiley/Poprocks' Terry and a red panda family.
3: 3k Minimum Marble Pie and harsh master
4: 1k Minimum, Twilight having a bad time at the library while new in town.
5: Reserved

1: Scylla - 9k Minimum, Pathfinder and Scylla.
2: Ban - 5k mimum Ban and Aunt Orange (2.8k words)
[Added as Needed]

1: Colt version of the OC Page Turner hypnotizing Mr. Cake Cake
2: FoE Wishy sealed in transport.
[Added as Needed]

Stories I want to do personally (Aka, no other reason [paid, as a gift, etc]):
Next Milla Twins Chapter
Next FoE Chapter
Pop Rocks and Her Master in FoE
Rise of the Night Prince, a non-porn Sombra story.
Zephyr watching Mac with his mom, sister, and waifu.

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Can you please make a story with applejack gets turn into a zebra breeding slave

Are you taking commissions now?

One of your fans on tumblr lead me here~

When do you plan to update Zebra Domination?

Thank you for the fave! :pinkiesmile:

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