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I Have Other Profiles · 2:26am Feb 19th, 2020

So I figure I should link those here. There's likely a few stories there you all haven't read - at least one involving a zebra if you're a fan of Zul'ten.

Don't know about FiM's linking policies, but on Inkbunny . net I'm DrMadfox and on Furaffinity . net I'm user/madfoxzefox/ for those curious.

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[no title] · 3:34pm Jun 2nd, 2016

*Opens up Google Docs* Soon.

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Seperation of Reality and Fantasy and Being an Adult · 3:26am Feb 17th, 2015

Completely unedited Somewhat edited for spelling mistakes and likely to be laughed at, but I don't care.

You know what I find funny about people who tend to get mad over my FoE work? The fact that they seem completely unable to separate reality from the technicolor pony fantasy. I'm not hurting your waifu, I'm not hurting anyone really. They're not real. They don't exist, and the way your handling the situation doesn't help me feel sympathy towards you cause.

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Game of Discord: Competition and Conquest Chapter 2 Nearly Done · 6:05am Nov 4th, 2013

Hey there people who liked my first bit of writing enough to follow me, you'll be happy to know Chapter 2 will be coming out any minute now. Just having a few friends proof read it. Sorry it took so long, Zecora's writing was the first big hurdle (I promise she'll be paying for that) then I found myself with a screwed up thumb for a few weeks, then I finally get a job. Not a well paying one but you take what you can get, right? That actually brings me to this: Starting now I'll be taking

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