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I love to write, I love to read, and I love this community! If there's a story I want to read that doesn't exist yet, I'll write it myself.

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Sounds interesting not enough to decide. Good luck either way! Ps: don’t disable likes

Interesting... please continue.:moustache:

Well someone is about to lose his virginity, along with his friends most likely.

Well, this is an interesting concept. Almost like the stories of jinn; I just hope Spike doesn’t get screwed in the end, both literally and figuratively.

Yeah... the whole concept just reeks of familiarity. A Genie story, but not quite a lamp found in a cave of wonders, or three wishes. The concept of the book itself feels like a cross between a genie's lamp, and Tom Riddle's diary.

Not that that's a bad thing- familiar doesn't necessarily mean unoriginal. After all, despite being similar to other things, it's not like this exact story has been done before... yet that familiarity kinda draws me in to be a bit more interested in where the story will go... maybe it's Nostalgia.

...Regardless, I'm honestly mildly curious where this might be taken. It feels a bit hollow at the moment... but it has potential.

...or it could just be a giant smut fest.

Intersting. Very interesting.
Btw, where did oyu find the coverart?

A princess of lust OC

Was not expecting that

waiting for the next part: 3

It belongs to Loveslove as a gift from Hoovesart... And she did NOT authorise it to be used here

Git to da GOOD parts! Me WANT!!


...or it could just be a giant smut fest.

You say that like it's a bad thing...

Ooh, I like her. This could be fun!

Not necessarily... just wouldn't exactly be the most... unique story ever written. There are hundreds of thousands of perverted sex pits, and, enjoyable as they are, it wouldn't exactly make this stand out much if that was all there was to this.

Really? Because if this is true...

...big oof.

Really big oof.

Kinda hard to respect someone who just steals other people's artwork, using their stuff without concent.

Albeit there is stuff like fair use, but that's a whole other can of worms entirely- and if it was as simple as the author just taking the art, using it for themselves, and not asking permission, or even giving credit, then that doesn't really apply.

What I want to know is if that is true. I'm just going off the words of one random person on the internet. How do I know you're credible, and not just trying to slanderize the author? Can you post a link to the original artwork, and something where the artist actually says whether or not they gave the author permission to use the artwork?

Uh oh. Giving a bound being like Mal an open-ended offer like that is just begging for her to respect the letter of the offer but not the spirit. Spike may not be enjoying life if Mal does something michevious for her own amusement.

Mal is basically a horny version of Aladdins genie it looks like to me.

I see Spike's love makes him stupid. In the previous chapter he specifically noted that she was probably sealed away for a reason, and yet now he's willing to free her for his own ends.
On the other hand, if sealing her away was that important, she shouldn't just be left in a dark corner gathering dust. Maybe she's not that bad if she was forgotten that easily, who knows?

Well, if I had to make a guess I would say her willingness to resort to mind control for matters of lust, is a fairly logical reason for Celestia to bonk her into Honry Jail. But prisoner safety has never been Celestia's strong suit.

So, is there a way i can see the uncropped image, or no?

Spike, I would like to inform you, that is a bad idea.

A manor is a house. Unless you're implying that Mal has made the whole castle sultry, you should write "...in a sultry manner."

Aww man it’s on haiatus

You mean like a certain silly statue in the Royal Gardens that nopony other than Celestia (and presumably Luna, of course) even remembered was an actual petrified living being? Yeah, that one can’t really have been important either... :derpytongue2:

Pretty curious on what happens next.

Wonder how Luna reacts to about the princess of lust there?
And the fact said princess was forgotten? Given how Luna was essentially forgotten by Equestria while she was stuck on the moon.

OK now I want to see what the story goes

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