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A collaboration with: Cyberfire22

Created from a magical experiment to help Twilight around the palace, Sparks is an all-knowing hard-light entity in everything but her social skills, at least until she meets Spike. When the princess is away, he takes the artificial intelligence on a day out to see Ponyville in all its organic glory.

Cover Art: V-D-K

***Updated: 4-23-20***

Up Next: S.P.A.R.K.S. Explicit

Up Next: R.A.M.

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The story is off to a good start. I'll be sure to keep reading and see where you take it from here.

Twilight Sparkled - Twilight Sparkle

friendly ‘wave’ goodbye

Why is 'wave' in quotes?

He hoped down - He hopped down
free hand and and walked - free hand and and walked
to now wonder - to now wonder
saw the almost every - saw that almost every
rushing back for even write - rushing back or even write
he gave In nodded - he gave in and nodded

With nothing to do, and already becoming bored at the sheer thought of having little to do

There is a redundancy with "nothing to do" and "little to do". Consider restructuring the sentence to leave one out.

very interesting can't wait to see how this story develops

Have my attention, seems pretty interesting so far. Like to see where it goes.

Twilight is the Princess of Friendship, but has few friends nearby. So she'll build a friend and helper! Wait....

Shit, she's become the Mechanist... this won't end well.

Unique start, interested in seeing how they interact with each other. Keep it up!

Liking what I'm seeing so far.

this has potential, im looking forward to the next chapter

My interest is piqued. Please write more.

Seems off to a good start , and can be potentially very interesting if developed enough.
Heh , gonna track and like this one , to see where it goes.:twilightsmile:

Good start. Interested to see what happens next.

:twilightsheepish: I can see Sparks meeting Rarity and off Spikes reactions ,She thinks Rarity is Spikes mate... then Spike gets flustered Rarity gets more flustered and after a full hour of flustered ponies .
Sparks "My earlier assessments were correct will down load to Twilight Sparkles File on dragon pony interactions and breeding program"

:twilightoops: they found out!
:ajsmug: So Twi? Do you have any other files?

I am.. very much intrigued. especially at what Sparks will have to say across however long this goes. do keep this up!

So far a fantastic story. I'd love to see more.

Sparks and Rarity, now THAT will be interesting

*Sees cover art*
"Why does this remind me of EDI from Mass Effect?"
*Clicks cover art link*
"Oh... That's why. Bravo."

Interesting story. Definitely tracking this one."

Please do continue, this is a most fascinating tale.

I half expected her to go on a cuddling rampage. It'd be quite appropriate for ponyville :derpytongue2:

*Sees* "Citizen of Alabama"

I am so, so sorry.

well dang, i was working on a similar concept. :twilightoops: great minds and all that.

I don't get it.

Why is Spike insisting on Sparks with getting her disguised? And with clothes?

Haven't they learned about this already when Zecora first showed up in Ponyville?

And why would the residents will suddenly go into a riot in her presence?

Since when did ponies became so violent all of a sudden? :facehoof:

Spike is "baby"sitting a robot?

This can only end well...

Interesting, but let's see if chapter 2 is worth my attention...

Ok, this story has my attention now. I love that you're using EDI as the cyber pony & for the cover art!

Well done, looking for the next chapter.

I love this story idea and I love this chapter. I'm looking forward to chapter 3.

It might be a non-violent Riot lol. IDK I can just say it will get crazy, if the sunshine lights Sparks up in the middle of town.

Yep. Going to watch this one.

This looks to be a fantastic tale, but I'll start reading after a few more chapters.

Set phasers to hug!

Twilight built an AI with a concept of self and personal motivation, because of course she did. I'm sure this won't end like it did with the men of iron.

On further consideration, one wonders if Twilight has noticed that she's created a sapient being. She likely hasn't.

Confidence, confidence in everything. If you walk like you own the world, no one will question it.

Uh oh, now Spike has two crushes.

So Twilight has created a sapient artificial intelligence, then. Just wow... to think about the implications of this.

Twilight Sparkle. Physical Status: Deceased...

Hey, many of the best Twilight stories start that way. :rainbowlaugh:

Eh, more her lack of social-abilities may lead to making ponies very uncomfortable and she could do something accidentally that actually pisses somepony off

Oh my, Sparks had Spike under a spell or something, cuz he was speechless like never before! We must ship them together now!

Well first, think about it for a second. Yes, the situation with Zecora was similar, but the biggest physical difference was her coat pattern (stripes) and a Mohawk. And those little differences were enough to send the town into hiding. And SPARKS is just a few magnitudes more different than her.

And as far as riots and violence goes, it is rare, and what they consider violence is generally less than what happens in the real world, but it does happen. Several episodes prove this.

Spike is right to have some concern.

I'm picking up what you're puttin' down, son.

Oh the men of iron weren't that bad...

She reminds me of Penny and that isn't a bad thing

I do always enjoy a bit of "My sensors indicate you want to tap that".

Ooh, love me a good robot story. Excited to see where this goes.

This is a fun story: a robot with little concept of expressions.

"apart of" should be "a part of"

"bits a pieces" should be "bits and pieces"

"a weary smile" is OK, but I wonder if it is meant to be "a wary smile" instead? Is Sparks tired or just unsure?

"trimmings that complimented" should be "complemented" (a common error).

"an unseen level of confidence" - but it is seen! Maybe "a new level", or "a previously unseen level"?

"Now that is was" is a typo for "Now that it was".

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