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Love isn't for him. The young dragon, surrounded by mares, know that none will become his one. Yet it's often when we stop chasing something that it comes to us. Twilight and Starlight pine for the same heart, devising a game for it to win it.

May the best mare win.

[Cover by ipun]

Commission for Midnight Radiance!

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Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 65 )

Imma read this you son of a gun. Try to stop me.

I REALLY hope Twilight wins.

It's good to see you man. Hope you are doing well and having a good day :)
Keep up the good work and be happy

Oh my Celestia...
I was waiting for this ^_^

Starlight and Twilight.
They are like sisters.
Figthing each other to win the love of a special dragon.

I hope Starlight wins 😁

Oh joy, incel Spike.

. . . Still gonna read it.

I think the Starlight from your avatar might just start frowning if she heard you say that.....

Here's the thing:
I REALLY hardcore ship StarBurst

My word I like how you made this story please continue...

“Who else is going to take Princess Celestia on in her challenge?” I asked with a blink of my eyes, slowly twisting my torso, tensing the muscles beneath taut to work them all out. “Already at a high-score of over a thousand years with her virginity. None else stand a chance taking her on but me.”

So that's how she got all that power... Don't fall for their schemes, Spike! They wan't to prevent you becoming Equestria's greatest Wizard!

I should have known it was B considering it was a romance story about spike lol.

So having depression over a rejection makes you an INCEL? I thought that it only counted as an INCEL if you hated the oposite sex because of that rejection.

Amma watch thiz.

Dear Mr. B

It is with great regret that I must inform you that this story clearly uses my image without consent, and thus must be taken down. I know this must come as quite a shock, really, but do try and relax, and have yourself a cup of coffee. Will you? :trollestia:

That's my boy

I can already tell this is going to be really fun.

Glimmy, you’re gonna be real sorry that you poked that bear.

But what if he can't choose?

Maybe it's the pragmatist in me, but since Twilight's got that immortality thing going on, she could put up with Starlight and Spike being together for a couple of decades, wait until Starlight kicks the bucket, be with him during his grief, and then make her move after he's emotionally stable.

Well, the girls seem awfully eager to make decisions for him already.

Yay, a new and exciting Spike X Mares story that is going to get regular updates! :pinkiehappy:

It better get regular updates! You have a lot of great+, Spike stories that need that loving too!:flutterrage:
Please, please don't let this be another one of them!:twilightsheepish:


Is this a sequel of Focus Your Love And Lust On Me? If so, please tag it as such.

PS: I haven't read this story yet, so please don't spoil it. (I'm going to add it to my sexy pile right now.)

I was referring more to the obnoxious attitude than anything else.

Why? She's had only good things come of antagonizing Twilight in the past.

Yeah, she was just mind-controlling her friends or destroying the space-time continuum back then. Now she’s box-blocking her. She will be destroyed.

I urge you to adopt the term "clam-jamming." For the sake of the end-rhyme.

Comment posted by B_25 deleted Dec 6th, 2019

I found this little inconsistency:

The mass of her rump flatted over the whole of his thighs while the compressed figure of softness rose to meet him.

If it's supposed to stay first-person why did it switch to third?

I also ship Spike, hell, I have two fanfics I'm still working on for the ship, even though life keeps me from continuing them most days

I wonder what ending is going to be Canon to this it's story. So far I see four ending that can possibly happen. Twilight ending, Starlight ending, Harem ending, neither of them and date a different mare

same problem just with pop i can drink 6 a day and finish a 20 case in 2

Delightfully Devilish, Starlight.
I look forward to a night of wholesome debauchery!

Don't forget the "Starlight and Twilight end up together and Spike moves on with his life". A small variation on that last one, but I think it's worth noting the difference.

I’m sorry your going through with all of this and I sincerely hope that you will get rid of this addicts.

This chapter is just another reason why you're a master of Spike's character. It feels like you know him inside and out and that's how you can make so many different stories about him and each of them are entertaining, fresh, and even deep, like this chapter.

And so the battle continues.

Thanks for this comment, broski.

It means a lot.
~ Yr. Pal, B

Man... B_25 always makes the best fics... loving it so far, you really inpersonate them really well.

Starlight still has a chance!
Come on team Starlight! 😊

I like this story

Great chapter!
But, buck, that one mare shit.

:moustache::twilightsmile: STARLIGHT NEEDS A PIC DAMNIT!!!

So much drama! I hate and love it! Me thinks it's time for two mares to save a dragon!:trollestia:

Damn! Drama bomb!!!:pinkiegasp:

Hoping for the next chapter real soon!:pinkiehappy:

Twi you heartless bitch.

Wow, that was rough!

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Can I hug Spike please? I feel for him so much here. I value all the connections I have with people, and Spike almost seems like something taken directly from my mind.

This hit really hard for me, let’s put it that way.

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