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Starlight feel awful when she find that the day Twilight got her cutie mark was also the day that Spike was hatch. With help from friends and family, She vow to give Spike the best birthday present ever.

sex tag for joke and innuendo

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Definitely needs some editing, but overall I really enjoyed it.

Not just Starlight but Trixie is interested in bedding Spike.

Celestia? A precious, virgin princess?

Celestia have ruled for a thousand years. So we have generation upon generation of ponies that think of her as being god-like. Which mean they can't think of anyponies being worthy of being Celestia's special somepony. Not to mention the color white has come to symbolize things like purity through the ages. So ponies seeing her white coat like viewing her being untainted by mortal desire.


Also What if Spike is in a relationship with Starlight and Trixie?

Thank you for catching the breakfast for me. I finished changing it. But on Cadence, I look it up and it Princess Cadance. but thank for your critique.

And Spike having a threesome with Starlight and Trixie?

This story was about Spike and Starlight realizing their feeling for each other. So I haven't though of putting him with another pony. But your herd idea of Spike with Starlight and Trixie is a good one. It'll definitely tick Twilight Sparkle off. I'm not sure if I'll do a sequel but if I did I might use the idea. Or you could use the idea for your story. You know every great magician need an even greater assistant.

Okay. This just reaffirmed my love for this ship. It also spiked a degree higher than Sparity.

Sequel? This needs one :pinkiecrazy:

Ponies & Herb.....dear god the puns :facehoof: :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight facehoof, "I didn't mean it like that and you know it. Oh, and for the record i'm not a fillyfooler. Not that there is anything wrong with that."

Seinfeld reference :pinkiehappy:

Isn't Screwball a different pony?

In this story, Screwball is a bodiless spirit and through her contract with Diamond Tiara, she'll possess Diamond Tiara's body giving her a physical form. Just like with your avatar the kyubi no kitsune.

What about Cheerilee then, I'm guessing she has no role in this either?

She appear In the intermission chapter of the Trixie's arc; Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice. Because of a misunderstanding cause by Limestone Pie, Sugar Belle, Cheerilee, and Marble Pie have some girls talk then they ensnare Big Mac in their trap.

I know you know what past tense is, so why don’t you use it? It would make the story a lot easier to read

There’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation...

"Don't you get it! If I have succeed in stopping the sonic rainboom that lead to Twilight and the other getting their cutie mark then Spike woulda never been born! He would have become an unborn, a neverwas. Spike would never have gotten to experience the joy of living, making friends, or falling in love! I would has taken that way from him and that why I don't deserved him as a friend!", shouted Starlight as she went on a tirade.

Yeah I noticed this, but Starlight was unaware of this because her plan mostly consisted of just destroying the Mane 6´s friendship, she had no actual intention of harming anypony. I think this includes Spike.

Finally someone acknowledges how right I am about Spike‘s age. I am pleased. Your head canon is a fact by the way, according to the MLP Wiki Spike is 20 by the time MLP: IDW came out and this was before Season 9 ergo it doesn’t interfere with the show’s continuity so your right. Also don’t worry CMC fans there are many colts you can ship those three with who aren’t Spike, there is Rumble, Button Mash, Pipsqueak, Feather Weight, maybe Snips or Snails. Or even ship them with each other. Sorry if I disappointed anybody with this information. That isn’t my intention.

"So since Spike was allow not only to participate in the Gaunlet of Fire but become the Dragonlord as well than that mean he is of breeding age. So that mare Luna was talking of may then without worries pursue a relationship with Spike," espoused Celestia.

I figured as such.


It serves me for future reference xd

There is no need to belittle Rarity. You know, she is not a bad person.

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