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When Twilight Sparkle prepares to turn in for the night, she is approached by an intoxicated Starlight Glimmer. Unable to stand or form complete sentences, the drunken unicorn attempts to profess her love for the princess of friendship.

***Updated: 5-29-2019***

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Awww, this was sweet . . . in a drunken, messy, sort of way. :twilightsmile:

I really liked this. This fic was well written and very fluffy. Mi Gusta.

This is why I never drink.

Its a graet One short all in all, but what about the talk?

Awwwwwwwh. :heart:

What do you call Twilight x Starlight, anyway? LightLight just doesn't work... :rainbowlaugh:


I quite like LightLight.

awww so sweet

“... and I think I’d like to see you again tonight.”


Remember drinking and sexing does not start a relationship.

Yes! Don’t do what Starlight did. Confess your love to your crush while sober.


twilight I just realized I'm a Mary sue

“... and I think I’d like to see you again tonight.”

Sequel? Or just meaningless teaser?

Meaningless teaser, most likely. I probably won’t be returning to this story except for the occasional spelling/grammar update.

I'm drunk! And this is cute. Also relatable.

I'm still drunk, and this is adorables.

It was exciting, never having had such a lewd conversation before. "You think I'm 'pretty'?"

This little, innocent, sweet summer child. Oh what surprises the world has in store for her…. :twilightblush:

Twilight lifted a cautious hoof to her shout and gently caressed her own lips.


Hello! Have a review. I freely admit I'm probably not the target audience here, since I'm not big on drunkfics. That said, I appreciate making things messy rather than easy, and the ending switches things around nicely.

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