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Spike and Celestia learn they don't have to live eternity alone. Can they soothe each other mortal wounds? Can they make it across the Badlands to see the Dragon King alive? Will they trust love in a heart that will beat on until forever?

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Nice Job man. You hit the nail on the head.

Spike has to come to the reality...that he'll outlive almost everyone he knows...Celestia is about the only person who he can relate too...along with Luna and maybe others of his kind.

Will the next chapter be him and Celestia meeting the dragon king? :twilightsmile:

Just brilliant, another romance story that includes Spike. Just you wrote a LunaxSpike fic, then AppleSpike, and then a CelestiaxSpike fic. How many romance stories are you going to include Spike in? And why is it not complete? Don't you normally write your spike romance fics in one chapter?

Great story but might need a sad tag included

Some great feels! Damn, how old is Spike now!?

The only other thing I can think of is this is a AU where Twilight didn't ascend.

holy shit where is that thor gif when ya need it

i would like lots more of this fucker and you can be i will be keeping my eyes on it 👀👀👀👀

Shit this stories deep I like it one of the first that goes this deep that I've been read and it really good hope you post another chapter soon

Great story but strange that it cuts short at the end

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