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This story is a sequel to The Legend of Sunset Shimmer: Majora's Mask

It has been some time since Sunset Shimmer went on a journey to the world of 'The Legend of Zelda' but now she has been sent to the mysterious Koholint Island. It is an island in the middle of nowhere that houses a dark secret. Sunset cannot leave until she awakens the Wind Fish, but can she awaken the dreamer and if so, will she want to once she learns the truth of what the island really is?

Even with Princess Twilight Sparkle to guide her along, Koholint Island may seem unusual, but what lurks below the surface is the stuff of nightmares.


It's been some time since my last fanfiction around here. I hope that I've still got it. Anyway, this is the next entry in this series of mine if it should be called that. Many were expecting Twilight Princess, but that is a huge undertaking in and of itself, and since it's been so long since my last story, I wanted to go with something shorter. Don't expect this story to be an epic readthrough in terms of word count as I'm not trying to set a record here.

As always, each chapter will let you know which MLP/EQG character is portraying which Link's Awakening character.

Chapters (22)
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Comments ( 60 )

It begins again, Another Tale of Legend.

hmm interesting. So what is gonna happen with Sci-Twi and the others? will they be watching Sunset in the game and cheer her on, or will Ganondorf capture them or something?


They are going to be interacting with the Demon King on a personal level at varying intervals.


And it took me so long to get around to it.

Hah, it finally returns I've been looking forward to seeing this continue for some time and it seems the stars have finally aligned.

Haven’t finished the OG Link’s Awakening, but this is par for the course so far.

The Journey has begun, Now we'll see what destiny has in store for our Heroine. I didn't expect the Mentor joining the Journey again.

Other than Sunset & Twilight being in the World of Zelda, The remaining humane-5 can only observe Sunset's adventure while trapped in a pocket dimension by Ganondorf.

idk why, but I keep hoping to see Sunset do some of the things Link does in the "Totally Legit Link's Awakening Speedrun" like smack the ball out of the kids hands and flip them off sliding backwards

How many stories will be in this series?


You know that I'm dedicated to this since I've written chapters ahead of time. In fact, I've written up to Chapter 9 as of me typing this which features the third dungeon.


Sunset needed someone to talk to otherwise it would've been boring.


Some characters do test her patience.


As many as necessary. Not all Zelda games will be covered as some are way too big while others are too... controversial.

Strange- Flash Sentry was the owl. Now he has an owl.

Yeah...The Island of Koholint is indeed bizarre, But I'm sure it'll became even more bizarre for Sunset & Twilight as they progress on their journey.

Nice adding the reference from Sunset's previous journey in "Majora's Mask" with Starlight. But since the Game out before Majora's Mask, It's kind of reverse huh?

is Sunset gonna try and steal the shovel and bow?

also, dropping some fanart Im working on.(the full piece will be pretty much a sketched version of the original Link's Awakening poster. no idea how long it will take me to finish)

He's been consistent in all three stories... strange isn't it?

In real life, this is indeed the case. In this series, it makes sense for Sunset to make such references.

No, but a certain someone will tell her what happens if she tries it. Also, I really love that fanart of Sunset as Link.

ah ok hehe
And thanks ^^ the finished version should be done maybe by the time you get the next chapter out? Im fighting to get Sunburst in Marin's pose atm

9968338 At this point, I sometimes wonder if Flash has had a pet owl at some point in his life.

The next chapter will be coming up in a couple of hours as of me typing this.

I wonder what Sunset's reactions will be when she encountered the bosses.

I didn't realized at first during my youth with the racoon part in the forest when it kept giving me the warning about getting lost and causing me to start over again in a different location. But I think the Racoon is a reference to the Japanese folklore: Tanuki. Considering it was banging it's belly like a drum and created an illusion to prevent Sunset from getting the Key she needed to opened the Tail Cave unless she used the magic powder on the racoon.

Her reactions are going to be mixed given what these bosses are and all. In fact, only two of them are going to be portrayed by MLP characters. One of them I'm sure people have already figured out based on the tags this story has. As for the other, I'm going to leave that a surprise. Then again, my cast list blog did give it all away already. :rainbowderp:

1 down, 7 more to go.

It's comforting to know that both Twilight & Celestia aren't the only beings that can retain their memories after being transported into the game, granted that their memories are limited as Sunset progresses on her journey.

Opening it, I was disappointed to find that it contained a feather. Really!? A feather!? Was this some kind of joke!? I had every mind to throw it into the darkness below but then I suddenly felt rather light.

Don't let it discourage you Sunset. Remember during the time in Dodongo cavern in Ocarina of Time, when you thought that the pouch you got was a little disappointing? Then after Spike had informed you that is was a bomb bag that can let you use bombs? Sure the Roc's Feather might not seem much, but it will be very helpful as you progress, cause your going to need everything you can get to awaken the Wind-Fish.

wow, wish the crane game guy would hand you the piece of heart in game.

I couldn't include a story without the other princesses so I had to fudge things a little and include them in this manner. Oh, and Sunset does have other reactions based on what items she ends up finding. Right now, I need to think about how she will react to finding the item in Catfish's Maw--I'm that far ahead in the writing.

I did that in order to make it funny and to give Ember some of her own fiery personality.

He might have done. We never did get to see his house now that I think of it.

Decided to read this, waiting for more, and too bad it don't have many upvotes

I wonder if Princess Twilight remember the songs from Majora

Oh snap, Ganondorf's coming to the real world! Things are going down for the girls quick!

I don't know why this hasn't gotten as many upvotes as previous stories have. Oh well. As long as I get some upvotes as well as proper feedback, I'm content with what I get.

This has been planned for well over a year... well... the very basic premise at any rate.

Maybe you could send PM and ask to people that put comments in your previous story...

Or do like politicians and give the job to the first one that offer to do it for free

I guess Sunset don't remember the dream that mentioned the boss as "Slime Eye"?

Also, I'm surprised with the comments of "In other worlds maybe it could be different" or how she can't do the slash attack... While she have more freedom of movement that Link in the games, it seems she still need to do certain things in one way

So Do you have a plan about the legend of zelda twilight princes?!?

I do have to stick to the game mechanics though I do sometimes bend the rules.

I might need help with that one given how big of a game it is compared to what I've already covered.

So, Flurry is not going to be in level 4?

So will u cover Twilight Princess
what if Fluttershy plays Yeta

I guess Sunset can't cheat using old songs from the Ocarina, I can imagine her using Epona song and summoning her somehow or using the song of storms or the sun song

At least she remembered how to play it.

And if not, Twilight could help her remember, I guess this time she was more ready

Imagine Sunsets anger if she had to deal with Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass

I would much rather Midna be herself...

Especially Phantom Hourglass and the notorious Temple of the Ocean King. I've never played the game but I have seen a Let's Play of it over on YouTube and I've seen enough of that particular dungeon to know just how bad it can get.

I actually like phantom hourglass
It’s puzzles are some of the creative and has some of the best boss fights too
U should do the wind waker and
Phantom hourglass story next

Do four swords adventure next
of course after twilight princess 😃

Hi Ganondorf8 can you help me with my project Sunset adventure in the wind waker? Well i do not know anything about subset shimmer

If that's the case, I recommend going to the MLP Friendship is Magic Wiki and looking up Sunset Shimmer. That will give you all of the information you need to know regarding her.

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