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Alright, finally. I've been eagerly waiting your Spike x Ember x Sweetie Bell story. Though I got to say, this definitely isn't what I envisioned it being about. Either way, this is off to a interesting start and I cant wait to read what happens next.

Well, I can say my interest is piqued. That said, I noticed a few errors, one even made me cringe

Ok is it wrong that I want the infamous Dr. Karl Gebhardt to have some fun with Flim, Flam, and Jet Set. Then again that may be to merciful for those three. Great job on creating such scum villains that I cannot wait to see get some sweet justice. Note I put who in spoiler tags in case people could be offended and I will not provide a link for the same reason, this guy was pure evil.

Uh, you sure about leaving off that dark tag?:raritydespair:

Ooh, this is interesting. Tracked! :twilightsmile:

It seems that there's a political mess somewhere down the line. Nasty stuff, those. And as Spike says, just the fact that a sister of one of the Elements of Harmony went through this… it'll be a scandal for the ages.

… Reminds me of Ariana ― Ariana Dumbledore, that is.

“Hey,” said the dragoness suddenly, causing Spike’s head to jerk. It was hard for him not to think how attractive she was, even through he knew this wasn’t the time to be thinking of such things! “Don’t let them see me like this,” she said, her voice almost begging.

Anyone want to bet on the chances of her attempting to escape as soon as Spike unbinds her? :moustache:

Allrighty, lets watch how this will progresses... And how badly KARMA will hit the scumbags in this one.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Also, nice to hear that Bluey and Bati are doing fine in the background.

Dont want to say too much, but if you have followed my writing then you know karma can get nasty... even if it won't happen right away

You, sir, got my like, and my attention. I'll be sure to track this story.

Sure have. And waiting for KARMA to happen is part of the entertainment your stories provide.:twilightsmile:

Well, in a setting I'm working on, this sort of thing would get the internal security forces on your ass faster than lightspeed (any attempt to do this in a world where the sensor density is literally 'yes' would be found out as it happens)... if SolForce's Silencers and their bodyguards don't get you first.

If you somehow managed to rebuff the Silencers and their retinue with an entire fleet as support?

"This is SolForce Command, we're not loosing any more soldiers. All forces prepare for orbital ion cannon strike."

[island ceases to exist]


But overkill is underrated. How about both of them have fun with those three?

Yes, after being teased its here.

So far, damn swallowed bait and hock. So much going on in the first chapter and I can barely wait for the next chapter.

Also, I hope when karma hit the baddies, it hit like a truck with 120mph.

You shouldn't happen to have a bigger version of (or a source for) the cover art by any chance?

Nice chapter can't wait for more.

hmmmn, the Brothers told Sweetie she was forbidden to speak their names...but she sees Spike as her master...and she obeys her Master...Spike could tell her she has leave to speak their names...

Finally. After over an entire month this updated. I definitely wonder what made Flim and Flam become so evil.

Ok, time to find the armor... Hopefully with a pawnshop that is willing to talk.

Damn Sweetie got master level mind trick, and the game's a foot for some Dragon armor.

Do you need to read the other ones first?

Sweetie Belle sounds like Dobby from Harry Potter. Was that intentional ?

Also on a side note, this is going to be good. Keep up the good work. 😊

Oh alright then. I was just wondering. Good job though 👍

Hmm, obviously that factory is a front for illegal activity. What though, is the interesting part. Most likely the sex slave ring, we shall see.

Why has not anyone in Rarity's family talked about the disappearance of their sister Sweetie Belle? It should be the news of the century that one of the sisters of the bearers of harmony has disappeared.
I wonder if Spike could contact Twilight about Sweetie Belle's problem would be a good one to help him and do a research on this, also advise his family to trust someone to keep an eye on her, otherwise she's out of sorts moral will creates much confusion.
I sense Ember's going to do a lot of shit.

I am starting to think a good public crucifixion is what Flim, Flam, and Jet Set deserve. Just like the Romans did just to send a message. Just after all three “stallions” get gelded.

... there are things that will get you in deep shit in Rome, and what has been discovered here is, well, one of those things. There are several rules with slaves, and what Flim and Flam did is basically 'you get executed son' territory if done with a Roman citizen if I remember right...

Gelded, like with scissors? Or with lightly starved rats?:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

scissors...dull, rusty ones too...

He should really contact Twilight and/or Rarity :moustache:

I think Ember in this might excitedly push things into a nughty rump with sweetybell.

What would he tell them?

"Hi, Rarity/Twilight. Yes, yes. I'm doing good. Oh, yeah, why I'm calling. Sweetie Belle is now a brain-washed sex slave who doesn't remember everything about her past? Can I have some help?"

OR, maybe we can add a fifth nail. A barbed, rusty one. Right over the place the cock meets the balls. Sound good?

nah, might miss with a nail...want them to live with the shame afterward, not die from poisoning...

They'd die from the crucifixion anyway. Might as well make it as painful as possible.

still might miss with a nail, then theyd still go as stallions...

Maybe not worded like that, but basically :applejackunsure:

Comment posted by tx-300 deleted Aug 12th, 2019

I am guessing Spike is going to use the power of friendship to save Sweetie? Ember seems to be dealing with culture shock which is sympathetic if she wasn't behaving like such a grumpledumpuss.

Just as he was about to bring this point up with Ember, he spotted a dragoness walk through the door.

Sweet. Mina the dragon is part of this. Her being the advisor to the mayor and having a history with Spike. This is great. I love Mina.

Hmm. Sweetie Belle's training pretty much states that the vision she was fed was of mares being slaves and stallions (and colts) being masters. I wonder if Ember being a she-dragon pushes her outside of Sweetie'e slave training, which would normally classify her as another slave, being female.

I also wonder if the brothers will get their hands on Smolder. I... would like to see that. And Yona. And all the other students. Mhm.

I hope when those two brothers get caught they get put into the machine and have it put out Al Bundy’s worst nightmare on them. Then they can be castrated and have their horns removed publicly. Glad to finally meet Mina as it felt like she had been forgotten about. I hope by the end Ember takes the chance and goes to Luna’s school as I can see her becoming one of the greatest students ever to walk it's halls.

Still a great punishment. I'm kinda starting to lean towards "the boats"/Scaphism torture/execution from ancient Persia, for all three a-holes:pinkiecrazy:. Look it up, it's brutal, alleged record being seventeen days to die.:pinkiecrazy:

At least it isn't a setting that I'm working on called A New World, for shit like this is a clear violation of the Sol accord. If it happened in SolForce territory (fat chance for it would be seen by a dozen sensor suites if the idiots tried that in SolForce territory because of the omnipresent electronic panopticon) then it would be Black (aka CIA, MI6, the like), Grey (aka FBI, MI5, the like), and Blue (aka the Police) Sections coming upon them like a tsunami of bricks.

If that was discovered outside of SolForce Territory... well, operatives of the Special Actions Division (aka 'SAD' for short, also known as 'Censors', 'Inquisitors', and 'Genocide Men' just to give a few examples of what they're called) would be coming in with a very 'kill anyone with a firearm, ask questions later' attitude in their manhunt against the brothers. So the situation would look like this:

"So, Spike, you've discovered a 10-54 Sol Accord violation?"

"Um... yes?"

"Alright, we're already moving in on the site, we'll need to take Sweetie Belle to the Safehouse for deprogramming."

"What is going to happen to the ring?"

"They're dead men walking, and they don't know it yet..."

Sweetie already said in an earlier chapter that she was trained in pleasuring females as well as males, we simply havnt seen that part of her training as yet...

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