• Published 28th Feb 2021
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Mal - Patriot Pony Productions

Spike’s always encouraged by Twilight to make new friends, but he takes her advice a step too far when he accidentally summons Mallory, the forgotten Princess of Lust, from the pages of mysterious diary.

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Uh oh. Giving a bound being like Mal an open-ended offer like that is just begging for her to respect the letter of the offer but not the spirit. Spike may not be enjoying life if Mal does something michevious for her own amusement.

Mal is basically a horny version of Aladdins genie it looks like to me.

I see Spike's love makes him stupid. In the previous chapter he specifically noted that she was probably sealed away for a reason, and yet now he's willing to free her for his own ends.
On the other hand, if sealing her away was that important, she shouldn't just be left in a dark corner gathering dust. Maybe she's not that bad if she was forgotten that easily, who knows?

Well, if I had to make a guess I would say her willingness to resort to mind control for matters of lust, is a fairly logical reason for Celestia to bonk her into Honry Jail. But prisoner safety has never been Celestia's strong suit.

So, is there a way i can see the uncropped image, or no?

Not bad, not bad at all.

Spike, I would like to inform you, that is a bad idea.

A manor is a house. Unless you're implying that Mal has made the whole castle sultry, you should write "...in a sultry manner."

Aww man it’s on haiatus

You mean like a certain silly statue in the Royal Gardens that nopony other than Celestia (and presumably Luna, of course) even remembered was an actual petrified living being? Yeah, that one can’t really have been important either... :derpytongue2:

Pretty curious on what happens next.

Wonder how Luna reacts to about the princess of lust there?
And the fact said princess was forgotten? Given how Luna was essentially forgotten by Equestria while she was stuck on the moon.

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