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Kinda hope for a sequel where Dusk turns Umbra good through the power of love

Who knows? It might be in the cards.

splendid, totally amazing

Thanks! This actually took a while but I'm happy with the overall result.

ok there will be more rule 63 in the future

Given the feedback thus far, it's looking likely.

Oh... Queen Umbra my secret Waifu..:rainbowwild::heart:

you and me buddy

For once, the mask of control slipped. Queen Umbra was looking far off into the distance, her eyes full of sorrow. A couple of minutes passed before she uttered, "I don't know where I came from. All I can remember is...being a filly and wandering through the snow." She gulped, her expression forlorn. "The crystal ponies found me half-dead at the entrance of the kingdom. I never found out where I came from, who my people were. I sometimes wonder if I'd been separated from my parents, if something happened to them or if they simply just abandoned me to die alone in the wastes."

this reminds me of King Sombra's backstory

But this is good (for a a clopfic r63 of a Twibra)

hope there is a sequel you have a very good back story for the future

Judging by the reactions, maybe there will be.

Yes, Dusk Shine would tame this bitch, make her squeal his name and his alone.

I hope there's a sequel where he utterly fails and ends up being tamed completely by Umbra while he still thinks he's in control.

We'll have to see, won't we...?

Aside from a few minor grammatical mistakes and word choices I disagree with, this was very well done. A good premise, slow buildup, and a quick and decisive climax (in both definitions of the word) all come together wonderfully. If there is a sequel, I do look forward to it.

that was a Great Little Story

I know where this is going.

Dusk: mom, dad. This is my girlfriend Umbra, she was formerly an evil queen.

(ROFLMAO) I know right. :rainbowlaugh:
Dusk: yes, she also enslaved a whole kingdom, tried her hand at world domination, destroyed the physical manifestations of the elements of harmony, destroyed the tree of harmony oh and lets not forget he brainwashed the citizens of ponyville... I think that's the gist of it mother and father. Point being she is a great and wonderful marefriend..

Don't forget try to kill his Sister and Brother in law, But yeah thats Going to be Fun:pinkiecrazy:


I can see this being like a one shot sequel. Like the aftermath of a successful takeover.

Kinda want the turn to good to PREVENT the takeover.

Normally I tend to shy away from fics with the Non-Con tag, but I'm glad I gave this one a shot. It was quite enjoyable, and at first I thought that Queen Umbra was exhibiting a master tier of manipulation. And yes, she manipulated him, and cast a minor spell to get Dusk in bed with her, but you managed to surprise me with that reveal she wasn't ACTUALLY doing that much to control his mind.

A most unorthodox ship, but one that I've certainly enjoyed. Excellent work!

Maybe it would be two sequels, one where Umbria is reformed and one where dusk is corrupted?

That could be fun

Thank you! While it's not my usual kind of schtick, this was a lot of fun to write

I do hope for more rule 63 sombra in the future. There's truly not enough umbra on this site.

Man that was sure hot to see.
And nice plot too.

I would like to see this carried on in a story, it has a real good setup for plot. I'd love to see Dusk wak up, say he'll help her with a couple conditions and eventually confront Solaris about his treatment of Umbra. Maybe even include that maybe even the R63 Nightmare Moon, I forget that guy's name, isn't as black and white as it may seem.

I think it could be pretty good if you keep going with this.

Thank you! For now, I'm working on some other stuff but a sequel is entirely possible.

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