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That is the longest content disclaimer I have EVER seen on a clopfic, holy shit.

*looks at fetish list*

*looks at word count*


I just like to be very precise in my lists, even where others aren't. A single mention of something can be a massive turn off or turn on for some, and I think it's fair to put the information out there.

It's up on Derpibooru now

[EDIT]: I was wrong, this is not the one he was referring to in the description... my bad

It most definitely isn't. I was talking about the full version.

Oh... Was a new one, saw it, remembered you said something about it in the fic description...

"Fetishes include" >everything :twilightoops:

Did you forget anything?

It's alright.
I'm pretty sure I did.

Best of all he misspelled "choking" as "chocking".
edit: wait, how the fuck is that all jammed into <10,000 words? What, is it just going to be a grocery list of "and then he did that, and then he did that, and then he did that", or do cursory and fleeting references to fetishes count as them being included? This is dumb.

Thanks for pointing that out, I must have missed it.
The fic is not a grocery list, the description is though. I just like to list every fetish that appears, no matter how minor. Like I said, to some that is important. I think it's better than other authors who half-ass their lists. This fic's list in particular isn't all too serious in places, but I think it's fine.

Wow, you really don't crop that picture at all. I think it is on the line on when it comes to rules for baned cover art but I would be careful or even just add a crudely drawn black shirt in there to be safe.

I'll crop it further if the mods decide it's currently too far.

To whoever is downvoting my every comment: I admire the dedication, but creative input or constructive criticism would be appreciated more.

About the sequel mentioned in the Author's Notes...I'm personally not a fan of genderbending at all, so if it is released I probably won't read it.

As for this story, it's brilliant. I didn't notice any typos, and the progression of events was smooth. Well done!

What is this? A comment that's about the fic, rather than about the cover art or description? I didn't think we still had those.

Thanks for the feedback. And sure, I get genderbending not being everyone's cup of tea. Personally I only enjoy it sometimes, depending on how it's done. I'm glad you enjoyed this story.

>that fetish list
I'm looking forward to reading this one!

Not my scene but I’m giving you an upvote for the amount of time that went into the fetish list.

I'd personally settle for whoever it is copping to it.

Another day, another Sombra x Cadance fic and it’s a mind control fic. Why is it always mind control? Why can’t there ever be non con with Sombra and Cadance and have it not go the easy route and just have Cadance mind controlled. It’s so boring.

Oh well...

Yeah, but I got paid to write it. I could hardly care less about the contents. Besides, Sombra canonically does mind control ponies.

Okay, this looks like it would be the full pic...

Lol I literally just mentioned the endemic boring generic maledom rapefics that inundate the site

No impregnation or pregnancy


endemic boring generic maledom rapefics that inundate the site

Please point these out to me. No seriously, I like that stuff. I have my own problems with what Fimfiction gets filled with, but I don't feel the need to point it out under those fics (and not just because it would stir up a storm I want no part in). People are allowed to write and read what they enjoy.

While that sounds entertaining, I have an itch for F/F porn that I haven't scratched in a while, and I want to try my hand at some forced gender-bending.

If you want some of Sombra domming Shining though, I do have a story about that.

[Adult story embed hidden]

One of these days I do need to write about a bi Dom though. Every commission I had so far requested things go only one way. Kind of a shame I haven't written one yet since that's what I am. Gallus might work, but I see him more like a switch. Maybe Sunburst, if I can figure out who he should be fucking.

Comment posted by karharoth deleted Dec 11th, 2019

I appreciate the detailed fetish list, just because I want to stay the hell away from stuff that I hate

Very fun story! Just needed a bit more action between the girls, but loved it anyway.

Thank you. The fic was actually originally meant to be just a little over half the length, then the commissioner rearranged things for an extra 4000 words. I would have liked to add more about Cadance and Flurry, but it wasn't meant to be the focus. I might write something about a grown up Flurry outside of commissions at some point.

Well, you've got my follow, then! Keep up the good work. And I know how rough commissioners can be with that stuff.

Quela is actually quite nice to work with. I just have a tendency to write more than I should. My first commission for them came out almost twice as long as what we'd discussed, I have to keep things toned down. This one already had gone over the word count we'd established when we decided to expand it. It's a problem with my original fics too, sometimes I just make them too long and they don't get finished in time because I get swept up in a new commission. Want another example of me being bad with length? The 19k words fic linked in the comments here was supposed to be 5k long at the start.

I've always told my commissioners I don't work within word limits, I think I'd die trying to adhere to something like that, so I applaud your patience and understanding~

A great story, there aren't many flurrydance that raise a story beyond having only clop.
And the sequel sounds interesting even if you have to wait for sure it's worth it.

I personally don't mind the part about Sombra corrupting Flurry Heart while young; I just assumed he verbally nudged her into her world view.

The bad end conflicts me; I absolutely find it hot as hell, but also enrages the hell out of me. It's not your fault, and I don't think it's a bad thing though. My top favourite fics all have bad ends so eh.

The author notes on this fic, and that Sweetie fic makes it sound like you really hate writing scenarios like this; I hope you don't get burnt out from doing so if that's the case. If that's not the right interpretation, then ignore this part please.

I don't hate them at all, in fact I quite like them. But things have happened on Fimfiction, and I want to make it clear where my moral compass points.

things?? What are you talking about? Fimfiction is pretty laissez faire when it comes to different kinds of fics, so I can't imagine them banning or going after a writer for some kind of fic, provided it stays within the rules of the site.

The site? No. But the community has had some rough moments in the past, and I want no part in those discussions should another one begin.

You know what? Mentions of that are actually made in the story. I should add it to the list.

I wish to know more about how Sombra changed Flurry, if you'd care to share.

It's been a while, memory's a little rusty on the exact details I had in mind. I think he started out as just a shadow, whispering to her and mostly communicating through dreams where he could give her visions. But while she was young these were mostly foggy, stuff she wouldn't remember when she woke up. Some inductions for her to subconsciously feed him some of her magic. As he grew a little stronger he became a sort of imaginary friend for her. He presented taking control of her mind as a sort of game, and got her under that way. He'd mostly just keep her hypnotised when he could, without implanting anything but simply getting her used to being under his control, so it became natural for her. He also got her to stay close to the Crystal Heart and develop a connection to it.

Then as she grew older he started to warp her thoughts further. He convinced her that he deserves to rule over the Empire, and gave her this warped view of history. He convinced her that being under his control brings happiness to ponies. Then he started teaching her spells to use on herself. This version of Sombra is one that used to keep slave concubines, and he'd developed spells to enhance them and make them better for him. So he had Flurry use as many as she could on herself, as much as she could. This both made her more submissive by the spells' own effects and also built this idea in her head that she is his masterpiece, and that that's her destiny. As he gained more power he also started to sort of touch her, and to build up anticipation in her for when he'd come back.

Thank you for responding! I appreciate it. It's interesting, knowing how it was done.

nice story I kind of hope you manage to make a sequal with Celestia, Luna and the main 6 or others.

"Contains: *read censored info* Oh my..."

this seems like it at least a second chapter on what happens next

Maybe this fic got 11k views because it's Sombra X Flurry (and Cadance), and there's not much of that. But I choose to believe it's the absurdly long list of tags in the description making it pop up in people's searches (that is how Fimfic works afaik, and part of the reason people make those lists). So jokes on all the people who made fun of me for that, because it paid off.

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