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I'm more surprised you commented on this one and not on my Sparklecest fic.

For those who are curious about the cover image, the top line says uma no sekkusu sutoorii ("horse sex story") while the bottom line says Naze wazawaza kono Nihongo no bunsho o kuropufikku no hyoshi kara honyaku shiteiru desu ka? ("Why are you going to the trouble of translating this Japanese text from the clopfic cover?")

To which the answer is please help me.

I was hoping someone would bother to check. I used DeepL for those since my knowledge of Japanese stops at how to write Gojira; I hope what's there is not some horrible butchery of the language.

11858723 I'm a non-native Japanese speaker, and in all honesty my command of the language isn't that good. To my untrained eye, it's written fairly well. The one possible critique I'd make is the use of "desu" at the end of the sentence, since that doesn't seem like the sort of question where you'd use keigo (i.e. polite speech), but that's more of a style issue than a rule...and even then, the use of polite speech to ask such a pointed question seems like it could easily be painted as incisively ironic. :derpytongue2:

Poor guy's superhero name is gonna be Blue Balls. This was a fun read, though, easy fave.

I love the humor in this.

And you left it on a cliff hanger. Typical animé.

Damn, if only there was a second chapter or something.
I think you forgot to add a comment to your comment.

A ponified porn parody of OPM... and it's good? :pinkiegasp:

My hat's off to you, sir. :ajsmug:

Can't wait for the Mob Psycho 100-themed sequel!

Now that was a climatic conclusion.

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