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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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I have been waiting for more of him with Rarity for a long while.

THis si very good. I look forward to more, especially the continued adventures of Anon!!

Nice to see more rarity stuff from you

Huh. I feel like I let myself get scooped by writing too slow. I'm working on a Sassy Saddles x Gallus...

Dan #5 · March 23rd · · ·

I always thought Coco and Sassy and Kerfuffle were more prone to boy-toy shenanigans with Pistachio at Rarity's get-togethers, but she didn't personally partake.

Read that one kink as ”vaginal size difference” and was like ”nice, that’s something new” :rainbowlaugh:

oh looks lovely and I hope you're doing great

Lucky Stallion. Guess Spike be at best a beta male...

1 week of daily plowing her depths. He come a colt and emerged a Stallion when he left :eeyup:

Naughty marshmallow corrupting the (dense) youth!

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