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So this is the power of muh human stamina.

Fun and hot first chapter. Curious to see who the girls are.

Yay! Another Cherry Jubilee romance story! This site doesn't have nearly enough of them.

The wild west banter is great

I hope we'll get more chapters.

Wish we got more Cherry Jubilee stories, Just Stopping By by Scatman2001 was a story i really liked

This one needs a prequel, for Cherry establishing her brothel in Ponyville as well as the obvious competition with AJ and her family... and a sequel. With whatever you please.

Absolutely love that we're getting genuine character development in amongst the sexy content. Great work!

I hope Trixi gets her session and Cherry Jubilee her second spring. Maybe Trixi uses a spell in her?


Thus the shenanigans ensues

I wonder if john'll end up working for jubilee. He seems to have the stamina, and seems fine getting it up for any mare.

Now that would be interesting and absolutely drowning in drama for "Miz Jubily".

I already feel bad for her and her emotional turmoil. I can only imagine how torturous it would be for her in that change of circumstance.

Why can't poor, lovely ponies just find happiness?

That french girl down in Missoula must have been a damn succubus if he keeps going on about her lol

Seeing Derpy and Trixie together was an unexpected treat. They work surprisingly well as a pair of coworkers/friends.

Oh boy. Things are about to get rather complicated.

Yeah, i could see that too. Poor Big Mac might have to plow a lot of different plots.


The plot thickens

Hehe I said plot HAHAHAA


A dumb or naive man, who, despite looking like an asshole Chad, is actually sweet, respectful, and kind. Typically large, beefy, and relatively handsome, but friendly.

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