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Applejack doesn't "do" dating. Everypony knows that. But after her brother and Sugar Belle get together, she decides it's finally time to give this whole "relationship" business a shot.

Only problem is, she's gonna need a bigger mailbox...

Takes place prior to Season 8.

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I know it’s a little late but
Happy Thanksgiving :twilightsmile:

This made for an entertaining read, and I really enjoyed the characterization of everypony involved in trying to woo AJ. Really felt like you hit the mark on depicting AJ trying to deal with this kind of situation realistically, and from both sides of the proverbial coin as well. Kudos!

THANK YOU! Nothing against shipping AJ but I've never been a fan of shipping her with any of the rest of the main six. So this was kind of refreshing to read. She's still open but just taking one day at a time. So not a bad read at all.


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that I got AJ's character right in this. :ajsmug: Mission accomplished!


Thanks! I'm glad to have "bucked the norm" a bit for ya then. :ajsmug:

Cute all around -- and I say that as someone who doesn't even own a pair of shipping goggles.

Shipping Applejack with someone besides Rarity? I find that

a c t I V e L y I n S U L t I n G ? ? ?

This was one hell of a read. The last part was hilarious.

When I read Rara's involvement with the letters, I thought of that funny comic where she had Applejack listen to 'I Kissed A Mare'.


Thanks! Glad to have entertained someone who isn't cursed with my vision. :pinkiecrazy:

It is adorable. I think what I like best is Applejack not even being sure herself who she’s looking for. :applejackunsure:


Glad you liked it! :ajsmug: I know exactly which comic you're referring to, and it's gold.

Cute and funny and very well written. I’m a background Rarijack shipper personally but I really did enjoy this. The dialogue and narrative were both cleanly done and made for a fun slice of life. Thanks for writing it :twilightsmile:.

Unconventional, and funny. Nice work!

Good read! The last part was really funny, and I love all of their reactions to the situations.


Thanks! Glad you liked it! :ajsmug:


Thanks! Writing those reactions was the best. :ajsmug:

I like how no matter how annyoed Applejack is at the whole thing, she didn't snark at Fluttershy like she did the others.

Starlight, honestly, is a completely new one for me. I've seen AJ shipped with everypony of the Mane 6, but Starlight before. So that's new.

Or was that just covering all your bases? Not that I'm complaining.


I'd like to think AJ would never be rude to Shy unless it was life-threateningly necessary.

GlimmerJack is something I've never seen done before at all, outside of a few pics on Derpibooru, so including Starlight was both a nod to a ship I might want to explore (if I can get some good ideas for it), as well as me covering my bases. Plus, that way I could sneak in some StarTrix jokes.


Apple Bloom drowned her breakfast in an ocean of maple syrup. Enough that Pinkie Pie would consider it excessive, if asked honestly.

...Wait, you mean you're not supposed to put that much syrup on a pancake? :pinkiegasp:

“I’m just waitin’ fer the right pony.”

Well, that's her problem right there. Trust a guy who's tried that already--sometimes you gotta go to the right one yourself instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Applejack looked up from her fruitless task to sigh. “I swear… if I hear one more joke ‘bout this…” She returned to her cleaning. “Best not jinx it.”

Oh, it's too late for that, girl. :raritywink:

Most troubling of all, “I’d like to wear your hat!”

Yeah, that one's never happening. :rainbowlaugh:

“I—I’ve never done anythin’ like this before. I told ma friends I thought I was ready, but I thought wrong. I even tried askin' somepony out today—”

Apple Bloom jumped in her face. “Who?!”

“Doesn’t matter!”

Turned her down anyway, so it's an especially moot point.

Though that one was so original, a part of me did almost want to see it happen, if just because it'd be something new on the shipping scene for a change... :duck:

In all honesty, though, I'm actually finding myself relating to Applejack quite a bit here, and in a good way. Like her, it's something I'm sorta wandering in the eventual direction of, figuring it out as I go, and yeah, it'll take time...but it's something to be done on my own, and would rather it stay that way, at least for now.

...which...probably says lots about the state of my love life right now...but never mind that. :twilightblush:

Hopefully their mailbox isn't out for revenge after its poor treatment. They're certainly capable:

Could you do a sequel where Applejack responds to Rara's...love letter?

After TwiStar, Glimmerjack is ny next favourite Starlight shipping.


Must have murder plans for the last season show runner, then. :raritywink:

Sweet, cute piece of work. Applejack's awesomeness needs more recognition.

Wouldn't that be great-grandchildren Granny Smith is hankering for? Perhaps she uses "grandchildren" for short because saying "great-grandchildren" makes her feel really old.

An’ insulate yer room.

Wouldn't that be "soundproof?" I tend to think of insulation as stuff used to prevent heat loss.

Not only would that make Apple Family Reunions real awkward,

Given the universality of the apple-themed cutie marks and the apparently shocking nature of an Apple-Pear marriage, I suspect the Apples are as inbred as Tartarus. :applejackunsure:

This was a really entertaining read, and I especially liked all of the letters from the mane six as well as them thinking it was blindingly obvious that Starlight liked Trixie. Nice work! :raritywink:

To round up my top three, my third favorite Starlight ship is this:



Well, that's her problem right there. Trust a guy who's tried that already--sometimes you gotta go to the right one yourself instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Can confirm that myself as well.

Though that one was so original, a part of me did almost want to see it happen, if just because it'd be something new on the shipping scene for a change... :duck:

Yeah, that ship has all of 21 images on Derpibooru. At least there's some cute ones:


And don't feel bad. I think Applejack's position is a good—and, dare I say, honest—one to have. Sometimes you're just not ready to put yourself out there, and that's okay, too. :ajsmug:


I'm not really sure what I just watched, but it was hilarious, so... thanks for that? :rainbowlaugh: At least this explains how I have been getting two to three of those "extended warranty" spam calls literally every day this year...


I have no plans for a direct sequel, but I do have a larger Rarajack story I plan on releasing once it's done. :ajsmug:



I've heard of TwiStar (or TwiStarlight as it's listed on Derpibooru) and GlimmerJack, but not Glimmershy. Thanks for the additional cute pics! :twilightsmile:


Thanks! Yes, more people need to appreciate the awesomeness that is Best Pone. :ajsmug:

I personally just kept it as "grandfoals" because, like you said, I headcanon that Granny doesn't really want to feel as old as she is.

Insulation can help with soundproofing too. As a longtime apartment dweller, I can say I've heard less from my neighbors when I also wasn't freezing in winter.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. Those were my favorite bits to write as well. :raritywink:

Kids say the darndest things


Especially when they see things they shouldn't. :ajsmug:

“What was she doin’ with all those beads?”

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i know too much for my own good help me please

Overall, this story I kinda relate to, but not in the "gay" sense. My mom teases me about how soon I'll give grandchildren after I'll get married (I'm currently 14, so it's a ways away). But, I've had crushes here and there, and I've gotten teased for them, and I've slowly grown outta tryna get somebody set up. Sure I've got girlfriends galore (Merriam Webster Dictionary Entry #1), but I don't feel much of anything. I'm just "going to wait fer the right person.":twilightoops::twilightsmile:


i know too much for my own good help me please

:rainbowlaugh: Sorry! :rainbowlaugh:

Well, don't have to be gay to relate to feeling pressured by family/friends/society etc. to be in a relationship, I would say. :ajsmug: Figuring yourself out first and waiting until you're ready is the right way to take this, if you want my thoughts. Especially when you're a younger person.

I like to think that Starlight had another reason for wanting Fluttershy to stay in her house in season 5. :trollestia:

Another cute picture:


Applejack taking the opportunity to make a move on Starlight, but still have plausible deniability, until Twilight ruins it. :trollestia:


.Plus, you’re all too old for me anyway.”

Everypony but Rarity laughed.

“Old?!” Rarity repeated, dumbstruck, her look of horror only adding to the humor.

Hehe my Sparity senses are tingling.

This was a tone of fun to read, and it was a nice twist at the end to see Applejack admit to herself that she was scared of dating. Something a lot if people find hard to admit. Great job

I hate shipfics, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. In character, well written and touches all the right feels. Well done!

“I’d like to wear your flank as a hat.”

“I’d like you to wear my flank as a hat.”

Most troubling of all, “I’d like to wear your hat!”

Priorities, AJ. You've got 'em straight. :derpytongue2:

Fun story, but the aesop at the end was a little heavy-handed. Have a like!


Hehe my Sparity senses are tingling.

Eh, I was mostly making a joke about Rarity's vanity, but who am I to deny someone else their shipping goggles? :trollestia:

Glad you enjoyed the story!


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, especially as someone who doesn't like shipping. :ajsmug:


“... Pl-please don’t talk ‘bout ma hat right now.”


That's fair. :twilightsmile: Thanks for the like!

Comment posted by TexasDragon1995 deleted Nov 28th, 2020

Yeah I imagine it was just a vanity joke, But she does ask "spike wikey" to join her returning the letters, so there's still hope :raritywink:
Story was still great with or without my silly shipping brain lol


I am also the gay cousin. :ajsmug:

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