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It's been almost twenty years since Sunburst last spent the night at Starlight's home. Much has changed since then. If it weren't for her other friends finding a way for them to reconnect, Starlight might have truly lost her first friend. While she looks back fondly on their friendship as foals, Sunburst doesn't even seem to like talking about that time in their lives, much less revisiting it.

When Starlight approaches Sunburst the night before he returns to the Crystal Empire, she inadvertently discovers something about her old friend that might explain it all.

Inspired by a scene from Uncommon Bond. Story takes place towards the end of the episode.

Thanks to Ice Star for proofreading.

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Thanks for letting me preread this one. It was a joy to see such fantastic characterization and prose. You really are masterful at conveying the emotions of the characters and making the mood of a piece tangible with your wonderful style. There are some very enviable turns of phrase and wordplay in here too. 🖤


Thanks again for your help, fam. :heart: I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

How good I not? Fantastically written dude horse and his accepting pal are always top tier.

Magic flashed, green against gold.

Go get 'im, Stellar.

Beautifully written. Well done.

I’m assuming the potions are what allow the glorious beard?


And the boxy muzzle shape, and other more masculine features. Basically what I thought of as an equivalent of HRT in the real world.

I was a little nervous when I realized what this story was about, but I think you handled the subject matter very well.


I'm glad to hear that, since that was my biggest concern. :twilightsmile:

Wow, that was absolutely fantastic. I honestly can't get enough of trans ponies stories but this?? THIS is on another level, like WOW!! This is absolutely amazing and I loved every moment of it!! You brought out the emotions of the characters so well, and the story is really relatable and compelling. This is just some next level stuff, honestly. Idk what else to say except I loved it!!! Absolutely wonderful story, 10/10! Great work!!!

This was just incredible. Your prose is so expressive and beautiful.


Wow, that's high praise! Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed this so much. :pinkiehappy:


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :heart:

I feel like you were a bit too heavy handed with the flowery metaphors in this one (like wow, so many seas), but the turmoil of both ponies - Starlight for her mistake and Sunburst for his past - came through very well. In terms of lore, everything works great. It makes sense than trans ponies would be less common than trans people, as harmony/destiny probably gives creatures bodies that match their souls far more often. As far as I can remember, this is also the first fic I've read exploring where Sunspot went. And as far as reasons to get a divorce go, this is a damn good one.


Thanks for the feedback! I have to agree with you. I think I could have reeled it in a bit with the metaphors at times. :twilightsheepish: I don't believe I've ever read anything explaining why we only see Sunspot in the S5 finale flashback, and not The Parent Map, either. Starlight's mom is absent from both, too. This was the result of an amalgamation of ideas I had from rewatching Seasons 7 and 8, so I'm glad the characters/lore made some sense in the context of what we already know.

Thanks again for reading another story of mine! :twilightsmile:

I really liked this story! It made me tear up as I read. :fluttercry: I'm assimilating this into my headcanon for Sunburst, its so good!


Glad you enjoyed it! I suppose your avatar fits your comment, too. :trollestia:


Oh wow, that speaks highly of it. Glad you liked it so much. :twilightsmile:

I think it's great to see more stories with transponies. I honestly think you did an excellent job balencing the informative side with the entertaining side. It doesn't read like an infografic, is what I'm saying. This is definately a headcanon I'll remember.


Thanks! I was hoping it didn't come off as an infographic or anything like that, so that's good to hear. :ajsmug:

Absolutely love it on many levels.

And, apropos of your a/n... The technology to allow for two biological females to have a biological child isn't beyond possibility in our world, probably reasonably easily if we had the resources put into it. The 'limitation' would just be that any offspring would also probably be biologically female as well. And if any pony has the resources or knows who could get them... i mean, when you want a research grant, knowing the ruler probably helps.

This is excellently written, and the characterisation is wonderful. I really enjoyed it!

No problem. Have you read The Sun May Rise, But The Daughter Reigns? It's another great story centering around a major character who's a transpony, and it's one of my favorites on this site. If only MLP could've covered the topic of transgenderism in the show.

Dicord... Discord is the answer.... sorry just throwing it out there

Honestly, I feel like this should have been something released on pride month.

Also, I do have a few questions.


Thanks! Glad you did. :pinkiesmile:

And yes, you bring up a good point there. The implications of the limitation make this version of StarBurst fit in well with canon, too.


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:


Nope, but I'll check it out! I was honestly surprised Hasbro allowed even the most subtle LGBT representation into the show, even if it was last-minute, like LyraBon being canon. I think they could have maybe made some kind of allegorical episode that could apply here if they really wanted.


Maybe, if he wanted to, and Sunburst wanted to solve the problem that way.


No time like the present to be proud of who you are, right? :ajsmug:

I'll try to answer whatever questions you want to share!

Plus, I'll be honest, a part of me just kinda wants to see Sunspot get those words thrown right back in his face.


And her fool mouth was faster than her idiot synapses.

I don’t know what that is.

Sunburst paused, something flickering in those cyan eyes. “Do you—wh-what are you sorry for ?”

What was he gonna say?

His words seemed far away, sailing beyond her, adrift on the oceans between them. She looked to the stars. They were numerous and innumerable, constellations far and wide. Orion and his belt. Scorpio and his bow. Draco and his spiked tail. All warriors in their own might, and here she was, thinking she had anything to offer him—anything worthy of making him turn back to her.

Are those real constellations?

“And Princess Celestia, you know… Well… she is wise, of course, but she didn’t know what to make of me at first. It wasn’t until after I... failed out... that she finally answered his questions…”

Did he really fail out?

The others I have met with a similar condition took years, if not decades, to discover who they truly were. I can only wish that I had known this before my own—

What was she gonna say?

The friend whom had meant more to her than cutiemarks, than Sire’s Hollow, than Equestria itself, stared back at her.

Who’s sire?

And Sunburst, wearing his cloak but none of his apprehension, replied with a grin, “Me, too.”

What does it mean by apprehension?

I probably had more, but I can’t think of them right now.


I don’t know what that is.

Synapses are the neural connections in your brain. It's a way of saying she didn't think before she spoke.

What was he gonna say?

"Do you even know what's really going on here?"

Are those real constellations?


Did he really fail out?

Canonically, yes. See The Crystalling, Part 2:

Sunburst: Yeah, well, reading about magic is one thing, but you don't know what it was like at magic school! To know so much and not be able to do any of it!

And The Parent Map:

Stellar Flare: I remember how lost you were when you flunked out of magic school. I thought as long as you had a plan, you'd never feel that way again.

So yes, he did.

What was she gonna say?

This is the reference to the story I linked in the Author's Note. You should really read that if you want the answer.

Who’s sire?

Sire's Hollow is the village that Starlight and Sunburst are from. See The Parent Map.

What does it mean by apprehension?

Apprehension is a synonym for anxiety, fear, or dread.

Hope that helps! :twilightsmile:

I read the author’s note. I just don’t understand how it connects with the question I asked.

Some people have interpreted 'Magical Mystery Cure' to be a transgender metaphor, with how each of the Mane Six are following what society expects of them, rather than following their own inner feelings. However, this has not been officially confirmed, because of limitations implemented by Hasbro. It's kind of hard to include topics in a show targeted at children that are extremely controversial, as well as frowned upon by many religions and political ideologies. It's quite sad actually.


You were asking what the rest of Celestia's letter said, right? Well, the story I linked would answer who Celestia was referencing in that line.


Huh. I've never heard that interpretation of MMC. I suppose it could be seen that way.

Hold up. I haven't read the actual story and therefore am only going off 10516993's quote, but it's Sagittarius with the bow. Scorpio is just a scorpion. (They're both from the Zodiac and Orion's belt was a plot point in one of the MIB movies, so I would have thought only Draco to be obscure enough to raise questions. Dunning-Kruger cuts both ways, I guess)

I thought it was just about not going with what society thinks you should do but going with what you are passionate about.


Dunning-Kruger cuts both ways, I guess

Indeed, it does. Thanks for the catch! :twilightsheepish:

Color me impressed, a transgender story that tackles the subject with respect. Nice work!:moustache:


Thanks! I'm happy to hear you think so. :pinkiesmile:

Something told me that was wrong, but I didn’t question it. Also, I didn’t even know there was a draco constellation.

Two words: FUCKING. BEAUTIFUL. (I fucking cried reading this you beautiful mongoloid you. WE STAN!🤣🤣🤣)


Wow, thanks! I've never been stanned before! :pinkiehappy:

Very well done!

i like how respectful wou was here with the struggles people go though and i can see sunbursts view on not taking a easy way out to fully change (i mean discord thorax and the changelings proboly know how or could figure it out) because in his mind would he still be him would the struggle he went though be worth it if he took the easy way

You know what I noticed? Starlight doesn't refer to Sunburst with gendered pronouns until he says he's not a mare. Damn good detail.

What a touching, heartwarming story. My respect for Stellar Flare just shot up considerably. And I absolutely love the way you portrayed Starlight and Sunburst here, they're such good friends! Takes a lot of trust, and... Gah. It's beautiful.

Have a fav :twilightsmile:

In the moonlight, tears were diamonds.


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