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In the aftermath of the Memory Stone incident, Sunset has been doing her best to make Wallflower feel included at Canterlot High. Thankfully, her efforts appear to be paying off. However, a certain online discovery leads to some interesting conversations—and revelations—between herself and Wallflower.

Sometimes, the best things grow out of what we shouldn't say.

Birthday gift for my girlfriend Scampy, who supplied the initial idea, and whose Wallflower stories are far better than this. Go wish her a happy birthday!

Written to this album by Drew Wholcomb And The Neighbors.

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gahhhhhhh they're so gay and pure and perfect together 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Thank you for writing this, it's lovely and so are you :heart:

Happy birthday scampy!

Thats quite the present you got here :ajsmug:

Enjoy it!


It's "in media res"



I always learned that term as "en"... It's fixed now though!

This was wonderfully written and incredibly cute. I loved it and you should proud of it.

The flower language at the beginning, the Gaillardia, the Chrysanthemums, and the rest, were really well done. The Garden itself was like a love letter. The way the story came together bit by bit, with Sunset approaching Wallflower indirectly, focusing on spending time with her, with connecting with her, is really sweet. You pulled off the pace just right. The way Sunset is so careful with Wallflower, and Wallflower being so sensitive about the stories and at the same time loving that Sunset was reading them was great.

Also Wallflower's outburst at Sunset pointing out the grammar flaw was top notch. I laughed. I really like how you characterise the pair of them. It's so different from how I write them and yet similar, and I think you nail down their personalities really well.


and, last but not least, sunflowers. These last flowers were just beginning to grow, but would become tall and strong in time,


But as always - excellent written and wonderfully sweet.


Thanks, Yammy! While I'm glad the flower language worked, I'm even more glad to hear that you liked my characterization of them. That means a lot, given how well you've written them in your stories. (I have quite a bit left to read, but what I have already read is fantastic.)

Thanks again for reading and commenting. :twilightsmile: Cheers to you too!


Right? 🤔

And thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiesmile:

This was beautiful, I need to study this writing for future stories.


Thank you! I'm glad you thought so. :heart:

Wally is best friendfiction writer. This is canon; I don't make the rules.

“To fall in love with someone's thoughts―the most intimate, splendid romance.”



Sanober Khan has a lot of great quotes, but I really like that one. Her writing reminds me a lot of Khalil Gibran.

This is totally adorable and hilariously appropriate for a fan-fiction site. :pinkiehappy:


Thanks Dave, glad you thought so! :twilightsmile:

If it’s one thing I’ve learned over the years of reading shipfics, Gay awkwardness or gay panic is the best!


Can also confirm. Amen to that! :twilightsmile:

Very sweet :)


Physics roared its ugly head once more



Thanks! And thanks for the catch. Fixed! :twilightsheepish:

I know I'm weird, but I think I enjoyed the "meta" aspect the most. :twistnerd:


I was hoping I didn't make it too meta, so if you enjoyed it, I probably struck a nice balance!

“It’s not a Westfalia, but I’m still proud of it!”

I was thinking what kind of teen wants a VW conversion van. But then I remembered I had a 1992 Chevy conversion van by Gladiator in high school and loved it. So my point is moot. man i miss that van. oh and loved the fic BTdubs. now one of my favorite ships, purely for this fic.


Oh man, weren't you lucky! I've always wanted one of those old Chevy conversion vans. That, or a Class C RV. Nothing like roadtripping in a van. :ajsmug:

Glad you enjoyed the story! If this fic alone converted you to the awesomeness that is SunFlower, that's high praise indeed. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

holyyyyyyy crap, thank you for writing this piece of art :)


You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

I will admit I shed a tear at the end of the story, it was sweet.:twilightsmile:

I reviewed it here, thanks for writing :)


Wow! Thanks for the review! Really appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

Each time I look at the cover art, due to the book and the hand gesture Wally is making, it makes me think she's about to cast a magic spell.


She's about to cast the spell of g a y


Thanks! Glad you liked it. :pinkiesmile:



Anyways, here goes!

First impressions, love seeing Wallflower hang out with the others. It's really sweet.

The centerpiece of Wallflower’s garden had expanded far beyond its initial design. Flowers in shades of oranges and reds—Gaillardia, if Sunset remembered right—joined the blue and yellow daisies on the stone steps. The pink boughs of astilbe in the middle had grown taller, reaching even further towards the skies. The perimeter of the garden had widened to accommodate many new inhabitants. Under Wallflower’s watchful eye, the club had added, amongst other plants: purple irises; golden marigolds; red and white chrysanthemums; several bonsai in charming pots; and, last but not least, sunflowers. These last flowers were just beginning to grow, but would become tall and strong in time, Wallflower had told her.

My my, quite the garden she has grown here. The vivid imagery is just... Beautiful. It's nice to see Wallflower flourish as she should.

Also, don't think I didn't miss that sunflower :derpytongue2: Clever that. And cute.

I really adore all the pieces coming together for Sunset. I mean it clicked to me early on but, it's really warm and fluffy to see, heh.

Sunset looked back up. “Wh-what…?” Whether it was due to the adrenaline, her confusion, or something else, she couldn’t help but blurt, “Wh-what’s so funny?”

As she calmed down, Wallflower shook her head. “Oh, Sunset, it’s just—” She wiped another tear from her eye. Sunset hadn’t thought she was laughing that hard, but she’d been mistaken before. “If there’s one common thread in all of my stories…”

And here I thought Twilight Sparkle was oblivious. Sunset, you dolt :rainbowlaugh:.

I really liked this. Something about gardens, as you know. The warmth and comfort of one really did shine through this. Worked marvellously for how they got together. And, of course, I can definitely relate to making grammar mistakes at 2 in the morning :twilightsheepish:

A lovely story and birthday gift, huzzah!

Oh, also, I've said it before, but I'll say it again because why not; happy birthday, Scampy :twilightsmile:.


Always a treat to see your comments, Sledge! You always pick up on the details. :twilightsmile: Though I'm surprised you didn't mention how I referenced Principal Luna funding the Gardening Club. That one's another shout out to you and your gardener Luna!

And here I thought Twilight Sparkle was oblivious. Sunset, you dolt :rainbowlaugh:.

Right? Idiot brain indeed. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks again for reading! :ajsmug:


I did! I just wanted to focus on how sweet Wallflower and Sunset were here, and so forgot to mention her :twilightsheepish:. Still, happy to see even on this side of the mirror, Luna has her little hobby around :twilightsmile:

“And that’s when I found… Uh…” Sunset squinted at the screen. “Stories written by someone named… ‘Neniu Grava’?”

Kia suprizego! I was not expecting to see Esperanto when I clicked this. I was glad to see Sunset set Wallflower straight (well not straight, but you know what I mean) at the end. Ŝi ja estas grava kaj aminda.

Cute story. Reading fanfiction together in a beautiful garden seems lovely. Sunset will have to try writing some too to make sure they have plenty to read.


I wasn't expecting anyone to recognize the language! :twilightsheepish: Bonŝance por ŝi, Sunset estas tie por montri al ŝi tion.

Glad you enjoyed the story. :twilightsmile: I'm sure Sunset will try her hand at writing sometime after this!

Well. Sinner said this was a masterpiece, and they weren’t wrong. Thank you for this!


No, thank you! I'm glad you thought so. :twilightsmile:

Lovin' it! One thing I really like is the idea that Wallflower is well-versed in the language of flowers; it's the only story I have up right now (it's also pretty sad), but I've got that in a story as well, sending a bouquet to help offer support to a couple who are friends of hers.

Thanks for this little palate cleanser. Haven't been about to read anything for a while and the stories I've been wanting to read have been piling up. The first one I chose I had high hopes for, but it really disappointed.
Sunset, wallflower is one of my silent favorite ships, and your stories of them are helping that a lot. You painted this story with your words, it was truely beautiful and just what I needed at the moment.


You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, and that it was something you needed to read. :twilightsmile:





Home of sexual.

I want to echo all the well-earned praise being heaped onto this story’s use of symbolism. The interactions between Wally and the Sun-Bun are sweet enough to etch a deep divot of warm fuzzies into my hardened, cold, frigid chest-thumper, which is no small feat, as I have no emotions except hatred (with which I am filled to the brim) and beef-hunger.

I am going to be a Bitch, however, and complain about two things. You could also say that I am being a Complain, and Bitching about two things.

The first is the existence of a website where Wallflower can just post erotic friendfiction about Sunset Shimmer and herself. I do not understand this, or why Sunset is not the slightest bit confused and concerned that Wallflower has been writing fanfics about the two of them without, apparently, bothering to disguise any aspect of their identities. The fact that this is never viewed as unusual by anyone within the narrative makes me throw furniture around my bedroom in confusion and fury. It also makes me want to post erotic friendfiction of myself and my close friend Gorbon Tamslick touching butts in the bathroom of our local 7/11.

The second is Wally losing her spaghetti over accidentally outing herself as Neednew Gravy, author of the SunFlower Butt-Touching Adventures. The fact that Sunset has to explicitly spell out that she knew Neednew Gravy’s true identity from the start (or at least had an inkling) makes Wally come across as kind of... thick-headed. Not in a charming disaster lesbian way, but in a “I have trouble understanding things unless they are explained with hand puppets” kind of way. From their first conversation, Sunset approaches the topic with zero guile; at best, she smears the non-product-placement, store-brand equivalent of guile all over her toast of implication. I’d gotten to the end of the story thinking that the girls were just treating Neednew Gravy’s identity as an open secret that neither of them really wanted to acknowledge, for fear of killing the homosexual magic, or whatever.

But Wally just... really thought that Sunset couldn’t stop talking about her erotic friendfiction about the two of them touching butts by sheer coincidence... I guess.

Whatever, hiccups aside, it’s still cute and charming and satisfactorily gay. I give this eleven days of disdain out of a possible six. Marvelous work. Happy birthday.

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