How Cherry Blossomed

by Pillowfight

First published

Cherry Jubilee's ramshackle brothel can't compete with the delights her rival Applejack has to offer... but maybe all she needs to be happy is one really good customer.

Cherry Jubilee was once Equestria’s most sought after courtesan, but she hasn’t sold her own body in years. Heartbroken after being left at the altar, the middle aged mare now keeps both her plot and her feelings under wraps. She’s content to look after the mares who work at her “boarding house,” pairing them off with the fine, respectable stallions she calls her customers.

But one night, Cherry finds the perfect opportunity to steal some business from Sweet Apple Acres, Ponyville’s most prominent brothel. Applejack’s top customer is an exotic beast, a human with an intense sexual appetite... and, it seems, an eye for Cherry herself! Will Cherry Jubilee be able to keep her feelings for this handsome ape hidden, even as he endlessly plows her and her girls? Or will this jaded mare finally open up her heart as well as her holes, and dare to fall in love again?

An inter-species western romance between consenting adults, with lots of filthy smut. None of that fancy smut, mind you. Just one kindly himbo fucking everypony in sight with his superior human stamina, much to one mare’s delight. A romantic happy ending is guaranteed!

Featured April 17-April 20, 2024! :ajsmug:

Horse of ill repute

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Sweet Apple Acres was a spot famous across Equestria, and folks came down to Ponyville with saddlebags bulging with bits just to pay a visit. Some arrived in the daytime, and left toting carts piled high with bushels of apples and barrels of cider, heading back to their home towns with a cargo more precious than gold. Others — all stallions, as it happened — arrived as evening fell, and stayed but a portion of an hour. These lucky males then stepped out the front door of the Apple family farmhouse with a spring in their step, seemingly having spent good bits on nothing more substantial than a lifted mood.

It wasn’t often that a customer for one of the businesses at Sweet Apple Acres encountered a customer for the other. But it happened most fortuitously late one night, as Cherry Jubilee was grumbling and nosing a barrel of cider back down the dirt road to Ponyville.

The quaint apple orchard on either side of the road was quite isolated, not a soul in sight or shouting distance, and the road itself was rough and dusty, scarred with the ruts of the cart Big Mac pulled daily between Ponyville and Sweet Apple Acres. Cherry was muttering some very unladylike opinions about the Apples she’d rather not be heard, when she heard strange hoofsteps striding up behind her and a voice calling out from near above.

“Ma’am?” The tall creature’s accent was strange, yet not totally unfamiliar. “Do you mind if I offer some help?”

Cherry startled and looked back at the... what were they called, “humans?” She’d heard of these visitors to Equestria, but there were right few of them, and most stuck close to Canterlot. Her home town of Dodge Junction had featured none. Nor, as far as she’d known, did any humans call Ponyville their home.

Cherry’s eyes travelled up the tall and alien biped, appreciating him more with every moment. A bit like a minotaur he was overall, but less slapped together. A handsome ape, dressed in fine country clothes after the fashion of his own race: boots dusty with the soil of the road, canvas jeans belted with a prominent silver buckle, a well muscled barrel beneath his flannel shirt, and a string tie knotted elegantly around his powerful neck. Cherry finally completed her journey by contemplating the human’s face, admiring his twinkling brown eyes, his smile, and — the cherry on top, as it were — two slender fingers pinching the brim of his hat and offering a courteous tip in her direction.

“I can carry that barrel for you, ma’am, it’s no trouble,” the human prompted. He was seemingly used to being ogled by ponies who lost their faculties of conversation once they saw him. “Please, allow me.”

Well, ain’t that awful nice? Cherry thought to herself. He may be a stranger to Equestria, but he knows how to treat a lady... unlike some! “I’d be greatly obliged, good sir,” she murmured, returning his smile.

“A lady like you shouldn’t be out so late,” the human opined. He effortlessly lifted the barrel of cider, hoisting it over one shoulder without so much as a grunt of exertion. “Let alone having to handle this huge thing all by yourself. Where are Big Mac’s manners? I see him make deliveries into Ponyville most every day, and I know he wouldn’t pass up the chance to help such a lovely mare as yourself.”

“Well, ain’t you the sweetest thang.” Cherry drawled. This human boy seems to know the town. Strong, too... what’s he doing on the road? “Charmed to make your acquaintance, the name is Cherry Jubilee, and you?”

“Oh, just call me John.” The human chuckled as he let the weight of the full barrel of cider shift across his broad shoulder. “Applejack called me ‘Johnny’ once, but can’t say as I care for that too much.”

“Ah,” Cherry muttered, the gears in her mind turning furiously. He spent the evening with Applejack! ‘John,’ indeed!

“The Apples and I ain’t seen eye to eye, ever since I moved to Ponyville,” Cherry admitted. “They’ll sell me cider, but only at night, and I must needs roll it home myself. Why, I reckon they see me as the competition!”

“They can be a stubborn family, and none too fond of other fruits, I hear,” John agreed. “By your cutie mark, I take it you sell cherries?”

“I’ve sold one or two in my day,” Cherry Jubilee admitted, “but I ran out of that stock yairs ago, if you catch my meaning.”

“I see,” John spoke thoughtfully. “You’re Applejack’s competition.” His powerful brown eyes looked over Cherry again, with an almost appraising look. Again his eyes dropped to the cherry cutie mark that peeked out beneath that frilly dress... and to the large, if hardly youthful, flank it decorated!

Let’s see if I can work this... Cherry thought to herself. Any of my gals would be happy to have him as a “customer,” but how can I get him away from that darn Applejack? He seems a sensible sort, so perhaps he’ll take to a little business talk.

“I used to put down in Dodge Junction,” Cherry revealed, “but it got a mite too ‘civilized,’ shall we say. The business I’m in requires flexibility and understanding from the law. Cain’t say I appreciate moralistic bluemuzzles coming in, with their outdated opinions of how mares ought to earn bits, and how stallions should be allowed to spend them. As far as I’m concerned, between consenting adults, it’s strictly laissez faire.

“I’m none too familiar with them legal terms,” John nodded, “but I reckon I agree with you. Be a mite inconsistent if I tried to take the high and mighty road. Of course, a little inconsistency never did stop a man before.” Smiling lightly, the human began a reminiscence from his past. “I knew a preacher once who’d clutch his Bible of a Sunday morning and rail against the very ladies he’d been enjoying not two hours past! Why, them professional sinners was all sitting in the front pew with his seed running down their legs, and everyone knew it!”

Cherry chuckled along, knowing well the hypocrisies of the loud and powerful. “As a businessmare, I confess to an idle curiousity,” she asked John. “What’s the going rate for a roll in the hay with Applejack?”

“Well,” John hedged, “I hope I won’t reveal any feminine secrets by saying AJ and I agreed a sum of 15 bits is more than fair.”

Well, well! A big spender! I cain’t get him on quality, but I can beat that price. “And, if I may inquire a bit further, what exactly do you get for ya’lls 15 bits? Call it market research.”

“Well, I get Applejack,” John admitted with an adorable, coltish blush. “Not in no hay, like you said, but on a soft bed, and in a lovely dress like the one you’re wearing now.” John paused to appreciate the older mare’s frilly garb. In truth, this was only Cherry’s “going out to roll a barrel of cider over a dirt road for hours” dress, but it did feel nice to be looked at! Why, it seemed as if years had passed since a stallion had eyed her with such hunger behind his smile!

“After we finish, she draws a hot bath and scrubs me down,” John continued, “and we usually go another round in the bath. Or she’ll just give me a BJ, if she’s feeling tired.”

“I-if Applejack is feeling tired?” Cherry Jubilee whinnied nervously and shied away from the large, seemingly insatiable biped.

“Well, sure.” John shrugged. “Classy ladies like Applejack are delicate little angels. Just one can’t be expected to completely satisfy a guy. Once in Edmonton, back on Earth, I paid for three women, all night long.” The human smiled wide. “Best I’ve ever felt!”

“And, erm, what happens after ya‘ll’s bath?” Cherry interrupted John’s reverie even as she sank into her own, thinking of the human’s tall form emerging from a white clawed tub, water running down his bare chest like delicious sweat, his undoubtedly huge cock already swelling once again...

“Not much worth mentioning,” John recalled. “I settle my account with Granny Smith, and I walk back home to clear my head. Ain’t usually got no company on the way, though.”

John yawned and stretched his arms. “Yeah, tonight’s been real nice, but I’m starting to feel ready again. I reckon I’ll end up spending myself into a rag once or twice, before I can get to sleep.” Hearing what he’d just blurted out, the human chuckled and turned away, trying to hide his embarrassed smile.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but talking with you comes so easy, I just about forget you’re a girl! I imagine in your business you hear quite enough about males and their needs.”

I wouldn’t mind hearing a little more from this male! Cherry thought. “How long have you been, erm, ‘seeing’ Applejack like this?” she asked.

“Oh, every night for two weeks now, I’d say. Ever since I came over to Ponyville and started at the mill.” The human thought back to the early days of his arrival in Equestria. “That first day, I counted up my pay packet and asked the guys where I could find a good lay. They all said AJ serves up the finest marehood in town.” With a wry smile, the human once again deferentially tipped his hat. “No offence to you or your business, ma’am, but that’s what they said.”

“And you do this every night? At 15 bits a night?”

“Just about.” John scratched the back of his neck. “Last Friday night I paid extra for the ‘marefriend experience.’ Sleeping overnight, breakfast in bed, kissing... all that good stuff. That was a good ’un.”

With a sigh, the human looked up at the night sky. “AJ knows how to makes a guy feel, well, not quite so lonely. Earth seems mighty far away out here... even further than Dodge Junction, if I might be so bold.”

“John, may I offer some sincere advice?” Cherry Jubilee spoke thoughtfully. “Not as a businessmare, but as a friend?”

John chuckled. “I know, I know.” He waved his powerful hand dismissively, still keeping the other firmly clasped against the sloshing barrel of cider. “I’m spending too much on girls, and ain’t saving as much as a feller ought to. I’m still young, though, and Mr. Broadbeam says there might be a promotion for me at the mill, before too long.”

“That ain’t but half of what I have to tell you,” Cherry Jubilee stated firmly. “If you was married to Applejack, I’d say you was oversexed. I’d tell you to give your poor wife a break, and come see my gals once in a while. But you ain’t married to her, and ain’t never gonna be. If Applejack does settle down, which don’t seem likely, I reckon it’ll be with another mare.”

For the first time, John seemed surprised, and even shocked. “A-another mare? Why, that ain’t natural!”

“I’m simply stating facts, John. Take them or leave them, but notice where your pay packet’s going. You’re on your way to support the Apple family to the lively tune of 450 bits each and every moon. Now, that’s mighty generous — more than some stallions bring home to their wives. But Applejack ain’t your wife, she don’t love you, and she ain’t even finishing the job. What the heck are you paying her for? You might as well save yourself the walk, and stop by my place instead — or head to Sugarcube Corner for one of Mrs. Cake’s 5 bit quickies.”

“Mrs. Cake?” John burst out. “She... but... I mean... golly, she’s got a husband, and two little foals!”

Why, this human feller’s as naive as they come... “Foals need to eat, John, just like the rest of us. Mrs. Cake’s horny little holes put food on the table, and bless her for it. Celestia knows there’s enough stiff cocks in Ponyville for any mare who wants to earn an honest bit making ’em go limp.”

“B-but what about her husband — ain’t he ashamed? How can he show his face?”

“What’s to be ashamed of?” Cherry asked quizzically. “Why, Mr. Cake’s proud, John. Proud that other stallions can see the beauty in the mare he married. Proud that they’ll part with their hard earned bits just to feel the smallest share of the love he shares with her.”

“Well, I never,” John muttered, working his stubbled chin with his free hand. “A man proud because his wife... Equestria’s a mighty strange place, alright!”

Cherry cleared her throat and began her sales pitch. “Now, John, once your head’s done reeling, I’d like to put a business proposition to you. When you consider my offer, keep in mind that you’re on the path to spend 450 bits at Sweet Apple Acres, each and every moon.”

“I suppose I am... Sounds like a mighty big sum, when you add it all up like that.”

“It’s dreadful big, but I aim to make sure you get your money’s worth.” Cherry Jubilee smiled gently, her merchant’s instinct tingling. “Supposing you take just 400 of those bits and spend them at my humble establishment instead. Four hundred up front, the first of every month, just like paying your rent. You’ll save money, and we’ll set up sort of a... subscription for you.”

“Subscription, eh? Like some kinda magazine?”

“This will be much better than any magazine you might buy, John. Your 400 bits will give you unlimited access to the mares at my ‘boarding house.’ All of my girls will be yours, so long as they ain’t with another customer. Stay polite and behave yourself, and you can have any and all of them, as often as you want — during business hours, of course.”

“Well, I... golly!” Something much like a lead pipe stuffed down John’s trousers began to twitch, and Cherry Jubilee’s nose detected the distinct scent of a stallion’s burning arousal... a scent that meant BITS! for the business savvy mare. “But what’s in it for you?” the human asked her.

“Your 400 bits are what’s in it for me, John. That many bits makes a mighty large pile, and getting it from you makes it all reliable, like. The business I’m in can be ‘cum and go,’ as they say. Having regular customers makes me happy, cause I know I can pay my gals’ salaries each month. And you’ll get to enjoy a different cunt — pardon me, ‘marehood’ — every time you can get it up.”

The human seemed understandably moved at the idea of finally feeling his raging erection go limp with satisfaction. Yet he couldn’t escape the idea that this offer was too good to be true! “Erm, are you sure you realize what you’re saying?” he stuttered. “All the mares I want? As many times as I want?”

“I mean every word of what I said. My girls ain’t shy, not at all. Why, if you even think of making love to your hand from now on, I reckon you’ll find a wet mouth on your cock before you can say ‘Elements of Harmony.’”

John stumbled over the unfamiliar words. “Elements of—”

Slurp! That quick, John.” Cherry blushed as she realized that she had actually lunged her drooling muzzle towards the bulge in the human’s canvas trousers. The oddly shaped, enormous bulge! Her lips hadn’t touched him, through that thick fabric... but she wanted them to! Oh, how she longed to be the lucky mare who sucked that monster dry!

The human scratched his head through his hat. “Well now, I’d be a liar if I said that ain’t got a mighty appeal... but what about Applejack?”

“Applejack will be fine.” Cherry Jubilee waved a hoof dismissively. “Did you ever wonder who taught her the ‘business’ in the first place? It was me!”

“Oh, lands sakes! Is that the honest truth?”

“Eeyup, back in Dodge Junction a few yairs back. I helped her through some trouble, and set her on the right path. Now she’s doing better than I am. Much better, if I’m honest. I could really use those 400 bits every month, John. Why, my pegasus gal is working two jobs... I think some of the others are even eyeing the exits!

“I certainly wouldn’t want an upstanding businessmare like you going bankrupt,” John admitted. “And a mare working two jobs, just to eat... what kind of a man would I be if I let that happen?”

“That’s the spirit. Now, it’s about a mile yet to my boarding house, the Cherry Hill Ranch. That’ll give you time to mull it over and consider the advantages. You’ll need to come inside to deliver that cider, and that’ll be your chance to meet the girls... at least the ones who ain’t currently ‘occupied.’ You’ll see that I hire beautiful mares and treat them real nice. They all get good wages and regular checkups, with time off and a retirement plan to boot.”

“R-retirement plan?”

“Well, sure, shug. If a stallion takes a shine to one of my girls, and he’s got the wherewithal to support her, I don’t mind putting her on an ‘exclusive contract,’ if you get my drift. I’ll even pay for the wedding!” Cherry Jubilee slyly dug a hoof into John’s leg, only to find herself quivering in her horseshoes at the feel of his powerful muscles. “Why, the way you earn at that mill job, you could be standing in front of the Mayor before long, saying ‘I do’ to some lovely young mare who knows exactly what you want in bed.”

“Well, golly gee!” John mused. “Little old me, with a pretty pony wife to call my own...”

“Think of this as an investment in your future. A gilt edged investment it is, and one you won’t find at Sweet Apple Acres. Come on, John: you and me, working together to make a better future for the both of us.”

John smiled, his decision seemingly already made. Through his jeans he lightly patted the solid length of meat that ran down his leg. “These trousers can’t hold no secrets, ma’am,” he confessed. “It’s obvious you’ve got me stiff and ready once again, with your sexy voice and your fancy talk about tender marehoods a-plenty. So, if it ain’t too forward to ask, what say we begin this partnership with me lifting your skirts and slipping into your marehood?”

Under other circumstances, I wouldn’t say no! Cherry thought to herself. Outwardly, she summoned a blush and waved a dismissive hoof. “John, my good sir,” she tittered, “I’d love to try you on for size, but you’ve got quite the wrong idea. I am the proprietor of the Cherry Hill Ranch, not an item of the merchandise.”

W-wait... I didn’t say no! Cherry suddenly realized. I said I’d love to!

John looked down and winked in the moonlight, a twinkle in his eye. “Correct me if I’m wrong, Miss Jubilee, but if I’m to join your newfangled subscription scheme, then every time I bed one of your girls it won’t cost me nothing extra.”

“Then you can see the considerable advantages,” Cherry’s voice rattled excitedly, “especially for a virile stallion like—”

“Which means, each time you do me the honour of taking care of me personally, your busy girls can be spending time with some other stallion who pays by the nut — which comes out to more money for you.”

“I suppose that logic cain’t be faulted,” Cherry admitted. “But I repeat, I am a madam, not a whorse.”

“And I respect that,” John nodded. “Respect it mightily. But what’s a whorse, Miss Jubilee? Some say it’s a woman who gives out her love for money — but ain’t one bit moved between us yet. Some say it’s a gal who does her business in a brothel, but I don’t see no brothel round here, do you?

“N-no, it’s over the ridge...” Cherry admitted.

“Exactly. We’re outside and alone under Luna’s bright moon, where romance blooms. Finally, some shameful devils say a whorse is a lady who’s had so many lovers that the physical deed has lost its excitement — but that ain’t you either, is it?”

“I—I thought it was,” Cherry Jubilee confessed. “But no, that ain’t me... not tonight, anyways. N-not under Luna’s moon, not with you.”

“Well, now, Miss Jubilee.” The human stooped at the side of the road, set Cherry’s cider barrel down and rolled it against a nearby tree. “I consider the issue good and settled. Unless you object, I’d like to lay you atop this here barrel for some extra height, and bed you right here on the side of this here road.”

At this kinky proposition, Cherry Jubilee’s poor unloved pussy let out a wet and dribbling wink that watered the dusty road and seemed to echo through the night. The best sex of her life had been with a minotaur, and John was more handsome, better mannered, taller and bigger than any minotaur she’d seen. The carefree filly who’d seduced that minotaur was long gone, her flawless face subdued by a beauty mark and worry lines, her pert body fleshed out beneath a layer of fat. But tonight, fortune had smiled upon this middle aged mare — why couldn’t she accept this impossible gift?

Finding her voice, Cherry stuttered as John scooped a mound of dirt to stop the cider barrel rolling away. “J-John, by my soul, you’re powerful handsome, but... I’ve never lain with a human, I-I wouldn’t know—”

John flashed a naughty smile that made Cherry Jubilee wink again. “You want to see what you’re working with, is that it?” he surmised. “Well, fair’s fair. I’ve seen enough of your sweet teardrop, the way you keep that lovely flyswatter of yours at the perfect stallion-teasing height.”

Cherry gasped and looked back at her own plot to see that her tail was fully flagged, raising her billowing skirts, exposing the full roundness of her rump and the wet strings of mess between her thighs. She’d been showing this entire time, like a horny schoolfilly! No wonder John was so big!

So very, VERY big...

John wiped his palms on his trousers, then unbuckled his belt and swiftly undid his fly. Businesslike, as if standing before a urinal, he tugged his trousers past his hips. Then from out of the cotton garment beneath he HOISTED that thick, solid column of mare-pleasure!

Cherry Jubilee whinnied involuntarily as her first glimpse of human cock was forever seared into her mind, providing her with a delicious memory that she would recall from now on whenever she closed her eyes. John’s stallionhood seemed to be all shaft, no sheath. There wasn’t a medial ring to be seen, yet the length was covered with veins that were so thick they would feel like exciting bumps and ridges inside her. The head had the girth and shape of an Appleloosa cactus, with the taut and perfect smoothness of cherry skin. His balls were still in his underwear, but she could sense their round fullness as they shifted behind the cloth. A drop of silver liquid at the very tip of that engorged spear of meat gleamed in the moonlight like a diamond.

This was the beast which had conquered Applejack, that unfailing destroyer of dicks! Twice tonight, Ponyville’s foremost courtesan had drained this monster, and still it roared and twitched! What hope had poor, used up Cherry Jubilee? It was best simply to surrender, to serve...

“Ah, nice to let him breathe.” John held the head of his cock in one palm, bouncing it lightly up and down. The drop of precum nestled in the tip of that crown beaded and began to slowly descend towards the dirt like a spider descending from its web.

I want to suck it! Cherry thought — I must suck it! In a lifetime of skilful fellatio, the urge to succumb to the blissful feeling of cock in her mouth had never been stronger. Her lips would stretch over that mighty flare, that string of delicious pre would nestle on her curled tongue, seducing her taste buds. She would make it good for him, she would deepthroat as much of his length as she could, fondle his balls with the frog of a hoof and drink John’s cum until her belly swelled.

The human would be proud of her, so proud that he’d keep her for himself! He wouldn’t want any of her girls! He’d think he would, he’d pay Cherry a fortune to have them at his beck and call like a Zebrican harem, but when it came time to take a mare to bed, John’s powerful hand would quiver and he’d always point at her...

Cherry Jubilee’s fantasy was dispelled as she realized John was still talking. What’s more, John was discussing Cherry’s favourite subject of all — his own penis! The chastened mare strained to listen, hoping to find out something about the human’s preferences and wishes.

“Now, I’m afraid my friend ain’t much of a gentleman,” John was saying, “but he would very much appreciate it if you would settle yourself over that barrel and keep your pretty tail reaching for the stars.”

B-but I wanted to suck! whined part of Cherry Jubilee’s brain. Yet a much larger, and more primal part held full control of her body. She practically scampered atop the barrel of cider she’d been pushing when she met John. Her silly needs for mouthfuls of human cock didn’t matter, because John required pussy. Submission meant obedience above all. If Cherry was good, if her human master felt she was worthy, he would reward her by slapping his undiminished marebreaker against her muzzle and allowing her to serve again.

She grasped the cider barrel, and hiked her hips. She shook her mature butt and wiggled her tail alluringly. Such actions felt good, and right. Cherry Jubilee’s reward was a firm hand on her cushy plot, and the heavenly feel of John’s nether flesh on hers. She was so close to fulfillment! Yet as the burning hot head of his cock rubbed against her vulva, she bit her lip and one last bit of shameful dignity flared up like the embers of a dying fire.

“John, you must believe me, I ain’t a whorse no more,” she nearly sobbed.

“Of course you ain’t, ma’am,” John agreed gently, “but I only know the one way of fucking, so I fear I will be treating you like one.”

She came before he even fit it in. The firm grip of his hands on her plot, the insistent spreading of her lips by the wedge of his head, the gentle touch and the feelings of once again being with a stallion who cared for her enough to ruin her. It was all too much — like some tale of wild romance, like the life she’d once had, so long ago...

“Aaaagggh!” she cried out, her high pitched yelp ending in a cute little squeak. The shudders of her maregasm gave John the extra space he needed to slowly push himself inside her. Inch after clit scraping, cunt widening, pleasure giving inch. He began to thrust, back and forth, gently, yet insistently, never letting her think he would leave any bit of her insides untouched. John had made his decision, and Cherry Jubilee was properly a sheath for human cock.

Sometimes the mass plunging inside her felt too big, like giving birth in reverse, yet John never went too far or too fast. With tender caresses of his thumbs upon her plot, this young, hung stud was treating the experienced madam like a fragile filly on her first date... and Cherry Jubilee was loving it! His length reached deep inside her, unlocking emotions she’d kept bottled up for years. She’d grown bored and jaded, as only a retired whorse can be... but was this merely a reawakening of her natural lust? Or was Cherry discovering that sex had never been as good as it could have been, with a kind and powerful human lover?

“There we go,” John whispered as he sank ever deeper into her. “There we are, there’s a good mare.” His voice was deep and sweet like molasses, and it comforted and calmed her on a subconscious level. Cherry had heard of this gentle brand of human magic before: John had learned these soothing tones while working with the distinctly un-sapient equines of Earth. (Though most likely as he guided them to food or to the hitching post, not while he stuffed them with cock!) Nothing could go wrong, with John in charge... only joy and happiness were in store for Cherry Jubilee this night!

“Deep breaths, now. Focus on your own feminine pleasure,” John’s voice ordered. It was impossible to disobey a male who spoke like this, even if Cherry had wished to balk at such a luscious command. “Don’t you worry bout me none. I’m a simple man, all I need is a wet hole to stroke and cum in. Wet, and tight... oh, Miss Jubilee, you are something else — unnnf!”

Both man and mare let out a gasp simultaneously as the head of John’s cock pressed insistently against Cherry Jubilee’s puckered cervix. Was he really so far inside her? Why, his cock must be visible beneath her barrel, as a huge bulge in her belly!

Alas, Cherry, mused, the fun time was surely over now. The merest kiss of an earth pony’s cervix never failed to trigger a stallion’s primitive breeding instinct. The result was a guaranteed instant orgasm which ensured that the best hung stallions actually performed worst in bed. Such was the cruel irony of earth pony magic, yet it was one that balanced the sexual scales somewhat, ensuring that less endowed stallions were never overlooked by the mares of Equestria’s thirstiest tribe.

Yet instead of a quick gushing of sperm, Cherry’s disappointed reverie was broken by John’s insistent whisper. “If you’ll pardon me, ma’am, I’ll just slip into your womb right quick. Don’t you worry none, AJ always loves this part.”

John wasn’t cumming! He wasn’t even close! Seemingly resistant to the natural magic of Cherry’s earth pony body, the human was simply pushing further forward — as it seemed he’d done with the even more magical Applejack! With a deep male groan, he pressed that oddly shaped head past her eagerly yawning cervix, only to find Cherry’s innermost ring of muscle closing around him, squeezing hungrily upon his shaft as he began to gently fuck himself in and out of her womb.

Cherry screamed her lungs ragged with pleasure as John finally hilted his vastness inside her and the joyous punishment of her insides picked up speed. The second maregasm spiralled through her body, and when the ringing of blood in her ears and the thumping of her heart quieted like the eye of a hurricane, she heard John’s gentle voice once again. Amazingly, he still hadn’t climaxed! He was still stiff, still pumping impossibly deep within her.

“Your cervix gives mighty good head, ma’am,” he complimented her. “I daresay there was once a French hooker down in Missoula who sucked me off nearly as good, but that’s apples and oranges, ain’t it?”

How was this possible? Earth pony magic aside, Equestria’s most vigorous stallions inevitably sprayed their goo, went floppy and retreated into their sheaths within a minute at most. True, John was technically no stallion, but even Cherry’s minotaur lover had lost control long before this! If any other male had failed to cum inside her by now, she would have worried that her cunt was finally used up, her once prized marehood no longer a tool of pleasure. Yet John was different. John would cum when he was good and ready. When he was done making use of her.

His thrusts filled her, then his pulling out denied her. Throughout it all, new pleasures consumed her. Against this anonymous tree halfway between Sweet Apple Acres and her home, Cherry Jubilee was rejuvenated from a tired old nag into a once more lustful and eager mare. As the years of loneliness lifted from her shoulders, she felt once again the carefree life she’d known in Dodge City...

A society mare of sorts she’d been, wandering the town with a fine hat and twirling a charming parasol. She was desired by grizzled magicslingers and otherwise honest sheriffs, craved by henpecked shopkeeps and their domineering wives, yet available for purchase only by the wealthiest and most sophisticated. The best parts of that past now came pouring back, and it was John who brought it all back, brought it back with the torrent of his desire for her — not to mention his invincible dick!

Above her, the human stud panted and snorted with every thrust like the raging minotaur he was. “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I can’t last!” he burst out. “Y-you’re just so wonderful! I’m gonna cum!”

You cain’t last? Cherry thought as a third maregasm obliterated her conscious mind. At the very peak of her pleasure she startled and remembered a horrible fact. “Wait! John, WAIT!” she screamed. “I ain’t taken no potion, you gotta pull out!”

“SHIT, ma’am, you really ain’t no whorse! You shoulda said something earlier!” Desperately John yanked his shaft from out of her, popping the head past her throbbing cervix, racing his hips against the powerful beam of semen Cherry already felt running up the centre of the meat.

Would he pull out in time? Some part of Cherry — every bit of Cherry except the utmost tip of her consciousness — wanted him to fail. Wanted to feel that life giving seed rushing deep inside her, to feel her belly swell with the foal of this creature she’d just met, to see the look of love on his face as he realized he’d just become a father. Then she could pledge herself to John, forever and—

“UNNNGH!” John screamed as his knot-like head tugged free of Cherry Jubilee’s clinging labia, shattering the night with a bestial yell more fit for the depths of the Everfree Forest than Equestria’s civilized roads. Cherry felt a vast jet of warm goo land directly on her back, like a warm snowdrift dropping from the eave of a roof. She sighed with relief and disappointment, and rolled onto her back, her teats jiggling, only to catch sight of John working that vast shaft with both hands. He humped his hips forward, as a second jet of semen erupted from his urethral slit like a magical spell going off in her face. The rocket of sperm flew up the length of her body to splatter across her muzzle. Cherry’s long tongue involuntarily darted from her mouth, instantly becoming hooked on the salty thickness of human foal-batter.

John’s shaft dripped with Cherry’s fluids as he furiously worked his hands up and down, bringing forth more human cum with each pump. One spurt hit her muzzle, two more flew into her eagerly open mouth, then a final half dozen soiled and matted the front of her lacey petticoats, each gush progressing further and further down her barrel as Cherry struggled to swallow that first sloshing mouthful. As John’s senses slowly returned, he shook the last few drops of his seed upon the ground, not wanting to make more of a mess than he already had.

“Gol damn, Miss Jubilee, that was close!” The human reached for his hat, which had tumbled to the dirt as he pounded Cherry against the cider barrel. “We’re lucky AJ took most of it out of me!”

“I cain’t believe th-that was your third climax!”

John nodded, wheezing loudly, squatting with his hands upon his knees. “I’m real sorry bout the mess,” he groaned, “but you don’t want one drop of that stuff inside you if you ain’t on no potion!”

Cherry eagerly slid off the barrel of cider, her eyes on the juicy, dripping head of John’s prick. “Please, John, let me clean you up,” she urged. Her mouth hungrily sealed itself upon the fat head, tasting their mixture of juices, and she began to lightly suck him clean.

The joy of human cock in her mouth filled Cherry with contentment like that of a foal on the teat, and John’s dick twitched delightfully against Cherry’s tongue. Her nostrils widened to take in the heavenly aroma: a mixture of her own juices, cooling sperm and freshly churned pre that dribbled out from the already restiffening pipe. It was if her mareish tastes were made to sample this salty ambrosia! Oh, she could drink from him forever... but then his cruel hand pushed her away!

“Miss Jubilee,” John panted, “I can’t say nothing against your attentions, but only as I’ve got every one of a stallion’s weaknesses, and my own besides. If you keep that up, you’re like to bring me off again, and make yourself an even bigger mess. I beg you, let’s head to your boarding house and get you cleaned up. Then we’ll see about round four.”

“V-very well, sir,” Cherry Jubilee stated primly, forcing her lips and tongue to part from Equestria’s most addictive salt lick. She gazed lustfully at the reluctant buckling of flesh as John forced his wet and persistent stiffy back into his jeans. “The customer is always right, after all. If you’d be so good as to let me rest my hooves a bit—whoa!”

Rest was the last thing on John’s mind! With a grunt he picked up the cider barrel and positioned it on his right wither. Then he carefully scooped up Cherry Jubilee herself with his free hand, comfortably positioning her body against his, holding by the plot as she sprawled over his wither in an orgasmic daze, her muzzle dangling down his muscular back and her conquered rump sticking up rudely in the centre of an utterly soiled dress.

“We’ll get there much faster with me carrying you,” John explained. “We can’t have no early risers seeing you covered in human goo, and starting up their gossip. Oh, I forgot to ask the most important thing — are you comfortable up here?”

Ever so comfortable, John. But I’d be a bit better off if you’d move your finger—oooh, just there!”

The human male laughed and obediently pressed one of his fingers between Cherry’s hind legs, pressing against her swampy slit, sliding into her oh so slightly. As she moaned, John impulsively turned his head towards his lover and planted a gentle peck on the cutie mark atop her bare and pudgy flank. How romantic, our first kiss... she thought dreamily.

Satisfied that Cherry’s needs were met, the human resumed his long stride, carrying his earth pony lover towards her boarding house with unheard of speed. His body jostled with each step, pumping his finger in and out of her like a cock no smaller than some stallions she’d taken. Clinging to John’s body, her quivering marehood squeezing upon his masterful digit, Cherry Jubilee let out a sigh of contentment. Just hours ago, her personal life and her business prospects had been in the dumps, but now both were finally looking up. My girls will never quit their jobs, she thought to herself, so long as they have this generous stud to look after!

I’ll just have to make sure he always has something left over for me...

Westward hoes!

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John strode silently down the dirt road towards Ponyville, carrying Cherry Jubilee and her barrel of cider towards the boarding house Cherry called both home and office. Despite his power and confidence, something seemed to be bothering the human, but the freshly fucked and cum-soaked mare was still inhabiting a pleasant daze, and contented herself with the feeling of his finger in her slit, allowing him to speak in his own time.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry if I was too rough, back there,” he confessed at last, with a gentle pat that set Cherry’s plot a-jiggle. “Sometimes I don’t know my own strength.”

“Oh, no, not at all,” Cherry stuttered from her perch on the human’s muscular wither. “I-I rather enjoyed it, truth be told.” As if her several quivering maregasms, and the arousal she still oozed onto John’s thick finger, weren’t indisputable evidence of just such enjoyment! “Seeing as I surround myself with beautiful young mares, it’s been a good while since a stallion bothered to cast a hungry eye at me.

John laughed deep in his powerful chest, sending rumbles through Cherry’s body. “Inside that boarding house of yours, I expect you carry yourself all prim and officious, like Granny Smith,” he speculated. “‘Good evening, sir, good to see you, room two, please.’” The human gazed over at the pleasured equine flung over his shoulder and sighed lustfully. “I’m glad I met you in the moonlight instead. By golly, out here you’re a woman. The sort of woman who needs a strong man, a man who’s not afraid to...” John’s voice trailed off, then sounded forth with passion. “To give you his whole heart! There, I said it, and I ain’t sorry.”

As John reckoned with the strength of his blurted words, Cherry Jubilee found herself patting her moistened eyes with the only clean edge of her delicate lace hoofkerchief. “Please, John, I cain’t bear to hear such sentiments.”

“Oh, I’m dreadful sorry, Miss Jubilee. Just putting out what’s in my soul.”

“I fear I’ve heard it all before, and in rhyme. Many moons ago, back in Dodge Junction, I was courted by a striking zebra officer.”

“Zebras, eh? Heard of them creatures back on Earth, but can’t say I ever met one up close.”

“Oh, was he ever handsome!” Despite her story’s tragic ending, Cherry cracked a smile as she reminisced about her long gone lover. “Strong as well, and enormously well hung. Oh, my goodness, how he would claim me every which way!”

“An eager lover’s always a blessing,” John agreed, seemingly without jealousy. His possessive hand hardly tightened on her flank as he considered Cherry Jubilee’s sordid past, a past that had seen her used by males — and females! — of every race and description.

“So true,” Cherry agreed, “yet all too soon, my soldier’s duties called him back to his homeland. Why, he left me at the very altar!”

“No!” John burst out. “That no good bounder!”

The saddened mare shook her head, now trying to dispel the painful memory. “Either his body lies now on some faraway battle field, or his promises to me were nothing but poisoned weapons of conquest. No, John, you may save your words, however moving. Love has passed this old mare by.”

“Well, that’s a right shame, ma’am, to give up on life’s greatest light and hope,” John objected gently. “For me it’s always been the opposite: searching for love behind every corner, and none to be found.”

“Two sad souls on life’s journey,” Cherry mused, smiling at her young stud’s strange maturity.

“I suppose so. My Poppa, well... he wasn’t much for fatherly affection. Wasn’t much in any regard, forgive me for saying it. Chasing silver claims up and down the Yukon, always looking for the big score. Fantasizing about riches and wealth instead of honouring his duty to his wife and his son.”

“Sounds like he’d fit right in over at Dodge Junction,” Cherry Jubilee reflected sourly.

“And my poor Momma...” John fell silent and gestured as if about to remove his hat, before realizing that both of his hands were quite occupied. “She loved him, and it broke her. I worked odd jobs on the ranches, taking care of her, always staying close to home. One day, this quack of a unicorn doctor passed through town. I was so desperate to save Momma, I’d have paid anything for anything.”

John sighed at the painful memory. “Well, that damn potion of his was nothing but moonlight and moonshine, but I heard from his assistant there was good wages in Equestria for men willing to work hard. So after my Momma finally passed... welp, here I am. A lonely human, friendless in the land of friendship.”

“Not quite friendless.” Cherry Jubilee leaned against the human and nuzzled the back of his neck, browsing his short cropped mane with her lips.

The human turned away with a pained smile. “Forgive me, Miss Jubilee, but I ain’t quite as dumb as I look. Your speech about Applejack shook me awake from a right pretty dream. You look sweet in that dress, you felt divine on my cock, and it ain’t such a bad feeling just holding you on my shoulder. But I believe all the time you’ve had your lovely eyes on my poor old wallet.”

“That I certainly have,” Cherry chuckled. From her position she could see that wallet in the back pocket of John’s jeans, bobbing up and down against his firm biped plot with each stride. “But you lifted that barrel of cider before we knew each other, and that was the act of a friend. I shan’t be forgetting it soon.”

The welcoming lights of the Cherry Hill Ranch came into view as John walked over a ridge. Cherry Jubilee’s boarding house was a large building positioned just beyond the town line, outside the jurisdiction of Ponyville’s constables — who nonetheless paid regular visits for “inspections.” With its coat of fresh white paint and its neatly trimmed lawn, John had passed this establishment many times without ever suspecting the sensuous depravities available for purchase within — not to mention the captivating beauty of the mistress of the house!

The door creaked open before John’s nudging hip and he brought his two precious parcels into the grand drawing room. From a low stage the gentle sounds of a cello resounded across faded carpeting, as a grey earth pony stroked her bow across her resonant instrument. The bowtied mare raised an elegant eyebrow as John set down the spermy mess he’d made of Cherry Jubilee, but she said nothing.

“You must keep in mind, John, that Octavia is not one of my ‘girls,’” Cherry hastened to inform the human. He simply nodded, setting down the heavy barrel of cider behind a fancy cocktail bar. “She is only here to provide music.”

“And lovely music it is,” John smiled at the sophisticated cellist, receiving a curt nod in response. He rolled away an empty cider barrel from the bar and replaced it with the new one. With his task complete, he stretched his aching back and breathed out heavily, finally acknowledging the strain on his body of carrying both the massive weight of cider and a well fucked mare.

“Any other mare you may find here is yours for the claiming,” Cherry added. “Rest assured that Octavia will not speak of anythang she might see within these walls,” Cherry added with a glare at her fellow earth pony. Turning to the human, she gave a warm and nearly sincere smile of hospitality. “Ya’ll should feel free to relax and indulge yourself tonight, John. I trust you to pay me for the first month of your ‘subscription,’ once you have the bits.”

“Much obliged, ma’am.” John settled his body across a large and comfortable sofa near the stage where Octavia performed. Designed to hold two paying stallions and as many cuddling mares, it now seemed custom tailored to fit his own alicorn-like form.

“I reckon I can rest here for a spell.” John kicked his dusty boots up onto the sofa’s hoofrest, drawing a scowl from Octavia, and patted the ever present bulge in his trousers. “Much as my junior partner here may disagree, I think I can stand a few minutes without no heavenly marehood to sink into.” Yet his eyes were drawn to a hallway that led to the back of the house. Four closed doors ran along its length, and beneath the sensuous drone of Octavia’s cello, John could make out moaning pants and loud cries of lust. This was the true music made at the Cherry Hill ranch, an endlessly shifting duet — or trio! — for stallion and mare.

“Very well, John.” Cherry Jubilee seemed accustomed to the rough manners of working class males, and never would have dreamed of scolding him for dirtying her furniture. “I will check in on you once I’ve changed into somethang more comfortable... and less drenched in your potent seed.”

As Cherry spoke, John’s eyes instantly flashed back to her, and he grinned lustfully. “If I may suggest, ma’am, I believe you’d look right pretty in something red and frilly.”

“Oh...” Cherry blushed like a schoolfilly at the human’s gentle suggestion. “Oh, goodness! Red and frilly... I’ll see what I can do for you!” Cherry climbed a set of wooden stairs to the upper floor of the building, muttering to herself and smiling. “There’s my old Winter Wrap-Up dress, but I ain’t worn that in yairs...” Octavia looked up oddly at her employer as Cherry disappeared into her private boudoir, then shrugged and resumed the strokes of her bow upon her instrument.

John slung a broad arm behind his head and sank into the sofa as his body relaxed. “Never could afford no symphony halls back on Earth,” he mused, “but this is real nice. Is Miss Jubilee treating you right, Miss Octavia? Good pay, no complaints?” The grey earth pony simply nodded, and continued her playing. Yet there was a liveliness to her music now that she had an appreciative, if uneducated audience.

After a few minutes of calming music, one of the bedroom doors opened with a click, and out trotted a blue unicorn and a crosseyed grey pegasus. The two mares were escorting an earth pony stallion who took wobbling steps as he drunkenly groped both mares’ plots, first with one hoof, then another. The unicorn bore a clearly false smile across her muzzle, which her pegasus friend was trying to copy, with but little success.

“Oh, baby, that was some incredible sex!” the grey pegasus claimed, as if reading lines from a script. “Did you hear me moaning when I had my maregasm? It was totes believable!”

“Heh, heh...” the stallion grunted. “You know you love it, you sluts...”

“Indeed, it takes a true stud to satisfy The Great and Powerful Trixie!” The unicorn rolled her eyes and silently retched even as she praised this stallion’s virility to the skies. “Much less to take two mares to the heights of ecstasy!”

“You go right home, sir, and get some sleep,” the grey pegasus urged her client. “Tell the Mayor we said hello!”

“No, don’t tell her anything!” the unicorn hissed as she practically shoved the sauced earth pony towards the front door of the Cherry Hill Ranch. “For Celestia’s sake, Derpy, learn to keep your big mouth shut!”

“I-I’m sorry, Trixie, but he is our customer, we should be nice.”

“I let him pop off in my pussy, that should be nice enough for anypony...” the unicorn grumbled.

With a belch, the drunken stallion stumbled past John’s sofa and pushed the front door open, disappearing into Ponyville’s early morning. John had to stifle a gasp as he recognized the slovenly, disgraceful sight. Why, that soused carouser was none other than Secret Ballot, the seemingly respectable husband of Mayor Mary Mare herself!

“Hrmph, and there’s the last of the cider gone, down that quickshot bastard’s gullet,” the unicorn mare grumbled, as the door closed behind her customer’s unwelcome form. “I guess it’s back to the hard liquor for The Great and Powerful—”

“No drinking on the job, Trixie,” Octavia interrupted the unicorn without missing a beat or a stroke of her bow. She gave the other two mares a nod in John’s direction. “You two have another customer waiting, and he expects a deluxe treatment.”

Both mares were nearly startled out of their sexy horseshoes as they noticed John shifting his body on the couch, peering at them from beneath the brim of his hat. The slowly softening bulge in his trousers stiffened right up and throbbed expectantly. Through his work on Earth’s ranches, John had become a fair judge of horseflesh, and it seemed he rated these two sapient specimens quite highly!

“Oh, wow...” murmured the grey pegasus, her eyes wide and one of her pupils bouncing about, seemingly without rhyme or reason. “T-Trixie, look at him! He’s so big and strong!”

The blue unicorn was not quite so impressed. “Ugh, what are you supposed to be, some kind of human?” she spat.

“That’s about the size of it, ma’am.” John tipped his hat in a familiar greeting. “The name is John, and as it happens, I’ve brought a fresh barrel of cider for you. I ran into your boss lady just outside Sweet Apple Acres, and helped her carry it over.”

“And what were you doing at Sweet Apple Acres, hrm?” the unicorn wanted to know. “Cavorting with Applejack, no doubt — when you could have been enjoying the unparalleled pleasures of The Great and Powerful Trixie!”

“Guilty as charged,” John admitted nervously, though without taking his eyes off Trixie’s lacey, gothic style dress and shapely blue flank. “Though I must say, that is an error I am eager to correct. So you’re Trixie, and you must be...”

The pudgy, cross eyed pegasus seemed to hide behind the slimmer body of the more experienced unicorn whorse. “Oh, my name is Muffins Ditzy Doo Hooves,” she peeped, “b-but everypony around town just calls me Derpy.”

“That ain’t very nice,” John objected. “Come here, Miss Muffins.” The pegasus trotted with hesitation towards the human’s outstretched hand, yet soon found herself thrilling to his touch on her mane. “Oh, goodness.” John shook his head with wonderment as he gazed upon the pegasus’ features. “What a rare beauty you are. Why, a fellow could get lost in these eyes.”

“I-I just started working here at the Ranch,” Derpy confessed, shyly putting one hoof behind the other. “I never thought I’d have to do this, but I have a foal, and money’s so tight...”

“Cruel world, ain’t it?” John shook his head sadly. “Come up to whispering distance, and let me make it a little sweeter.” Cupping the pegasus’ delicate ear in a palm, he leaned in and murmured: “You’re getting 10 bits extra from me tonight. From now on, you ain’t got to worry about feeding your foal, OK?”

“Th-thank you, sir!” Derpy chirped, her normal happy and bouncy mood restored. Leaning forward, she impulsively pecked the human on the lips. “I’ll fuck you real good tonight, you’ll see!”

Trixie gave a sour frown at the human’s vulnerability to a sob story. A mother selling her body for the sake of her hungry foal — why, it was the oldest tale in Equestria’s oldest profession! “Not that you asked, John,” she announced haughtily, “but Trixie is only sucking cocks in a brothel until her magic career takes off.”

John raised an eyebrow at this proposition. “Well now,” he suggested, “I reckon you can show me some of the magic, and some of the cocksucking, and I can tell you which one you oughta stick to.”

Trixie grunted with annoyance and ignited her horn, using her aura to grab the human’s tight fitting boots and pull them off his feet. Meanwhile, Derpy gripped the zipper of the human’s jeans between her teeth and tugged them down, working the canvas and cotton down his sturdy hips with her wings.

Trixie’s jaw dropped and her spell fizzled as she beheld the sheer size of the behemoth that sprang from John’s trousers when Derpy unleashed it. Derpy simply cooed lovingly at the alien sight, but Trixie whinnied and shied away from the angry beast! Covered in pulsing veins, that cock seemed like a monster from another world, come to Equestria for only one purpose — to turn the greatest and most powerful mares into submissive, disposable onaholes!

Unaccountably, Derpy felt no such apprehension. Her eyes were wide with excitement and she flapped up to drop upon John’s lap, practically pouncing on his cock and eagerly tasting its glistening length with her small pony tongue.

“Ooh, he’s a big boy, and he’s covered with marecum!” Derpy smiled up at John from her position atop his legs as she fastened her lips around the tip of his leaking cockhead and gave a tender suckle. “You must have made Applejack feel really good, sir!”

“Well, I ain’t one to boast,” John demurred. “You’d have to ask Applejack how she felt.”

I-it’s just a cock... the unicorn reminded herself. The Great and Powerful Trixie never loses to cocks! Trotting over to the duo on the couch, she carefully drew her tongue up John’s shaft, asserting her dominance, smacking her lips and trying to place the odd mixture of tastes. “This doesn’t taste like Applejack’s cum,” she observed sourly.

“Mmm, maybe cause his own stuff is on here, too! It tastes so good!” Derpy began lapping a spermy mess from a pool that had gathered between the human’s bulging balls, tasting not only his own seed but the carnal residues of the TWO mares he’d pleasured earlier that night!

Skeptically at first, Trixie joined her pegasus friend in worshipping her customer’s dick. Yet before long, she was involuntarily letting out light moans as her tongue touched John’s proud human flesh. The unicorn mage had a slight preference for her fellow females, and it had been a very long time since any sort of stallion made her feel this way!

John merely chuckled as if instant devotion to his dick were an everyday occurrence for him. He gently stroked the two mares’ manes and worked one foot against the other, at last kicking off the boot Trixie had half-removed from his long forgotten foot. All the while, Octavia played away on her cello, seemingly unaffected by the erotic sight unfolding before her.

Slowly working up John’s shaft as Derpy tended his balls, Trixie soon took control of his prickhead with her lips. Instantly a large pulse of precum spurted into her mouth, setting her tongue a-tingle with exotic flavours. Even this jaded whorse had to admit that there was something special about human cock... or at least, this human’s cock! Were all of Earth’s males so large, and addictive?

More research was surely required... Trixie wanted to explore each and every vein and wrinkle with her tongue. No — she wanted his huge palm to grip her head and FORCE her to swallow him, ramming her down his shaft til her lips touched Derpy’s in a perverted kiss! Why wouldn’t John take the hint? Oh, how Trixie longed to demonstrate the undisputable superiority of unicorn throats! Her untouched pussy winked out desperately as she haughtily teased John’s prick with magical strokes and firm, tongue twirling suction.

Yet even through her debts (so many debts!!) had compelled her to whorse herself out, Trixie remained Great and Powerful. She had her dignity, after all... and she also had Derpy to look after! Much as she longed to, Trixie couldn’t brutally throatfuck herself on this stupendous cock just to satisfy her own needs. If she didn’t set a good example for her trainee, that ditzy single mum was likely to forget that prostitution was only a job, and throw herself romantically at the first male capable of actually pleasuring her!

“Oh, these cute little pony mouths... this is just what I needed, girls.” John was truly relaxing now, sinking ever deeper into the cushy sofa, a dopey grin upon his handsome features as Derpy’s muzzle explored his heavy balls and Trixie’s lips frantically pulled bursts of precum from his leaking dome. These light flicks of oral pleasure were quite welcome after his strenuous workout with Applejack, not to mention giving Cherry Jubilee her long delayed plowing!

“Here, Derpy, give it a try,” Trixie volunteered, reluctantly releasing John’s tangy, mushroom shaped flare from her mouth. She gathered the cock in her aura and pressed its substantive weight against the smudged yellow lipstick on Derpy’s lips. “Just act like you’re swallowing, and let it slip down your throat. If you can handle this one, you won’t have a problem deepthroating anycreature!”

“Mmm... so yummy... I want it all inside me!” Derpy cheered, quite optimistically. The pegasus mare turned about to get a better angle in her attempt to slide John’s monstrous head further into her tiny mouth, presenting her pudgy rump to the human as she did. As those motherly moons came into reach, John couldn’t help but reach up between Derpy’s hind legs and stroke the little pink winker he saw twitching before him. “Eep!” Derpy squeaked.

“Hey, hooves off her!” her mentor snapped protectively. “She’s still in training!”

“No, it’s OK, Trixie,” Derpy stated quietly, gently mouthing the human’s prick, returning the pleasure he was sending into her body. “He’s being really gentle... ooh! His fingers are like magic!”

“Just trying to be a good customer, ma’am,” John explained. “I wouldn’t want to disgrace myself like that fellow you just tossed out. The way I see it, if a mare has to take up this line of work, she ought to be able to enjoy it, at least.”

“Hrm, a big talker, huh?” Trixie turned and flaunted her own magnificent flank, lifting her already flagged tail to its utmost. “Let’s see you handle a Great and Powerful marepussy!”

“Mmm, don’t mind if I do.” John agreed. Stretching his hands forward, he plunged thick index fingers into two hungry slits that clenched hungrily upon his girth. Sadly, these pussies were regularly disappointed even by full sized stallion cocks. This late at night, they would take whatever they could get! After gently stroking in and out a few times, John withdrew those wet and shiny digits, drawing thick strings of cuntsap out of two marehoods that weeped for joy. He used that precious pleasure fluid to polish winking clits, before pressing those hefty fingers back into warm, moist envelopes of pleasure.

“Hrmph, I’ve had better...” Trixie moaned over a jaw stretching mouthful of human testicle, as waves of passion surged through her slippery nethers. “B-but not from a s-stallion!”

“You are one silly mare, Trixie,” John chuckled. “Why worry if somepony else does it better? Let’s just enjoy what we’ve got right here and now.” The male kept up his gentle fingering as his appointed mares worked his meat ever more frantically, sucking and stroking for the salty treat that bubbled within those fat and sweaty balls. Occasionally John treated himself to a gentle grope of plush plot flesh, enjoying the very different charms of Trixie’s toned tushie and Derpy’s lingering pregnancy pudge.

Within minutes, all three happy creatures climaxed at once. Derpy squeaked, Trixie moaned and John bellowed, thrusting his hips between two tenderly kissing sets of lips. The human’s cock surged, spraying jets of white sperm high in the air, only to be caught in Trixie’s hovering magic field before they could soil Cherry Jubilee’s carpet. John’s dick batted back and forth, striking Derpy’s cheek, then Trixie’s, leaving damp and musky spots on their fur as the two mares moaned helplessly in the throes of their own pleasure.

“Oh, golly, that was terrific, girls...” John moaned and mumbled, shifting against the soft cushions of the couch, his breathing calming as his clenching balls eased, and fountains of sperm became silver spurts and dribbles. “Just... heavens, I never knew Ponyville held such delights!”

Trixie was the first of the three to recover from her climax. She carefully lowered the sloshing magical bubble that held John’s cumshot, then split the hefty load in half and hovered a blob of sticky white goo against Derpy’s lips. The pegasus drank hungrily of male seed, pressing her tongue into the magically assembled ball of semen as if Prench kissing it, slurping the cum down eagerly and savouring the taste. Trixie smiled reluctantly and lifted the other cum-bubble to her own lips, sipping the male concoction as if she were taking afternoon tea with Princess Celestia herself. The taste of John’s nut was foreign to her tongue, yet fresh and undeniably delicious!

“Mmm, thanks, Trixie! This is my favourite bit!” Derpy cheered and licked her spermy lips. “Stallion cum is always so tasty... and they’re so happy when we take it out of them! Erm.. how do you think he’d like to do us next? D-do you think I’m ready to take something that big in my plot?”

Such questions were seemingly moot, as John had finally found the relief he needed to get himself in the mood for sleep. His eyes slowly closed as he lay upon the sofa. His rugged features softened, all thoughts of pony pounding lust seemingly forgotten, as he drifted into Luna’s world of dreams.

“Hrmph,” Trixie sniffed, poking at the human’s slowly shrinking meat with a hoof. “Trixie has had audiences fall asleep on her before, but this is insulting!”

“Awe, he looks like a little angel when he’s sleeping!” Derpy sighed. She gently gave the human another kiss, smearing a smudge of yellow lipstick on his cheek to match the ring her lips had left a few inches down his drooping dick. “Oh, he’s handsome, too, and so generous...”

Trixie rolled her eyes even as she took another sip of John’s scrumptious seed. It seemed that Derpy was every bit as sentimental as the males she found so easy to manipulate. When would she learn that stallions of any species could be relied on to provide only three things — foals, bits, and headaches!

Yet before the young mother could get too far in her seduction of the sleeping human, Derpy perked up their ears at the unfamiliar sound of high heels tapping down the wooden staircase from Cherry Jubilee’s private bedchamber. Both she and Trixie gawked upwards at the sight of their boss wearing an outfit they’d never seen before — the reddest and frilliest dress to be found this side of a Grand Galloping Gala!

Tailored for the wealthier and slimmer mare she’d been 20 years earlier, this luxurious dress did nothing to flatter Cherry’s aging body — yet she grinned and glowed with the aura of a lady whose ravenous lover can see no flaws. Cherry practically pranced downstairs on cherry coloured stilettos, impossibly high heeled horseshoes which gave her the extra height she would need to woo a male much taller than any stallion. She trotted through her drawing room with head held high, the tall red feathers on her fine hat swaying as she moved.

Cherry Jubilee brushed by John’s slumbering form, casting an appreciative glimpse at his softening yet still substantive stallionhood. “Excellent work, you two,” she remarked with a smile. “Now, go and fix your makeup for the next — oh, I do declare, he’s getting hard again!

Indeed, John stirred violently in his sleep as he caught the scent of Cherry Jubilee’s refreshed and cherry-scented perfume. “Oh, Miss Jubilee...” he muttered, his breath quickening. His saliva soaked dick twitched and began to thicken, reversing its drooping and swiftly swelling back to its fully tumescent state.

“Cherry, why did he say your name just now?” asked Trixie suspiciously.

“N-never mind that, ladies, just keep at it,” Cherry Jubilee admonished. “Until some other customer comes in and needs your attention, I want both of you focused on making John completely limp.” Especially because I want to see what it takes to make him go limp! she thought to herself.

“Mmm, I’m going to ride him!” Derpy cheered. With a flap of her wings, she soared up onto the sofa, slowly lowering her fat plot until her eager, wet lips spread wide around the conquering tip of John’s shaft.

“Ahhh, big...” Derpy’s eyes rolled back in her head as she slowly descended, stuffing herself with human meat. “Oh, he’s hitting all the good spots. I can’t believe we get him as many times as we want!”

“Remember to pace yourself, Derpy,” Cherry admonished. “John will be a regular visitor here at the Ranch, and we must keep ourselves fresh for him.”

Derpy pouted even as John’s cock broached her cervix and slid satisfyingly into her womb. “Eep! Oh, OK, I’ll go nice and slow... b-but only because I want him to get his sleep!”

With a rustling of skirts, Cherry Jubilee sat her well padded (and, for once, well pounded!) plot upon the grand settee reserved for the mistress of this boarding house. Resting her chin on a hoof, she idly watched her newest employee taking her fill of human prick, slowly flexing her wings and flying up and down with exactly the right angle to stroke herself against his pelvic bone. Another hoof soon drifted beneath Cherry’s voluminous petticoats, firmly rubbing a stiff and needy clit.

Sadly, Derpy’s own petticoats soon slid down her fat and juicy flanks, swishing about modestly to hide the inter-species coupling. That is, until Trixie considerably lifted Derpy’s dress with her magic. Cherry resumed her voyeuristic fun while the magician tripped her tongue lightly over John’s balls, cleaning off the rivulets of pegasus cream that seeped down his shaft in a constant flow.

Oh, even in your sleep, you’re such a stud... I wish I could join them! Cherry’s joy soon soured into a most unbecoming jealousy, her experienced hoof merely a second best substitute for this handsome human’s personal attention. No, I wish I had you all to myself!

After all, why should young whorses like Trixie and Derpy get all the penis? It was older, experienced mares who knew how to properly coddle a monstrous stallionhood like John’s. Earth pony mares, no less — the strongest tribe was built to serve the strongest cocks!

Cherry’s heart (and hoof) raced as she thought of John’s gentle strength, his firm grip and his kind smile. Her mind flitted unbidden to the wardrobe she’d just ransacked, and to the lonely wedding dress that still hung in one far corner. A lovely, lace covered garment which she’d worn only once, waiting in a Dodge Junction chapel. Standing there all alone, til dusk had fallen and there was simply no escaping the fact that her soldier was gone, never to return...

No, no! I cain’t fall in love! Not again, not ever! A tear dropped from Cherry’s eye as long suppressed emotions surged up within her. John could never love a mare like me! No decent stallion ever could!

Unknowing of the turmoil he’d caused in the mare he’d helped that evening, John grunted and groaned in his sleep, finally letting out a long sigh of satisfaction. The massive tube running along the underside of his prick flexed and pulsed as he fired another undoubtedly huge load directly into Derpy’s welcoming (albeit well protected) womb. Derpy squealed with joy, flinging her wings over her mouth so that her cries wouldn’t wake her customer up.

Oh, John, oh, John... Cherry Jubilee’s misery only grew as she watched her pegasus employee shudder with mutual climax atop Equestria’s most desirable column of stallionhood. Her orgasm was ruined now, her masturbation spoiled. Why did you have to meet me now, all used up and withered? Why couldn’t we have been young together?

Cherry sadly touched her pudgy barrel through her ill fitting dress as she watched Derpy climb off of John’s crotch, and Trixie haughtily take her turn upon the undiminished stallionhood the brothel’s madam craved for her personal property. As Trixie groaned passionately and slowly worked her firm young plot down that mighty length, one forbidden thought was racing through Cherry Jubilee’s mind:

And why, you cruel man, why did you have to obey so doggone quick when I told you to pull out?

All you can eat

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The next morning, Cherry Jubilee rose from her bed as early as she dared. She’d spent seemingly the whole night clopping off, humping her pillow, fantasizing about taking the place of her whorses in the eager service of their studly human customer. She longed for John’s gentle hand to firmly guide her mouth up and down his powerful stallionhood as her pussy winked and begged for violation. Of course his cock had supplied that need as well, and even broached her seldom used ponut, if only in the realm of dream and fantasy.

On the tips of her hooves she crept down the stairway into the drawing room of her whorsehouse, hoping to kneel before the slumbering human sprawled upon her sofa and draw with eager lips a hearty breakfast load. Sadly, instead of an insatiable male laying in wait with a seductive smile and a stiff cock, Cherry found nothing downstairs but the dawn’s light and a small hoofful of coins upon a table: coins that weighed down a scrawled note.

Miz Jubily,
This is all the bits I had on me.
Will be bak after werk with more.

A second set of coins made a small and lumpy bulge in a used pay envelope from the Ponyville mill. John had crossed out his own name on the envelope and in neat if uneducated writing, he had printed Fer Miz Muffens & her lil one❤

Cherry smiled at the kind gesture, even though John’s generosity meant a delay in her own payment. Derpy had left early in the morning to prepare her filly for school, but the three other employees of the Cherry Hill Ranch were still in their rooms, sleeping off their nights of poorly paid passion. Indeed, Trixie’s great and powerful snores were audible throughout the house. For Cherry Jubilee, there would be no sweet monkey lovemaking this morning: her work day had begun.

Gritting her teeth and gathering her mane up in a bandana, Cherry began to tackle the many chores required of a madam when the girls of her brothel were catching their beauty sleep. She put a pot of stew to simmer and set a huge pan of cornbread baking in the oven. As her employees awoke and bathed, she served their meager breakfasts, then swept and dusted, tidying up the whorses’ rooms. She made sure to replace small items that had been knocked over last night by a mis-aimed cumshot, or smashed by the flick of a stallion’s tail at the height of his passion.

Straining and sweating, Cherry hauled out the empty cider barrel to set against the side of the boarding house, where Big Mac would silently pick it up in the afternoon as he returned home from Ponyville. She then refilled the liquor bottles at her bar, adding a little more water to the mix than usual. She scrubbed the tile of the grand bathroom, a spacious place where her wealthiest customers bathed — and fucked — in a large and luxurious tub. While there, Cherry checked the medicine cabinet, counting her diminishing stock of enhancement potions. She then added to the shortage herself, downing a contraceptive draught and making a note to place another order with Zecora.

After all that, Cherry settled back into her lonesome bed to snatch a brief nap. Naturally, sleep was preceded by another heated clop session, fuelled by a bodice ripper of a fantasy in which Princess Celestia (for some reason) commanded Cherry Jubilee to be John’s personal pleasure slave. The thought pleased Cherry greatly, especially when John fastened a collar around her neck to mark his ownership...

It was thus that Cherry arose refreshed and optimistic, awakened by the daily bustle of afternoon activity from the communal dressing room. She trotted downstairs to take a look, smiling at the industriousness of her employees. Her work for the day had reached a lull, but theirs was only beginning.

The dressing room was the most private place in the Cherry Hill Ranch, with not a single stallion having ever been permitted to glimpse inside. Within its confines, any and all feminine secrets were revealed. Dresses and cosmetics flew through the air as three beautiful mares prepared for a night of hard work holding their hind legs open. Magical spells of illusion and repair burst from unicorn horns and shimmered across sexy bodies: fixing rips in frilly skirts, firming up flabby barrels and enhancing the sensitivity of nipples and clits.

Cherry Jubilee’s girls were all determined to look their best and moan their loudest tonight. After all, they were competing for bits with Sweet Apple Acres, home of the effortlessly lovely and immensely skilled Applejack. Ponyville’s most desired whorse satisfied stallions as efficiently as she bucked apples, sometimes draining up to 30 cocks in a single night — and as the Element of Honesty, everypony knew she couldn’t fake those maregasms!

Yet Cherry Jubilee had never settled for second best. She and her stable were here in Ponyville to stay. Applejack or no Applejack, they’d satisfy any stallion who wanted something different, and wring every testicle dry that dared to come through the door of the Cherry Hill Ranch!

The stroke of 5 P.M. was greeted by chimes from Ponyville’s town clock. Yet those sweet sounds were drowned out by the blaring whistles which blew at mills, quarries and factories all around the area. These loud, piercing noises signalled the end of the work day and the beginning of another evening full of parties, dancing, and frivolous fun. This was also the moment when Ponyville’s post office closed its doors: thus it was no surprise when mere seconds later, Derpy Hooves frantically flapped in to the dressing room through a side window.

The harried single mother swiftly began her preparations for her second job. With the help of her co-workers, she changed from her plain mailmare’s garb to a stunning emerald green dress. Her usual yellow lipstick was skilfully applied to her lips, her mane was pinned up in the latest Prench style, and a daring half-bra compressed sagging teats into a canyon of cock stiffening crotch-cleavage. In moments, the chubby pegasus was transformed from a plain civil servant into a luscious and desirable MILF — Mare I’d Like to Fondle, in the rough language of Ponyville’s working stallions.

In less than an hour, such stallions would be pouring through the door to the Cherry Hill Ranch, eager to spend bits from their pay packets on a few moments of make-believe romance and very real pleasure. But before these lovely mares could properly greet their temporary suitors, there was one last task to perform. With kisses and caresses of increasing intensity, the four ladies fell into each others hooves and began to warm each other up, in that special way only one mare can do with another.

It was a show any stallion would have paid to see! Each night, in utmost privacy, the girls of the Cherry Hill Ranch brought each other to the very edge of sopping maregasms, then brutally edged one another for as long as they dared, until each was wild eyed and desperate for climax. This ensured that their first customers of the evening would find their paid-for pussies to be heated, soaking wet, and ready to leap into bed with any stiff cock they could find. Yes, the penile nub of the merest two-pump chump would seem like a girthy oasis in a desert of denial, once these sexy mares were finished teasing each other!

Squeals of female pleasure soon filled the steamy air of the dressing room, as four mares took their enjoyment without a stallion to be seen. Trixie and Moondancer had their magic, of course, and Tree Hugger’s talented tongue was in great demand. Derpy, who was still quite shy when it came to pleasuring other mares, preferred to lay on a nearby couch and stroked her own clit, trying to copy the firm touch she’d felt from her most memorable customer of the night before.

On days when Octavia arrived to work early, the exclusively sapphic cellist was known to contribute her own considerable skills to the writhing mass of mare-flesh. Even Cherry Jubilee herself was not above lending a hoof. Today, a quick glimpse inside the dressing room to see if her employees needed anything, and she was gripped by Trixie’s magic and drawn into the whirlpool of lesbian lust, both pleasuring and being pleasured in turn. Her skilled manipulations swiftly drove Trixie to a loud and frustrated peak even as the unicorn lapped at Cherry’s own dripping, human ready cunt. Yet just as Cherry’s passion verged on climax, she too was denied her release — by the loud pounding of a knock at the front door of the boarding house!

Cherry Jubilee forced her flagging tail downwards and ground her teeth as she trotted down the hall and towards the solid wooden door. No doubt this was the mayor’s husband again, convinced that the rules didn’t apply to him, and here to demand another before-hours blowjob! Why, Cherry had half a mind to tell Derpy to “accidentally” bite his dick!

Her mind steaming, the angry madam cracked open her door and peered outwards. “Sir, as you know, we open at 6 — oh, hello, John!” Cherry’s false smile quickly became genuine as she beheld the human male who’d ravished her the previous night. He was as tall as she remembered, and delightfully sweaty from a day of hard labour. Oh, she’d be a happy mare indeed, if only he’d let her work her muzzle between those firm plot cheeks and drink in his scent!

“No worries, ma’am, I’m just bringing my pay for the day.” John slipped his pay envelope to her through the crack in the door. “I wanted to hand it over as quick as I got it, so you wouldn’t think I was trying to cheat you. 6 o’clock, you said?”

“No, John, come in, please. Come up to my room, and let’s talk.” John touched his hat and followed the flustered madam inside, carefully shutting and locking the door behind him.

Cherry shook John’s unopened pay packet in her mouth as she climbed the wooden stairs, listening to the coins jingle. Why, there must be a good 30 bits in here! she thought. John’s footsteps sounded right behind her, and his gaze was certainly on her flank and her twitching tail. Indeed, as Cherry turned the door handle to her bedroom and cast a glance back at him, John cast his eyes away swiftly and shyly — the sure sign of a stallion caught eyeing his next juicy meal.

Cherry Jubilee dropped the pay packet on her freshly made bed and sat next to it, looking up at the tall biped who’d so easily conquered both her body and her dreams. “John, think about this. You cain’t give me all of your money. What will you eat?” She blushed and crossed her hind legs. “F-food, I mean.”

John scratched the back of his neck, seemingly embarrassed. “Some of the stallions at the mill said they’d share their lunches with me,” he explained. “They did make me promise to tell them all the juicy details — but that just means your girls may get a few more customers. Naturally, I won’t tell them what I get up to with you.

John sat down on Cherry’s bed, sending her fur bristling with the electricity of his closeness, and gently pushed the envelope back towards her. “Come on now, take it, please. I promised you 400 bits and I do hate to be in debt.” The human stud coughed awkwardly. “Besides which... I confess my thoughts haven’t strayed from your marehood all day. I hoped promptness on my part might convince you to get started a little early.”

“Hrm, very well, John,” Cherry agreed. “We can proceed with this plan of scrounging other ponies lunches, but if it seems as if you’re getting too skinny, I’ll be serving you a home cooked dinner myself. I can’t have you losing any of that human stamina.” She turned to moved the small fortune into her safe, then gasped as John’s hand took abrupt possession of her left plot cheek.

“Dinner, eh? I reckon it’s about that time...” Abruptly she felt the kiss of his lips on her nethers, and the warm thickness of his tongue travelling up her slit, savouring her taste.

“J-John, you mustn’t... eep!” Devoured by a fearsome human — what a fate! His mouth pressed gently into her, then his tongue travelled down to locate her large, winking clit. Tweaking and teasing, he made her writhe with every motion of his tongue, squeaking and moaning until all rationality seemed banished from her mareish mind.

“I always did enjoy doing this,” John whispered, “but most whores ain’t exactly fresh down there.” The human loudly smacked his lips. “Mmm, you are clean and delicious, and you really do taste like sweet cherries.”

“Unnnh! Oh, John!” Cherry Jubilee simply writhed with pleasure, her tongue lolling out and her head placed strangely within her open safe, resting on her minuscule pile of saved up bits. Trixie’s tongue was skilled beyond measure, not to mention the ministrations that her naughty magic always wrought on Cherry’s form, but tonight it seemed that the great and powerful unicorn had only been the warm-up act for John’s devoted devouring.

“John, John, please!” Cherry begged, her voice echoing from within her safe, unsure if she was asking him to stop or keep going. Horribly, he stopped! Yet... thankfully, only for a moment!

“Oh, I’m sorry, ma’am, didn’t mean to leave your little pucker up there all lonesome.” John adjusted his hat and then his tongue made its wonderful return. Its wet tip slipped past the fluttering ring of her ponut, heedless of the sweat and musk that had accumulated through her day of hard work. “Mmm, and there’s the sour cherries,” he groaned as he set again to work.

It was then that Cherry Jubilee truly learned what it meant to “eat that ass like groceries!” John gobbled her backside like none other, slurping noisily, swiping his tongue across the ridges of her ponut before pressing gently into the warm, throbbing tailhole.

Cherry Jubilee wanted nothing more than to climax under this tongue, over and over, wherever on her body John cared to place it. Yet with the full strength of her will power she rolled over onto her bed, struggling to cover with inadequate hooves any part of her that the human might wish to thrill with a touch or a kiss. “Please, John, I’m begging you, give an old mare a rest!” she squeaked.

John obediently ceased his eager rimming. The bristles of his cheeks caught delightfully against Cherry’s fur as he withdrew his face from her forbidden canyon. “Something wrong, ma’am?” he asked solicitously. “I’m sure you must have had better lovers, but I’m trying my best.”

“John, it ain’t that at all.” Cherry frantically fanned herself with a hoof to the rhythm of her pounding heart. “Why, Celestia knows I ain’t been this excited for yairs! But my girls are dressing directly below us. If we keep going like we are, they’re certain to hear, and they’ll know exactly what you’re doing to me.” Oh, dear, why was the thought so exciting?

“Well, why shouldn’t they know?” John asked, reaching once again for his lover’s extra large bum. “It’s no more than I’m about to do to them.

Cherry smiled coquettishly and wrestled her plot out of John’s needy hand. Her holes twitched for the return of his rampaging tongue, but she soothed her mane with a hoof and tried to look stern.

“John, there is a little thing called manners, which makes lovemaking all the more enjoyable. My girls may be whorses, but I am a lady. If you wish to seduce me, we will need to file off some of your rough edges first.”

John bit his lip and considered this. “Well, if it had to happen, I couldn’t ask for a nicer mare to civilize me,” he confessed.

“Oh, dear me, I don’t want you to be civilized.” Cherry tittered. “Come downstairs and let me teach you how to be dirty.”

Cherry closed her safe and trotted back down the wooden stairs, with John again following eagerly behind her swivelling rump. In the grand drawing room, she guided him into the large seat once reserved for herself. As he lifted his arms onto the hoofrests, his bulge stood out at her eye level, tempting her, distracting her.

Perhaps the human way of doing things was best, after all, Cherry mused. Simple, and direct. Why waste time with manners when there was a male to be serviced? Who would call for a prim and proper lady when a cock needed sucking? Duchesses and Princesses should step aside, and let a confident whorse handle the job!

Cherry leaned in to John’s lap and tenderly kissed his malehood hello through the thick canvas fabric, barely resisting the urge to rip off his trousers and throat him then and there. As John tensed up, Cherry climbed up upon his lap and leaned against his chest, taking deep breaths of the sweat that soaked his rough flannel shirt. Here she found the only thing that could distract her from John’s needy erection: his raw, mind melting ape stench!

Oh, how she moaned, the scent of him corroding her flimsy equine resistance as she scrubbed her needy slit up and down his girth. Cherry desperately hoped there were no mares working at the Ponyville Mill, as any such fortunate females would be debilitated by a state of constant arousal!

John moaned, too, deep and predatory. His naughty hands gently reached beneath her skirts and brushed her teats, turning already aroused pebbles into painful pinpricks of pleasure. Cherry struggled to control herself. As much as she wanted to throw caution to the winds, it just wouldn’t do to be fucked like a cheap slut in her place of business, within earshot of her employees!

“John... oh, John... please, listen to me! You must be on your best behaviour as I introduce you to the girls. As far as they’re concerned, I’m simply sitting flirtatiously in your lap, taking comfort in your broad and powerful arms.”

“Flirtatious, eh?” John enjoyed this thought enough to calm his roaming hands. He lifted his arms from beneath Cherry’s skirts and embraced her tenderly, setting her heart fluttering. “A fellow could get used to this, I reckon. But if I had one guess, I’d say the whole time we’re sitting here all cozy like, you aim to be be wearing a hole in my jeans with your marehood.” Even as he spoke, his shaft slipped between Cherry’s swollen mounds as her hips moved back and forth, graciously accepting a teatfuck from her as the price of his continued gentleness.

“I aim to please you better than that, John,” Cherry assured. “So much better. Yes, to all appearances, you will simply be flattering an old mare with chaste affection. Yet beneath the surface... well, billowy dresses may conceal scandalous secrets.”

Anticipating her wishes, John eagerly unzipped and extracted his pillar of pleasures. Finally, she could touch that meaty prize, flesh upon flesh! Cherry Jubilee sat down firmly on John’s lap and rubbed her lips against his sacred malehood, back and forth, feeling herself involuntarily (yet eagerly!) spread open for her own impending stuffing.

“Oh, dear... was it this large last night?” Beneath her arousal Cherry began to feel a bit apprehensive about her human’s endowments and appetites. “Why, you’re fit to split me in two!”

“Ain’t hurt a mare yet,” John grunted. This was small comfort, for John’s previous lover was the powerful Applejack! Yet the human’s hands on her flanks guided her gently into position and gave her confidence that she would survive this rutting, too. “Just sit yourself down, Miss Jubilee, nice and easy. My cock and your marehood are a perfect match, I reckon.”

So it might have seemed to the human, but Cherry Jubilee’s pussy had a different opinion: John was FAR too large, and deliciously so! She felt herself stretch as he spread her wide open. Length after girthy length slipped up into her, driving Cherry to the brink of pleasure, yet John still hadn’t technically completed his first thrust! Where a stallion would have bottomed out and come inside her immediately, her human was merely getting started.

By the time Cherry motioned that he should stop and let her catch her breath, John’s pulsating crown brushed the magical entrance to her recently fortified womb. Cherry Jubilee wasn’t merely penetrated — she’d been impaled! Yet several inches of human meat remained outside its rightful home, untouched save by Cherry’s continuously dribbling stream of arousal.

Cherry crossed her hind legs, tightening her cunt even more around the fleshy treasure half-buried inside, and wrapped her front legs around John’s powerful neck. John puckered his lips for a kiss but Cherry gently pressed a hoof against them, pushing him away. “A stallion should never kiss a whorse, John,” she admonished.

“I ain’t no stallion, Miss Jubilee,” John retorted. “And you ain’t no whorse, remember?”

“No, John, that was just play-talk,” Cherry admitted. “I’m your whorse, and powerful glad I am to be your whorse, but we ain’t nothing more than that. Let’s leave such wishes to our fantasies, shall we?”

“If you say so, ma’am,” John agreed reluctantly. “But if I had to pick one end of you, I reckon I’d rather have your kisser and your thinker than your round caboose and your tasty marehood.”

“Oh... oh, you sweet talker!” Yet Cherry was now wise to the human’s romantic gambits. Before John could take advantage of the sudden weakness in her limbs and the blush that blossomed down her neck, the madam hurriedly picked up a silver bell in a hoof and let its gentle pealing tinkle through the air of the quiet brothel.

Now four chattering whorses trotted out of their private dressing room, making last minute adjustments to their costumes and wiping each others’ lustful juices from their muzzles. John obediently kept his hands on the less suggestive parts of Cherry’s barrel as he eyed up the mares it would be his pleasure to bed this night... and each night hereafter!

The lovely yet unfortunate Derpy Hooves had seemed a bit haggard when John first met her the night before. Tonight, the single mother proudly led the herd, her eager eyes betraying a desire to go another round with the powerful human stud. Derpy’s mentor Trixie trotted close beside her, the unicorn’s magical aura even now smoothing the fabric of the older mare’s dress and reaching in to tease her nipples.

Tree Hugger followed behind at a slow, elegant pace. She was an earth pony, a common sight in Ponyville, yet her dreadlocks gave her an unusual appearance that sent John’s cock throbbing within Cherry Jubilee’s clenching depths. The green mare gently puffed on a ponyweed cigarette she held in a long, elegant holder.

“Hey there, human dude,” she rasped in greeting. “Ma’am,” John returned with a simple yet courteous nod. Tree Hugger’s gaze smouldered like an ember from her cigarette. By the end of the night, her eyes stated boldly, you will know me very well indeed!

The fourth and final whorse was a unicorn who dawdled behind the other three, hovering a spellbook before her and seemingly engrossed with her reading. Yet from the arcane drawing of a fat and spurting horsecock on the cover of her tome, John surmised the was not altogether uninterested in her job...

“Moondancer, lower that book and let John see your lovely face,” Cherry insisted. “She’s a bit shy, John, but quite skilled with her magic. Why, she’s made stallions blow without even touching them!”

“I believe it, ma’am,” John agreed. His dick twitched within his lover and spewed forth a veritable river of pre as he watched the face of Cherry’s youngest worker emerge from behind that thick book. Cherry stifled a moan as her insides were washed by the hot fluid of male desire, yet John’s eyes were fully on the lovely Moondancer. The nerdish unicorn featured a bratty pout and a cute button nose that would look just perfect beneath a thick cum facial. Her thick glasses would serve as the perfect eye protection, John thought, allowing her to get a close up look at the male passion she aroused. He resolved to decorate this studious gal’s face with fat ropes of seed, within the hour!

With the introductions made, Cherry Jubilee lay her head gently on John’s chest, fighting the urge to sniff his sweat. She carefully smoothed down her skirts so as not to reveal any hint of the carnal coitus beneath. “M-my good friend John is merely the first of many stallions to take advantage of our subscription plan,” she told her mares. “Ya’ll will show him the hospitality that sets the Cherry Hill Ranch above our competitors! You must — eep!”

For it was just then that John mischievously shifted his hips to the perfect angle for a FULL penetration! Cherry Jubilee felt the human’s cock-head pry her cervix open and slip the last several inches into her womb. “Unnnfff...” she groaned, her lecture interrupted.

“Are you like, all right, cherry lady?” asked Tree Hugger with concern.

“I-I’m fine!” Even as her passion swelled, Cherry Jubilee was determined to maintain appearances. “I’m merely concerned for your health! For you girls must know that John is no one-and-done stallion. This mighty master of mares is a virile beast, who claims his chosen females all night long!”

“He made me cum twice last night!” Derpy announced cheerfully.

“Did you now? Just wish I’d been awake to enjoy it, ma’am,” John chuckled.

Cherry Jubilee strained to retain her composure as John’s dick pulsed fully inside her, stretching her and coating her womb with precum. After a good night’s rest and a day of hard work, it seemed the monster was back, and in full form. Last night, taming John’s cock had been a task for Applejack herself, with Cherry merely subduing the serpent in its weakened state. Tonight, after Trixie’s teasing and John’s oral service... after the vast lungfuls of John’s sweat and musk... after feeling every inch of him slip oh so deep inside her... and finally, after feeling him once again breach her very womb... Cherry just couldn’t help herself!

“Oh, oh my! He’s so masculine that I fear I’m quite overcome with the vapours!” All the poor mare could do was to think of the flimsiest excuse and blurt it out as her passion finally peaked. “Annngh! Ungh! Oh, John! Your gentility does affect a lady so!”

The four whorses glanced dubiously at each other as their madam cried out with what sounded suspiciously like a sexual climax. Each was quite familiar with such sounds, both genuine and faked, and there was unanimous if silent agreement among the ladies that Cherry’s pleasure was quite real!

As the choir of angel-ponies faded, and the staring mares before her came back into focus, Cherry Jubilee blushed mightily and playfully slapped her human lover on the wither. “Goodness, John, how you make a mare lose control!” She giggled. “Why, I nearly asked you to kiss me!”

John smirked as he surveyed the four embarrassed mares standing before them, their eyes wide with wonderment. On occasion they’d seen their employer take a stallion to bed, whether for business or pleasure. Yet in their memory, no male had affected her like this!

“I reckon they all know what we’re doing, Miss Jubilee,” John’s voice rumbled. “You might as well do it properly.”

Cherry blushed deeply as she realized the line she’d crossed. “G-girls, I have a confession to make...” she stuttered. “Even as we speak, John is making love to me.”

“Whoa...” murmured Tree Hugger.

“No shit,” muttered Trixie.

“He’s ever so powerful... I couldn’t resist... I’m so sorry for letting you down.”

“Eh?” asked Moondancer. “Letting us down? Who says we care who fucks you?”

“Yeah, if you want to hump some ape dick, it’s all cool,” Tree Hugger shrugged sympathetically. “You do you, cherry lady.”

“I-I thought I was strong,” Cherry Jubilee confessed. “I thought I didn’t need a stallion... but I need John! I need human cock!”

“Why don’t you show them what human cock has done to you,” John commanded gently in his deep voice that had instantly mastered so many equines before her. “Ride me, little pony.”

“Y-yes, John, at once.” How could Cherry Jubilee even think of resisting the voice that had tamed the huge and powerful horses of Earth? Standing shakily upon John’s lap, she began to bounce her plot up and down on the shaft behind her, gaining leverage from her front hooves firmly planted atop John’s muscular legs. That first grunt of joy from the human’s lips was sweet to Cherry’s ears. He owned her, without question, yet Cherry could control him somewhat, if only by choosing how his pleasure would unfold.

Up and down moved that overstuffed, wobbling earth pony mare-plot. In and out, young prick filled and emptied a mature and needy body. Cherry Jubilee’s smile became a wide and uninhibited grin. She felt like a Princess, with John’s lap as her solid, powerful throne. She felt like a pet, with his musk as her leash and his cock within her as her favourite toy. She felt like a lady, a wife, a whorse, and a cocksleeve. In short, John made Cherry feel like a mare once again.

“He certainly seems to be enjoying it...” Moondancer pointed out as John’s eyes rolled back in his head.

“He ought to be!” Trixie huffed. “She’s doing all the work!”

“I wonder if humans are, like, as hung as they say?” Tree Hugger wanted to know.

“Oh, he’s huge!” Derpy assured. “I almost felt pregnant again, just having him inside me!” The well stacked mother wriggled at the memory, her pudgy plot and teats wobbling deliciously.

“Hrm, that reminds me... you’ve taken your potion today, I take it?” John whispered in Cherry’s ear.

“Y-yes, John, I’m ready for your seed,” the once dignified cumdumpster responded obediently. “As Celestia is my witness, I’ll never ask you to pull out again.”

John’s hand firmly gripped Cherry’s chubby horse ass as it plapped up and down on his lap. “Good, cause this marehood is mine, and it’s gonna take whatever I care to give it.” Yet at that very moment, when his command of Cherry Jubilee seemed to be at his zenith, he grunted, his hand waivered, and he moaned with satisfaction as he unleashed a flood of warm sperm inside her. “Oh, gosh, oh, fuck, Miss Jubilee, your marehood!

Cherry was quite overcome as well! “Oh mah... oh mah stars... by the Two Sisters, I do declare!” She came along with her lover as she felt herself creampied for the first time in what seemed like years. As John’s passion faded, he sat back in Cherry’s large seat with a most delightful smile of satisfaction, smiling and playing with a curl of Cherry’s dishevelled red mane.

I’ve pleased him! Cherry thought to herself. No, I’ve seduced him! Last night wasn’t a one time thing — he wants me to make him mine!

But no, I cain’t! What am I thinking? He’ll just break my heart, like all the others! Cherry put a melodramatic hoof to her forehead as she bemoaned her bad luck when it came to love. Oh, why, why am I like this? Why cain’t I appreciate a good cock when it comes along? Why must I always turn my thoughts to love, and marriage, and...

“Miss Jubilee, can I clean you up?” asked Moondancer eagerly, licking her lips at the sight of the copious fluids dripping from Cherry and John’s joined crotches onto the fabric of the large chair.

Her spiral of shame interrupted, Cherry Jubilee took a moment to calm herself. Once more she thought of her business and her employees. “I believe it would be more educational for Derpy to take a turn,” she stated haughtily, fixing her glance upon upon the novice among her stable of whorses. “You need to learn how to eat pussy, young lady.”

“Oh, OK...” the ditzy pegasus stated nervously. “I-I guess it’s not so weird, if it’s full of John’s yummy cum!”

John had never truly gone limp inside her, but he swelled again at the thought of a mare tenderly licking his seed from a cunt he’d ruined. Cherry wanted nothing more than to keep the human for herself and ride him to a second creampie, but she was determined not to give him the satisfaction — it would only make her heart hurt worse when she had to say goodbye to her lover. Yes, the more often John fucked the younger, hotter mares at the Cherry Hill Ranch, the less emotional attachment he would feel to its plain, middle aged owner.

All business now, Cherry Jubilee raised an imperious hoof and issued orders to the two whorses John had yet to sample. “Tree Hugger, you will kindly escort John to your bedroom. Moondancer, you follow along as well. Not to be crass, but I need this beast sated by the time your usual customers arrive.”

“Like, for sure, Miss Jubilee,” Tree Hugger agreed.

Stepping up to the chair, Moondancer gripped John’s balls in her magic and began to experimentally squeeze the vast orbs, attempting to learn the ways of his pleasure. But John ignored the sexy provocation, preferring to focus on stroking Cherry Jubilee’s sensitive ear. It seemed the human wasn’t quite done with his chosen lover, after all...

“Before I go fuck and your girls, Miss Jubilee,” John whispered in the older mare’s ear. “I reckon I’d like some of that marefriend experience from the lady of the house.”

Cherry’s heart leapt and sunk in the same breath. “B-but I ain’t really your marefriend, John,” she reminded him, trying but failing to turn her head away from his hungry eyes.

John clucked his tongue with disappointment. “That ain’t what a marefriend would say, Miss Jubilee. I reckon Applejack’s a bit better at this than you are.”

Cherry Jubilee’s lips instinctively puckered as she was reminded of her rivalry with Applejack, Ponyville’s top pussy vendor. “J-John, if I kiss you, I cain’t be responsible for what—”

“Oh, you silly little whorse.” John firmly cupped the back of her head in his hand, pulled her to him and kissed her, forcefully. His spent dick throbbed inside her as his lips claimed hers. He moaned, deep in his powerful chest, and his grip became even tighter as human and pony tongues met and entwined for the very first time.

At that moment the barricades Cherry Jubilee had built around her tender, injured heart gave way. She was in love! In love with a creature from another world! With a male hardly half her age! It was all so wrong... yet nothing had ever felt so right!

All too soon, John’s lips were wrenched from hers. Cherry gazed up at her ape lover, her eyes needy and desperate. “P-please, John, I understand now,” she stammered. “If you kiss me again I’ll give you the marefriend experience. I’ll give you the very best...”

“Maybe later, Miss Jubilee,” John teased. “I got a few other mares to fuck before I come back to you.” He carefully lifted her off his cock, nearly setting off another climax in her overloaded brain, and gently set her down on her chair as he stood to claim the whorses he’d paid for.

Cherry Jubilee lay half comatose as Derpy tentatively began to lick the leaking white goo that drooled from between her thighs. As flicks of lesbian pleasure shot through her well slurped clit, the mare who’d once dismissed the possibility of true love now cooed with its tardy blossoming. Yet even as Cherry dreamed of bedding and wedding John, taking him for her own, she dimly heard Tree Hugger and Moondancer beginning their own seduction of the studly human...

“Say, human dude, have you ever like, put it in a mare’s butt?”

“A mare’s butt, eh?” John stroked his whiskery chin with one hand even as his other began to prod between the green hills of the earth pony’s fit, enormous donk. “You mean right down in here?”

“Our customers love it!” Moondancer added. “It’s one of my most popular orifices!”

John chuckled as the three of them walked towards a bedroom and the shape of his evening came into view. “Can’t say as I’ve ever had the pleasure of filling a mare’s backside, ladies, but there was this one French girl down in Missoula...”

The Apple Family Challenge, Round 1: Apple Bloom

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Within days, Cherry Jubilee had dropped all pretense and lowered every defence. She considered herself John’s marefriend in all but name. Her pussy was wet and ready for him the instant he walked up the front steps of the Cherry Hill Ranch. Before the brothel officially opened, she was climbing onto his lap and riding his meat as she fed him a home cooked dinner. By the time the meal was concluded he’d be sitting back helplessly in his chair, arms limp at his sides, moaning as fat earth pony plot cheeks kneaded his lap, spraying a pent up load directly into Cherry’s eager (if still potion protected) womb.

Late at night John would fall asleep atop her, utterly exhausted from a night of lust, his ravaging cock bloating her pussy or plothole as her well trained muscles worked him off to a final fat cumblast. When morning dawned and roosters crowed, Cherry would kneel beneath the dining table and suck an overnight load from John’s balls as he enjoyed a hearty breakfast, cooked with love and plenty of that earth pony magic.

With a salty pool of human semen in her belly, Cherry felt invigorated and ready to tackle another day. Meanwhile, John walked happily off to work at the mill, with a lipstick stained cock and a thoroughly rimmed out asshole. He knew that every bit he earned that day would end up in Cherry Jubilee’s bedroom safe, and every drop of sweat that sprung from his toned body would find its place on Cherry’s happy tongue.

It was only in between these pleasures that Cherry permitted her human stud to enjoy his “subscription” to the other mares who worked at the Cherry Hill Ranch. Still, John got his money’s worth, fucking all four of Cherry’s girls at least once a night and wringing massive maregasms from even the most experienced whorse. (That would be Trixie.)

Before too long, no mare in Cherry’s employment considered a night’s duty complete until John had claimed all three of her eager cockpockets — preferably firing a creamy gift deep into each! After hours of heavenly practice, Derpy mastered the art of deepthroating John’s musky human prick, leaving her yellow lipstick rings to mingle with the 4 other colours at the base of his mare-tamer. Her anal training proceeded apace until the clumsy pegasus lay on the bed alongside her brothel sisters as a moaning buttslut, eagerly lifting her tail for the fleshy spear she’d once feared would rip her bum apart.

Fortunately, during such heated sessions the considerate John handled each rump with care. He lubricated all 5 of his purchased ponuts with fingers and tongue, then eyed the buffet of flexing, hungry tailholes before him as their owners begged for his attention. One by one, he’d press his rounded flare into each mare’s eager depths, carefully sodomizing each of his whorses with balls deep thrusts before finally spending himself deep in Cherry’s hungry guts.

As steadily as John’s sperm accumulated in Cherry Jubilee’s eager mareholes, so did his pay packets pile up in her safe, one by one, until the agreed upon monthly total of 400 bits was met. John’s decision — or rather, Cherry’s decision — to rehouse him in her bedroom meant that the human no longer needed to rent a room at Ponyville’s more legitimate boarding house. Of course, “saving money” was a foreign concept to this generous male. The bits John saved by moving out of that flea-trap were dropped right into Derpy’s meagre saddlebag, to be spent on treats and school supplies for her foal.

All in all, John the human seemed made for three things: earning bits through sweaty, muscle building labour, spending those bits on deserving mares — then tossing those mares onto the nearest bed and fucking them within an inch of their life. Truly, he was the ideal male!

Yet all was not well in this peaceful world of frilly dresses and cock craving ponies. Over at Sweet Apple Acres, the nights had become long and lonely, and the lovely Applejack puzzled over the question of why John had stopped paying his regular visits. Each evening, the Element of Honesty dressed in her finest gown and waited by the window all night long (in between being taken to bed and plowed by customer after horny customer, of course.) Yet John the human, once so polite and punctual, never showed up to have his balls drained, not even once!

After some time the news came to Applejack from Ponyville: not only had her old rival Cherry Jubilee given John the run of her whorsehouse, but Cherry was personally serving his meals, cuddlefucking him in her own bed, even kneeling behind him each morning and tonguing his taint like a good little wifey!

Clearly, John was too much stallion to be satisfied by a single mare, even one as powerful as Applejack. For hours the beautiful blonde paced back and forth in her bedroom, deep in thought. She stopped only to blow an occasional stallion, swallow his load and collect his bits. She had to win back her most reliable (and enjoyable) customer... but how?

Fortunately, a recent family milestone showed the way forward. As her 14th “gentlestallion caller” of the night cried out with passion and gushed a huge pent up load down her throat, Applejack pounded her front hooves together, her mind made up and her usual stubbornness seeing no way forward except utter success. It would take the entire Apple family working together, but Applejack was confident that John — and his steady stream of bits — would once again find a welcoming home at Sweet Apple Acres.

Meanwhile, back in Ponyville, the last drops had been tapped from the fateful cider barrel which John had carried for Cherry Jubilee on the night they first met. Though her customers demanded fresh cider incessantly, buying it from the Apples had always represented for Cherry a tiring and humiliating ordeal. Fortunately, John eagerly offered to pick up the new barrel in her stead and carry it back to the Cherry Hill Ranch.

No doubt the kindly John would have agreed to run this errand even without the double unicorn magicjob Cherry had used to “convince” him, but the savvy madam understood the importance of keeping one’s male happy and obedient. Just to be extra convincing, she made out with the studly human while Trixie and Moondancer worked on his bottom half, using forbidden spells to wrack his sturdy yet unsophisticated body with the most excruciating pleasures.

For over an hour, Trixie’s well used bed became the sight of a most erotic torture. Standing over his prone form, Cherry blessed John with tender first-date kisses, even as unicorn mouths and magical auras explored the vast length and rugged veins of his immortal stallionhood. The two skilled mages used John as their experimental subject, twisting his cock through endless portals of warmth and wet, only to numb him and keep him on edge with the icy touch of dark magic. Pinned down, unable to cum, encased in a seeming tomb of ecstasy, John could only writhe and moan into Cherry Jubilee’s mouth.

Finally, at a nod from Cherry, Trixie and Moondancer showed mercy, pulling John over the edge and allowing him to blast an ocean of sperm through their magical auras. Needless to say, the poor human was left writhing and moaning, putty in Cherry’s hooves as he felt an orgasm stronger — and more copious — than any he’d experienced before.

As the two talented unicorns shared their hard extracted cumshot with their hungry boss, John begged to spend the rest of the evening licking the three mares’ pussies and assholes in repayment for the incredible sex they’d just shown him. Though the girls thoroughly enjoyed this proposition, Cherry firmly put her hoof down. Pussy licking was all very well (and asshole licking was even better!) but she had other plans for her stud.

“If you’re in a giving mood, John,” she whispered sweetly, “Perhaps you might trot off to Sweet Apple Acres and fetch me another barrel of cider. 50 bits is the cost, and I hope you won’t mind covering it. Oh, you will? I’m ever so grateful. Off you go, now.”

One final kiss was all it took to get the seemingly haggard male off of the bed, pulling on his jeans and making his way through the drawing room. In his post-orgasmic state, the satisfied stud was utterly suggestible, unable to resist Cherry’s slightest request!

Oh, stallions... Cherry thought to herself with a smile. So easy to command, once you have them by the balls!

The scheming madam waved a cheerful goodbye to John as he staggered down the road to Sweet Apple Acres, then put her hooves around Trixie and Moondancer and escorted them up to her bedroom for a lesbian tryst. After such a performance, the two unicorn’s sex magic was utterly drained, and the firm touch of an earth pony mare was just what they needed to recharge it!

Of course, John’s mission was not without its risks. Cherry Jubilee certainly suspected that Applejack would take the meeting as an opportunity to seduce John back into her stable. But as her two unicorn whorses lay back on her bed and eagerly spread for her, she pushed such thoughts to the back of her head, preferring to fondle Trixie’s teats and lap Moondancer’s juices from her sticky thighs.

Cherry Jubilee knew that even a male can stay focused on a task, if his nuts have been recently emptied. Thanks to the unicorn sluts who now writhed beneath her tongue, those fat human seed-tanks were officially dry. Applejack was welcome to try and win John back, but after the magical draining he’d just undergone, the farmpony would be lucky to get so much as a semi out of the human stud she’d once treated so lightly!

So Cherry Jubilee thought, yet she underestimated just how insistent the Apple family could be...

At the end of the dusty trail it was Applejack herself who greeted John, standing at the door to the farmhouse where the two had found so much pleasurable companionship. She wore her most daring dress, its deep cut neckline allowing her chest floof to puff out rudely in dusk’s light. “Howdy, stranger,” she murmured flirtatiously, placing a freshly hooficured foot on John’s leg.

As he walked the trail, John had mused on his abrupt departure from Sweet Apple Acres, and begun to worry that he’d offended Applejack. Yet on seeing him again, she was all smiles and batted eyelashes. Her sinful body and coy smile hinted that the human who pleased her would be treated well indeed — but the muscle behind that touch declared that the man who made her cross, might find himself bucked halfway to the moon!

“G-good evening, Applejack.” John tipped his hat somewhat awkwardly. He was fully aware that for two weeks now he hadn’t giving this imposing pony-lady what she needed — his bits — or wanted — his cock! “Just dropping by for a barrel of cider. If I could talk to Big Mac about it, I’ll get out of ya’lls mane right quick.”

Applejack shook her head fiercely. “Ya missed Apple Bloom’s birthday last week,” she accused the tall, strong human. “She was real disappointed.”

“Oh, gosh.” John wrinkled his brow. “I’m awful sorry about that, AJ, but I didn’t get no invitation.”

“Sent it right ta yer boardin’ house,” Applejack sniffed. The fleshy pearl of her clit winked out secretly as she took in John’s scent, and a thick dollop of juices sprayed from her heated marehood, soaking her scandalously short petticoat. “Quite a few fellers from there was able ta find the time, so I know it weren’t no problem with the mail.”

John scratched his head. “Erm, the thing is, AJ, I ain’t exactly living at the boarding house these days.”

“Found another bed, eh?” Applejack nodded, her suspicions were confirmed, but she managed to smile invitingly to her straying stud. After all, the power of family would soon set him right! “Tain’t no worry, come in an’ try some o’ AB’s birthday cake. We got a bit left over.”

“Hell, you ponies and your tempting cakes,” John chuckled. “Alright, I reckon it can’t hurt to sit a spell before I head back with the cider.”

Brought into the cozy interior of the farmhouse, John sat at the largest of the many chairs surrounding the Apples’ dining room table, and stretched his legs as Applejack bustled in the kitchen. The human couldn’t help but wonder why young Apple Bloom had taken such an interest in him. Once or twice John had glimpsed her around the farm, helping Big Mac with the family’s less sexy and more apple focused business. More often, though, he saw her about town, helping foals find their cutie marks and causing trouble with her rowdy friends. All in all, John had never paid Apple Bloom much mind, and he was supremely puzzled by why she would care to invite him to a party, much less be disappointed when he failed to show up.

Perhaps it was the exotic enjoyment of spending time with an otherworldly creature. John had seen how easy it was for a human to live as a social parasite among the perfumed ponies of Canterlot. Flitting from one fancy party to another, never lifting a finger except to raise a glass, and avoiding all true emotional connection with the strange yet friendly creatures of Equestria. Upon arriving from Earth, John had taken one look at such frippery and boarded the first train to Ponyville — a place where folks were hard working, honest, and real!

Before too long Apple Bloom herself trotted in from the kitchen, holding a small yet highly decorated china plate in her mouth, on which could be found a large slice of apple cinnamon sheet cake. John could smell the mouthwatering scent from here, his simple cowboy tastes aroused by the pile of freshly whipped cream atop the confection — the surest sign that rough camp cooking had been set aside for the pleasures of civilization!

Apple Bloom’s eyes beamed with youthful energy, and the bow atop her mane was just as big and red as ever. Yet something subtle seemed to have changed in the birthday girl’s demeanour. She seemed larger... and rounder, somehow? Was this the peril of eating too much of the always delicious Equestrian cake? Still, with the amount of bedroom “exercise” he’d been getting, John supposed it couldn’t hurt to indulge, just this once...

“Serve our guest,” Applejack instructed, trotting in behind her sister and shucking a red gingham apron. Apple Bloom cheerfully set the plate on the family dinner table and nodded cheerfully at it. “Here you are, Mr. John!” she cheered.

“Why, thank you, little miss,” John stated politely. He reached for the fork at his place setting, only to be startled as Apple Bloom hopped onto the table herself and picked up the utensil in her own mouth. Skilfully scooping up a wedge of cake and cream, she leaned over and offered the laden fork to John.

After a confused glance at Applejack, John opened up and took in the bite of cake, allowing the heavenly morsel to tickle his taste buds. The smooth cream frosting tamed the heat of the exotic spice blend, and the sweetness of apple and brown sugar tied the whole thing together. John found himself relaxing somewhat, the awkward situation of Apple Bloom’s unending stare giving way to the wholesome togetherness of family.

Again and again, Apple Bloom took forkfuls of cake upon the tines of her gleaming fork and fed the sweet treat to her tardy party guest. “To be honest, AJ, I’d think you wouldn’t want me having anything to do with your sister,” John mused between bites. “After all, she’s just an innocent filly. She oughta be out skinning her knees and getting into trouble — not, erm... you know, with stallions and whatnot.”

Applejack shook her head firmly. “Apple Bloom ain’t a filly no more, John — ya missed her 18th birthday.”

“Golly! 18, eh? As I said, very sorry for missing the festivities.” Most awkwardly John cleared his throat. The rich taste of apples and cinnamon was warming both body and soul... and seemed to be having a distressing effect on the not-so-little friend he kept in his trousers! This was unbelievable, considering the sexual wringer John Junior had been put through not one hour before. In all his experience, the human had never dreamed he could feel so empty and drained as he had in Trixie’s bed... but all it took was a few minutes of conversation with the lovely Applejack, and his naughty mare-rouser was raring to go once more!

“I said, her 18th birthday, John,” Applejack repeated, seemingly stuck on what to John was a meaningless number. The human merely shrugged appreciatively. Back on Earth, a horse that reached its 18th birthday would be an elderly specimen indeed!

John casually covered his ever tightening crotch with his cowboy hat, and nodded at the young mare who was firmly pressing yet another forkful of cake between his lips. “Many happy returns, Apple Bloom. Now, AJ, why don’t you send your sister out, then come and sit on my lap like old times? I-I seem to be having a ‘problem’ that only you can help me with.”

Applejack shook her head firmly. “I don’t think ya understand tha importance o’ the 18th birthday in Equestrian society, John. Apple Bloom is a mare now, with a mare’s rights, an’ a mare’s needs. Needs that you ain’t been meetin’.”

“S-say, what’s in this cake?” John stuttered. As the exotic spice of the moist cake sent fire into his veins, something beneath his hat (a very LARGE something!) abruptly twitched and knocked it off his lap and onto the floor.

Applejack merely moved her whispering lips closer to John’s human ear. “Ya really shoulda been here fer the party, John,” she sighed with faux disappointment. The smirk on her face matched the look of hungry anticipation that played across Apple Bloom’s muzzle as she moved in with another load of sweets for John’s reluctantly opened mouth. “We invited over all mah regular customers, they each ate a big slice o’ cake, an’ they introduced Apple Bloom ta the family business.”

“The — ya mean, she —” John gulped down his latest mouthful of cake as nervous sweat began to drip down his neck... just in time for a grateful Applejack to lick it all away, moaning sensuously with every taste of the salty human nectar. Oh, how she’d missed this exotic delight!

“Mah sister was very grateful for all the presents the fellers brought ’er,” she whispered in John’s ear, tickling his sensitive hairs with her breath. “Big, stiff, stallion-stinky presents. Oh, she just couldn’t wait ta play with all her new toys. Ain’t that right, Apple Bloom?”

“Hmm-hmm!” Apple Bloom set the metal fork down on the fine Apple family china, having found a more enjoyable use for her mouth. Leaning down from the table onto the chair below, she ran her muzzle up and down the bulge she was now old enough to appreciate, kissing and licking it through the rough canvas of John’s jeans.

“Now, mah sister’s virginity is reserved for a very wealthy stallion I ain’t gonna name,” Applejack cautioned, “so I can’t promise ya no action at her back half. But I think ya’ll will be not disappointed at what we have in store for ya tonight.”

John practically squealed as the filly-turned-mare snuffled up the length of his cock, taking great gusts of his scent into her eager nostrils — not to mention a leftover whiff of Trixie’s and Moondancer’s perfumes. Weakly he tried to protest Apple Bloom’s newfound interest in human penis. “AJ, she’s... she’s undoing my belt!”

Applejack only nodded. “Don’t help ’er, she’s gotta learn this fer herself: how ta strip an’ service a stallion. It’s a vital farm task, specially round these parts.”

Belt, button, zipper... none of these human inventions were an obstacle to Apple Bloom’s talented mouth and tongue. John’s cock was now at a full rigidity beneath the fabric that constrained him. His time at the Cherry Hill Ranch was a distant memory, and it felt as if Trixie and Moondancer had cruelly blueballed him instead of giving him the magicjob of a lifetime. Every touch of Apple Bloom’s muzzle made his man-flesh twitch, tempting him to toss her onto her back, rip away the virginity she’d promised to some rich plutocrat, and make her fully a mare!

As for Apple Bloom, she was grateful that the pending sale of her maidenhead kept her pussy safe from the meaty “gift” she was unwrapping. The bulge running down John’s leg was nearly twice the length and girth of the average stallionhood! She’d definitely need to work her way up to this one... but she knew she’d scream as loud as Applejack did, once he finally hilted inside her!

Applejack glared at John’s twitching hands, sensing that the helpless human was on the verge of ruining a pleasant evening, whether by pushing Apple Bloom away or pinning her beneath him. Before he could do either, she leaned forward and deployed her secret weapon — her firm, soft pony lips! Pressing them against John’s own, she began a lover’s kiss, staining his mouth with her red lipstick, slipping her powerful tongue between John’s tonsils and giving him the very concentrated essence of the “marefriend experience” every stallion craved.

Perhaps not every human could be tamed by such a kiss, but John was a hopeless romantic! He instantly ceased his struggles, allowing Apple Bloom to grip his waistband between her teeth, letting her work her will as Applejack soothed him with her all conquering kiss. Nothing existed for John in that moment save the heavenly touch of Applejack’s lips, the straw colour of her mane and the deep green of her eyes! John’s lonely heart leapt with joy, for such a passionate kiss could only mean one thing!

With a loud *muah!* human and pony lips finally parted, letting John gasp for breath. “A-Applejack, I never knew you felt this way!” he blurted out, gently caressing his lover’s ear. Tiny red hearts of love were forming in his eyes... or were they apples?

“I don’t,” Applejack informed bluntly, “but it’s fun ta pretend, ain’t it?” She patted John’s cheek with a freshly hooficured foot, subtly pushing him away. “Now, we’s making some changes here at Sweet Apple Acres. Fer starters, the charge is now 20 bits a night.”

“I git 5!” Apple Bloom chirped cheerfully, tugging John’s trousers down with her teeth.

“Oh, oh, gosh...” John sputtered and shuddered in his chair, overcome by the intensity of this family’s sexual power, and the near certain knowledge that there were NO feelings on Applejack’s side whatsoever! “Y-you two really know how to give a feller his money’s worth... you sure there ain’t nothing between us, AJ? I’d swear, that kiss...”

Applejack scoffed gently. “John, if I fell fer every handsome stud who made me squirt by the bucket, I’d never stop marryin’ long enough ta enjoy mah honeymoon. Now, let’s simmer down an’ get ta the fun part o’ the evenin’, eh?”

“I almost... I got it, sis!” Apple Bloom’s teeth lost their grip as John’s vast and well exercised meat finally slipped from his undergarments to prance upwards and bounce against her muzzle. “Whoa, big...” she gasped out.

“Mmm, there’s mah true love,” Applejack murmured, licking her lips. Her backside twitched at the memory of what that cock could, and would, do to her! “Golly, he looks lonely, like he ain’t been properly seen to in weeks.” Moving in close to her human hunk, Applejack’s voice dropped to a whisper. “Now, John, ya gonna give Apple Bloom her birthday present or not?”

“I-I reckon it’d be downright rude to refuse,” John agreed. The massive nut he’d just busted into a magical inter-dimensional fleshlight was utterly forgotten. Whether it was the stimulating cake, the rude sensuality of the Apple family, his famous human stamina, or the simple fact that the author had to keep the story moving along, John’s dick seemed stiffer than he’d EVER felt before. The swelling head of his shaft bounced like a meaty drumstick against Apple Bloom’s muzzle, and his balls churned with fresh seed as if he was riding into town after months on the trail!

“He smells so good, AJ,” Apple Bloom breathed. Her tongue thrilled to its first taste of human flesh, and she lapped at the dewy pearls that dribbled from John’s yawning cumslit. “Mmm, an’ he tastes like salty honey...”

“Yew just enjoy yerself, sis,” Applejack smiled agreeably. “Human cocks were brought ta Equestria fer the pleasure o’ mares. Why, even the Princesses like ta indulge, I hear.”

Having mastered the intricacies of John’s belt and zipper, Apple Bloom set her talented earth pony mouth to work on another mysterious piece of human equipment. She stretched her jaw to get John’s glans into her muzzle, and began to suck away hungrily, bobbing her head up and down to wrap her lips around the crown. Her hoof flew to her crotch, and she eagerly rubbed herself on her family’s very dinner table, as an outlet for the excitement that bubbled up within her from her first taste of ape dick.

Now, John was a simple man... when a woman wanted to suck his cock, he graciously allowed her! He sat back in the chair, dipped a finger into the last remnants of that soul stirring apple cake, and idly scooped up a smidgen of cream — all while enjoying Apple Bloom’s best attempt to pull a load of “cream” right back out of him!

Abruptly Applejack did a double take as she watched her sister sip from the fleshy pipe at John’s crotch. “Say, Apple Bloom, where’s yer whorsin’ lipstick?” she inquired.

Apple Bloom simply grunted with annoyance and stretched her wet, yet unadorned lips further down John’s meaty shaft, trying to hook her customer on the feel of her mouth before the uptight Applejack could put a stop to their fun.

“Dagnabbit, AB, ya need ta take this serious!” Applejack huffed. “Yew know stallions like a mare ta wear lipstick when she goes down. Them slutty red rings on the shaft is the Sweet Apple Acres symbol o’ quality! How else they gonna prove ta the wife they didn’t blow their pay on liquor an’ cupcakes?”

“It’s quite all right, Miss Applejack,” John assured. “Ain’t got no wife to convince, and I’d be a mite disappointed right now if Apple Bloom had to stop tasting on me... whatever the reason.”

Applejack’s side eye now turned to John, for this was the first time he’d ever been less than totally accommodating to her way of doing things. With a whole whorsehouse of lesser mares at his disposal, had this so called stud grown too big for his britches?

Naw, Applejack decided... John was simply the sort of easygoing stallion who went along with whichever mare was currently fastened onto his cock! For weeks, that fortunate mare had been Cherry Jubilee. At the moment, it happened to be Apple Bloom. Later tonight, Applejack would be showing him how a true whorse operates, and winning his custom back for good!

Apple Bloom frantically clopped herself as she struggled to wedge her jaw around the hoof sized head of John’s ape dick, slurping and sighing as blobs of delicious fluid leaked from the tip. The inexperienced mare was determined to one day give Applejack a run for her money as Ponyville’s top blowjob artist, and she knew the only way to reach that summit was hard work, on hard cocks!

The many throbbing “candles” Apple Bloom had “blown out” at her birthday party had proved merely a taste of what was to come for the orally fixated mare. Wherever she went around Ponyville, it seemed that kindly stallions now beckoned her behind counters and into alleyways, unsheathing musky and meaty treats for her to snack on. After lightening their balls and lifting their spirits, Apple Bloom inevitably found the grateful males dropping shiny bits into her saddlebag, donations which were gratefully accepted. And then there were the fringe benefits — Apple Bloom wouldn’t be paying full price for quills or sofas anytime soon!

Yet to truly show her love of fat floppy horsedong, Apple Bloom knew she’d need to learn to deepthroat her customers, just as big sister did. For several days now, she’d been challenging herself to reach at least as far as the medial ring, on every cock that went into her mouth. This was a lot of cocks, and by now Apple Bloom could nearly always touch her outstretched tongue against that fleshy milestone. But there wasn’t a medial ring to be found on John’s huge tummy-tickler — for humans, it seemed, a blowjob was all or nothing!

Here goes... Apple Bloom thought to herself. Next stop, chin to the balls! Standing straight atop the dinner table she took a deep breath, addling her already woozy brain on the scent of John’s musk. She relaxed her jaw, let her throat go limp, and drove her head downwards onto that stallwart pillar...

... only to recoil with a sudden *GLURK!* This monstrous sausage was just too fat to squeeze down her throat! Yet Applejack had surely swallowed John to the base on her first attempt — it was hopeless! Apple Bloom would never be as good at sucking dick as her overachieving sister!

Applejack tsked gently and put a soothing hoof on Apple Bloom’s mane, encouraging her to keep trying. “She’s still learnin’,” the kindly mare explained to John, “an’ yer tree-trunk is on a whole ‘nother level, so be patient with ’er.”

“You’re doing just fine, Apple Bloom,” John encouraged. “The tip is the most sensitive bit, anyways. Why don’t you just suck on that for a while? I reckon you’ll get me off in a jiffy.”

Apple Bloom pulled up from John’s cock and wiped the sticky strings of spit off her muzzle, grinning at the human. “Why, o’ course, sir!” she drawled, her happy mood restored. “We at Sweet Apple Acres aim ta please!” The eager cocksucker then opened wide, dipped her neck and mouthed John’s prick again, slurping HARD on his mushroom crown and probing his wet slit with her eagerly tasting tongue. Even if she couldn’t yet throat John, he loved what she was doing to her, and she was determined to show him the time of his life!

“That’s the spirit!” Applejack beamed at her sister as John groaned beneath Apple Bloom’s frantic mouth work. “Ya gotta listen ta the customer, give ’im what he wants... an’ then give ’im a lil’ bit more, if ya know what I mean, eh, Apple Bloom?”

At this less than subtle prompting, Apple Bloom dropped to her knees on the dinner table and reached her soft and squishy front hooves to wrap around John’s shaft. Gently, firmly, she began to stroke as she sucked. She thrilled to the feel of John’s smooth, taut flesh beneath her hooves, even as John gasped at the exotic touch of Apple Bloom’s powerful limbs. Getting a firm grip on the unsucked portion of human cock, Apple Bloom briskly sped her pumping motions, up and down, bringing a satisfaction to John’s shaft even as his sensitive tip was treated to the pure heaven of the young lady’s mouth.

Though there was plenty of space for Applejack to add her own talented hooves to the lengthy human meat, the older sister opted instead to grip Apple Bloom’s head, just behind her bow. Gently yet firmly, the experienced courtesan guided her sister’s tiny mare-mouth along the very crown of John’s prick, repeatedly stuffing her gob with meat, then extracting it with a loud *pop* sound.

Satisfied that Apple Bloom’s cock worship was up to the Sweet Apple Acres standard, Applejack leaned again towards John’s trembling lips, her eyes soft and seductive. “Jes fer yew, John, mah #1 stud,” she murmured, “yer bout ta have both the Apple sisters usin’ their mouths on ya.” Electricity sparked as their lips touched once more, and John’s already frazzled senses were blasted by Applejack’s deep kiss, sending his mind reeling into new realms of pony pleasure.

Such a passionate treatment was right out of the romantic fantasies John had harboured ever since meeting Applejack on his second night in Equestria. But why was he now imagining the Element of Honesty with a comely beauty mark on her cheek? Apple Bloom had perky teats and a round, dick stiffening plot — why was her red mane the feature that caught John’s lustful attention? He was being double teamed by two beautiful gals his own age... why did the young man’s mind keep straying to thoughts of much older mares?

In his mind’s eye, John caught a glimpse of his dream woman, lovely beyond compare. Her face was turned away, her body covered by a beautiful gown. She was a pony, but he couldn’t sense a horn or wings... who was this angelic vision? An older mare she was, to be sure — too old for a boy like him, some would say. But with his practised eye for horses, John could tell the lady was still of breeding age. “A foal or two left in her, if she’s paired with the right stud,” as his old ranch boss would say.

Somehow, John knew that this mystery mare was sweet and kind, a splendid partner for any male who might win her. Why wouldn’t she turn and show her face? Instead her tail flagged before him, lifting her skirts and challenging him to identify her from the rear view. John saw creamy offwhite fur, a splendid teardrop of a pussy, and finally a glimpse of the mystery mare’s cutie mark, it seemed to be a pair of cherrie—

Something in John’s unconscious surged, and with an almighty groan into Applejack’s lips he hiked his hips and fired a torrent of fresh sperm up into Apple Bloom’s mouth. Apple Bloom gagged and sputtered on the sudden blast of seed, and the copious male fluid overflowed her lips and flowed down John’s shaft, to spread over his twitching testicles like drizzled icing.

For Apple Bloom, a moment of self doubt was washed away by the heavenly taste of human cum. Whatever the stumbles on the way, she’d made her stallion pop, and the creamy reward was everything she hoped for! She gulped down mouthfuls of John’s hearty load as quickly as she could, only to feel a huge human hand grasp her firmly behind the ears.

Uh-oh... she thought, just in time for her head to be FORCED downwards!

In an instant the fleshy dome of John’s spouting cock was RAMMED against the back of Apple Bloom’s throat, making her cough and gag. Seed spewed from her nostrils, and a tingle shot through her still unclaimed cunt. This must be what Applejack had meant when she sighed longingly out the window and whispered “I miss John, he knows how ta treat me rough...”

Of course, this gentle giant of a human wasn’t consciously trying to cram his dick down Apple Bloom’s too-small gullet. At this point, John was hardly conscious at all! Even as they became covered and caked with their own sticky overflow, his balls throbbed violently and kept doing their work, dragging out his orgasm to obscene length, heedless of the frankly insane demands being placed on their capabilities. Earlier today Moondancer had demanded that John fill an entire pocket dimension with fresh semen... now he was expected to satisfy the cravings of the Apple sisters, as well?

Maybe it was the cake (Actually, it was definitely the cake) but this human was up to the challenge! He came, and came, and came some more, humping his hips into Apple Bloom’s mouth until both body and spirit felt completely drained. Drawing out a deep shudder of relief, he finally lay limp in his chair, letting go of Apple Bloom’s mane and shuddering with every touch of her still eager tongue.

Applejack smiled as she watched John leave Cherry Jubilee’s control and fall helplessly back into the Apple family’s orbit. Beaming with pride, she nonetheless sounded a bit condescending as she observed the mess her sister had made in the dining room. “There ya are, AB, that’s sign of a job well done. Human cum is good fer yer fur. Gulp it all down, now, an’ make sure ta smile at the customer.”

Apple Bloom’s glare at her bossy sister was swiftly replaced by a noisy swallowing sound, one final cough, and a sweet smile at the man whose cock was still spouting the final dregs of his delicious load over her lips and muzzle. “Thanks fer choosin’ Sweet Apple Acres, John!” she chirped. Then, with a naughty wink at the handsome human before her, she added: “An’ thanks fer choosin’ mah face ta nut all ovah!”

“Uh... hahhh...” John merely gave a silly smile as he struggled to catch his breath. His mind was reeling, and not simply from the satisfying climax of Apple Bloom’s unskilled if passionate fellatio. As his post nut clarity dawned, his subconscious had finally assembled the scattered pieces of a revelation long in the coming.

Heedless of the furious activity happening beneath John’s dazed expression, Applejack assumed that he was simply relieved by a satisfying climax after weeks of sub-standard pussy. She cheerfully picked up the human’s still stiff cock in her hooves and playfully slapped her sister’s muzzle with its throbbing girth, sending leftover sperm flying in the air to streak Apple Bloom’s mane and soil her bow. As Apple Bloom scowled and dipped her head to lick clean John’s sperm covered shaft, Applejack leaned in close to her lover’s face, putting on a practised and irresistible smile.

“Jes remember, John,” the beautiful mare murmured seductively, “Sweet Apple Acres ain’t some money grubbin’ business. We’s a family. When things get stiff an’ rigid, an’ difficult ta handle, yew can always count on family ta lend a helpin’ mouth. Now, them 20 bits ain’t gonna be a problem, is it?”

“I—I—...” John simply couldn’t respond. Reeling from Applejack’s mixture of sexual forwardness and blunt romantic rejection, he had stumbled upon an obvious fact, hidden for far too long by his own dense and clueless male nature. This strange new thought took some getting used to, but as the concept took hold of him, he found that it fit his emotions like a glove.

As he woke up to this new reality, John actually began to feel grateful that Applejack had no feelings for him! Lands sakes, what an awkward situation THAT would have been!

For this muddleheaded human finally saw what ought to have been crystal clear for weeks...

He was ALREADY IN LOVE... with Cherry Jubilee!

The Apple Family Challenge, Round 2: Applejack

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For several minutes, as his head slowly cleared, John found his unflagging cock treated as Apple Bloom’s personal ice cream cone. She dipped her tongue around his frenulum to scoop up globs of sperm, she mouthed and kissed up and down the shaft to clean it. The pool of spit and cum that had run down to gather between John’s balls was carefully slurped up and swallowed with a smile.

Though John was known for his ever readiness, the spicy apple cake he’d been fed had brought him to a level of virility he’d never experienced before. He felt ready to nut again with each scrape of Apple Bloom’s tender tongue, a hairs breadth away from spouting a fresh fountain of protein all over her mane as she cleaned up the mess she’d made with her first blowjob. All John wanted was to rush back to the Cherry Hill Ranch and pledge his love to Cherry Jubilee... but he couldn’t! Not without the barrel of Apple family cider he’d promised to bring back, and he knew he wouldn’t get one drop of that tasty stuff until he gave both of these whorses a dose of his own “tasty stuff!”

Applejack looked on her little sister kindly, letting Apple Bloom enjoy the delicious reward of getting a human off all by herself. Yet as John began to show signs that he was enjoying his cleanup a bit too much, the older mare knew she had to step in. For two weeks now she’d been waiting for her top stud to return — now it was her turn to get some of that hot human lovin’!

“I see Time Turner and Thunderlane an’ Sheriff Oak chattin’ in the parlour,” Applejack interrupted at last. She gave her sister a friendly pat on the wither as Apple Bloom struggled to swallow the last of John’s sticky load. “Why don’t you go give ’em a good sucklin’ ta warm ’em up, while I take John upstairs? I aim ta remind him why Sweet Apple Acres is the best lil’ whorsehouse in Equestria.”

“Mmm-hmm!” Much as she hated to remove John’s rounded head from between her lips, the thought of musky, unsucked penises motivated Apple Bloom to brush a few drops of human sperm from her muzzle and turn towards the door to the parlour. But she stopped in her tracks when Applejack halted her with a word:

“Ain’t yew fergettin’ somethin, sis? Them stallions out there want ta meet a gal who’s real sweet an’ purdy. John’s different, he’s a bit rough and tumble, don’t care for no makeup or frippery.”

“That I do not, ma’am,” John agreed. “A mouth and a marehood, that’s all I ask for.”

“An’ that’s what we love bout ya,” Applejack smiled. “That an’ yer bits, o’ course, an’ yer big monkey shlong that don’t never seem ta go soft. Anyways, AB, yer puttin’ on yer whorsin’ lipstick right now, an’ no excuses.”

With a scowl, Apple Bloom took a stick of lipstick from her saddlebag and swiped it across her lips. Returning to John’s cock, she used its smooth head as an applicator, smearing it against her lips until they glowed a vibrant, sexy red. A vivid kiss mark stood out on the crown of the human’s stiff and leaking dick.

Meanwhile, Applejack worked at her sister’s back end, fussing at her fine ballroom gown, straightening the hoop skirts and petticoats that had become disarrayed as Apple Bloom frantically clopped herself. John’s dick twitched in Apple Bloom’s reddened mouth as the tomboyish mare was transformed before his eyes into a seductive and sophisticated stallion-eater.

“There ya go,” Applejack nodded at last. “Cute as a button, an’ ready ta drain some pipe.” With a naughty wink at the human, Apple Bloom took her mouth from John’s dribbling manhood, and with a sashay of her hips she bumped open the door to the drawing room.

“Thanks fer waitin’, boys,” John heard her drawl sexily to the assembled stallions within. “Mah sister’s busy with another customer, but let me get ya started with a free glass o’ cider an’ mah sweet schoolfilly mouth.”

“Those stallions won’t know what hit ’em,” Applejack smiled with pride. “Come on up ta mah bedroom, John. I know yer good fer another go.”

“Wouldn’t miss it, AJ.” John replaced his dislodged hat atop his head and followed Applejack up the creaking wooden stairs, admiring her swaying plot as he did. But this lustful distraction proved to be his downfall! Without warning, Applejack halted on the stairs above him, abruptly thrusting her rump out towards the human. Before he could stop himself, John took one more fateful step forward, and found himself pitching face first into the Element of Honesty’s butt crack!

“Hold it right here, John,” Applejack chuckled. With a tensing of her powerful glutes, she sealed her plot flesh tightly around the human’s head, trapping him in a dark wonderland of humid delights. Though she stood not much taller than the average mare, Applejack boasted an outsized rear capable of utterly encasing the head of a human male! “We gotta talk, an’ this is the most advantageous spot... fer me.”

“Yyyfff, mmmm,” John mumbled politely. Applejack’s fat juicy clit seemed to chase every movement of his tongue, making it impossible to speak clearly. Yet it wasn’t exactly unpleasant down here in the depths... naturally warm and with a sweet, yeasty scent... hell, a man could make himself a home in this comfortable cave!

“Mighty fine ass yer buried in, ain’t it?” Applejack’s voice came through muffled by the sheer volume of her vast orange thiccness. “Finest in Equestria or Earth, I’d warrant.”

“Yyyff, mmm.” Far from boasting, John knew that Applejack was simply stating the honest truth. Even Fifi from Missoula, whose delectable French buns were the toast of Paris, would have to take second place to this priceless pony plot! He blindly reached up his hands and gently squeezed the taut flesh that had him trapped, hoping that a little appreciation would get Applejack to show mercy and allow him his breath.

“20 bits a night fer all o’ this? That’s a bargain, John — why, it’s only 10 bits a buttcheek. Be sensible, now. It’s alright if ya lay with another whorse now an’ agin, fer variety, but ya gotta know all them gals put togethah ain’t as good as me. Nopony is.”

“Nnnn, mmm.” It was difficult to argue the point when John was wearing Applejack’s badonkadonk like a set of fleshy earmuffs. Indeed, it was a proof of John’s love for Cherry Jubilee that he was willing to give this up! His darling only had to ask, and John would stay far away from Sweet Apple Acres and never even peek at Applejack’s ass, ever again!

But she would have to ask, first... John certainly wasn’t going to bring it up!

“A stud like yew deserves mares who’ll treat ya right, an’ yer only gonna find such mares at one location: Sweet Apple Acres.” The tight grip of Applejack’s rump-globes loosened slightly, and at last John was able to pull himself out of the canyon and gasp for air that didn’t come right from a cider scented pony crack. “Are we clear on that?”

“W-well, that’s one mare’s opinion, ma’am,” the flustered John croaked out.

Applejack raised an eyebrow. What had Cherry been feeding this feller, that he was able to stand up to her like this? When it came to misbehaving stallions who didn’t know their place, a brief holiday in Applejack Canyon had never failed to work wonders. King Sombra himself had pledged to surrender and reform, if only Applejack would sit on his face once a month!

“Jes an opinion, John?” Applejack lifted her freckled muzzle and spoke haughtily, trying to hide her bruised ego. “Perhaps so, but one I kin back up with hot, wet facts. Come on up an’ I’ll demonstrate, yew know where the bedroom is.”

John certainly hadn’t forgotten! He drifted up the stairs and smiled as Applejack opened that well oiled door to the place that held so many happy memories for them both. Following the earth pony into her bedroom, John turned to close the door behind him — only to turn back and discover that Applejack’s bed was suddenly occupied!

In no time at all, the eager earth pony had struck a pose which had her laying seductively on her back atop her bed. Her blonde mane was tucked neatly beneath her hat, her head propped on a lace edged pillow. Her powerful legs were lifted and spread wide, framing her juicy and suckable teats, which towered like mountains above a wet and ready gash. A bright pink clit thicker than John’s thumb winked out from its moist home, ready to be sucked by John’s lips and stroked by his fingers. In short, Applejack was sending this simple man a single message — fuck me like one of your human girls!

Back on Earth, certain overly respectable ladies had thought of John as “cute, but dumb” — perhaps so, but he wasn’t *that* dumb! He picked up what Applejack was laying down, immediately! He’d never buttoned his jeans after Apple Bloom’s blowjob, and it took no time at all now to drop them back to his knees as he climbed atop the elder Apple sister’s hardy body.

Gosh, it seemed as if Equestrian mares were built to be put on their backs! Never far from an erection, John was now at maximum rigidity from all the teasing, the fluffing, the magical cake, and of course that full contact faceful of earth pony rump!

Applejack’s lust surged as she felt the familiar weight of John’s body upon hers, his pelvis brushing against her sensitive teats as he blindly humped against her like a stallion in rut. Yet before settling down to enjoy a good plowing, she had one more piece of business to take care of. With John at his mentally weakest, it was time to close the sale once and for all, and make sure John understood the advantages of the Sweet Apple Acres “family meal deal!”

“Apple Bloom’s taken quite a shine to ya, John,” Applejack informed in a sultry tone, snorting hot pony breath up into his savage face. “I know there weren’t much deepthroat action downstairs, but she‘s learnin’ fast. Every time ya come here, she’s gonna suck ya a lil’ bit better. Jes remember that when yew lay out yer whorsin’ budget, alright?”

“You seem to think I’m here for your sister,” John observed. His dick brushed against Applejack’s clit, seemingly seeking out her hole and making her gasp. “My little feller likes marehoods, and he won’t be satisfied without a taste of yours.”

“Oh, is that so?” Applejack raised a naughty eyebrow. “Then why are ya still talkin’ bout it? We Apples don’t hold fer a lot o’ yak, yak, yak, ya know. Though them tourists from Yakyakistan was mighty good lays—ooof!”

Applejack grinned, her teasing had paid off in spades! With one smooth motion John slid his cock past Applejack’s well used cunt lips and buried himself deep in her womb with a loud, wet squelch. “Oh, fuck, I need this so bad,” he groaned.

“You ain’t the only one,” Applejack responded breathily. As John began to take his pleasure, a battle of strengths commenced at their joined crotches. Applejack’s cunt gripped tightly on John’s cock as he slowly, blissfully pulled out, only to push himself back in, balls deep.

John had to admit Applejack was right about one thing: woman or mare, this pussy was the finest he’d had ever felt! The old in-and-out of lovemaking had never been so fine as when John was atop this fine orange lady. Of course, lovemaking wasn’t the right word — there was no love in any of this, which spoiled the fun somewhat. For that truly intimate feeling, John would have to go see his good friend Cherry Jubilee. Oh, Cherry... those beautiful eyes... those soft lips... not that Applejack wasn’t a great lay as well!

Having settled into his work, John plowed his cock down that wet furrow, back and forth. His reward was a genuine moan and an uninhibited grin from the mare beneath her. John’s hips moved in a rough and unpredictable rhythm, his ass lifting up before suddenly plunging down, his balls kissing Applejack’s taut ass with every thrust. His jeans slowly slid down his legs and his thighs trembled as his lithe, powerful body met that of the beautiful cowgirl from another world.

His plan was simple: he aimed to move like this, over and over again, til both were satisfied. Though his activities with Equestria’s ponies differed greatly from his duties on Earth’s ranches, the lessons he’d learned on the range had served him well in bed. Learn your mare. Listen to her needs. Never, ever hurt her.

“Oh, gosh,” Applejack moaned as she was at last reunited with the lengthy humanhood and the hard, unyielding wombfucking she’d been missing. “That’s mah stallion. That’s mah John. Oh, yer so good, so big, an’ ya last ferever.

“I don’t hold for a lot of yak, yak, yak,” John growled playfully. “I’m here to fuck.” Their roles reversed, John took control atop Applejack’s small yet powerful form, sluicing his dick in and out of her grasping cunt. “Now, if you wanna talk, what was that naughty thing you used to say to me?”

Applejack stifled a giggle. He’d remembered her little kink! Maybe Cherry didn’t have such a hold on him, after all. “Oh, daddy...” she moaned theatrically. “Take me, human daddy... yer so big an’ strong...”

In truth, Applejack was stronger than John, but just barely! Of all the creatures in Equestria, only Celestia herself was better fitted to Applejack’s secret fantasies of being overpowered and conquered!

“That’s my girl.” John reached down and gently wrapped his large, powerful hand around Applejack’s throat — just the way she liked it! She knew she had nothing to fear from this gentle male. Every bit of his strength was oriented towards her pleasure. It was so much fun to let John take control, feel all the stress melt away, and be a good little filly for her human daddy...

Again and again human cock pummelled pony insides, roughly popping in and out of Applejack’s womb. Applejack’s once languid eyes became wild and feral as her body galloped towards her biggest maregasm in weeks. The first time John had hilted himself inside her without instantly succumbing to her earth pony magic, Applejack had been so shocked she’d forgotten to cum. Now she expected that blissful, repeated stretching of her cervix... needed it... craved it!

Still a sweet farm gal beneath her jaded attitude, Applejack had a genuine appreciation for stallions, and usually managed to climax even beneath a lover other mares might find disappointing. But John... what a champion! With his firm body, kind smile, and unrelenting stallionhood, John brought her to peaks she’d never thought possible! And the filthy things he said for her, pressing her hot buttons with utmost skill. John had his own absent father and his own daddy issues, and he knew exactly what poor lonely Applejack wanted to hear.

“Daddy loves you, AJ,” he murmured alongside his slow, powerful mare-mating. “Daddy never wanted to leave you. He’s gonna stay with you and protect you from now on.”

“Aw, fuck... aw, fuck! Fuck me, daddy! FUCK ME, JOHN!” Which part of what Applejack felt was real, what was fantasy, and which was a mixture of the two, the strange alchemy by which a whorse extracted her customer’s bits? To be honest, AJ no longer had a clue!

“Cum for daddy, now,” John ordered in his gentle, horse-soothing voice, taking control as Applejack’s power over herself dwindled. “John wants to see some nice, juicy applesauce squirted on his dick. Show me who owns this marehood. Show me who tamed this wild horse.”

Applejack gasped for breath, losing all control as John powered into her. He was moving slower, staying inside her for several seconds between thrusts. One more pounding slap of his hips to hers, his large human meat taking possession of her clenching insides. “Yes, John, I’m all yers, I’m almost there, jes keep—”

One last thrust.

One final pussy stretching, cock squeezing thrust!


At the very moment of her climax, Applejack tossed her mane and crossed her mighty hind legs around John’s ass, pulling him forward and cramming his dick DEEP inside her! Trapped between applebucking thighs and utterly unable to pull out, John grunted with surprise as the tight seizing of Applejack’s powerful pussy muscles pulled him over the edge along with her, drawing a second load from his balls in record time.

Gasps and snorting, stallion-like exhalations erupted from John’s mouth as his dick was squeezed and mangled like a nearly empty toothpaste tube. He hadn’t expect to cum so soon, nor so hard, but at the moment he didn’t have a single regret! His bubbling seed surged forth into Applejack’s joyous cunt, frothing and pooling in her womb, seeking what every stallion dreams of: an egg to subdue and conquer, mixing Apple family DNA with his own!

Every lovestruck stallion in Ponyville agreed that the lucky male to swell Applejack’s belly would find the sassy courtesan instantly transformed into a sweet and submissive country tradwife, baking pies and sucking hubby’s cock with equal skill. Naturally, such suppositions were nothing but ludicrous male fantasies. Applejack was a career mare through and through, and her birth control was completely foolproof, a mighty spell of protection cast by Princess Twilight herself.

But... you couldn’t blame a guy for trying! Every day, dozens of stallions took their shot at breeding Applejack, and it must be said that John’s attempt came closer than most. By the time Applejack’s human lover had finished gushing his copious load into her cum hungry cunt, that spell of Twilight’s was hanging by a veritable thread!

“Whew, I forgot how fine this pussy was, AJ.” John was barely able to prop himself up by his palms as he knelt atop his lover, her once perfect mane now arrayed around her head, his salty sweat drizzling deliciously over her lips like honey over apples. “Has she learned a new trick since I saw her last?”

“Naw, she’s jes happy ta see her favourite human again.” With a playful squeeze of her hind legs, Applejack pulled her stud’s body down onto her own. Their cowboy hats touched tenderly, Applejack’s sweaty barrel rubbed against John’s flannel shirt, and even their lips brushed together briefly. Yet for some reason John seemed to turn away from the kiss, as if distracted.

Applejack frowned but decided to forge ahead with her un-subtle seduction of the human. “Now, I ain‘t lettin’ ya get away,” she ordered playfully. “Ya’ll have a good think bout what I said, an’ yer gonna find that Sweet Apple Acres — an’ specifically, mah marehood — is yer natural home. Yer spendin’ the night inside me, an’ I won’t bear any argument.”

“AJ, I-I can’t, I promised Cherry I’d be back with the cider—”

Eenope.” Applejack’s eyes flashed dangerously at the mention of her rival, and the grip of her hind legs tightened even further — not to mention that cockring of a cervix she had, strangling his shaft like there was no tomorrow! “How ya gonna leave the house when ya can’t even leave mah pussy? I reckon I’ll keep ya inside til Apple Bloom’s done entertainin’ them gentlecolts downstairs, an’ then we’ll see if ya can juggle two Apples at once.”

John opened his mouth to object, but was silenced by the firm touch of a hoof to his lips. “I’m wise ta yer tricks, John, ya handsome, nice smellin’ devil. Yew ain‘t leavin’ til ya promise...” Yet whatever promise John was supposed to make remained unspoken, for Applejack’s head fell back on her pillow and the well fucked mare dropped into a deep sleep in mid lecture.

John gazed tenderly down at Applejack’s snoring muzzle and caressed his lover’s golden mane. “This really was a wonderful surprise,” he whispered, feeling the earth pony’s powerful muscles slowly relax as her sleep deepened. “Golly, AJ, you’d make one hell of a wife. But I swear something’s happening between me and Cherry Jubilee, and I can’t keep patronizing another mare’s brothel. A man ought to stay faithful, after all!”

Although she was unquestionably honest in her intention to trap John between her hind legs, after a good 10 minutes of vigorous snoring and gentle cuddling, Applejack loosened her grip enough to allow John’s still stiff cock to be pulled from her clasping cunt. He had to proceed slowly, as Applejack’s powerful muscles were milking him even as she slept. With every inch he slid out of her, he felt his pleasure mount to a near orgasmic intensity, mere minutes after his first climax inside her.

For the first time in his life John cursed the length of his dick, which ensured a long and arduous process of careful extraction from Applejack’s gratefully seeded and intensely tight horsepussy. Desperately John tried to focus his thoughts on the decidedly un-sexy Mr. Broadbeam, his cigar smoking boss at the Ponyville Mill, hoping that would keep him from the peak of a second climax. But then his thoughts strayed, and he found himself picturing Mrs. Broadbeam instead!

Mrs. Broadbeam was not a pretty mare, in fact she was quite plain. But oh, the look of love she gave her husband when she brought his lunch each day! As she turned to leave she always lifted her tail for him, just a fraction of an inch, hinting at the delights her gruff husband would be enjoying after supper. Golly, if John could only get Miss Jubilee to look at him that way...!


At the thought of Cherry Jubilee bringing him lunch like a proper marefriend, John’s concentration faltered fatally. His dick bucked like a bronco, and he rammed himself right back into Applejack’s snatch, erasing every bit of his progress with one blissful thrust. John bit his hand to avoid crying out and waking his lover as his out of control cock began spewing another load of pearly cream into the sleeping whorse’s already laden womb. Yet before the bubbling pleasure could entirely overtake his mind, he somehow had the sense to pull out of Applejack’s heavenly marehood with a loud slurp and a painful squeeze, definitively putting an end to the night’s second breeding attempt.

Vigorously stroking his sensitive dick, finding his hand a poor substitute for high class Apple-cunt, John decorated Applejack’s mound with the final streamers of his climax, burying that pert lipped pussy beneath a thick glazing of well earned human seed. Dripping down her clit as it slowly winked in her sleep, the waterfall of human sperm quickly soaked Applejack’s already stained bedsheets. That’d need a couple of washes to get the smell out, John reckoned. (Little did John know, Applejack didn’t want to get his smell out!)

“Gol damn, AJ, you got a grip!” the human grunted through gritted teeth. “You can’t let Cherry have any of this, can ya?” Fortunately, as the last bursts of nut dribbled over his fingers, it seemed as if John’s dick were now finally softening. With Applejack well and truly asleep, he reckoned the time was right for him to grab a barrel of cider and beat a hasty retreat from Sweet Apple Acres.

John wiped the last of his seed beneath Applejack’s sensitive nose, making her shift and smile in her sleep. Rubbing the sensation back into his cramped legs, he was pulling up his jeans when he heard a quiet hoofstep from the hallway and watched Applejack’s well used bedroom door silently swing open.

Naturally, John had nothing to be ashamed of, being caught in the act. Fucking Applejack into a pleasure nap was one of the least shameful things he’d ever done! But if this was one of Applejack’s other customers, they were simply out of luck. The lady was catching her 40 winks, and all business was on hold until she awoke. John would stand by and guard Applejack’s sleep personally, if necessary!

But the sight John saw was not some boorish stallion come to take his turn at “taming” Applejack’s marehood... even worse! The red bow that peeked through the doorway told him that young Apple Bloom had trotted upstairs... and the look in her eyes could only mean one thing:

Little sister wanted what big sister was having!

The Apple Family Challenge, Round 3: Apple Bloom, again!

View Online

To put it simply, Apple Bloom’s appearance was a disgrace. While John and Applejack had been enjoying each others’ company, the younger mare had been downstairs indulging her latest hobby: horsecock. Horsecock had thoroughly smudged her lipstick along her muzzle, leaving it a red mass of clownish streaks, and it was undoubtedly horsecock which had left those streamers of thick semen decorating her face, running from her nose up to the dishevelled bow in her mane.

Apple Bloom’s skirts were in disarray, her petticoats torn asunder, her tail flagged high. A set of fading hoofmarks showed where two stallions had groped and slapped her teats as she sucked away on a third. In defiance of Applejack’s rules, the young whorse had taken no time to clean up between customers. For, as Apple Bloom rationalized, her next customer was John, the rough and ready ape-stallion who didn’t care for makeup nor frippery. More to the point, Apple Bloom was in no mood to delay their reunion, as John possessed something the young mare craved even more than horsecock: human cock!

“Got any more juice in them apples, big guy?” Apple Bloom tittered, her voice falsely high and bimboish. “I know a sweet lil’ country gal who’d love ta go anothah round with the big, bad human.”

John’s dinner of spicy apple cake supercharged his blood at the mere suggestion, and his cock swelled once again, thumping against his chest like the prick of the proudest stallion. Awe, damn it... he thought to himself. Now Apple Bloom was gonna have her way with him! So long as he was physically capable of getting it up, this generous male couldn’t even think of leaving a lady unsatisfied. What would his sweet Momma think, if he refused to sexually pleasure this tiny horse?

“W-wait, what about the guys downstairs?” he asked, grasping at the flimsiest of straws. What horsecock had begun, perhaps horsecock could finish...

“I drained ’em at a discount and sent ’em off.” Apple Bloom cast a gentle gaze upon her snoring sister. “AJ works too damn hard, she needs to rest. Sides, I wanna try her best stud fer mahself.”

“I’m the best, am I?” John chuckled. “Funny thing — ain’t never heard a whore tell me I was second best.”

“Ya’ll must have a real knack fer impressin’ whores,” Apple Bloom noted. “Why don’t you get that thing inside me, and impress me?”

John’s dick wanted nothing more than to take the first offered taste of Apple Bloom’s fruit, but the rest of his body rightfully feared Applejack’s wrath. “Inside you?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. “Ain’t you the gal with the golden virginity?”

Apple Bloom scoffed. “Filthy Rich bought mah pussy, but ain’t nopony placed a bid on my plothole.” Turning around, she wiggled her firm flanks, letting John catch a glimpse of the jutting ring of flesh between. “It’s pure an’ virgin,” she promised him, “at least til yew get through with it, then it’s gonna be a gapin’ mess.”

This suggestion came as less of a shock to John than it might once have been. After a week of practice with the ladies at the Cherry Hill Ranch, he was nearly as skilled in the gentle art of pleasuring puffy ponuts as with the more intuitive act of slamming his dick into horsepussy. In truth he still preferred to go balls deep in a wet, clasping marehood, but Tree Hugger and Trixie actually seemed to prefer a rectal pounding and he was happy to oblige.

“Up the bum, eh?” Apple Bloom’s solution to the virginity issue seemed sound, but there was a big problem... or rather, a tiny, tightly puckered problem! “Do you reckon you can take it?”

“I’m a grown mare, an’ I’m an Apple,” Apple Bloom drawled lazily. “Got any more dumb questions?”

“I ain’t joking, Miss Bloom.” John shook his revived prick at the tiny mare, flinging strands of beaded precum from an angry flare that dwarfed her delicate hoof. “Look at this feller. Are you sure you know what you’re getting into?”

“I ain‘t gettin’ inta nothin’,” Apple Bloom snarled brassily. “That monster yer wavin’ bout is gettin’ inta me. Right up the poop-chute, eeyup.”

“Well, if you’re sure it’ll fit...”

“I’ll make it fit!” Apple Bloom assured fiercely.

“Heh, that’s the Apple family spirit I know,” John chuckled. “Come on now, we’ll give it a try. We’ll try not to wake your sister while I crack open your lovely behind.”

“Pssh, I got mah own bedroom, ya know.” With a wave, the young mare trotted back through the door and into the hallway, her rump swaying in a nearly perfect copy of her sister’s irresistible strut.

John followed behind Apple Bloom with no little trepidation. The last thing he wanted was another awkward hallway encounter with Big Mac. Such moments had always resulted in much mumbling and blushing from both man and stallion. What was a guy supposed to say in a situation like that? “Howdy, Mac, why, your sister’s cunt is as snug as ever!”

Come to think of it, Big Mac was in quite a pickle, unique among all the stallions in Ponyville. He had no special somepony, the family pride wouldn’t allow him to visit the Cherry Hill Ranch, and he certainly couldn’t find relief here at home! John only hoped that one of Applejack’s friends would take it upon herself to seduce the shy stallion and coax out the stud within. Perhaps Rainbow Dash had her eye on him, John mused. She always seemed to be flying out to Sweet Apple Acres once her weather duties were done...

Fortunately, Big Mac was nowhere to be seen upstairs, and John couldn’t resist the appeal of what he could see: Apple Bloom’s huge plot! Bouncing and jostling like a man on horseback as the young mare strutted towards her backdoor’s deflowering! Like a man possessed, John reached beneath dishevelled skirts and pulled apart Apple Bloom’s firm and rounded cheeks, inspecting the fine flesh by feel and sight. Apple Bloom’s confident trot developed a stutter, and her fur stood on end at the human’s touch. As for John, he let out an involuntary gasp at the sight of the tender tailhole he’d soon be adjusting to the width of his dick.

Apple Bloom’s ponut was a masterpiece of genetics, a perfect example of prime equine asshole. Every wrinkle of that pucker deserved to be tasted and creamed, in John’s opinion. Then there was that beautiful pussy, dribbling and winking beneath... why, as soon as Filthy Rich pulled out of that purchased marehood, John wouldn’t mind plunging in right behind him!

It seemed that every wall of Apple Bloom’s bedroom was covered in unfolded posters from magazines: all of them pictures of a fine black earth pony stallion wearing a hat and a kerchief, who smiled at the camera even as he twirled ropes and effortlessly leapt high fences. “Hrm, and who’s this handsome fellow, your coltfriend?” John asked.

Despite her flagged tail, the human hands upon her ass, and her week of nonstop cocksucking, Apple Bloom seemed to have retained some of her innocence, for at this suggestion she blushed fiercely. “Th-that’s Cody Honeycolt, the rodeo star!” she burst out. “He’s gonna be mah coltfriend, next time he comes round ta Ponyville. Now that I’m legal, ain‘t nothin’ gonna stand between our love!” Apple Bloom nodded fiercely, imagining the life she’d planned for herself and the famous hunk of a stallion. “I’ll suck his cock, and rim his ponut til it‘s sparklin’ clean, and then we’s gonna kiss!”

“Heh, ya might want to kiss him before you tidy up his backdoor,” John suggested. He lifted a sticky horsecock dildo from Apple Bloom’s sheets and sniffed at it. “I reckon this is Cody Honeycolt too, is it?”

“D-didn’t know I left him there...” Apple Bloom muttered with embarrassment.

“Does Mr. Rich know a piece of plastic beat him to his expensive treasure?”

“Cody only goes up mah tushie, ta preserve mah retail value,” Apple Bloom explained. “That’s how I know I kin take you.

“Hrm, Mr. Honeycolt here certainly ain’t a little guy.” The dildo wobbled in John’s hand before he set the thing down on Apple Bloom’s nightstand, standing tall and proud... and quite unneeded! “This just might work, AB. Hop on the bed and we’ll get started.”

Now, although John had licked, fingered, and rammed Applejack’s vag from here to Canterlot, she’d forbidden him from even kissing her puckered ponut. The simple human had thought no more about it, considering the choice of hole to be a woman’s prerogative. The truth was that Applejack loved a good plot pumping, but her rear entrance was reserved for the exclusive use of her special somepony, who took excellent care of it.

(That special somepony? A well known mare with a rainbow mane, whose true reason for visiting Sweet Apple Acres had utterly escaped John’s old fashioned mind!)

Applejack had urged her sister to save her plothole for her wedding night, or at least the 3rd date. But Apple Bloom didn’t have that sort of time. She was young and reckless, and an epic buttslut in the making! Who knew when Cody Honeycolt would next come to town? Would he even fall in love with Apple Bloom right away? Best to hang an “Open For Business” sign on that ponut as soon as possible!

Buttsex, Apple Bloom reckoned, was the way to make her name in the whorsing business. The power of her Apple heritage, combined with the tightness of her tender young ponut... why, stallions might even start asking for her instead of her sister!

But there was a first time for everything, and the strong yet gentle John was the perfect candidate to give Apple Bloom’s keister its first good stretch. Thus when John ordered her to hop on the bed, Apple Bloom eagerly leapt right onto the soft surface where she’d masturbated (and slept) so often. Much to John’s surprise, the lithe mare then bounced on the springy mattress, turned in midair, and landed right against his chest!

“Uff!” he cried out as her front hooves wrapped around his withers and her hind hooves gripped his solid barrel. Apple Bloom cooed as she pressed her body to his, her eyes turned upwards, full of an entirely false innocence.

“Why, good evenin’, Mr. John,” Apple Bloom drawled. With a gentle circular motion she frotted her sensitive teats against the human’s flannel shirt. “Would ya’ll mind terribly if a poor, hungry mare took refreshment upon yer stallionhood?” She brushed per plot against that selfsame stallionhood, so warm and heavy, letting it slide between her buttcheeks — it was nearly hers!

“You go right ahead and sate yourself, Miss Bloom,” John agreed readily. “I know how tough it can be. Why, I’ve had to go months on the range without a woman — and you ain’t never had a stallion!”

With this permission secured, Apple Bloom eagerly began to move her fine young ass up and down, rubbing her clit and her crack on John’s ready pole. She’d made her tailhole nice and wet with lubricant beforehoof, not wanting to experience the painful fate of an unbuttered ponut. After many glorious attempts, she was able to clench that huge club of meat between her cheeks. Her clit winking, her cunt burning, she beamed with pride: she finally had a real live cock waiting at the entrance to her sacred garden.

Her other sacred garden, that is... the one out back!

“Say, this ain’t costing me extra, is it?” John worried.

“Oh, it’s gonna cost ya...” Apple Bloom sneered. “Cost ya one big load o’ cum!”

“I reckon I can swing that,” John chuckled. In fact, his balls were starting to feel so heavy and laden with fresh seed, that Apple Bloom would be doing him a positive favour, by taking an assload or two off his hands!

John gently stroked Apple Bloom’s mane and whispered encouragement as she got a firm grip on his shoulders and positioned her ponut at his very tip. He saw his task as simply allowing his mare to learn his alien body, and he resisted the urge to grip her prominent flanks and plunder that ponut before she was fully ready. Gritting her teeth, Apple Bloom gave John a shy smile as she finally relaxed enough for the tip of his cock to slip inside.

“Yer real big, sir,” she murmured as she felt her bunghole expand around the hot pillar of pony pleasure. “But I’m gonna take every inch tonight, eeyup.” Yes, young Apple Bloom was filled with determination — and soon, penis!

“I don’t doubt it, AB,” John agreed with a smile. “Take your time, now.”

Feeling the pleasant burn of her stretching anal ring, Apple Bloom began working her hips, humping herself downwards, putting more force into each thrust, getting John inside her a hair’s breadth at a time. What her ponut discovered in this gradual excursion was as alarming as it was arousing!

Though her official Cody Honeycolt “Marebuster” dildo was nearly as long as John’s cock, the human’s flare was much differently shaped from Apple Bloom’s bedtime butthole companion. True, the very tip of John’s knob was about the size of a well hung stallion’s flare. Yet the angry purple head behind that tip was broader and rounder than anything she’d experienced before. As Apple Bloom pressed herself down onto John’s girth, determined to keep her promise to take it all, she felt like a prize winning apple was being slowly stuffed up her butt!

Fortunately, Apple Bloom loved apples!

Down, down, down... Apple Bloom let out the cutest little squeaks and gasps as her ponut spread over each thick vein of the happy human’s cock, only to tighten again as it passed. Her tender sphincter caressed the velvety firm exterior of John’s exotic stallionhood even as her silken rectum tried its best to squeeze gooey treats from his balls. By his half closed eyes and helpless grunts of pleasure, the pleasure Apple Bloom was feeling deep in her bowels wasn’t far from the joy John was taking in filling them!

John was no horse doctor, and he hadn’t a clue as to the names of the clenching rings and tender tubes that massaged his dick as Apple Bloom descended onto his pole. All he knew was, the asshole of a talking pony was just about the nicest place a guy might put his dick! And as far as these crazy mares were concerned, having their bottoms plumbed by thick human penis was an experience they couldn’t repeat often enough! All in all, John didn’t think he’d ever get tired of living in Equestria...

As Apple Bloom’s pleasure intensified, her grip inevitably loosened on John’s shoulders. Remembering a mishap from the days of Derpy’s anal training, the gentle male raised his large hands to cup and support Apple Bloom’s oversized plot, in case she should happen to fall. Giving the taut, supple flesh a squeeze, John marvelled at the perfect bubblebutts that seemed to run in the Apple family.

John was an ass man, the sort of guy who would eagerly shove his face between the cheeks of any woman who raised her skirts and made the invitation, but even he had to admit that pony plots were in a class beyond what bipeds could deliver. Dumptrucks like these just didn’t show up on human women. They were formed by long days of applebucking beneath Celestia’s sun — then put to work as night fell, satisfying paying stallions!

Bit by bit, Apple Bloom’s virgin asshole came to control more and more of John’s length in its tight, pulsing grip, widening ever further with each passing minute. Would this meaty mare-toy ever stop surprising her with each new vein and ridge? Apple Bloom definitely hoped it wouldn’t! The deeper John’s cock went inside her, the more excited the young mare became, until the mushroom shaped head abruptly bashed against some inner spot within her and it all became too much!

“GUUUUH!” Apple Bloom cried out as her cunt seized up and erupted with a pulsing stream of thick yellow marecum that soaked John’s flannel shirt. Her plot firmly supported by John’s hands, she let go of his shoulders and firmly rubbed her clit to double her pleasure, flinging more and more of her juicy spend all over her biped stud’s rock solid barrel.

John was simply amazed at the volume of mare-syrup that was being flung about in the splash zone. Applejack was known as a squirter, but her little sister gushed like a ruptured cider barrel! He wondered how that virgin slit might taste... but all thoughts were driven from his mind as Apple Bloom’s powerful hind legs gripped him ever tighter, and her plot dropped once more, accepting another inch of his fat mare-tickler up her accommodating backside.

“Thassit, John,” Apple Bloom voice was slurred, seemingly drunk on human cock. “Resize mah teenaged shit-hole fer yer pleasure. Make it nice an’ wide, so everypony knows I ain‘t nothin’ but a 5 bit dicksleeve.”

John chuckled at the filthy language of his latest conquest. “Damn, Miss Bloom, you got a pottymouth, don’t ya?”

“Fuck yew, ya damn ape,” Apple Bloom spat as the last of her orgasmic cream dribbled from between unused cunt lips. “Ya call that a maregasm? Yew think yer some stud, jes cuz ya made me have a lil’ tiny cum by puttin’ the tip in? I want ya ta ram that monster so far up mah plot, I kin suck on it when it comes out mah throat!”

John silently nodded, taking this rather extreme image as permission from Apple Bloom to take over the fucking. Slowly, smoothly, but with ever gathering speed, he thrust his hips and began pushing himself upwards into Apple Bloom’s buttery smooth colon. A bulge appeared in the mare’s once taut tummy, slowly moving up and down as her organs were slowly displaced to make room for more human cock. In and out, further and further up Apple Bloom’s butt, drove the mighty shaft, as she drooled and whinnied uncontrollably.

Turning to face the bedroom’s vanity mirror, John peeked over Apple Bloom’s shoulder and took in her glorious rear view. He watched the wobbling of the vast acreage of cheek meat that Apple Bloom hoisted on her hips, plapping up and down with such force that it struck against his thighs on every down stroke. Her cutie marks bounced like a waving flag atop the pole of his meaty cock.

Seemingly soothed by the hard pounding she was finally getting, Apple Bloom lay her head gently on the human’s shoulder as if cuddling him. “John, oh, Mr. John, please...” she whispered longingly.

“Now then, Apple Bloom, I live to please you, but you must tell me what you need. Am I going too rough?” It was a necessary question to ask, John had found. The ladies he bedded were sometimes so consumed by pleasure, they often forgot they had total control over the pace of his lovemaking!

But Apple Bloom had a different favour in mind. “Please, sir, t-tell me I’m as good as mah sister...” the hungry mare demanded shyly.

John balked, as he always did when one of his lovers demanded a direct comparison. He appreciated the unique beauty in every woman — why couldn’t they do the same for themselves? “Now then, AB, you’re a fine mare—” he began.

Sensing his hesitation, Apple Bloom snarled and twisted her hips, working her insides against John’s plundering penis, trying to force him into a climax that would prove her supremacy. “Say it!” she ordered. “I gave you mah butt — now say I’m as good as Applejack!”

At this outburst John felt that he had no choice but to take control of the situation. With both hands he GRIPPED the naughty little apple bottom, holding Apple Bloom firmly in place on his dick and ceasing his thrusts.

Apple Bloom let out a whinny that swiftly became a saddened whine. What was this torment? Suddenly John didn’t want to pound her teenaged tushie long into the night? Then what was he paying her for?

“Listen here, missy,” John growled at the tiny mare who squirmed with frustration on his dick. “I’ve tried to be patient with you, but you’ve been nothing but a little brat all evening. Talking back to Applejack, coming into her room without knocking, not cleaning up between customers like you oughta. Why, you still got the Sheriff’s cum all over your face!”

“I-I couldn’t wait cuz I’m a horny slut fer human dick...” Apple Bloom whimpered. “Please, pound mah pooper as hard as ya can go... lemme prove I‘m better’n her...”

“Applejack’s your kin, and she’s teaching you everything she knows.” Taking control of the firm ass that bounced on his dick, John gave a full thrust upwards, cleaving Apple Bloom’s thicc cheeks and resuming his hearty ponut pumping. “You got yourself a hell of an attitude,” he griped, “and if AJ ain’t told you the same, then for once she’s more polite than she is honest.”

“John, it’s too much!” The human momentarily stopped his thrusts, sending a cry from Apple Bloom’s lips. “N-no, I didn’t mean stop — yes, please, harder, it feels too good, I’m gonna cum agin!”

John fully intended to join Apple Bloom in her next orgasm, but not before he laid down the law. Angrily he gripped that firm, yellow, double wide dumptruck and vigorously plowed the young mare’s back forty as he lectured her.

“You make a decent fleshlight,” John admitted, “but that just means you’re young and tight. It don’t indicate any skill to speak of. Your sister’s got many a wise word when it comes to the business of whorsing, but you ain’t bothering to lend an ear.”

John had an instinctive feel for a woman’s pleasure points, and he’d found the tiny spot deep within Apple Bloom that had triggered her first maregasm. Now he was pummelling that spot, over and over, as with every thrust he sank well over half his oversized cock through the earth pony’s tiny backdoor. She wouldn’t last long at this rate... and neither would he!

“Now, I want you to listen to Applejack from now on. Do as she says, and don’t you ever speak a word against her. Then maybe, one day, me or another stallion will compare the two of you, and you won’t come off so bad in the comparison.”

A tiny tear quivered in Apple Bloom’s eye at John’s rough words and his even rougher assfucking. “B-but I sucked your dick...” she protested, even as her ever stretching ponut was pulled another inch onto John’s veiny stallionhood.

“You sucked the head of my dick,” John objected. “If you wanna be as good as Applejack, there ain’t no shortcuts. You gotta practice, til you can TAKE IT ALL!”

With that, John finally let go of the last of his restraint, and hilted himself in the tiny mare. His balls swung up to tap the underside of Apple Bloom’s ass cheeks, his shaft fully enclosed in the warm, wet, clenching space between her buns. Apple Bloom’s eyes flew wide open and she screamed fit to shake the house to its very foundations.

“AWE FUCK, IT’S LIKE I’M CUMMIN’ AN’ GOIN’ AT THE SAME TIME!” Apple Bloom’s cunt exploded again, without her so much as touching herself. Another tsunami of marecum sprayed through the air, utterly ruining Apple Bloom’s already soiled dress, splattering on John’s jeans, and ensuring that come morning, he would be getting some curious sniffs from the stallions over at the mill!

John paid his soaking no heed, save to continue his thrusts and to smile at a job well done. It was a common occurrence for him to find his clothing drenched in female love juices. Why, back in Edmonton, Miss Lee at the laundry had gotten very cross at the trouble he put her through, washing his clothes over and over. It got so bad she’d pulled him into the back room of her shop and made him show her exactly how he kept making such fragrant messes!

Ah, Miss Lee, John reminisced. What a classy lady she was... not like this BRAT Apple Bloom! AB dared to call herself a whorse, but John had had more satisfying sex with laundresses, and better blowjobs from sinful lady missionaries! As far as John’s dick was concerned, there was only one solution... the mouthy pony slut mounted on his fleshy pole needed to have the sass FUCKED right out of her, and some thick, creamy sense injected into her body!

Over and over, John thrust his pony punisher deep into Apple Bloom’s ass, fully intent on breaking both of their minds with pleasure. His balls were now fully recharged from the two loads he’d shot into Applejack’s pussy. Every time he pulled out of Apple Bloom’s back tunnel, a thick load of orgasmic goop spattered over his shaft from her ongoing maregasm, only to be shoved right back up the tiny tailpipe John was reaming out.

Apple family marecum was wet and slippery, the perfect lube for coaxing huge human cocks into tiny horse asses, and as John’s passion finally peaked he idly wondered whether he might bottle some and bring it back to the Cherry Hill Ranch. Cherry Jubilee would certainly appreciate the smooth ride as John railed her backdoor... so long as she didn’t know where the suspiciously apple scented “lube” came from!

“FUCK me, John!” Apple Bloom squealed, her ongoing maregasm reducing her to a mass of quivering and squirting mare. “Make me a real whorse, like mah sister! RAM MAH VIRGIN BOTTOM FULL O’ CUM!”

Apple Bloom clenched down, and from John’s guttural moan she knew she had him at last! With one final thrust, he buried his shaft in Apple Bloom’s warm depths, straightening her innards and sending a bulge up her barrel that only expanded further as he pumped hot liquid into her guts at high pressure.

“GRRRNNNHHH!” John groaned as Apple Bloom’s ponut squeezed and flexed on his pulsating dick, trying to draw every bit of seed from his balls. He tried to pull out, just a bit, to go one more satisfying thrust, but that powerful ring of muscle had locked on to him, and it wasn’t letting go for anything. “Uuuh, you tight little slut! I didn’t know they made ponuts this tiny and hot! Miss Muffins ain’t got nothing on you!”

Eh? He’s comparing me to *Derpy*? Apple Bloom thought to herself. I guess I’ll take it... she does have a pretty nice butt... She rode out one last little orgasm as John’s sperm filled her insides to bursting, then rubbed her pregnant seeming belly with satisfaction.

“Awe, gosh, Mr. John, I’m gonna be poopin’ yer nut fer a week...” Apple Bloom groaned dramatically. “I’m a used condom... a creampied anal whorse... Gosh, Granny’s gonna be so proud o’ me...”

As the last droplets of sperm were forcibly pulled from his balls, John finally let his arms drop to the side, suspending Apple Bloom on the anally embedded length of his erection. “N-now, you’re going to do what Applejack says from now on, ain’t you, young lady?” he wheezed. His officious demeanour was betrayed by the shortness of his breath, not to mention his marecum soaked clothing and his sperm oozing out of the tiny horse rectum he’d just stuffed to bursting.

“Hrm... mebbe I will, mebbe I won’t.” Apple Bloom stuck out her tongue and smirked as she did whenever Applejack caught her pranking with her friends — or, more recently, 69ing with her friends! “What are ya gonna do, ruin mah plot agin?”

“Oh, you little brat...” John growled. “There ain’t no getting through to you, is there?”

Apple Bloom just giggled in response. Regardless of any concerns emanating from her well stuffed ponut, she knew she had to bait John into a second session of rough, cunt squirting sodomy — for his own sake, of course! With his gruff attitude and mighty thrusts, John showed all the signs of a male who wasn’t being regularly drained. Sure, AJ said John had been getting his dick wet in one pussy after another, all day long, but those pussies clearly belonged to citified unicorns and wimpy pegasi.

It was a frequent mistake stallions made, thinking they could ever be truly satisfied by a mare who lacked that deep connection to nature. This was why Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo had begun bringing their coltfriends to Apple Bloom for steamy threeways. An earth pony side piece kept the relationship strong!

Fortunately, John didn’t have to worry about a thing! Now that he’d come home to Sweet Apple Acres, his tragic lack of rough horsefucking was a thing of the past. Sure, he’d tired out Applejack, but young Apple Bloom was here to prove she was tougher than her sister! She’d emptied John’s balls right up her heinie — now it was time to make sure those meaty orbs stayed empty! Eeyup, she’d suck him clean and ride him again, as soon as she took a nap....

A short nap...

Full of hot, nasty dreams...

As Apple Bloom dozed off, she slowly fell backwards, slipping off of John’s cock as she did. Inch after inch of fluid soaked meat emerged from her clinging sphincter, and her asshole made a loud *pop* as it expanded to its maximum diameter around John’s still dribbling cockhead. Freed from the only thing still holding her up, Apple Bloom dropped right onto her mattress, bouncing once and snoring just as sweetly as her sister did.

John dared to breathe a sigh of relief at the end of his — albeit intensely pleasurable — ordeal. He peeked over at the door to Apple Bloom’s bedroom, fearing that a reawakened Applejack would step in to reclaim her stud from her stallion stealing sister, but no such scenario developed. All across these poster plastered walls, the handsome Cody Honeycolt seemed to be nodding at John with a recognition that transcended species.

Mares, eh? his smile seemed to say. They just can’t get enough of us studs! Well done, friend...

The hour was late, but Luna’s night still had some time to run. Alone at last in the quiet farmhouse, John laughed quietly to himself at the ludicrously pornographic gauntlet he’d just completed. His testicles, though still supercharged with seed, felt as if they’d been run through Miss Lee’s steam powered laundry press. His arms and legs burned from holding up a bottom heavy buttslut as she rode his cock to his fifth orgasm of the evening.

Yet the exhausted human felt triumphant, like a proud wrestling champion. Despite the Apple family’s best efforts at keeping him occupied and far away from Cherry Jubilee, John had outfucked every eligible mare at Sweet Apple Acres.

Or had he...?

The Apple Family Challenge, Round 4: Orchard Blossom and Granny Smith

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“A-Apple Bloom, are you asleep?” John whispered gently, leaning over the snoring mare. He certainly didn’t want to wake the little troublemaker up, but he knew that if he left Sweet Apple Acres without fully pleasuring Applejack’s sister, he may as well never return!

Fortunately, Apple Bloom’s only response was a most undignified trumpet blast from her recently vacated rear, followed by the squishy plopping sounds of a leaking anal creampie. Even in sleep, it seemed, Apple Bloom was a rude and uncouth brat... yet all the cuter for it, John had to admit!

Thoughtfully placing a towel beneath the young mare’s ruined bunghole, John gently pulled Apple Bloom’s blanket over her snoring form, setting her sticky dildo beside her like a cuddly teddy bear. “There you are, darling,” he whispered. “Dream sweet dreams of Cody Honeycolt’s sweaty horseballs in your mouth.”

John then stood up straight, stretched and cracked his back, feeling a familiar pressure begin to build once more in his crotch. “Geeze, who’d have thought I’d still be horny, after all that?” he mused. “I better pick up that cider and run back to Cherry’s place before she heads to sleep.” He shook his head with a rueful smile. “Oh, Miss Jubilee, you just about got me on a leash! Why, here I am, not one minute out of a young gal’s virgin behind, and I’m back to thinking of that powerful marehood of yours... I sure hope you’ll have time to ‘squeeze me in’ tonight!”

Chuckling at his own joke, John tiptoed his cheerful way down the creaking stairs of the farmhouse, seeking the exit to this house of delights... only to stop dead, dumbstruck by a most unexpected sight in the drawing room!

By the light of a homey oil lamp, a full bodied blonde mare wearing a truly luxurious gown lay stretched out upon a fainting couch which definitely hadn’t been here before. The voluptuous red-furred cutie batted sinfully long eyelashes at John, fanning herself gently with a folding fan depicting an apple tree in full bloom. Though her body quivered and her face was all virginal innocence, a steamy, filthy passion burned in her smouldering green eyes.

“Well, well,” John marvelled with the raise of an eyebrow. “Who is this dazzling debutante?”

“M-mah name’s Orchard Blossom, sir, an’ I‘m Applejack’s cousin.” The nervous mare’s accent was similar to Cherry Jubilee’s, yet there was a *power* to it which John found oddly familiar.

“This truly is a family of beauties,” John mused. “A cousin, eh?”

“Eeyup... I mean, yes sir, that’s correct.” Somehow, a blush overtook Orchard Blossom’s already red and heavily rouged cheeks. “I‘m visitin’ from Appleloosa, way over yonder. That’s why I talk so durn purdy, jes the way ya like it, ya dumb sexy human...”

John suddenly realized that his shirt was soaked in the fragrant squirt from Apple Bloom’s anal maregasms, and that Orchard Blossom’s keen pony nose would surely pick up the scent. Frantically he undid the rough celluloid buttons, hoping to somehow hide the evidence of his filthy romp upstairs, but as he unbuttoned his shirt, his bare chest only seemed to gather more attention from the eager eyed mare before him! She took in her breath and her tongue traced the well lipsticked outline of her mouth as she fantasized about kissing every bit of that hairy chest... then making it heave with moans of pleasure!

Finally abandoning his shirt altogether, the bare chested human knelt before the fainting couch and gallantly took the fan from the voluptuous mare atop it. “Allow me, please,” he soothed. “Such delicate hooves as yours should never have to perform hard labour.” With gentle motions John began to wave cool air across Orchard Blossom’s quivering muzzle. With his other hand he clasped a large hoof, gently bringing its red velvet frog to his lips for a tender kiss. “Oh, sweet Orchard Blossom, what a fortuitous meeting! You truly are a queen among ponies!”

“Ya ain’t half wrong bout that...” Orchard Blossom admitted.

“Please, my beloved, forgive me for running my mouth, instead of instantly dropping to my knees and seeing to your every need.” John’s eager eyes devoured the flawless mare before him, even as Orchard enthusiastically took in the sweat covered muscles of John’s powerful chest and withers. “Oh, what beauty, what effortless grace — I live to serve you!”

“E-enuff o’ yer sweet talkin, John,” Orchard mumbled. She brushed away a wisp of bouffant blonde mane, all the better for John to gaze into her deep and longing eyes. “I know what yer up to, an’ I aim ta make sure ya‘ll don’t set one hoof in that dadblamed Cherry Hill Ranch tonight.”

“Oh, dear.” Now it was John who blushed. “Then you know the true nature of my relationship with your family. I’d hoped I might pass as a humble farmhoof... a stallion, however rough, who might be worthy of gazing upon your beauty.”

“Ain‘t nothin’ wrong with patronizin’ a local business!” Orchard Blossom insisted. “But yew take it too far! A gentlestallion oughter indulge his needs in a wholesome, family environment, not go out rompin’ with every hussy an’ bussy in town. Why, I’ll save ya from that house o’ sin down the road, no matter what it takes. Even if it means sacrificin’ mah own delicate marehood...”

“Let’s not rush things,” John urged, even as his cock twitched at the thought of being the lucky male to deflower this beautiful mare. “I’d like to get to know you, first. May I kiss your heavenly lips?”

“Wish ya would, already...”

John leaned in for a slow and gentle kiss which swiftly brought Orchard Blossom’s powerful hooves to the back of his head. His lips were firmly pulled against hers as their tongues touched in the middle. John felt a bit of guilt at how very much he was enjoying this kiss, but he pushed the feeling down. After all, there was nothing official between him and Cherry Jubilee, not yet...

At last John parted his lips from the beautiful mare’s, so that he might murmur his appreciation into her ear. “Orchard Blossom, why you’ve made me just about the luckiest stallion alive.”

“Aww, kissin’ a human, it’s just like I always dreamed...” A naughty twinkle shone in Orchard Blossom’s deep green eyes. “Now, let’s see that stallionhood that mah sis—mah cousin loves so much.”

John instantly stood and began to work his belt, only to find the forward mare reaching out and stroking the very visible bulge in his trousers. “Oh mah stars...” she whispered. “That’s him, an’ no mistake... proud feller, ain’t he?”

“You made him like this, gorgeous,” John smiled. You, and your cousin’s damned magical sex-cake, that is! Still, having stumbled upon a chance to bed a gentlemare like Orchard Blossom, he wasn’t complaining...

Biting her lip, the shy Orchard Blossom worked up the courage to make a very lewd request. “Take ’im out fer me... would ya please?”

“With pleasure.” John swiftly shucked his boots, jeans and underwear, leaving him standing in his stockings before the appreciative mare. Orchard Blossom’s strong yet delicate hooves gently clasped the throbbing cock that praised her with its very stiffness, sending great gouts of precum erupting from its spongy head to slicken her hooves. A strange rustling sounded beneath Orchard’s hoop skirt as she gently stroked the monster before her like a beloved pet.

“Oh, he’s a bigun’...” she marvelled. She drew her hoof to her lips and sampled John’s copiously leaking precum. “Biggest I ever seen! Why, this’d make any stallion feel like he ain’t no stallion at all!

With a quirk of an eyebrow, Paul let his hand brush Orchard Blossom’s cheek. “Say, I think you might not be quite as innocent as you let on. How many cocks have made your blessed acquaintance, anyways?”

“Mainly jes the one,” Orchard Blossom admitted, “though I gotta say I’m eager ta make it two. Say, ya don’t mind mares who have a lil’ somethin’ ‘extra,’ do ya?”

“Certainly not, my delicious apple dumpling.” The nude human dared to reach down Orchard’s barrel, squeezing her thick and powerful plot beneath her rustling dress. “As far as I’m concerned, all of this is just more to love.”

“So glad ta hear ya say that.” Orchard Blossom breathed a sigh of relief. “Some stallions can git downright judgmental.”

“Ain’t it the truth?” John chuckled. “No judgement here, beautiful. I reckon myself a sensible man, which is to say, a man who appreciates all women. Now, why don’t we start the night off right, with a nice, romantic blowjob?”

“Oh, I’d love to, sugarcube. After all, family’s always here ta lend a helpin’ mouth.” Orchard Blossom brought the leaking head of John’s cock to her delicate nostrils and gave the meat a hearty sniff. “Mmm, an’ is that Apple Bloom’s tender scent I smell? Bless you, John, I believe cock just don’t taste right less it’s been seasoned first!”

Orchard Blossom quickly went to work on John’s meat, kissing and sucking with many a GLURK! and a sputter. She wasn’t as skilled as Apple Bloom, let alone Applejack, but her innocent inexperience only endeared this classy mare to John even more. After all, that Victoria lady over in England probably didn’t suck much dick, either. When the Queen herself got on her knees for you, you knew you were a special guy indeed!

As Orchard Blossom devotedly licked and slurped at her first hearty helping of human meat, John gently moved his hand beneath those voluminous skirts. He knew that every woman likes to be rubbed or licked while she goes down on her man — even more so if she’s not being paid to suck him off! Yet as his fingers probed those scandalously sexy petticoats, John encountered a development that left him utterly floored for the second time that night. Far from the wet pussy he expected to be treating to a finger or two, his hand swiftly encountered a huge set of balls and a musky, fully packed dicksheath!

“Golly, this is new,” the human mused. “How might I pleasure my lovely Orchard Blossom?” John reached up the length of his partner’s quivering mareprick and rubbed a finger around the leaking, drooling flare. “Surely a refined mare like you enjoys a gentle, loving stroke, so far from the rough treatment I give my own on lonely nights.”

Orchard gasped as the human’s hand gently squeezed her balls, teasing her reluctant girth out from its sheath. Her hooves fumbled for the human’s cock and her lips pressed against its flare, desperate to keep its maleness inside her. “P-please, John, pay no mind ta mah insignificant clitty,” she whined.

“Now then, she ain’t as little as all that,” John chided. “Near as big as mine, judging by the feel.”

“B-but I don’t want no handjob! I want yew ta claim mah delicate marehood, an’ be mah very first stud!”

“Orchard Blossom, you are simply full of surprises.” The naked human pulled his flare from Orchard Blossom’s eager maw, drawing many a strand of her spit after him. Reaching beneath his lover’s hindquarters, he gallantly raised and shifted Orchard Blossom’s fine and fancy skirts over her broad hips, taking the opportunity to let his hands roam along her muscular and truly enormous plot.

“But, where might I find this delicate marehood you speak so highly of?” he asked. “Could it be that you’ve got both back here — say, has anypony ever told you your cutie mark looks like Big Mac’s?”

“We’s all got apple cutie marks, we’s the Apple family!” Un-ladylike droplets of sweat poured from Orchard Blossom’s prone body as she stuttered out this rationalization. “Ya big ol’ human dummy! Why are ya even lookin’ at mah cutie mark, when ya should be lavishin’ mah wet an’ achin’ marehood with yer lovin’ attention?”

Kneeling at the foot of his queen’s couch, the curious human gently probed one hand down the deep and delightfully scented canyon of Orchard Blossom’s ass crack. After much fumbling he located at last the twitching, desperate “marehood” Orchard Blossom was praising so highly.

“Oh, there she is,” John sighed with relief. He gently stroked the eager pucker as he laid tender kisses on that warm and bounteous red flank. “I’m awful sorry, sweetheart, I don’t know what I was thinking.” This whole setup was a bit unusual, but as far as John was concerned, a lady’s word was not to be questioned! “Your feminine wiles must have my brain all confused. If your marehood is willing to forgive my rudeness, I’d like to apologize to her up close and personal.”

Orchard Blossom coyly fanned herself as a loving smile spread across her muzzle. "That’d mean the world, John. I know yew ain’t a bad sort, jes a lil’ rough round the edges.”

“Well now, Miss Orchard Blossom’s marehood, I do regret my churlish behaviour, and offer a humble apology to your good self.” Doffing his hat and holding it to his chest, John knelt before his lover and sank his bristly cheeks deep, deep into the appley musk of Orchard Blossom’s sweaty plot. Planting a kiss upon the welcoming marehood at the bottom, he eagerly began to work the already lubricated hole with his tongue.

Though he spent most of his time teasing marehoods of teardrop shape, John was no stranger to the pleasures of the puckered variety. His tongue lightly stroked Orchard Blossom’s rounded lips, then delved inside, gently at first but with ever increasing passion as he found his lungs filled with feminine musk and his heart filled with pure horsefucking lust. Again and again his spit sloppy mouth worked that wet hole, and his dexterous fingers dared to reach up and fondle Orchard Blossom’s balls once more, swelling her thick clit to its full length and letting it slap against her tiny, underdeveloped teats.

“All is forgiven, mah lovely human,” Orchard Blossom sighed romantically, as her eager marehood squeezed against John’s probing tongue. “Oh, yew’ve set mah girl parts all aflutter! Now, yew gonna take mah virginity er what?”

John would have happily gobbled that delicious pony-hole all night — not that the night had long to run! But when Orchard Blossom made her sweet request John kissed her pucker goodbye, ran his tongue one more time up her tasty taint, and looked up into her big green eyes to ensure that she was serious.

“Now, are you sure about this, Miss Blossom?” he asked. “After all, I’m just a humble mill worker — a gal’s first time ought to be with someone special.”

The lovestruck mare simply smiled as she met the wondrous human’s gaze. “Why, John, the way you look at me,” she sighed, “there ain’t a stallion in Equestria could make tonight more special than yew already have.”

“Then let’s cap the evening with sweetest passion, my darling.” Laying Orchard Blossom on her back and positioning her rump in the air, John gently positioned her hind legs close against her barrel as he guided her into the only position he considered good enough for a mare’s first sexual experience: the mating press. Orchard Blossom’s breath caught as she looked up and saw close up the rock hard chest beneath John’s unbuttoned shirt. Oh, how he towered above her as he put her in her place! So strong, yet so caring and gentle!

John brushed the head of his prick up and down the valley between Orchard Blossom’s sweaty, horny cheeks. “Now, you might have a little trouble walking in the morning,” he cautioned. He briefly pictured the girls at the Cherry Hill Ranch and their discomfort the day after he first claimed their plots: especially Derpy’s sloppier-than-usual flying and Tree Hugger’s special “medicated” ointment. “You ain’t got nothing planned for tomorrow? No big cotillion or quilting bee?”

“Don’t ya worry bout me,” Orchard Blossom assured. “Us Apples are big girls, made ta take big human cocks. Please, John, I can’t wait no longer fer mah handsome prince!”

As the smiling John pressed the fat crown of his cock against Orchard Blossom’s accepting marehood, the fiercest blush yet spread across her face and she stammered, her long eyelashes fluttering like a conductor’s baton, each beat of her eyelids sending blood pumping through John’s steel stiff erection as it gently navigated one petticoat after another, seeking a pussy like none he’d experienced before. For one little flicker of worry still tugged at Orchard’s tender heart.

“J-John, you been so dang sweet, I gotta confess somethin’,” she admitted, her voice quavering. “I ain’t been entirely honest with ya.”

John leaned forward and stroked Orchard Blossom’s blushing cheek as the gargantuan crown of his prick finally met the sweet embrace of her marehood and the tip pressed gently inside. “It’s alright, sugarcube, I already know.”

“Y-ya do?”

“Those obviously ain’t your real eyelashes, and I don’t care. Anything that helps a mare feel pretty and desirable is alright with me.”

“Oh, gosh, well then, by all means... oh by Celestia yer huge... y-ya really think I’m pretty?”

John chuckled. “Can’t recall ever seeing an ugly woman.” The first inch of thick, sizzling hot cock pressed its way into Orchard Blossom’s welcoming insides, making her lovely green eyes roll back in her head. “Every one of you has your own special spark inside, makes you beautiful beyond words.” John grunted with pleasure and involuntarily moved his hips forward, sending another length of girthy malehood into the receptive mare beneath him.

A feeling of bliss overtook John as Orchard Blossom’s marehood closed tightly about the flare of his cock. Unlike Apple Bloom, she’d taken the widest part of him without difficulty. Now it was simply a matter of patiently, gently, fucking the rest of himself into her, and bringing pleasure to them both.

After several near climaxes and many a whimpered cry of “Awe, John, awe, John!” the lucky human soon had some — but by no means all — of his majestic girth situated in Orchard Blossom’s feminine garden. John had always preferred gentle, romantic lovemaking, and was grateful that Orchard Blossom wasn’t the rough, demanding sort — quite unlike her cousins! With a lovely mare like this, he wanted to take his time and make it last.

“If you feel a maregasm coming on, just let it happen,” John invited her. “But be warned, I’m a man with a powerful hunger for the female sort, and I ain’t stopping til I take my pleasure, deep inside you.” Gripping Orchard Blossom’s hips, he began to began to stretch her insides with long, slow strokes.

Orchard Blossom gasped and panted as John patiently, firmly carried her towards a peak she was already climbing. “I’m gonna cum already!” She burst out with a whimper. “P-please, John, don’t look at mah clitty as I climax! It’s too embarassin’!”

“Oh, darling,” John whispered, his nose caressing Orchard Blossom’s and his tongue tracing the curves of her well lipsticked lips, “Why would I look anywhere except your beautiful eyes while we make love?”

“Unnnh! Oh, John, oh, Celestia, here it cums!” Thick, sticky fluid shot forth from the flare of Orchard Blossom’s surprisingly large clit as the beast of a human atop her pounded this refined lady like a cheap whorse. A blushing virgin no more, Orchard Blossom had been officially, and most joyously deflowered! John’s mouth pressed against hers as she came, his strong arms holding her about the barrel, his fevered grunts of pleasure echoing in her ears as his hips moved atop hers with speed and power.

“John, oh, John, it‘s everythin’ I ever dreamed!” John simply smiled and kept giving Orchard Blossom the fucking she needed, kissing her with passion and thrusting ever deeper into her clasping, needy marehood. Snorting and whinnying, claimed by a human’s powerful kiss as a thigh shuddering climax overwhelmed her mating-pressed body, sweet little Orchard was thinking she should have joined the “family business” long ago...

The merest ember of dawn’s light painted the apple orchards, and the sounds of stirring roosters serenaded the air as John finally staggered out of the farmhouse, having gone an incredible three rounds with the nigh insatiable Orchard Blossom. Heedless of the hour, he lay his back to the wall of the house and put a hand to his chest, grinning and breathing heavily.

“Oh, I must say,” John muttered, his head echoing with the thump of his pounding heart. “Equestria’s got all manner of mares — it feels like a fellow learns something every day! Oh, Orchard Blossom, you delicate jewel!” The handsome human leapt happily about the wooden porch, seemingly about to swoon. “If it wasn’t for Miss Jubilee’s powerful hold on my heart... oh, how happy we’d be together!”

As John pranced about, the tender head of his stiff erection rubbed against his jeans, and he looked down with annoyance at the thick bulge that still tented his trousers. “Gosh, that cake of AJ‘s ain’t never gonna let up,” he muttered. “I’d better scram, before I lose control and end up despoiling Miss Blossom’s innocence yet again. I sure hope Tree Hugger’s still awake — I reckon I can just about see to those ‘munchies’ of hers, with what I got left in my nuts.”

Having now put Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Orchard Blossom to bed with a hard fucking apiece, John assumed his escape from Sweet Apple Acres was assured. Yet he was abruptly brought up short as he turned towards the front porch and witnessed the sight of sour faced Granny Smith sitting on her rocker. The stingy, tight-hooved proprietress of the farm and the brothel was working a set of knitting needles in her hooves as she rocked back and forth in a soothing rhythm.

This in itself was nothing new, nor was the usual scowl the elderly nag had on her muzzle. But with his keen eye for mares, John noticed a distinct difference in Granny Smith’s appearance from the last time he’d “visited” the Apple family. Tonight, her wrinkled and sunken lips were scandalously decorated with a coat of vivid lipstick. Furthermore, this was not the subtle and understated shade that might help a distinguished elder mare shine in her golden years, but a bright and garish pink more suited to a teenaged schoolfilly with a fake ID!

John did his best to smile at the intimidating matriarch of the Apple family, putting out of his mind what he’d just done to her eager granddaughters’ horsey holes — not to mention taking the maidenhead of a visiting cousin! At least Big Mac didn’t seem to be around... John didn’t know how he could look that sturdy fellow in the eye after tonight!

“A-and a very good evening to you, Granny Smith.” John found his tongue at last.

“Hrrrmph,” snorted the cranky old mare. John’s heart nearly stopped — was she aware of the depredations he’d just performed on the innocent Orchard Blossom? Granny was nearly deaf, but even she must have heard those bellows of mareish pleasure from the drawing room!

“I-I reckoned you were sleeping, so I left the bits on the table.” John carefully edged his feet towards the porch stairs that offered the chance of escape, not wanting to arouse the wrath of the Apple clan’s unquestioned chief. “20 bits for the night, as we agreed, plus 50 for the cider. That’ll be all, I take it... you take care of that lumbago, now...”

Yet the moment John set one foot on those stairs, Granny Smith grunted and dropped her knitting on her lap. The human froze instantly and shrank as if beneath a predator’s gaze. “An’ jes where do ya think yer goin’, boy?” the fearsome mare growled. Raising a hoof to her mouth, Granny Smith pulled out her dentures with a loud slurping sound, revealing a wet and toothless mouth beneath. Strangely alluring lips swiftly collapsed in on bare gums, forming a sloppy, wet, and blazing pink orifice that pulsed with a powerful suction.

John just had to smile while stepping back up and undoing his belt yet again. “Well, ma’am, I reckon I ain’t going anywhere for a good while yet,” he stated respectfully. “Not with all this Apple family hospitality I seem to find falling into my lap tonight.”

“Thas’ right,” Granny’s voice came out garbled and barely intelligible, both from her absent teeth and from the large, swollen head of the human prick that was being rapidly introduced between her bright pink lips. “Family’s always here ta lend a helping—glllmph!”

Gripping Granny Smith’s bun of silver white hair, John palmed her skull in one vast human hand and pumped his heavy girth down her throat in a single motion. Her empty gums clenched tightly about the mass of intruding meat and her puckered mouth began a vacuum suction, backed by over 60 years of cocksucking experience. The residue of Orchard Blossom’s delightfully musky marehood was instantly sucked off of John’s prick, replaced with a thin sheen of Granny’s shocking pink lipstick.

John straddled Granny Smith’s rocking chair, which moved steadily back and forth as he settled into his rhythm of powerful, balls deep throatfucking. Groans of pleasure came from his slack, drooling mouth, and Granny Smith smiled to herself as the human’s studcock plumbed her esophagus as if trying to unclog a stubborn drain. Heh, Granny’s still got it, she cackled mentally. O’ course, the lipstick helps... “Bubble Bimbo Pink” never fails to reel in the stallions, an’ tell em exactly what this mouth is for!

In truth, Granny Smith hadn’t pulled out her secret weapon for years, ever since her daughter-in-law Pear Butter took over the farm’s cocksucking duties. Yet in her youth she’d applied “Bubble Bimbo Pink” every evening, just before kneeling before her gathered farmhooves and draining their balls down her voracious throat, one — or sometimes two! — at a time. The promise of a nightly blowjob from Ponyville’s most gorgeous mare kept the farm’s labour costs down, and her husband did love to watch her suck her way through the crowd...

“Much obliged for this here facefuck, Granny,” John chuckled as he hilted the equine octagenarian upon the unfamiliar shape of his shaft. “My cock’s just had one humdinger of a new experience, and I daresay he don’t know right from left at this point. But one thing always seems to calm the beast — wet, slippery marethroats.”

Again and again the strong human stud bounced Granny Smith’s head up and down his shaft, forcing his endless log of manbeef down her gagless throat only to yank every inch right back out and repeat the pleasurable motion. Salty sweat began to pour down John’s face and back with the force of his exertions, and Granny Smith’s nostrils flared with the delightful scent that reached her nose every time his fat and overtaxed nuts slapped her sagging chin.

A lesser mare would have lost her dinner beneath such a brutal throat-pummeling, yet Granny Smith’s latest meal stayed securely in her stomach as she rocked serenely back and forth in her chair, enjoying the sensation she thought she’d never feel again. Once more she’d driven a powerful, hungry young stallion to the brink of passion, firing his lust beyond reason, inspiring him to take control of her head and obliterate her throat!

For his part, John was learning what few stallions his age ever discovered: behind that sour expression sat a full service fleshlight of unparalleled power! Granny Smith’s beauty had faded over the decades, but her mouth hadn’t lost one bit of its suction. Long before Applejack discovered her destiny as Equestria’s most desirable courtesan, it was this mouth that had sucked the Apple family to wealth and prominence. The rich, the powerful... even Dukes and Princes had once stood in line for Sweet Apple Acres’ “cider and a blowjob” deal! And now that Granny had lost her teeth — why, even an alicorn’s pussy was hardly in the same league!

“Whew, Granny, you go all out! You just tap my thigh if you need a break.” Granny Smith simply snorted indignantly and shook her head, twisting John’s cock inside her with the motion of her neck. After all, this senior citizen had been guzzling down vast horsecocks since before this young whippersnapper’s grandfather was born! As far as she was concerned, such concepts as “breathing” were nothing but wimpy excuses, uttered by lazy mares who refused to finish their deepthroating chores!

Sensing the elder mare’s great strength (not to mention her growing impatience!) John firmly clasped both of his hands behind Granny Smith’s ears, held her head steady and began to rut that gifted muzzle like the cunt it was. Balls deep thrusts grew in speed and power as the human straddled Granny’s rocking chair and PLOWED her throat, fucking that sucking hole up and down his cock like the piston of a steam train! One thrust every second... two thrusts a second! John’s hips were a veritable blur as he finally found himself able to fully let loose with a woman!

For the first time in years, Granny Smith felt a twinge of pleasure between her ancient thighs, and a dribble of liquid began to lubricate that creaky and unused marehood. The thrill of being employed for the pleasure of a powerful male had always aroused her like none other, and John was powerful indeed — especially with those hands of his! Such firmness, forcefulness, verging on brutality... it was as if John himself were a long lost member of the Apple family!

Wouldn’t mind so much if this ape feller did join the Apple family... Granny idly mused as the oxygen was slowly cut off from her brain. New blood always livens things up... Pear Butter certainly taught me a thing or two!

If she had cared to reach for John’s balls, the wise old mare could have made the human cum with a single well placed squeeze, but after decades of sexual experience she’d resolved to relax and let the stallions do all of the work from now on. John wouldn’t last long, anyhow! The sloppy sounds of cock shlicking down Granny Smith’s throat were joined by John’s ecstatic groans, as his youthful cock was educated by a most experienced tutor!

“Unnngh! Granny... HERE IT CUMS!” John bellowed across Equestria’s fading night. His mighty balls throbbed nervously, then surged forth with the creamy contents of yet another stud-gasm. His asshole twitched and puckered in his jeans as his prostate slammed into overdrive, supplying yet another load of jizz to this land of ever thirsty mares.

Granny’s hazy consciousness seemed to return at her first taste of hot man cream, and her eyes softened to an expression of love and devotion as she sampled the finest food ever to be imported from Earth. Apples from the human world couldn’t hold a candle to the Equestrian crop, but the thick, salty spunk of its virile ape-studs was the finest nut to be found anywhere! The seed of a young human made the perfect food for a oldtimer such as Granny Smith — flavourful, high in protein, and no need to chew!

Through squirt after squelching squirt, through thrust after hip swinging, balls deep thrust, a large heap of male seed accumulated in Granny’s stomach, slowly mingling with her usual meal of applesauce. The well fed mare would definitely be sleeping well tonight! And John’s moans were like a lullaby to her ears... he seemed to appreciate her experienced throat just as much as he enjoyed prying open the tender holes of her grandchildren!

At last John’s shuddering climax subsided, but as he began to extract himself he discovered that Granny Smith wasn’t done! A fierce suction on his sensitive head didn’t let up until each and every drop of cum had been extracted from him. Even after she finally let up, Granny’s twirling tongue and tightly gripping gums left John’s overworked shaft clean as a whistle as he forcefully pulled his well drained dick out of that hoover of a mouth.

“Ya’ll cum back an’ see us agin tomorrow night, wontcha?” The fierce insistence in Granny Smith’s eyes had returned in a flash, and her tone was playful, yet commanding. Despite the mass of cock and the sticky load she’d just taken down her esophagus, her breathing was even and unrushed, her voice hardly raspier than usual. “We’ll all be waitin’ an eager ta show ya a good time, John... all 4 o’ us.

The human chuckled and shook his head with a smile. “I can’t make any promises, Granny, but I’ll stop by and ram another load down your throat real soon. Good night now, you sweet old whorse.” Holding Granny’s withered chin between two fingers, John set a tender smooch upon a set of lips that hadn’t felt a lover’s kiss in decades.

That human feller’s an easy nut ta bust, but a tough one ta crack, Granny Smith thought to herself as she watched the human’s young, taut ass stride away into the dawning morning, a hefty cider barrel balanced effortlessly on his wither. As the tingles of John’s kiss faded from her lips, a single butterfly performed an unfamiliar dance in the dusty chambers of her heart. Still, he’s a true gentlecolt, an’ I ain’t had a stallion down below since Grand Pear stopped gettin’ stiff a few years back.

Granny Smith gently brushed a droplet of human cum from her muzzle into her mouth, savouring the taste. The well wrinkled matriarch began to allow herself a naughty fantasy, of the kind she’d thought she’d given up long ago.

Mebbe if I borrow some o’ Applejack’s lingerie, he’d bend me over a bale an’ make me feel like a *proper* mare once agin...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

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As the night dragged on and on, Cherry Jubilee’s heart sank ever further into the depths of despair. She glumly went to bed after tidying up after the last of the customers at the Cherry Hill Ranch, but her sad attempts at sleep were poisoned by regrets and recriminations. Out of her own cocksure foolishness she’d blithely sent John over to Sweet Apple Acres, and out of his unalterable male nature, he had succumbed to temptation, leaving both Cherry’s bed and her heart cold and empty.

She’d lost him!

To Cherry Jubilee, John had been everything, her whole world. To Applejack he was nothing but a satisfying fuck. What’s done was done: Sweet Apple Acres had gotten its customer back, and stolen away Cherry’s lover in the bargain.

Whatever feelings Cherry felt for John, they clearly counted for nothing from his perspective. The supposed bond between man and mare was no tighter than the grip of a younger, snugger pussy. Indeed, John’s affection for Cherry was less than a gentlestallion’s for his mistress — for at least a gentlestallion gives proper notice!

Such thoughts kept Cherry tossing and turning in bed until it was almost light. Just as she was resigning herself to face a full day of work without her love to make it bearable, she heard a footstep at her door. As it creaked open she felt his presence and heard his sweet, commanding voice.

“I set the cider downstairs—oh, my word, Miss Jubilee!”

For Cherry’s bedroom stank of needy, sweaty mare. Even with his dull human nose, John could hardly miss it. Blankets were shoved off the bed and a set of hind legs snapped open, revealing the swollen results of a sleepless night of whimpering cry-clopping.

The sense of relief that overwhelmed Cherry Jubilee when her human returned to her, was matched only by the overwhelming neediness that had swollen within her throughout the night. Yes, there had been orgasms, for a whorse knows nothing better than to give herself the pleasure that a customer left her wanting. Yet Cherry swiftly found that her climaxes now felt empty. Her pleasure was nothing if not shared with him. And now that they were reunited... could it really be true?

Yet far from the sweet tone of relief one might have expected, Cherry’s first words to John were delivered in a vicious snarl born of sheer desperate craving.

“Your cock. My marehood. Now.” How dare he keep himself from her?

John wiped a fountain of sweat from his forehead. His muscles throbbed with the pent up stress of a night’s strenuous activity. His dick swelled once more, as it always did at the sight of the cunt he worshipped, yet his overworked male-meat was sore and tender, and it was questionable indeed whether it could carry out this new (if hardly unexpected) mission.

“Miss Jubilee, you ain’t got the slightest idea what I had to go through before they’d let me bring that cider back,” John protested. “Not to mention, I got to be back at the mill not three hours from now.”

“I don’t care, John,” Cherry scowled, hoping for a hard, forceful fucking from the usually gentle human. “I ain’t had any dick since yesterday morning. While you were playing ‘hide the stallionhood’ with Applejack, I was cooking stew and scrubbing toilets.”

“Ma’am, that is neither fair nor charitable. I had to—”

Cherry interrupted with a dramatic yawn. “Either shut up and get into bed,” she commanded, “or go downstairs and sleep in the drawing room. It is too early in the morning to suffer a bellyaching human in my boudoir.”

John took in his breath, seething silently at the injustice of his treatment. “Well, Miss Jubilee,” he drawled slowly, “I reckon there’s only one thing a man can do after an ultimatum like that, and call himself a man.” With the clink of metal John unbuckled his belt, and with the sliding of leather against canvas, he drew it from around his waist.

“And wh-what is that, John?” Cherry Jubilee quivered to think of being at the mercy of this angry human. Would he strike her with his belt? Choke her? She shuddered to think of the horrible things such a strong creature might do to her.

Afterwards, she would hate him for he was about to do. She would spit on him and kick him out of her life. Yet at the moment, a brutal, painful hatefuck was exactly what her weak and needy body desired. Such a horrid violation would surely break the spell of heartache this strange creature had on her.

Yet she heard no crack, felt no sting of leather around her neck. Instead there was the whoosh of a pair of trousers sliding to the floor, and the nearly silent sound of the belt being set down atop them. Without another word being spoken, John’s hands roughly pulled Cherry’s already spread legs akimbo. His sudden weight sagged her bed as he climbed atop her, and the head of his cock knocked against her winking slit. All at once he RAMMED into her, rooting himself in her womb with a single thrust.

“Eep! J-John!”

“I hope you’re happy, ma’am.” John’s soothing voice, the one he used on Earth’s horses, calmed Cherry’s quivering spirits even as he took full possession of her body. “Let this be a lesson. I’ve been longing for you since the moment I left, but if you’re gonna be a whiny little filly when I return... well, you ain’t the first brat I’ve had to tame tonight.”

“John!” Cherry squeaked as she felt the mass of the human gently settling onto her prone body. “P-please, you’re so huge...”

“You said shut up and get into bed. I got into bed, and now I’m shutting up. Good night, Miss Jubilee.” In moments he fell asleep atop her, rigid and pulsing, his weight pressing her deliciously into her soft feather bed.

Cherry Jubilee smiled to herself as a spurt of pre jetting from John’s cock bathed her womb in warmth. He’d come home after all, come right to her bed and her marehood, where he belonged. Cherry was John’s unquestioned possession, but even as he dreamed, he trusted his member to her. He trusted her to know her place and give his cock the love it deserved.

Thus it was that a single happy thought ran through Cherry’s mind as she devotedly worked her kegel muscles, gently massaging her man to his final climax of a very long night:

Sorry, Applejack... but I win!

It seemed mere minutes later that Cherry Jubilee was awakened by the scent of fresh coffee. John stood over her, holding a mug of the sweetened black brew. As he knelt to present her with her morning wake-up, he whispered gently, “I’m sorry if I was too rough with you last night, Miss Jubilee.”

“Oh, not at all, John. I shouldn’t have acted the way I did.” Cherry took a sip of the perfectly sugared coffee, feeling the life rush back into her soul. The morning was beautiful, her lover was at her side... life was good!

“I think I understand, ma’am,” John sighed. “Once a lady’s been left at the altar, she’s bound to worry when her sweetheart heads off to another mare’s brothel. Even if the ‘sweetheart’ business is more of a feeling, and ain’t been properly spelled out in words.” Gathering his nerve, the human bit his lip and continued:

“So if it’s alright with you, allow me to put it in words. Cherry Jubilee, I learned a lot last night at Sweet Apple Acres, and well, I realized my poor lonely heart is most comfortable beating next to yours. I think what we’ve got is a bit more than a whorse and her customer, and if you agree with that sentiment, I’d be proud to call you my marefriend.”

Cherry’s grin was so wide it nearly wrapped all the way around her head. ”I’d like nothing more, John.” With that assent, John leaned down and gripped Cherry’s head in his hands, and for some time both man and mare were lost in the tenderness of love’s first kiss.

“Mmm, delightful,” sighed Cherry at last. But as heavenly as John’s lips felt on her own, she was in the mood for something more. She rolled over in the bed, turning away from her lover and wiggling her prodigious rump beneath the fluid stained bedsheets.

“You know, my last coltfriend liked to spank me when I threw my melodramatic fits, and I think last night’s performance definitely qualifies.” Cherry put on her best pair of bedroom eyes, eager to coax more rough treatment from her stud. “How’d you like to redden the plot of your brand new marefriend?”

John winced painfully, thrust back out of the playful banter between lovers. “Don’t reckon that has much appeal at all, ma’am,” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. “My poor Momma up in heaven would never forgive me if I struck a horse or a woman — and you happen to be both. No, if you’re in an apologizing mood this morning, I reckon you can suck my cock.”

That cock was drooping down John’s naked leg, and soon Cherry had its apple sized head weighing down her tongue, bringing it to its proper state of full erection and greatly preferring the taste of its drippings to the effects of morning coffee. Cherry Jubilee sighed with contentment as she took a lady’s rightful place: in the blissful worship of her lover’s sacred stallionhood.

“Mmm... *smek*” She worked her tongue back and around the vicious, mare ruining flare, tasting her own juices. “I don’t wish to seem ungrateful, John, but this hardly seems like a punishment. After all, I suck your cock just about every morning.”

John simply nodded and sipped from Cherry’s coffee mug. “True enough... today I reckon you can do it outside.”

Cherry’s heart sank, yet her obedience was never in question. If John unzipped in the midst of Ponyville’s town square, she would take him into her mouth and tenderly service him with the whole town looking on — not to mention fighting off any other mares who wanted a taste. Those greedy sluts could kiss John’s nutsack and wait their turn, as far as Cherry was concerned. Such ruinous hunger for cock was a mare’s curse, and blessing!

Thus the morning light saw Cherry Jubilee entirely naked, kneeling on her own front porch, her fat butt presented for public inspection without so much as a garter belt to cover her flank. The porch swing where John and Cherry had spent so many pleasant evenings, was now solely occupied by the large human, as he drank coffee and fed his stiff penis into the mouth of his hungry whorse. Anypony who came by could see this sordid advertisement for the services offered within the boarding house, and Cherry’s cunt juiced and winked at the awful thought.

Already Cherry Jubilee’s reputation was hardly high in this unenlightened town. Some ponies resented each “sinful” bit that flowed (or rather, trickled) into the Cherry Hill Ranch. Others merely disdained that Cherry dared to compete with their precious Applejack. Little did those uptight bluemuzzles realize what a vital service Cherry was providing to Ponyville. Why, in towns without an affordable brothel, many a mare found herself obliged to fuck her own husband!

John seemed quite excited at the prospect of being blown in public, and Cherry began to hope that she might bring him off quicker than usual, putting an end to her exhibitionist display before they were inevitably caught. Yet before long, she cringed as she heard the familiar creak of a cart being drawn up the road behind her. Of all the ponies, of course... she thought to herself.

Cherry tried to lower her flagging tail, but John’s gentle boop to her nose ended such nonsense. Instead she focused her eyes back on her coltfriend’s pubic bone, struggling to swallow his cock. Eager to please, she raised her tail even higher, exposing her dripping marehood to the passerby and praying that her humiliation would soon end.

“Good morning, Big Mac!” John called out cheerfully as the noise of the cart grew louder.

“Eeyup!” There seemed to be a bit of embarrassment in Big Mac’s voice, and odd grunts here and there, as if the ever sturdy stallion were walking with some difficulty.

“Don’t mind me, I’m just enjoying a little head from my favourite whorse.” Gripping Cherry’s fiery red mane in one fist, John casually pulled her muzzle fully down to the base of his crotch. Cherry gagged, then obediently stuck out her tongue to lather the human’s sweaty balls. Every sluttish trick she knew was being employed, to make John cum and end this embarrassment!

John simply smiled as Big Mac stared goggle eyed at the facefuck playing out before him. “I reckon a stud like you knows that mares need to be taken out and used regularly,” the human chuckled, as he pumped Cherry’s head up and down his staff like a convenient fleshlight.

“Used like lil’ sissy bitches, eeyup...” Big Mac admitted.

A perverted idea occurred to John as he picked up the coffee with his other hand and sipped. “Say, Mac, why don’t you unhitch yourself from that there cart and join me on the porch? Miss Jubilee must surely be missing the taste of horse cock, with all the human beef I’ve been feeding her. Let that big ole thing unsheath, and we’ll share us a fine mare on a fine morning.”

“Eenope!” Big Mac hurried past, a mighty blush spreading across his face.

John simply chuckled as the apple laden cart clattered away. “That shy fellow’s never going to find himself a lady at this rate,” he told Cherry as she dutifully throated him, silently pleading for his cum. “What a shame — I reckon he’s got what it takes to satisfy any mare!” The human found himself casting an appreciative glance at Big Mac’s rapidly departing plot. “Why, just look at the power in those... damn me, but that’s odd — they really do have the same cutie mark!”

A mere nap had revitalized John’s overworked member, it seemed. Though Cherry found him no easier to bring off than on previous mornings, neither was he any less eager than on any other day. John succumbed to her oral tricks in the usual time — 5 minutes or so, though it seemed much longer — groaning and gasping as she reduced the stud to helpless climax like any common stallion.

Despite the humiliation, she felt a certain pride in bringing her man to the morning pleasure he expected — and deserved. Once his throbbing and spurting had ceased, Cherry Jubilee opened wide to show her coltfriend a mouth brimming with human sperm, then swallowed down her breakfast and hopped onto the porch swing alongside John for a loving cuddle... served with a side of headpats!

“That seed of yours tastes mighty fresh, and there wasn’t much more than a mouthful,” Cherry murmured.

“Oh, is that so?” John asked casually. With Applejack’s cake having finally worked its way through his system, his libido was back to its usual level — just about high enough to satisfy an entire whorsehouse!

“Putting two and two together, I do believe you got more from the Apples last night than just a barrel of cider.”

“As a wise stallion once said, ‘eeyup.’ Quite a bit more.” John scratched his morning stubble with embarrassment.

Cherry laid a kiss on John’s powerful chin. “Well, fair is fair. Sweet Apple Acres has made their bid for your business. I’ll just to have to give you somethang special to compete with them.”

“You gonna lower your prices?” John asked with interest. “Maybe even let your coltfriend fuck for free?”

“Dear me, of course not!” Cherry Blossom gasped at the very idea. “I’ll be giving you more for your money.”

“How do you reckon?” John asked. “There’s only 15 mareholes on the premises, and I use each of them pretty regular.”

The marehole John had used most recently broke into a smile. “Oh, I do business with so many lovely mares,” Cherry murmured. “Mares you haven’t even met, I’d reckon. Let us see, Nurse Redheart comes by once a month to give the girls their checkups, and I’ve been meaning to ride up to Manehattan and see Coco Pommel about the latest fashions for my girls.”

“Those ladies sound like professionals,” John pointed out. “It’s my experience that such gals rarely yearn to take up a sideline in whorsing.” Miss Lee at the laundry would have slapped him into next week if he’d offered her a dollar after sex, not to mention Doc Meredith, or that cute lady blacksmith...

“Professionals they are indeed,” Cherry Jubilee interrupted John’s mental reminiscences of past conquests. “Very expensive professionals. But they’re also mares, with the usual needs. They might not charge me quite so much if they can be assured of some first class human cock now and then.”

“I get it,” John mused with a sly smile. “Now I’m the whorse.”

Cherry kissed down John’s neck and chest, her lips tingling against the hair that blossomed from the unbuttoned shirt he’d slept in. “I’m a savvy businessmare, John. And as you know well, I simply adore working something from both ends.” Reaching his crotch at last, she took that wondrous member between her lips, and began to tease it hard once more.

“So you’re pimping your coltfriend out, is that it?”

“Far be it from me to make sex feel like a chore. Why, at the Cherry Hill Ranch we believe in enjoying our work, to the fullest!” Cherry Jubilee’s long tongue drew itself down John’s balls and teased back between his sculpted cheeks, flicking at last against his forbidden hole. “You should count yourself fortunate, John. Most male whorses find themselves taking much larger things up their plots than a mare’s soft tongue.”

“Miss Jubilee, I never cease to marvel at that silver tongue of yours — seems like it can make a stallion do whatever you like!” John gently stroked Cherry’s mane as she dove into his crack and lapped at his morning sweat. “You bring me all the professional mares you like, and we’ll just see if it’s enough to keep me away from the temptations of Sweet Apple Acres. It is a mighty long walk down that road, just to take refreshment. It would be nicer if my marefriend brought the pussies to me.”

The combination of Cherry’s tongue and the thought of fresh pussy had John swollen again in moments, tall and proud and ready to fill any convenient orifice. “But for now, I really must head out to the mill,” he admitted reluctantly. “I can go one more round, to celebrate our relationship, but we must make it quick.”

“Oh, nonsense. Take the day off.” Cherry Jubilee climbed onto John’s lap and began grinding her clit against his revitalized prick. “You’d be no good at the mill — you were up all night. I’ll have a word with Mrs. Broadbeam.”

“Erm, you mean Mr. Broadbeam, surely?” John sat back and rocked the swing back and forth as Cherry rubbed herself up and down his impossible girth. His hand strayed from the nearly empty coffee mug and groped his lover’s broad, plush plot — once again, Cherry had him right where she wanted him!

“John, you are one cynical stallion,” Cherry scoffed. “If there’s a male in Ponyville who’s completely faithful to his wife, it’s your boss. Why, I don’t even remember what Mr. Broadbeam’s cock looks like!”

“B-but Mrs. Broadbeam...?”

Cherry Jubilee winked. “Trixie’s best customer. Sure, she loves her husband, but sometimes a mare needs that feminine touch.”

“Oh, you naughty ladies,” John chuckled. “Alright, I’ll take the day off. Now, why don’t you stop your teasing, sit on my cock and tell me which innocent mare you want your human gigolo to corrupt first?”

“I do have a bit of a list...” Cherry confessed. At his invitation she lifted her hips and slipped atop his flare. Oh, how he filled her, that thick, firm stallionhood sliding right into the perfect sheath of her cunt. She wriggled her plot and began to ride his endless stallionhood, as he obliged his new marefriend’s anal lust by sliding his thick thumb up her ponut.

“Mmm, how you spoil me, my dear,” Cherry murmured. “But please try not to cum again, will you? The lovely Zecora will arrive to deliver some potions this evening, and she’ll want these balls to be churning with seed...”

His first rodeo

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Far from a relaxing and revitalizing break, John’s “day off” proved to be full of the most strenuous endeavours. Trixie, Moondancer, and Tree Hugger were most excited when they awoke and Cherry Jubilee informed that John was to spend the day with all four of them. Even before breakfast was finished, these demanding mares put him in his place, and he’d cleaned their sweaty marehoods with his tongue until each horny gash was dripping wet and squeaky clean. After the girls bathed, he moved his service to their ponuts, pampering each puffy pucker with his tongue and fingers and bringing each mare to a satisfying anal orgasm as she towelled herself dry.

John then acted as the audience of a seemingly endless fashion show in the drawing room, lying on the large couch and advising Cherry’s whorses on jewellery, dresses, makeup and manestyles. The firmness of his cock served as an infallible barometer of male arousal, as the mares learned his preferences and teased him with ever more cock stiffening outfits and poses. Then the girls had the idea of quizzing him on a stallion’s preferred sexual positions and techniques, and his torment truly began.

Though marehoods and ponuts were pressed down onto John’s shaft in profusion, though countless shades of lipstick soon ringed the base of his cock, such erotic excursions were solely for the benefit of the ladies in question, who desperately needed relief from spending so much time breathing in John’s potent musk. Cherry Jubilee’s newest “employee” was strictly forbidden from shooting another load until Zecora’s arrival, and when the dribbles of precum grew too great for him to control, Trixie cast a mighty spell upon his cock that kept John in the eternal twilight of a buildup to orgasm.

Like the other whorses at the Cherry Hill Ranch, John was destined to be worked to the boiling point before being introduced to his first customer of the day. Even when the post office closed and Derpy showed up for work, that once sweet mailmare offered John no mercy, but callously presented a fifth gorgeous plot for him to service — this one delightfully sweaty from her travels about town.

Yes, despite a day full of lust and lovemaking, the load John had popped into Cherry’s mouth that morning proved to be the only one he spent, until...

John soaked in the huge tub in the Cherry Hill Ranch’s grand bathroom, naked save for his faithful cowboy hat, and trying his best to relax. The tension relieved by the hot water was a direct contrast with the ever growing tension in his straining crotch. In his old life out on the range, his relationship with soap and water had been irregular at best, but ponies with their sensitive noses could find themselves overwhelmed by his masculine scent. Regular baths were a must for any human in Equestria, man or woman.

In fact, this was his second bath of the night! John had already taken a proper bath in this very tub, with soap and everything. Then Tree Hugger had sent him out to shiver while she drained the water and replaced it with fresh, clean stuff. Yet the wait had been worth it. Now John was simply soaking in steamy bliss, letting the stress drain from his muscles as the dreadlocked earth pony leaned over the porcelain edge of the tub, plunged her front legs beneath the water, and blessed him with a wet and slippery hoofjob!

As he and Tree Hugger passed her ever present cigarette back and forth, the haze of ponyweed sent John into a blissful state — and made him even more charmingly compliant with the suggestions of any and all cutie-mares. When the bathroom door nudged open and a strange female trotted into the inner sanctum, he woozily turned his head to look at the intrusion, but felt no apprehension. John was floating on a cloud of endless pleasure, and as Tree Hugger so often said, it was “all good!”

The mare was Zecora, of course, and as he caught sight, the bathwater above John’s crotch rippled with the forceful pulse of a jet of precum that blasted forth from his tormented dick. The human male had never seen a zebra before, and Zecora’s exotic appearance captured his attention instantly — truly, lust at first sight!

Zecora’s face was lovely, her mane well kept, and even from the front John could see the twin swells of a mighty plot that wobbled upon her hips with every step. John’s excitement mounted, his lust fired beyond measure, for he knew that with this lady’s arrival, he’d finally be allowed to break Trixie’s spell, and cum, cum, cum!

The zebra instantly noted the naked human in the bath, not to mention the green earth pony’s hooves skilfully churning the water with her erotic stroking. A single raised eyebrow served to register surprise, yet not displeasure. “I fear my entrance was abrupt,” she murmured, “I did not mean to interrupt.” Her voice was musical, her simple courtesy touching John deep in his heart.

“D-don’t mind me, ma’am.” John had his assignment, yet somehow he was feeling shy. For all his prowess in the bedroom, this simple soul hadn’t the slightest idea how to seduce a lady who wasn’t already paid for!

Tree Hugger nodded at Zecora, who she seemed to treat as a familiar friend. “Hey, sexy zebra lady, I’m just getting your stallion ready for you.”

At this Zecora scoffed lightly. “A male, for me? Well, we shall see. But I must put away my vials before a stallion brings me smiles.” She trotted over to the medicine cabinet and began to inspect its inventory, occasionally pulling a potion from her saddlebag and placing it in a gap on one of the many shelves.

Gifted with a good look at Zecora from behind, John could only ogle the stunning zebra he was assigned to service. Even compared to the well endowed earth pony who was jacking him off, this Equestrian equine was quite large: nearly 14 hands, by John’s expert estimate. As much as he loved Tree Hugger and the other girls at the Cherry Hill Ranch, most little ponies were a bit too little to properly bed, and John was continually worried about harming his lovers with the bulk of his body or the size of his cock. No such worries applied to Zecora — it seemed that zebra mares were big girls who could only be satisfied by the largest of shlongs, and afterwards held in the strongest of arms!

Not to mention, dat ass! Zecora’s plot was extra large, round and rippling beneath her simple loincloth as she twitched her tail back and forth. This huge striped rump seemed to have its own gravitation pull, the way it drew John’s eyes to the hypnotic spiral of Zecora’s cutie mark. The only complaint John had about that powerful plot, was that it wasn’t positioned closer to him, upthrust and ready to fuck!

John’s already simple mind was now utterly frazzled by the three drugs of ponyweed, orgasm denial, and huge zebra butt. He needed Zecora, his only hope for relief, but he hadn’t a clue how to proceed! It had all seemed so easy when Cherry Jubilee had laid it out this morning. All he had to do was seduce a woman from another culture, about which he knew nothing. A mare so beautiful that any stallion would grovel at her hooves. A sophisticated lady who brewed potions and spoke in poetry, who was clearly much smarter than he was!

Eeyup... John had nothing!

“I-I’m truly grateful for your help, Miss Zecora,” John stammered out at last. “Without your potions, I fear I’d have quite a few foals on the way.”

“The value of a potion sold is oft repaid a hundredfold,” Zecora noted. “If gratitude is what you feel, perhaps I should indulge your zeal...” Taking mercy upon his stunned inexperience, as if bestowing the lightest of flirtations, she spread her hind legs slightly and slowly lifted her tail for the bathing human.

That saucy tail hid a delicious marehood of perfect teardrop shape, its dark lips peeling open slowly as Zecora’s pink clit winked out. The fleshy nub bore a golden barbell piercing and dripped a long strand of clear fluid before it, proof of the zebra mare’s eagerness. A similar piercing adorned Zecora’s huge, puffy anus, providing the perfect hold for a man’s teeth to gently grasp and tug while he worshipped her striped hindquarters. John groaned at the exotic, kinky sight of such holes between such perfect flanks — and then a groan became a grunt as he let his guard down and Tree Hugger’s stroking hooves pulled him over the edge he’d been riding all day, deep into climax!

“Oh, golly, Miss Zecora—UNNNGGGH!” After a full day of teasing, the sight of Zecora’s offered plot was simply too much for poor John! The human stud thrashed in the watery tub as Tree Hugger’s skilled and insistent hooves finally unloaded his balls. Even as he whimpered and struggled, the strong earth pony refused to let up, clopping him off until he felt fit to burst!

John’s dick fired forth huge fountains of sperm which swiftly floated to the top of his bathwater, forming a thick layer of pearly white fluid that mingled with John’s chest hair and made a sticky ring around his biceps. He let out a long, deep sound between a cry and a moan as an unprecedented amount of liquid was milked from his heavy, long denied balls.

As his post nut clarity dawned, John realized that he’d already failed his first assignment. Trixie’s denial spell had been cancelled as soon as Zecora entered his room, leaving the future of the encounter up to John’s own personal skill and willpower. Faced with the glorious ass of a sexy zebra, he’d succumbed immediately. Worse yet, his climax had brought Zecora no pleasure. What sort of prostitute cums his brains out as soon as he sees his customer?

Yet as Zecora perked an ear to his groans, then turned and trotted towards the bathtub, there was no regret or upset in her eyes. Indeed, she seemed excited and even aroused by the sight of that hefty cumshot floating atop John’s bath. Human woman had sometimes been disturbed by John’s huge and thick loads, though Doc Meredith had told him a “mild hyperspermia” was nothing to worry about. In Equestria, the story was quite different: mares seemed to crave the taste of John’s seed, more delicious to their constitutions than any salt lick — and the more he could produce, the better!

“Human soup, a tasty dish...” Zecora murmured, “Prepared according to my wish.” The zebra smiled knowingly at Tree Hugger, then lowered her muzzle into the cummy bathtub and moaned as the first taste of human nut sauce touched her tongue.

John suddenly realized why Tree Hugger had forced him through this elaborate, almost ritual cleaning... this was Zecora’s fantasy! To have a human naked in a bath, freshly washed, warm and ready for love! To have John loose a load into his bathwater only intensified the zebra’s passion, allowing her to sample his flavour as if he were a potion brewing in her cauldron.

Zecora eagerly slurped at the thick layer of sperm floating atop the bathwater, drinking it down with satisfaction like a horse at a watering hole. Gulp after gulp she drank John’s warm seed, mixed with the water that bore the scent of his clean body, until the water in the tub was once again clear and still.

“A finer broth I’ve never tasted.” Zecora passed judgement on John’s cum as she licked around the edge of the bathtub, lapping up the last residue of his sperm. “Let not a drop of seed be wasted.” Casting a glance at Tree Hugger, the kinky zebra added, “I trust he’ll blow my back out too, and not just feed me tasty goo?”

“He’s yours for the night, zebra lady,” Tree Hugger assured. “You’re in for a wild ride. So long as he can smell mare pussy he, like, never goes soft.”

Zecora scoffed. “A stallion’s boast to ‘go all night’ finds him asleep ere morning light. No doubt the todger of this simp is floating in the bathtub, limp. Such virile claims are quite absurd. Still, there are potions — oh, my word!”

Like the fin of a shark, a large, pulsating knob of flesh ascended to break the stillness of the bathtub, breaching the water right before Zecora’s astonished eyes. A hoof sized cockhead and several inches of shaft thrust up out of the tub, with a cascade of water rolling down the mountainlike crest of John’s glans as it emerged from the bath like a hungry sea serpent.

John tensed his muscles and pushed a huge spurt of precum through his exposed tip, letting it erupt like hot lava from a volcano, drooling over his purpled glans and glazing the prominent veins that led down his shaft. John might not be the smartest cupcake in the bakery, but when it came to his strengths — endless erections and nights of pleasure — he wouldn’t stand being made fun of!

“You were saying?” Tree Hugger deadpanned.

Zecora was taken aback by the human’s near instant recovery from a seemingly debilitating orgasm. “No sooner does he loose his spend, but his proud manhood stands again,” she marvelled. “All night, you say? Well, then, I trust I will not find him shooting dust. In fact, before the fun, I think I’ll have myself another ‘drink...’”

Once more Zecora lowered her elegant neck towards the bathtub and began to luxuriate in the exotic taste of human penis. Her lips closed (if only barely!) around John’s flare, and her muzzle brushed against the surface of the warm water as she began to blow Cherry Jubilee’s man-whorse, this ceaseless stud for whose services she’d bartered a mere 5 contraceptive potions — quite a bargain!

For John the sensation was purest bliss. Zecora was no reluctant mare who grudgingly sucked dick on her coltfriend’s birthday. For her, the act of cock worship was nearly a religious ritual. Though unfamiliar with the heft and searing warmth of a human cock in her mouth, it seemed she had studied anatomical texts from Earth, for she seemed to know exactly how to treat him: which spots of John’s sensitive flare needed the most tender care, and which cried out for a solid lashing from a rough equine tongue.

“Oh, Miss Zecora!” John moaned, holding on to his stetson as if it were about to fly off his head. “You just about bring a guy straight to heaven! I-I know I ought to be seeing to your pleasure, but... please, keep going!”

Yet Zecora’s pleasure was assured with each teasing lick and suck she gave the pillar of human malehood. Questions for investigation whirled in her brilliant mind. How did this cock smell so good right out of the bath? Why did it taste so sinfully delicious? Would John’s second ejaculation, pumped directly into her mouth, be anywhere near as copious — and delicious — as the one he’d spewed into his bathwater?

As John reached out to stroke Zecora’s mane, the zebra unconsciously responded to the human’s gentle control over all those of equine nature. Panting and flagging her tail, she slowly began to dip her muzzle deeper and deeper into the bathwater, until her head was nearly fully submerged. With such a splendid stallion, she had to prove herself worthy — she’d show him that zebras were experts at deepthroating and at holding their breath!

Yet Tree Hugger was well aware that humans were not the only species notorious for conquest and domination in the bedroom. As her tongue browsed between Zecora’s hind legs, licking and tugging at the horny mare’s golden piercings, the earth pony asked John a question that made him unconsciously shudder and quiver in Zecora’s hungry maw.

“Well, human dude,” Tree Hugger murmured in her seductive, raspy voice, “it looks like your lover-mare is ready for you. The question is, are you ready to get striped?”

“And now, at long last, Daring Do... are you ready to get striped?”

The 20th zebra stood over Daring Do’s prone, exhausted body. He was their chief, Zannu, the only stud present who had yet to claim her. Whispered legends told of his vast fuckpillar, and now Daring Do saw it standing tall between his front legs, stained with the juices of other mares. The poor mares she had led on her expedition... ponies who trusted her... now they were nothing but helplessly creaming broodmares for powerful soldiers. Zannu and his rapacious stallions had broken dozens of mares on their rigid shafts, casually destroying their minds without even learning their names. And Daring Do was next!

“Golly, Miss Do’s in trouble now,” John breathed nervously. Excitedly he turned the page and resumed reading out loud.

The defeated adventurer presented herself to her conqueror, thrusting her toned rump upwards through her ripped and tattered shorts, heedless of countless creampies flowing from her ruined holes. Silently she begged Zannu for another dose of the superior meat that put worthless, limp dicked pony stallions to shame. She hoped that willing submission to her inevitable striping would mean mercy for her friends... yet some part of her wished nothing more than to become a decorative toy atop a zebra chief’s mare-breaker!

The cruel chief spat on Daring Do’s flank, his brutal saliva obscuring her cutie mark. “I have no need of yet another mud pony fuckpet,” Zannu growled, his voice deep and commanding. “My breeding racks are crowded with your friends, all of them busy producing the next generation of my slaves. If you wish to earn your stripes, Daring Do, you shall be my ur— my urry—

“Urinal,” Moondancer stated simply, briefly removing her lips from John’s prickhead, yet keeping her magical aura swirling around the human’s fat, throbbing balls.

“Oh, that villain!” John gasped. “Making water right in a mare’s mouth... chief or no, I could never do such a disrespectful thing!” Moondancer frowned, and a nip at the sensitive head of his cock redirected the human’s thoughts, as surely as a tug of the reins alters the path of a trotting horse. “U-unless that’s what she really wanted me to do!” John added quickly. Moondancer nodded with satisfaction and rewarded the human’s depraved compliance with a brief deepthroating, sloppy and wet with worked up saliva from the back of her throat.

With little formal education, the intelligent Moondancer found her boss’ cowboy coltfriend to be a bit rough around the edges. The thoughtful unicorn had taken it upon herself to improve John’s intellect... by sucking him off as he read to her from Equestria’s filthiest novels! Vile stories, full of mares suffering the most degrading treatment from the most dominant males!

Clopfics that made Moondancer bite her hoof as she secretly masturbated in the library, drove her simply INSANE when she heard the same words from John’s deep, rumbling voice. Oh, how she needed this huge ape to take control and make her into a plaything, using and abusing her just as Chief Zannu did Daring Do!

For his part, John had his doubts about the barbaric way the zebras were portrayed in this smutty tale. He’d met the beautiful and highly civilized Zecora just the other day, and her lovely poetry still rang in his ears... not to mention her cries of passion as he claimed her velvet marehood and splendid tailhole! But John was willing to hold his tongue, so long as Moondancer held her tongue just so, gently working it around his straining glans and drawing out huge spurts of precum. After all, John had to admit that he felt better educated with every visit to Moondancer’s bedroom!

After the experience with Zecora, John was less than startled when his sexytime with one of the Cherry Hill Ranch girls was again interrupted by a beautiful intruder. Today when the door opened he saw that his “client” was to be the beautiful Nurse Redheart, an earth pony of unsurpassed poise and beauty — yet a mare, it seemed, with a naughty side, who wished to indulge her kinky needs under the cover of a professional visit.

Yes, John felt that Redheart’s surprised gasp upon seeing the languorous blowjob proceeding in Moondancer’s bedroom was something less than genuine. “Once Moondancer is, erm, ‘finished’ with you,” the nurse informed him, “it’s time for her monthly exam.” All in all, John strongly suspected he wouldn’t be finishing inside Moondancer this time — the load she’d built up in his balls, and teased to the boiling point, was destined to explore a brand new womb!

“I reckon you can just go ahead and start that exam, Nurse,” John invited. “After all, I’m not using that end of Moondancer at the moment.”

“Hrm, it’s quite irregular, but I suppose a stallion’s needs won’t be denied.” The nurse sat her medical bag upon the bed and began to probe Moondancer’s nether regions with cold metal instruments as the unicorn gritted her teeth with discomfort. Though she worked with apparent professionalism, Nurse Redheart’s eyes kept glancing upwards, to the huge and leaking erection the unicorn whorse was still polishing with her magical aura.

“Something very strange has been going inside these ladies,” Nurse Redheart frowned at John across the bed that separated them. “I’ve noticed a lot of sore spots, very deep inside, well past the cervix. Not to mention some distressingly large anal gapes. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you, Mr. Human?”

“It’s perfectly harmless, Nurse,” John assured. “Passion between humans and Equestrians is a beautiful thing, appointed by nature. You’re not suggesting that Tree Hugger would take anything unnatural into her body, would you?”

Nurse Redheart sat down her instruments and patted Moondancer on the rump. “I’d better investigate this phenomena for myself,” she declared. “I am a mare of science, after all.” As if by a prearranged signal, Moondancer instantly scooted over on the bed and let the nurse climb up onto John’s crotch, straddling the proud length of his pulsing cock, all wet and shiny with unicorn spit and his own precum.

The ever romantic John took Nurse Redheart into his powerful arms and drew her close, but she turned her head away with a warning for him. “No kissing, Mr. Human,” she insisted. “I have a coltfriend.”

“What a lucky feller he must be,” John mused. “Generous, too.”

Nurse Redheart nodded curtly. “He’s very understanding of my needs, but he does have his limits. Just keep your lips to yourself, please, and let’s make a fun story I can tell him tonight.”

John agreed with a silent smile and gripped his erection in one hand, feeling about between Redheart’s legs for the warm and humid horsepussy he wished to inspect with his meaty tool. “You may want to ask your coltfriend to stick to your ponut for the next week or so,” he suggested, “as I’m about to ruin your marehood.”

“Oh... oh, goodness... oh, by Celestia’s mane!” The truth of John’s boast was immediately clear to Redheart as the fat, slickened crown of the human’s cock brushed against her sensitive clit, then sank halfway past the parting petals of her delicate pussy. The overwhelmed nurse simply had to catch her breath — she was already feeling full, well on her way to maregasm, and he didn’t even have his entire flare inside!

As he gently squeezed Nurse Redheart’s well toned flank, John caught a glimpse of a salacious looking notebook poking out of the earth pony’s medical bag. Plucking it up in one hand, he noted the fluid stained cover and the hoofwritten title: Hungry Human, Naughty Nurse. “Why, Miss Moondancer,” John drawled, “I do believe you’re not the only mare who appreciates a dirty book.”

“Mmmph,” Moondancer agreed, her mouth full of John’s majestic ball sack and her lips busily sucking on the flesh. Why waste time talking, when there were sweaty human testicles to be gargled?

“W-wait, that’s private—ooohhh!” Nurse Redheart’s protests came to naught as another length of girthy human cock was thrust up into her. “Oh, goodness, he’s hitting my cervix — he’s inside my — now I understand! Oh, gosh, it is natural and beautiful!”

With his customer scientifically riding herself to maregasm upon his shaft, John dared to open Redheart’s notebook and check on the validity of her more “theoretical” research. With an indulgent chuckle he flipped ahead to the well worn pages that signified the beginning of the spicy bits, and read out loud once more to the two horny mares:

Nurse Pinkheart and her coltfriend smiled at each other as the human eagerly followed them into their bedroom. Though they’d invited him to their house for dinner, it seemed he was as eager to skip to ‘dessert’ as they were. The petite nurse’s heart pounded in her ears as she climbed atop her bed, a bed that was soon overfull as she was sandwiched in a hug between two males who desired her desperately!

Little did Pinkheart know, that the night to cum would change her world forever. After the soul shaking climaxes she was about to experience, the earth pony hottie would never again be satisfied by just one cock... and both she and her coltfriend would forevermore be hooked on the juicy taste of human stallionhoods! Huge, mind melting human cocks, with no medial ring to get caught upon, dripping with pre and musk... nothing could bring a loving couple closer together than sharing such a delicacy between their lips!

John’s voice trailed off into moans and he dropped the notebook on the bed as the heavenly tightness of Nurse Redheart’s juicy pussy slid down atop his shaft like a hand in a glove. At least her story was a little more realistic than that weird Daring Do fanfic, John thought to himself...

The sights of Manehattan were truly a wonder to John’s eyes. Why, the buildings must be 6 stories tall, some even higher! The streets were crowded with creatures of all sorts, and John would have liked nothing more than to stop in the middle of the sidewalk and take it all in. Yet between Cherry Jubilee herding him into one department store after another, and Trixie pointing out the many venues she’d be performing at once her magic career took off, the hayseed of a human had little time to gawk — at least if he wanted to keep up with his two travelling companions.

For the first time in a month, the big city also provided John’s first glimpse of other humans. Sadly, these fellow visitors from Earth inevitably proved to be high born city slickers who shunned his company, embarrassed by his rough cheer and cowboy appearance. It was as if they could smell the horse pussy on him, and considered him a mere animal fucker — though behind closed doors, these dandies no doubt indulged in Equestria’s easy delights as well! What right thinking man could resist? Hundreds of frisky, sophisticated mares could be seen trotting about Manehattan’s streets, wearing practically nothing — why, it was a veritable buffet of beauties!

One store after another they visited: establishments large and small, purchasing hats, perfumes, earrings and finely crafted sex toys. By the time John stumbled behind Cherry Jubilee into Coco Pommel’s exclusive boutique, his strong arms were bulging with packages from stores such as Cutiemark Jacobs and Colt Renfrew. Trixie followed after him, steadying John’s large pile of boxes with her aura and admiring his butt.

Within Coco Pommel’s domain, the curtained walls blocked out the bustle and noise of the city outside, leaving the female mind free to contemplate both Coco’s beautiful gowns and the shocking price tags attached to them. When it came time to try on a dress, the boutique’s soft and quiet lighting would be enough to flatter any mare’s features and figure, transforming frumpy housemares into gorgeous knockouts as they stood before the mirror.

Not that any of the three mares present were less than perfect 10s, in John’s opinion! Coco Pommel trotted out to greet her customers, revealing herself as a pert little cutie with a modern bob cut and a frilly bow about her neck. Trixie was great and powerful as always, with her perpetual bedroom eyes, and Cherry was... well, she was Cherry Jubilee!

“Ah, Cherry, dearest, how good to see you again.” Coco and Cherry exchanged cheek kisses, then the younger mare turned to size up John. “I see you’ve brought your latest stud,” she told her customer with a note of approval.

“This ‘stud’ has a name, ma’am,” John objected, as he finally set down the huge pyramid of boxes he’d been carrying.

“How interesting,” Coco sniffed dismissively. “Well, stud, what do you think of the big city? Quite a change from little Ponyville, eh? Cherry is my only customer from that sad hick town — I’m afraid Applejack’s friend has the market sewed up.”

“Let’s not discuss the dreadful Rarity,” Cherry Jubilee interrupted. “Why, I wouldn’t burden my gals with one of her gaudy ensembles, even if I knew the customer was fixing to rip it right off of her flank! It’s you who has the unmatched eye for erotic apparel, Coco — not to mention the little things that make a garment truly special.”

“I am known to be a bit anal about the details,” Coco admitted. She trotted down the line of her dresses, lifting each gown in her hoof to show off the colour and drape. “These are the latest fashions from Prance — with my own creative twists, of course. I presume Trixie will act as your model, and, erm, the stud...?”

With her head held high, Trixie lifted a bright red dress in her aura and departed behind a screen to change. Meanwhile, Cherry patted John upon the rump. “Purely here to react to the sight of Trixie in the dresses,” she explained to Coco. “In my business, it’s best to confirm that a gown will arouse the male urge before making a purchase. You’re welcome to sample him, of course — he’s very skilled when it comes to your particular ‘preferences.’”

“Angling for the pleasure discount, eh, Cherry?” Coco tittered behind a hoof. “Well, he does seem a fine specimen of stallionhood. I suppose I could offer a 5% discount on delivery, if he knows how to give a proper coring out to my haute couture shitter.”

“Now wait just a damned minute, Miss Pommel!” John objected. “You been talking bout me like I ain’t even in the room! Ain’t I allowed—”

“Tssh!” Cherry silenced John and gestured him over to her. He obediently knelt down to listen as his marefriend whispered in his ear.

“5% of what I spend here today will be more than what you pay me in a month,” Cherry explained. “If playing the dumb stud for Coco wounds your male pride, just think of how grateful Trixie and I will once we return to the hotel with our fancy new dresses. Oh, we’ll be helpless in your arms, utterly unable to resist whatever depraved fantasies you might want to force upon us. Do you understand me, stud?

John then leaped back up onto his feet and faced the fashionable designer. “Miss Pommel,” he announced with a slight scowl, “If your hindquarters need a good coring out, I’m your stallion.”

Now aware of his subservient role in this strange world of high fashion, John unbuckled his belt and pulled his shirt over his shoulders, stripping himself even as Trixie changed into her dress behind her screen. Coco Pommel bit her lip as she watched the strange biped shed his clothes for her, only to blurt out a hearty “Oh, my goodness!” when John’s drawers dropped to his ankles and his stallionhood was revealed.

“I’m surprised, Coco,” Cherry Jubilee chuckled. She hefted the mighty head of John’s cock in one hoof and pointed it like a loaded cannon at the fashion designer. “I’d have thought such a worldly mare as yourself would have seen a human cock by now.”

“I have seen several,” Coco insisted with a hoof to her chest, “and your boy is in another league altogether. Why, there’s horses on Earth who’d shy from the comparison!”

“Then I reckon this extraordinary stud signifies as much as a 15% discount,” Cherry Jubilee said, quickly, taking advantage of Coco’s shock to negotiate a better deal. “After all, how can you put a price on a battered and ruined ponut, not to mention a rectum utterly clogged with thick human sperm?”

“E-eight percent,” Coco countered, unable to take his eyes off the half chub that throbbed in Cherry Jubilee’s hooves.

Cherry nodded. “Yes, it’s best to save a few bits for your medical expenses, once John destroys your oh-so-fashionable log cutter. Shall we say 10%?”

“10%, but only if he can go more than once,” the anal size queen agreed.

“I believe your problem will be stopping him from claiming your plot,” Cherry tittered. “Why, my own pucker ain’t never been the same, ever since John moved in and remodelled it!”

“Ta-da!” Once again taking the spotlight, Trixie twirled out from behind her changing screen, having completed her transformation from casually dressed mare to utter cock stiffening sexpot! Coco Pommel’s red dress sheathed and showcased Trixie’s every curve — and Trixie had many curves to show off! Her mane was magically gathered up, held in place with a large hairpin upon which were a bouquet of live flowers. A simple strip of fabric beneath her barrel squeezed her large blue teats together, serving up a truly decadent quantity of motorboatable cleavage.

Best of all, Trixie beamed with the natural beauty of a mare who knows how desirable she is, and has chosen an outfit which presents her considerable assets to best advantage. Why, if John didn’t know better, he’d say that Trixie was a Princess, or at least one of Celestia’s mares-in-waiting! His jaw gaped at the sight, his lips drooled, and the blood began to flow to what everymare present considered to be the most important part of his body.

Coco eyed the dumbstruck human and his swelling dick with barely suppressed amusement. “Well, stud,” she asked haughtily, “does this ensemble meet with your approval?”

“It’s a right lovely design, Miss Pommel,” John had to admit. “I reckon I feel the male urge rising already.” Indeed, he found himself coming to full mast in record time as Trixie flaunted her flank for him and coquettishly twirled her mane with her aura.

“Just make sure it rises into the right hole,” Coco demanded. She turned and raised her tail, presenting herself for an inter-species stud service.

John stroked the fashionista’s taut, slim flank, spreading the young mare’s ass cheeks and surveying the delicious looking pucker between them. As if to dispell any doubt as to Coco’s preferences, her ponut glistened with freshly applied lubricant, and a little piece of magical tape was positioned over the mare’s forbiddingly tight cunt, leaving her clit free to wink out but making penetration quite impossible.

Pressing his crown into the puffy, eagerly accepting donut beneath Coco’s tail, John soon found himself sheathed in warm, tight ecstasy that stroked his cock with greatest muscle control. John wiped a sudden spring of sweat from his brow as the tight ring of muscle massaged his shaft, acting as a ratchet that made it nearly impossible to reclaim even a centimetre of ground. Many ladies considered their rear holes to be ‘exit only,’ but Coco’s ass was the opposite — it wouldn’t let him leave!

“Ma’am, if I may say so, this is one hell of a ponut,” he ventured.

“Nopony asked you,” Coco scowled, yet she couldn’t hide a slight smile. It felt so good, to finally get a proper stretch in. Far too many stallions in the world of Manehattan fashion were gay — even worse, they were *bottoms!* Also known as, “the competition!”

Trixie pouted as she saw John’s eyes roll back in his head and his hands scramble for purchase on Coco Pommel’s plot as he thrust deep into her guts. “Hey, how about a little love for the mare wearing the dress?” she insisted. “I am, after all, The Great and Powerful Trixie!

Despite the pleasures consuming his lower half, John was (just barely!) able to shake his head firmly. “Now, Miss Trixie,” he chided, “you got yours this morning in the hotel, and we’ll surely go another round come evening. For now, you just shake your flank for me, and let Cherry’s ‘stud’ get to work on earning that discount for your boss.”

“Cherry, I-I can go as high as 12%,” Coco admitted, as John finally pushed his girth fully into her bowels. “But only if your stud makes me feel like I’ll never shit properly again.” Looking back at John, who was honestly giving his best effort at ponut-plowing, she snarled: “Harder, stud! I’m not some fragile flower like Rarity — stop coddling my dumper and ruin me!”

In the end, John was never a star pupil when it came to mathematics, so he hadn’t a clue how many bits he saved Cherry with his backdoor negotiations. All he knew is that Coco Pommel’s young, yet experienced ponut was the most welcoming butt hole he’d ever found himself inside!

Far from Coco’s talk about ruin and devastation, it was John’s cock that felt utterly mangled by the end of his assignment. The earth pony’s invincible ponut snapped tightly closed as soon as he finally extracted his well used dick, gaping not a bit and letting not a single drop of the three creampies he’d delivered into her bowels escape. Bestowing John a nod of satisfaction and the tiniest of smiles, Coco began to box up the many, many dresses Trixie had tried on during their rut, without so much as a limp in her step.

As he departed Coco’s boutique, with the boxes and packages piled even impossibly higher in his arms, John now hardly noticed the bustle of Manehattan at all. He was fantasizing about the next time he’d get to spew a load of nut deep inside a tight and talented pony ass... which proved to be less than an hour later, when Trixie took her turn in their hotel room.

For all her boasting, John thought as he cuddled Trixie and bathed in the afterglow of their lovemaking, this unicorn gal truly was great and powerful. It’d be quite a loss to the world of ass loving stallions if her magic career ever did take off!

“Say, Trixie,” he murmured, gently stroking the sensitive horn of the satisfied unicorn with the tip of a gentle finger, “what if you could combine your magic act with your sexin’, somehow? Then you wouldn’t have to choose between your passions.” More to the point, John wouldn’t have to choose!

“Hah! As if those hayseeds in Ponyville could appreciate the eroticism of Trixie’s full power!” Trixie scoffed, ignited her horn and magically produced a large length of knotted hoofkerchiefs from her cum dripping booty. “Why, the simplest anal conjuration would explode their prejudiced little minds!”

“In Ponyville, perhaps so,” John admitted. “But Manehattan seems a bit more open, and I’d guess Canterlot as well — why, half of those mares on the street were flagging to beat the band! Now, here’s what I’m thinking: did you ever hear of the burlesque or the vaudeville, back on Earth?”

Trixie surely had, for she propped her head on her hoof as excitement began to fill her eyes. “Trixie is listening...”

There ain't room in this mare for the both of us!

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“Pardon me, Miss Muffins,” John stated suddenly. “I do regret taking my leave of your gentle company, but there’s some sort of ruckus out in the drawing room, and I can’t say I like the sound of it one bit.”

“W-wait... John, wait, I’m about to cum again!” Despite this clear reason to stay in the pegasus’ carnal embrace, John swiftly lifted his hat from Derpy’s head and set it smartly on his own. Inch after inch of stiff, mare pleasing meat slid out of Derpy’s quivering cunt as John climbed off of Derpy’s bed, making the poor lady whimper with abandoned disappointment.

“I’ll be right back, Miss Muffins,” John promised with a pat on that grey bubbly flank. “Keep that pussy of yours warm, as I aim to fill it with double the cream when I return.”

“Aww, dang...” Derpy muttered as John pulled up his trousers and leapt out the door. She punched her bedpost with frustration, instantly snapping the wooden structure in two like the merest twig. The mattress and the mare atop it found themselves swiftly sliding to the floor atop the ruins of a broken bed-frame.

“Huh? How’d that... oh, I just don’t know what went wrong!” Derpy sighed and placed a hoof glumly under her chin, awaiting John’s return.

Unfortunately, the fracas in the drawing room of the Cherry Hill Ranch needed the human’s attention more urgently than the foibles of a cute yet clumsy pegasus. Octavia Melody, the mare who enlivened each night at the Cherry Hill Ranch with her classical music, was standing at the far end of her raised platform, cringing away from the outreached hooves of Secret Ballot, the mayor’s husband.

“You just think you’re a lesbo cause you ain’t had the right stallion,” the supposedly respectable earth pony slurred drunkenly. His shaking hoof reached out to brush against Octavia’s plot as the poor mare considered the virtues of abandoning her cello and fleeing her musician’s post.

“D-don’t touch me! I-I’ll yell!” she threatened. The poor mare hugged her instrument tight, both protecting it and sizing up whether it could be used as a weapon. Secret Ballot had been trouble for years, and his position as the mayor’s husband had always shielded him from the consequences, but his unwelcome attentions had never gone this far before!

“The only yells you’ll be letting out are cries of ecshhhtasy,” Secret Ballot mumbled, as this was his idea of a suave pickup line. “I’ve got real horsecock packed in my sheath, not some cold plastic— aaack!”

John had seen enough. “You stop bothering Miss Melody now,” he stated, stepping forward and clapping a firm hand on Secret Ballot’s wither. He forcefully pulled the stallion away from the victim of his hamhooved “seduction,” whirling him to face his own angry features. “She’s here to play, not to be played with.”

“I own this town!” Secret Ballot belched. “I can’t do what I want to a whorse?”

“A whorse ain’t a thing, she’s a gal with a job,” John hissed. He poked Secret Ballot in the barrel with an outstretched finger — a finger which, coincidentally, had just been buried knuckle deep in Derpy’s asshole. “Besides which, Miss Melody ain’t even a whorse, she’s a musician!”

“A musician in a brothel! She should spread her legs with the rest of them!”

John fiercely shook the smaller stallion by the wither, trying to put a scare into him without harming him. “Mr. Ballot, pull yourself together! I come from a different dimension where such things ain’t politely spoken of, and even I know Miss Melody is a certified filly-fooler. I seen her out and about with that little DJ of hers, romantic as you please. Just because you ain’t hardly a stallion at all, don’t mean she’s gonna drop her marefriend and go for you.”

“Hrmphhh.” For once, a pony was eyeing John up with something in mind other than an evening’s lust. Slowly and deliberately Secret Ballot’s eyes travelled up and down the form of a human twice his size. A night’s worth of alcohol returned its verdict: I can take him! Thus did the little pony put his front hooves up and demand of John: “Care to step outside, and settle this like stallions?”

“I ain’t stepping outside,” John growled. “You are stepping outside.” He lifted Secret Ballot in his arms and in three long strides carried the squirming stallion to the door of the Cherry Hill Ranch. Tossing the mayor’s husband bodily out onto the porch, he yelled out into the night, “And stay out, if you know what’s good for you!”

With a slam of the door, the human then turned back to Octavia, who held tightly on to her cello as if the inanimate instrument might provide comfort. As John was unaccustomed to using violence to get his way, both he and the mare he’d saved were now trembling with nervous excitement.

“Th-thank you, John,” Octavia whimpered. “He’s always been... interested in me, but it’s never been as bad as that.”

“Hey, now,” John rumbled, awkwardly unsure whether he should pat the mare’s quivering wither. “If you or that marefriend of yours have any more trouble with gentlestallions who ain’t so gentle, you come to me, OK?” The relieved earth pony nodded gratefully. “Now, I fear I left off entertaining a mare who does enjoy dick, so I’ll head back to Miss Muffins’ splendidly appointed marehood, fill it with seed, and leave you to your music.”

“Erm, John?” Octavia stated shyly as the human turned away.

“I knew it!” John spat. The normally gentle human clenched an angry fist. “Just say his name and I’ll make sure the next mare he bothers is Nurse Redheart, in the hospital.”

“No, i-it’s not that. Cherry was telling me about how you’ve been helping out around the place. Helping her pay off Redheart, and Zecora, and... well, I was wondering if you were free this weekend?”

John’s jaw dropped and he stared at the beautiful, sophisticated mare. Of course he wanted her, but... “Well, dang, Miss Melody, I just tossed that drunk bastard out, on account of trying to stallionize a filly-fooler! Now, are you or ain’t you?”

“Absolutely, 100% filly-fooler.” Octavia agreed. She gestured with her bow at the eternal semi in John’s jeans. “That thing you’ve got grosses me out like anything. But, well, my wife... she likes both, and I’ve been wanting to do something special for her...”

Thus it was that the next day, John found himself in a most compromising position: in a strange bed in a Ponyville flat, thrusting atop a married filly-fooler as her wife watched on! He humped his hips to the pulsating beat of a musical butt plug that throbbed in Vinyl Scratch’s plothole, a beat echoed by the slaps of his bouncing balls against that self-same plug. John went long and slow, using thrusts that made Vinyl’s eyes go wide and sparks fly from her horn as he carefully brought her to one climax after another. Teeth gritted firmly, he made sure to ration his own pleasure, so as not to lose control too soon in the tiny, sopping marehood beneath him.

Once in a while John glanced awkwardly over at the earth pony who sat on a nearby chair. Each time she was dispassionately watching him and Vinyl mate, in the way that stallion and mare always had. Octavia Melody showed no carnal interest in her wife’s human lover, nor any satisfaction from watching them together. Her only wish was that Vinyl Scratch be properly pleasured — a wish John intended to fulfill to the utmost!

“Oh, Tavi!” Vinyl Scratch moaned, drawing her squishy hooves down John’s broad powerful chest as he fucked in and out of her once virgin womb. “Tavi, I love you so much!” Despite the plowing she was receiving, all of Vinyl’s affection was oriented towards the mare who’d granted her this extramarital romp — as it should be, in John’s opinion! He was only here to provide the one thing these loving ladies couldn’t give each other: fat, meaty, hole pounding cock!

At last the throbbing of the butt plug and the intense sensations of Vinyl Scratch’s underused snatch brought John to the brink of pleasure. “Here it cums, Miss Scratch,” the human gasped at last, sweating and straining to keep his thrusts steady and firm. “Shall I pull out?”

“Not yet! Don’t you dare cum yet!” Vinyl’s hind legs locked about John’s hips and pulled him deep into her. “You have to wait for the beat to drop... YES! CUM NOW!

The powerful bass of Vinyl’s butt plug cut out momentarily, then returned in full force with a loud, vibrating WUB! that reached right into John’s P-spot and pushed him over the edge. The human cried out at this technological marvel, and instantly found the hot sperm gushing out of his cock, surging and falling as the plug took up its regular rhythm.

Wub-wub-wub! Wub-wub-wub! went the powerful sex toy that had both human and unicorn bodies moving in sync with its beat. John found his balls pulsing in rhythm, his sperm flushing into the unicorn’s wet and eager womb as he lost himself in the futuristic music, like a dancer moving in a frenzy upon the club floor. His palms pressed flat against the sheets of the bed that Vinyl and Octavia shared, as he frantically tried to keep his full weight from pressing down on the delicate unicorn.

“Oh, I’m cumming, cumming again, it’s so good, Tavi...” Vinyl moaned as John’s spurting cock brought her to one final maregasm.

“That’s it, little mare, you enjoy yourself,” John soothed, stroking the unicorn’s bright blue mane. “This is all for your pleasure.” Yet Vinyl Scratch scowled inwardly as she felt John’s tender caress. All throughout this (admittedly delightful!) experience, the human had been nothing but kind and gentle, seeing his job as making the sweetest of love. For John firmly believed that filly-foolers who took a stallion to bed ought to be treated like delicate princesses. In his mind, sapphists such as Vinyl desired only the most tender intimacy, despising the rough dickings that heterosexual mares clamoured for.

Still, John had a big cock and was eager to please... he’d soon pick up on how Vinyl really wanted to be treated!

“Whew!” John wiped the sweat from his forehead, the smile on his face even dopier than normal. “Lands sakes, a filly-fooler’s marehood is just about the tightest thing going! I reckon you can take your wife back now, Miss Melody.”

Octavia rose at last from her chair, leaned over the bed, and pressed a passionate kiss into Vinyl’s mouth. It was the same sort of hungry, loving kiss John had begun to share with Cherry Jubilee, now that they considered themselves in a — hardly exclusive! — relationship.

Of course, no matter how romantic the circumstances, watching two mares taste each others’ tongues made an exciting sight for any stallion, and John quickly felt himself stirring again. His arousal was only intensified by the tight slickness of Vinyl’s marehood, which still had his cock in its grip, and the sensations of the vibrator that worked its continual magic in Vinyl’s asshole.

“Thank you, baby,” Vinyl Scratch murmured, “that was everything I wanted... I love you, Tavi, I really do, I just need dick once in a while.”

“I’m so glad,” Octavia assured. “I love you, too. You do so much for me, you deserve to have some fun.”

“Oh, goodness... are we done?” Vinyl seemed reluctant to close the door on the male who’d finally fulfilled her long neglected need for penis. Yet with his orgasm having come and gone, John seemed about as useful to this relationship as a used condom!

“Maybe not,” Octavia shook her head. “I wouldn’t mind if he watched us together. Do you think he’d get hard again if you ate me out a little?”

Vinyl’s eyes suddenly widened. “T-Tavi, I don’t think he ever went soft!”

Indeed, at the thought of having a front row seat to a steamy, creamy lesbian sex show, John once again felt his hips begin to move. Again he leaned over Vinyl Scratch’s body and pushed his dick into her, claiming her with slow yet solid thrusts in and out of her tender cunt as he restiffened fully — much to the mare’s delight!

“Unnnh! Unnnh!” Vinyl cried out into her wife’s startled mouth. “Oh, Celestia, I’m cumming again! He’s so thick! He’s even bigger than last time!”

“Keep going!” Octavia ordered the stud she’d brought home to her wife. Her face was stern as she stared him down, her voice one of purest command. “Make her scream! Do whatever you do to Derpy, and Tree Hugger, and the rest! Why aren’t you treating her the way you treat them? Why isn’t she screaming?”

“Well, with them gals, I’m able to be kinda rough—” John tried to explain his philosophy when it came to pleasuring bisexual filly-foolers, but Octavia wasn’t having a single bit of it!

“Trixie’s so loud with you, I can’t hear my own cello! Yelling through the door, down the hall... I hear what they’re like with you! What’s wrong? Doesn’t my Vinyl deserve the same treatment you give some cheap whorse? Stop holding back, and fuck my wife!

Naturally, John obliged! This second time he pounded Vinyl properly, hard and fast, bringing many a satisfying scream from her lungs. Then, once he’d spent himself again and Octavia was satisfied at last with his performance, he pulled the plug out from Vinyl’s plot and substituted his own meaty prick, fucking a third load up her ponut for good measure!

“Well, babe, what do you think?” Octavia asked her wife, once man and unicorn finally lay helplessly exhausted in each other’s arms.

“Mmmm, yesss,” Vinyl Scratch smiled with the air of one whose brains have been thoroughly fucked out, wrapping her hooves around John’s powerful barrel as the human’s third creampie flowed ever deeper into her guts. “We should definitely tell Lyra and Bon Bon about him.”

A half chewed breakfast pastry sat upon the desk of Mayor Mary Mare as she sadly looked over the morning’s paperwork. A suspected changeling hive here, a party cannon accident there. Another lonely day of signing, stamping, processing and filing. After it all she’d trudge back to an empty house, to cook a lonely dinner and await a straying sot of a husband.

Where was the life she’d wanted? When she was young, Mary had dreamed of a large and happy family. Now she suffered through a dead marriage and the endless drudgery of Princess Celestia’s civil service. It was a grey life, livened up only by explosions, monsters, and megalomaniacal villains. And who had to write the reports, once the Elements of Harmony inevitably restored peace? The mayor, of course!

Today held an extra unpleasant surprise, as she’d found when she checked her schedule. She was to meet with John the human, a rough mannered cowboy from Earth, now a mill worker and known customer of the “business” that caused Mayor Mare so many professional (and personal!) headaches. All in all, this was not the creature Mary Mare wanted to see first thing in the morning!

“Good morning to you, mayor.” As John entered, he courteously tipped his hat, but did not sit on the undersized chair across from the mayor’s desk. Laying a sheet of paper upon that desk, he explained the reason for his visit: “I’ve brought over the business permit renewal for the Cherry Hill Ranch boarding house.”

The mayor quickly scanned the application with a scowl. The last thing she wanted was to be reminded of the Cherry Hill Ranch. “Not so fast, John,” she carped. “There’s a 500 bit ‘processing fee’ associated with this permit.”

“Mayor Mare, you’ve been working too hard.” John reached out and stroked his hand down the mayor’s wither, scratching the skin beneath her fur and inviting her to let out a pent up moan. “Everypony in Ponyville knows the processing fee for a business permit is only 15 bits.” (At least, that’s what Cherry Jubilee had told him — he hadn’t a clue!)

“I’m sorry, John, b-but I can’t go through the normal channels for this permit. I’ve heard that the girls at the Cherry Hill Ranch are spreading diseases.”

John was so insulted by this accusation that he unfortunately stopped his blissful touching of the mayor’s bounteous body. “Well, that’s just slander, ma’am,” he objected. “Miss Jubilee’s girls get checked out regularly by a certified professional, and given a clean bill of health each time. Besides which...” Then, without so much as a by-your-leave, he unzipped his jeans and worked out his huge, veiny member, shamelessly exposing himself to Ponyville’s top politician!

“B-big human cock...” the shocked mare gasped. The vast size and odd shape of human stallionhoods had been the subject of endless gossip, ever since the creation of the portal between Earth and Equestria. The mayor had never paid much mind to the rumours of mare-ruining ape dongs, but now she saw that all of them were true — and more!

“Do you see here, mayor?” John inquired. He palmed his shaft and shook his stiffening cock about, flinging drops of precum all over her desk, then let the huge pulsing head drop right into the centre of her breakfast pastry with a loud *squish* sound. “This fellow’s inspected every hole those girls have got, every night for over two weeks now. Now, does he look unhealthy to you?”

“Oh, goodness... v-v-very healthy indeed.” The earth pony’s senses were blasted with John’s human musk, and she found herself juicing up down below, as her loins prepared themselves for a most unprofessional experience. She knew it was wrong, that she ought to angrily kick John out, but the penis that throbbed before her was everything poor neglected Mary Mare had been missing — long, girthy, stiff, and AVAILABLE!

“You see, Mayor, the girls at Cherry’s boarding house mean everything to me,” John sighed longingly. “I’d hate to see them spend any time in jail just because of a few legal technicalities. After all, if you lock those innocent gals up, who’s going to take care of this fellow?”

John lifted his cockhead from the now soiled pastry and slowly moved around the mayor’s desk, bringing the forbidden meat-treat ever closer to her lips. “Why, he’s already started seducing mares who’ve got coltfriends and wives, ladies who ain’t to be paid for. Who knows which honest, faithful mare might be the next one tempted into sin?”

Despite herself, Mayor Mare began to lap hungrily at John’s swollen cockhead, licking off the smudge of whipped cream at the tip and discovering the salty taste behind the sweet. It wasn’t cheating if she just sucked on it a little... just to clean him up...

“T-the thing is, John,” she tried to explain as her mouth was filled by the heavenly savour of his continuously flowing precum, even more delicious than a Sugarcube Corner pastry. “I need those bits, for... well, for fertility treatments. Very expensive fertility treatments, in Manehattan.”

John sighed unhappily even as his cock was hungrily slurped on by Ponyville’s once distinguished mayor. “I’ve heard about your fertility treatments, ma’am, and I can’t imagine you having that particular problem. I’ve some experience with horses, and you seem quite a healthy and fertile specimen to me. Downright breedable, some might say.”

Leaving a streak of precum across her cheek as he pulled his cock from her unwillingly empty mouth, John placed a hand firmly beneath the mayor’s rump and lifted her onto her desk. Her hooves wrinkled the day’s important papers as he began to diligently inspect her hindquarters. “I-I’m flattered by the attention, John,” the mayor protested, “but my husband and I have been trying to conceive for years!

“Oh, your husband.” John clucked his tongue. “It takes two to make a foal, Mayor. Always has. If there’s a problem on the other end — let’s say a stallion’s swimmers ain’t swimming so good — well, giving the money to them doctors would be a waste, wouldn’t it?”

“I-I suppose so, John, but... oooh!” The mayor’s stressed mind dissolved into pure pleasure as she felt the human’s long, thick finger press between her lonely cunt lips. Finally feeling the touch of an interested stallion made her ready to swoon and cum for him... not to mention that a single finger upon John’s hand was as long as her husband’s dick, and nearly as thick!

“Now, if you were stabled in a ranch back on Earth,” John continued, gently fingering the already frothing pussy before him, “we’d change out your stud before we decided it was a matter for the horse doctor. I think we should introduce a more potent vintage of semen to your beautiful, ripe, baby ready body. If you end up getting pregnant from that, you wouldn’t need them treatments anymore, would you?”

The mayor bit her lip as John’s finger slid ever deeper into her creamy, throbbing interior. Tempting her. Testing her. Promising her the pleasure every mare deserved... pledging the foal she’d been dreaming of for years!

At last Mary Mare drooped her head, finally facing the failure that was her sham of a marriage. “He cheats on me most every night, John,” she admitted.

“I know it, Mayor, and it’s a damn shame.”

“I pretend to be clueless, but of course, I know — how could I not?” Strangely, confessing out loud made her feel a bit less hopeless about the predicament. “He’ll come home with a stranger’s pussy dripping from his dick, and... I clean him off, just to have him inside me for a moment. Just so I can remember the way he used to make me feel, before we married.”

John clicked his tongue. “I reckon you’re in the wrong profession, Mayor. If you was working at the Cherry Hill Ranch, that’d be your pussy cream on Mr. Ballot’s dick. He’d fuck you every night — and so would half the males in this town, if they had any sense. Why, this marehood was made to be split wide open... filled with cock... shown every single pleasure...”

As he spoke, John’s finger was removed from the mayor’s insides, and something else abutted her dripping, swollen flower of a marehood. Something thicker than a finger, meatier, and much more satisfying. Something that cleaved her cunt in two without the slightest effort, stretching her, filling her with sensations she hadn’t felt in years!

“J-John, I’m not so sure about this.” But Mary didn’t tell him to stop, for a very sensible reason: she didn’t want him to stop!

“I’m simply inseminating a mare,” John assured. “Did it all the time, back on Earth... not quite like this, though.” He gently gripped the mayor’s plot and began to slowly, gently, fuck her on her desk, driving himself ever deeper into her needy, yawning marehood.

The difference with her husband was simply indescribable! Yes, Secret Ballot still fucked his wife, if only rarely, and solely to try to produce an heir for himself. Yet if her husband should manage to strike a glancing blow against Mary’s cervix, he’d cum immediately due to her earth pony magic. Their sex never lasted long, but it always gave Mayor Mare a few days of hope, before a negative pregnancy test crushed her dreams once more.

By stark contrast, John’s prickhead easily kissed her cervix as he pressed it inside, widened that fleshy ring to fit his cock and kept going. He was inside her womb! She felt pregnant already! She was so close to the climax she deserved, until John verbally yanked her away from that joyous pleasure with a stern warning!

“Don’t you cum, now, mayor. We’re just trying to get you a foal. It’d be a bit awkward if you enjoyed this. That’d make it sexual.

“I-I—” Somewhere swimming in the mayor’s mind was a rebuttal to John’s sexist, outdated advice. “Actually, John, the doctors say that the chances of conception go up if the mare achieves an orgasm.” Not that she’d ever had a chance to put this advice into practice!

“Oh, then you go right ahead, ma’am, and cum as much as you like. Must be one of them differences between Earth horses and the intelligent sort.” John thrust deep into her, the clinical pretense dropped, and Mary shuddered with joy as his thumb begin to rub against her twitching anal pucker — a hole she’d often begged her husband to attend to, to no avail!

“Oh, goodness,” John murmured, “what a perfect tailhole you’ve got here, mayor. If your husband don’t kiss this little sweetheart both good night and good morning, he’s an even bigger fool than I thought.”

With a silent prayer thanking Celestia for opening relations with Earth, the mayor soon found herself climaxing around John’s thrusting shaft. Her mind swum with unaccustomed joys, sensations she hadn’t felt even when she was young and truly in love. Yet John just kept slowly, carefully filling her with his cock, thrusting in and out, sternly keeping her at her peak until she felt the pleasure would drive her mad!

“P-please, just cum in me and make me pregnant!” she begged at last. “It’s too much! I can’t take any more!”

John simply shook his head and clicked his tongue. “No, mayor, I’m afraid you can take quite a bit more,” he stated flatly. And as if to prove it, it was then that he began to truly fuck her.

In the end, Mayor Mary Mare came so many times on John’s cock that the papers on her desk were soaked with marecum and conception was all but assured. By the time John finally grunted and gripped her plot for one final thrust, her mind was a humid swamp, a pleasure blasted mess. Then she felt his cum, thick and potent, pouring into her, and her brain went utterly blank, a snowflake in a solar flare.

Still he kept thrusting, he kept cumming. Just his thick, pulsing orgasm lasted longer than an entire encounter with her husband, peremptory foreplay and all. As John slowed his thrusts, the mayor felt his cream begin to leak out the plugged lips of her marehood. Then, finally, that pillar of pleasures was gently slid from her body, its carnal task accomplished.

John patted the mayor on the rump, as if sending her off to trot back into her stable. “On the off chance that didn’t take, I’ll happily fill you up again,” he offered. “And I’d very much appreciate if you’d consider naming the foal after me. That’s John for a colt, and Joanna for a little filly.”

The mayor raised her cheek from the pastry she’d been resting her face in, her fur now damp with whipped cream and stained with berry juice. “I-I’m not sure, John,” she stammered, “Everything’s fuzzy at the moment, but I think we were planning to name the foal after my husband.”

John simply shrugged. “I don’t see what your husband has to do with this, but it’s your choice.” He set three 5-bit coins on the mayor’s desk, then added a shiny 1-bit piece to the side. “Now, here’s 15 bits for the permit, and I’ve thrown in a little extra just for you. You come by the Ranch and see me when Mr. Ballot starts talking about wanting a second foal.” Tipping his hat once again, the human stud silently zipped himself up and took his leave.

Sitting silently in her empty office with her heart pounding and her cunt leaking, the mayor of Ponyville turned the shiny coin over and over in a hoof, gazing at it as she felt her body begin to adjust to its impending motherhood. This time, she didn’t need a pregnancy test to tell her what she already knew. Celestia’s face smiled up at her from the pressed metal of the coin, blessing both this long awaited conception and the sordid way it had been carried out.

“A human knocked me up...” Mary Mare mused. “He cuckolded my husband and seeded me with his own foal.” Slowly but surely her hoof was drawn to her dripping crotch and began to move back and forth, seeking another in the morning’s chain of unexpected climaxes. “I’m a slut, I’m a cheater, and if I take his money, I’m a whorse...”

After much thought, with the quiet sound of metal sliding across leather, the mayor slipped that forbidden coin into her private saddlebag. For the first time in months, a genuine smile spread across the muzzle of the cheapest whorse in town.

“And why not?” She told herself. “After all, I earned it!

Cherry's wedding day

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As morning dawned and birds began to sing outside her window, Cherry Jubilee drifted into wakefulness. She smiled and snuggled herself back against the vast, powerful bulk of her coltfriend and stud. Feeling a pleasant ache in her marehood, she recalled that John had roused himself to her the middle of the night, overwhelmed by some lustful dream. He’d manhandled her willing body upon his massive cock and bounced her up and down on it for a good 15 minutes, taking her to one screaming peak after another before erupting with a fountain of cream that flooded her womb.

“Oh, John, that was incredible...” Cherry had moaned when he finally let up, stroking her coltfriend’s hairy chest as his grip on her flank loosened. “Why, we’ve coupled countless times, but I never knew you to be such a beast!

“Sorry if I woke you, Miss Jubilee,” John had mumbled, already shifting beneath the blankets and swiftly falling asleep once more.

Now the tables had turned, for it was Cherry’s turn to enjoy the pleasures of John’s slumbering body. She gently reached beneath the sheets and gripped his fluid smeared cock, which rested in his usual state of half-readiness, like a carnal sentry listening for the cry of a mare in need. John quickly stiffened beneath the touch of her experienced hoof, and Cherry leaned into his ear and whispered the magical words that every stallion longs to hear from his lover...

“Today is the first of the month, John. You owe me another 400 bits.”

John grunted with slow wakefulness and reached for Cherry’s cum oozing marehood, repaying the soft pleasures Cherry was bringing him with a thrusting finger. After some minutes of loving kisses and mutual fondling he felt awake enough to speak. “I suppose I do,” he agreed with a yawn. “But I’ve been thinking, and I’d like to propose some new terms for our deal, in a way that’ll be pleasing to both of us.”

Cherry smiled as John’s thick thumb strummed her winking clit. She did love a good business negotiation! After all, John had saved her over 1,000 bits so far, just by convincing mares to take his cock in lieu of the usual payments or bribes. Zecora, Redheart, Mayor Mare... oddly enough, even Octavia seemed to be in a better mood these days. With all that her coltfriend had done for her, Cherry was happy to offer a little flexibility on the price of her love... she might even go down to 375 bits!

“See, it all seems a mite inefficient,” John explained. “I’m about to go off and work all day at the mill, and it ain’t easy work. I turn over my pay packet to you so I can fuck your girls, and that money goes right back out as them same girls’ salaries. Meantime you’re rushing around cooking and cleaning all day, when you ought to be focusing on promotion.”

John grinned. “The way I see it, there ain’t no reason why the Cherry Hill Ranch couldn’t be famous all round Equestria — and I mean bigger and more successful than Sweet Apple Acres.”

Cherry offered a thin smile to this ambitious idea. It was cute that her gentle lunkhead believed he knew how a brothel ought to be run, solely because he was the most effective marefucker Equestria had ever seen. Yet such thoughts had to be nipped while still in the bud. Cherry’s coltfriends inevitably seemed drawn to the idea of taking over the Cherry Hill Ranch and reducing her to a well dressed and well fucked figurehead. Yet even if there were a stallion with the business sense to run such an intrinsically feminine concern, it was not as if Cherry tended to attract the brainy type!

“John, why are you so concerned with the way I run my business?” Cherry asked the surprising pushy human. She lowered her muzzle to the tastiest part of his delicious body, tasting their mixed cum on the salty, weeping flare of his satisfying cock. “For you, the proposition ought to be quite simple: your bits go in, and our skirts go up.”

“That’s what I’m saying, ma’am.” John ran his fingers through Cherry’s mane as she treated him to his usual morning blowjob — on the house! “Simple’s how it started, but we made it all complicated, by bringing in matters of the heart. Like it or not, I’ve become a part of your business. Now, why don’t we get married, and take things back to simple again?”

“M-married?” Cherry’s tongue abruptly stopped moving across the head of John’s cock. This was not where she had thought this conversation was going!

“I reckon right now, most of my pay goes into your safe anyhow.” John smiled wryly. “Or to barrels of cider, or replacing Miss Muffins’ bed frame, or any of the dozen other expenses you’ve convinced me to pay with one of your heavenly smiles.”

“I do believe I gave you more than a smile for that new bed frame, John. You had no complaints at the time, as I recall.”

John blushed vividly. “B-be that as it may, the costs do add up, and at the end of the month I find myself with hardly a bit to my name. I reckon I’m in so deep that I might as well give you all of my money from now on, and get a fine wife into the bargain. Now, what do you say?”

Cherry raised her mouth from John’s cock and looked him in the eye. She bit her lip and set her hoof back on the human’s arm, her mind whirling and her heart sinking. “John, I am beyond flattered by your lovely offer, but i-it would be better if we kept our relationship as it is.”

“So you’d rather be my whorse than my wife?” For the first time Cherry Jubilee heard genuine anger and pain in John’s voice.

Cherry inhaled slowly, fighting back the tears. “It ain’t a matter of what I’d rather, John. Circumstances are such that I cain’t accept your generous offer.”

“Now, what the hell kind of ‘circumstances’ is more important than what’s in our hearts? Damnit, Cherry, I love you!

Cherry’s heart was stabbed as she heard the most beautiful words at the worst possible time. Oh, how she wished she could go back to the way things were just moments ago! That middle ground between whorse and wife, the scrap of land labelled “marefriend,” was a paradise island where Cherry had just spent the happiest weeks of her life. That peaceable kingdom had suddenly vanished, sinking beneath the waves of John’s sudden proposal and her quick rejection.

Cherry steeled herself for the difficulty of what she had to do. “John, I will expect your 400 bits in instalments, and we will speak about this no more,” she insisted. “Your good looks and your kindly ways have made me careless, and I fear I allowed myself to fantasize beyond the bounds of my station in life. I am a courtesan, and you my generous patron. If this arrangement is not satisfactory to you, I am certain Sweet Apple Acres will take you back as a customer.”

John sighed deeply. “Well, I was going to kiss my fiancée and dream of our wedding, but if you’re nothing more to me than a whorse, I reckon I’ll spend the morning fucking your plothole open instead.”

“O-of course, John. Whatever you think is right.” Cherry rolled over on her tummy so John wouldn’t see the tears fall from her eyes. “You’ve paid to drain your balls into any convenient hole, and this whorse will see that you get your money’s worth.”

The morning ass fucking was fierce and angry. John forced the maregasms from Cherry’s body rather than simply inviting them. His hips bashed against her wobbling plot over and over as he thrust atop her, his meat stretching her to the utmost limit. His sweet, loving, innocent dirty talk was replaced by dark mutterings and groans, and after bloating Cherry’s guts with his load, John did something he’d never dared before: he pulled out and presented her with his soiled stallionhood, fresh from the depths of her asshole.

“John, you just... it’s dirty!”

John only nodded. “Wouldn’t need you to clean it if it weren’t.”

“Y-yes, sir.” Of course, she obeyed him. She would do anything for this perfect cock. Anything, it seemed, but accept the love of the man who wielded it!

Yes, make me do nasty things... teach me I was wrong to love you... Cherry silently sobbed as she tenderly licked John’s meat. Even mixed with the heavenly taste of his sperm, the tang of her plot was an ultimate degradation, a slap in the face from her once kind suitor.

This way would be better for both of them, she thought. Cherry Jubilee was a whorse, and never would be anything more. She was destined to perform the filthy acts that proper ladies shied away from. Whenever respectable females denied their husbands, she was here to pick up the slack: with her asshole, with her mouth, with her tongue upon another mare’s clit.

For a whorse to dream of her own life of love and passion was ludicrous. Cherry’s place was right here, in a bed that stank of sex, licking the taste of her own ass from a huge prick until it shined and glistened, clean as a whistle.

To make things worse, John didn’t even bother to stroke himself off and spew a second load all over Cherry’s face. He pulled up his trousers without even letting Cherry move her tongue further back, and clean the night’s sweat from his ass! All that musk, going to waste!

“Serves me right, falling in love with a damned whorse...” John muttered as he fastened his belt. He wiped a powerful hand across his tear filled eyes as he departed Cherry’s bedroom, heading away to his job at the mill.

Once the door closed behind him, Cherry Jubilee hid her head beneath a frilly pillow and bawled her eyes out. Long ago, she’d promised herself to the zebra soldier Zorago, and a lifetime of loneliness had been the result. Now, once again, an exotic stallion had loved her, wooed her, and asked her to marry. Why couldn’t she say yes to John?

“It’s too late for me!” she wailed into her pillow. But John didn’t think it was too late.

“I’m old, and fat, and ugly!” Again, the human seemed to disagree, hungrily worshipping her mature body long into the night.

“He’s from another world! He’s too different! We could never have foals together!” But rumours from Canterlot, and happy news from the Mayor’s office, said otherwise...

“I... I... I just cain’t!

The truth was harsh, yet simple: Cherry Jubilee still held out an impossible hope that her first love would return and sweep her off her hooves. Across the years that intervened since their sudden parting, despite the utter impossibility of this fantasy and the sting of Captain Zorago’s betrayal, she still dreamed of her handsome zebra finding her, begging forgiveness, and carrying her to the chapel for the wedding day she no longer deserved.

There was still cause for such hope, ludicrous as the thought might be. Equestria was full of strange creatures, after all. Perhaps Captain Zorago had fallen victim to a cockatrice, and been turned to stone for decades. Now, finally restored to the body of the young stud she remembered, he searched Equestria for his lost love. Perhaps this very day was the day they would meet again. Yes, maybe today she’d hear the name she’d used with him, so long ago. She’d hear her lover’s deep and gentle voice say—

“Cherry Spice?”

Cherry blinked with confusion. Suddenly she stood at the front door to her brothel with a wet mop in her hooves. She had been sleeptrotting through her day, and it was now nearly noon. Derpy Hooves stood outside the door, here not as a whorse but as a mailmare on her rounds, holding a letter in her mouth. The lace of the fancy underthings from Cherry’s recent trip to Manehattan could be glimpsed through the sheer cotton fabric of the pegasus’ postal uniform.

“Eh? Derpy? What?” Cherry shook her head, trying to remember anything from the morning except for her endless agonies of self pity. “What did you just say?”

“I just wanted to know if you went by another name when you lived in Dodge Junction,” Derpy repeated. “Cherry Spice... does that ring a bell?”

Cherry Jubilee gasped at the name from her long buried past. “H-how did you know?”

“Appointed Rounds cleans out the dead letter office on the first of the month.” Derpy held out the letter with outstretched wing. “She mentioned a letter to Cherry Spice that keeps showing up. She always sends it back to Dodge Junction, but I remembered you used to live in Dodge Junction, and the name was close enough... so I thought I ought to check.”

Indeed, this letter had obviously been in transit for many years, travelling back and forth between Ponyville, Dodge Junction, and Zebrica, with occasional journeys to Appleloosa and the main post office in Canterlot. The name Cherry had used with Captain Zorago was nearly invisible beneath the layers of ink stamps and official stickers. “MOVED TO PONYVILLE” “NO SUCH EQUINE” “NOT FOUND IN ZEBRICA” “NO FORWARDING ADDRESS...” Yet beneath all of that, in rounded letters pressed onto the page by some strange zebra machinery, was written: Cherry Spice, 101 Tumbleweed Way, Dodge Junction, Equestria. That humble address was the location of Cherry’s first business, the original Cherry Hill Ranch.

With a trembling hoof Cherry Jubilee opened the envelope addressed to the smiling, confident young mare she’d been so long ago. Derpy looked on happily, enthusiastic about matching a long lost letter to its recipient, fully unaware of the turmoil she’d set off within her boss’ soul.

Within the envelope was an official notice written in Zebrican, which Cherry couldn’t understand. She would have to have Zecora translate it. Yet it was the other slip of paper which caught her attention immediately. This was a simple note written in his hoofwriting, a poem in Ponish jotted in Zorago’s elegant script upon a sheet of paper that had crinkled and stained by years of rough transport. The years seemed to fall away from Cherry Jubilee’s soul as she read her lover’s final message to her:

The night is deep outside my tent
My thoughts become now penitent
I think of you, my pony bride
Betrayed by stubborn zebra pride

My final dawn has near begun
My soul will set ere does the sun
For soon the battle cry will sound
And blood pour forth upon the ground

We could have grown old by the fire
Our hearts entwined, my one desire
But honour called, and so I fled
Dishonouring my love instead

Advice is all that I can give
My time draws short, but you still live
I beg of you to love again
Don’t tie your story to my end

Let go, my love. Be joyous, free
I ask but this: remember me.

“Cherry, are you OK?” Derpy asked.

Once again tears were pouring down Cherry Jubilee’s cheeks, and she didn’t know if they were tears of sadness or joy. “G-go to the mill!” she begged the stunned pegasus who’d just delivered the most horrible, most wondrous letter of her life. Zorago’s final words had released her from what felt like a lifelong curse. “F-find John... tell him... tell him yes, I WILL marry him!”

“D-did he ask you to marry him?” Derpy queried with puzzlement.

“DO AS I SAY!” Cherry Jubilee huffed.

“OK, geeze!” Derpy squawked.

As Derpy turned and launched herself away from the porch, Cherry galloped frantically up the stairs towards the bedroom where she’d just made the greatest mistake of her life. She wailed out a wordless cry, unleashing years of bottled up emotions, praying to every Princess there ever was that it wasn’t too late, that John still held some tender feeling in his heart for her. She tore open the door to her wardrobe and pulled out every single garment, searching for the lonesome wedding dress that had been present in her bedroom for the last 20 years, a silent witness to all of her struggles and sorrows.

“It’s been so long...” she whispered to the dress as she finally clutched the delicate white lace to her barrel. “But I promised you I’d wear you on my wedding day. Of all the promises I’ve made in my life, there’s one I can keep, at least.”

Through all these years, she believed she’d been saving this dress for Captain Zorago’s impossible return. Yet in John, Cherry Jubilee had found the fulfillment of every youthful promise and romantic notion she’d ever had. She’d finally found the stallion this dress was really meant for.

There was only one problem:

Cherry Jubilee no longer fit in her wedding dress.

She didn’t fit at all!

Her ass was 20 years wider and deeper than the slim mare who’d worn this dress. Her teats were far too big now, and hung out entirely. With the pudge that padded her barrel keeping her from doing up a single button, she looked like a delusional spinster swept away in some fantasy, imagining herself to be a young and blushing bride.

What could be done? This dress needed to be taken apart at the seams and sewn into an entirely new garment. She’d have to take it to Coco, unless... could Rarity help? No, no, no!

Coming from another pony, Cherry’s tale of love lost and found would captivate Rarity’s romantic heart, yet that unicorn bitch had never forgiven Cherry for sucking off her hot young dragon boytoy. (What was Cherry supposed to do, turn down a paying customer?) The mood from Applejack’s friend whenever they met on the street was polite, icy hatred. Rarity would never help Cherry Jubilee, even to give an old mare her long delayed happily-ever-after.

With a crash of breaking glass, Derpy suddenly corkscrewed through Cherry’s bedroom window, bouncing on her bed and slamming into the wall. “John says he’ll be at the town hall in 10 minutes!” came her muffled voice.

“A-are you OK?” Cherry asked, a worried hoof to her chest as Derpy slowly slid down the wall. Fortunately the clumsy pegasus instantly sprang up off the floor, uninjured, her eyes bouncing around wildly. “Mr. Broadbeam is going to be his best stallion! Oh my gosh, this is so exciting!”

“W-wait, 10 minutes? John wants to get married right now?” But of course he did, and so did Cherry! Oh, but what to do about the damned dress?

“He also says he hopes you didn’t take your potion this morning!” Derpy added with a wink.

Cherry couldn’t remember a thing about the emotional mess that had been the morning, but it was a dead certainty she’d forgotten to down her usual contraceptive draught. This was a good thing. Birth control and wedding nights did not go together, as far as Cherry Jubilee was concerned — and it seemed that John agreed!

“You’re my maid of honour!” Cherry made the split second decision as she struggled to pull a tight lacey sleeve over her chubby wither. “The other girls will be my bridesmaids! Go and fetch them while I... unnngh... put on this dress!”

“M-maybe the green dress would look better on you?” Derpy suggested, holding up a Coco Pommel design that Cherry had senselessly tossed upon the floor. “Do you see how it has... erm... enough space for your butt?”

Cherry Jubilee stomped a hoof so hard the mirror rattled on her vanity. “This is my wedding dress, and I aim to wear it for my wedding!” she insisted.

“Jeepers, I always knew she’d be a bride-Ursa Major...” Derpy muttered to herself. She tossed open the bedroom door and galloped downstairs, eager to awake her fellow whorses and tell them the good news.

With no time to waste, Cherry sucked in her tummy and forced herself into her wedding dress. She strategically ripped a slit down the back, let the skirts ride up her hips and left the buttons undone. She no longer care how she looked, or what others thought of her. She was doing all of this for the young mare who’d sucked hundreds of dicks to earn the money for the most beautiful dress in the shop. For the mare who’d worn that dress long into that horrible evening, as the shadows lengthened and the tears flowed.

In her years as a whorse, Cherry Jubilee had performed every degrading act the mind of pony could conceive of. Now she would willingly give up her final scraps of dignity, exposing and abasing herself in public, if it meant that poor mare would finally get her wedding day.

The reaction was more than she could have hoped for. John’s jaw dropped when he saw Cherry walk down the aisle, bursting out of the ancient garment. His cock thickened to a fat bar of iron in his work jeans, much to Mr. Broadbeam’s embarrassment. John could hardly keep his hands off of Cherry’s plush, bountiful body as he said the words she had waited half a lifetime to hear. This noble human promised to love Cherry, and cherish her, and show her every pleasure his own young body could muster, forever and ever.

And so it was, that in the end, Cherry Jubilee didn’t have to wear that dress for very long at all...

Ridden into the sunset

View Online

Some months later...

Ever since John’s boyhood, a certain nightmare had troubled him. As thunder and lightning crashed outside his family’s humble cabin, his Poppa would suddenly return through the front door to find John at home, alone and without his mother’s protection. Ranting and raving, cursing the day John was born, the evil man would beat his son until the boy was shocked into wakefulness from the force of the imagined blows. In the dream, Poppa’s face was as John dimly remembered it from the day he’d left the family for good: an angry blur obscured as if by smoke. Always growling, always unhappy, and most of all resentful to be saddled with the care of a child.

As John grew into manhood the dream persisted, but with his newfound strength he could now fight back within the dream itself. Grappling the old man to the ground soon became a simple task, easier than tying up a roped calf. Yet John got no satisfaction from the deed, for Poppa never let up or admitted defeat. Whether John pummelled the demon with his fists, or grabbed his father and pinned him harmlessly to the cabin floor, Poppa never stopped cursing John’s name, damning him for merely existing. The next night, he would return to plague John’s sleep, having learned nothing from his thrashing of the evening before.

On John’s first night in Equestria the dream had abruptly stopped, never to return. Though he spent that night sleeping rough on the streets of Canterlot, he had come under the care of the Princess of Dreams, and the magic of his new home protected John from the recurring nightmare that had tormented him so. John had taken this as a sign that Equestria was where he was meant to stay. Though his amorous equine activities meant that his time for sleep was always short, what slumber he got had always been peaceful and untroubled: whether in the Ponyville boarding house, in Cherry Jubilee’s bedroom, or in any of the other exotic locales his cock took him.

The night after John and Cherry Jubilee took their happy visit to the doctor, John dreamed of Poppa one last time. John knew that this time it was his own subconscious which had summoned this man to him, overriding Princess Luna’s protection. He longed to share the good news he’d learned in the hospital, and foolishly thought it might let him patch things up with his only natural kin. Yet the words stuck in his throat as he beheld the undiminished hate radiating from his father’s indistinct features.

“Well, boy?” Poppa snarled. “Are you gonna hit me again? Maybe this time you can really hurt me, haw haw!”

“I-I never wanted to hurt you, Poppa,” John pleaded. “I only wanted to stop you from hurting me, and Momma.”

Poppa laughed, a cruel growl from deep in his chest. “Your Momma was a whore, boy.” He spat on the ground, his dark saliva tainted by tobacco.

John rose to anger, but not in the way his father had hoped, for he had travelled far, and seen what it takes for a woman to survive on her own. “What’s a whore, Poppa?” he asked with outstretched hands. “Nothing but a gal with a job. A job Momma had to take up because you left her, searching high and low for some God damned silver mine that don’t even exist!”

“How dare you talk to your father that way?” The blurry figure moved its hand, and John’s face ached from Poppa’s echoing slap. The younger man clenched his fists, yet did not strike back. “Well? Come on, boy. What are you waiting for?”

“I ain’t here to fight,” John stated through clenched teeth. “I want you to take a message to Momma.”

Poppa chuckled sarcastically. “Your whore of a Momma is dead.”

“As will you be, soon enough,” John responded simply. “Now, I know the two of you ain’t ending up in the same place, but maybe they’ll let you pass on a message before they send you down to Hell.”

The cloaked, smoky hand of his father lashed out again, but John caught it, and forced it downwards. He looked into the jumbled mass of darkness that was all he could remember of Poppa’s features. He tried to summon up the innocent affection he’d seen Equestrian foals show their kindly fathers, yet found that portion of his heart to be utterly empty. That seed of love, never watered, had never grown.

“I’ve found me a wife,” John told his father. “A fine wife she is, and with child. We heard from the doctor today, it’s going to be a c—a boy. I’m gonna raise my son to be strong, and gentle, and caring, to protect women and be kind to animals. All the things I had to learn from Momma, or on my own, or never did learn at all.”

“A son...” for the first time in John’s memory, Poppa’s voice was filled with something other than hate. His thin wrist relaxed in John’s tightly gripping hand. “I have a grandson...”

“You have nothing, Poppa,” John growled. “You threw it all away when you left. No grandson, no son, no wife, no silver mine, nothing. You see Momma, you tell her that she has a grandson on the way, with more to come. That’s all I have to say to you.”

“You whoreson! You dare talk to your father like this? I’ll hunt you down til my dying day!”

“You ain’t never finding me, Poppa,” John sighed with a sad shake of his head. “Because at last, I’ve found a country where they don’t let evil stay.”

With his message delivered, Princess Luna took mercy on John, and blanketed the new father with a deep sleep, cloaked with an aura of forgetfulness. His conscience at rest, John slept soundly through the night as he always did here in Equestria, until morning’s rays first shone through the heavy curtains of his marriage bed...

The feeling of eager lips on his cock was a familiar wake-up for John, and he stretched and yawned, leaning into the morning pleasure, only to find his sleeping wife next to him in the bed and snoring peacefully. Doing a double take, the human raised up his sheets to see a certain green earth pony kneeling between his legs, nursing on the head of his stiff prick.

“Well, hello there, Miss Hugger,” John greeted the not at all unpleasant surprise in his bed.

Tree Hugger’s dreadlocks swayed gently as she nodded to her employer’s husband. “Wake and bake, human dude.” With that, she set herself back to the hard yet pleasant work of human cock worship. Every vein needed to be traced with eager tongue, every cunt pleasing ridge tenderly kissed, and the sweaty expanse of John’s vast ball sack firmly licked and encouraged to get producing. These human nuts had a busy day ahead of them, and even the most virile stallion can do with a little encouragement!

“Good morning, John,” Cherry smiled as she too awoke, stretching out and cuddling her husband. “I trust the service here at the Cherry Hill Ranch is up to our usual standard?” John simply nodded and silently stroked the muzzle of the earth pony who was going down on him. “I’d slide down there with her and rim you,” Cherry grinned, “but I cain’t hardly move, with this big, healthy colt you put in my belly.”

John smiled and put his hand on Cherry’s swollen barrel, feeling the tiny life inside kick and turn. “Our little colt,” he murmured. “Our little... well, dang, what was the name of that soldier fellow you liked so much?”

“Zorago.” Cherry smiled and kissed the top of John’s head. “You really don’t mind me naming the foal after my ex? I know it didn’t end well, but he was frightful important to me, and his dying wish was that I remember him...”

“Oh, young Zorry here is just our first foal,” John assured with a wave of his hand and a kiss to Cherry’s tummy. “You name him however you like... I’ll be naming our next one.”

“A-another foal?” Cherry gasped. She already felt so heavy, so slow and hungry all the time — Zorago was already quite a hooffull, and not even born yet!

“Why not? You’re a fine breeding mare.” To Cherry’s ears (and dripping cunt) John’s voice had the ring of forceful control. “You’ve got a few more in you, with the right stud.” The human smiled as he began to imagine the future. “Now, I reckon our second will be a filly, and we’ll name her after my Momma. Then, if it’s not too much trouble, I’d be greatly obliged if you’d produce me a couple of twins.”

“T-twins?” Cherry’s heart was racing, her thighs instinctively parting as if it were physically possible to get started on breeding when already heavy with foal. Her figure would never recover from so many pregnancies — not that John would mind!

John simply nodded. “Twins, that’s right: a filly and a colt, if you please. Two little cowpokes who I can teach the ways of the range. I’m nearly 23 and not yet a father — let’s make up for lost time, shall we?”

His ardour aroused at the thought of breeding more foals into his wife, John reached beneath the blankets and pulled Tree Hugger off his cock. The earth pony mare whined at the loss of contact, only to find herself dropped on her back onto the bed, with John straddling her and plunging into the sopping depths between her pussy lips. Powerful moans soon came from the green mare’s mouth as John took his morning pleasure with the nearest available marehood.

Cherry simply had to rub herself and admire the sight. John’s powerful hips were a steam engine made to cleave mare pussy in two. His gaze, tender yet powerful, met Cherry’s own eyes as he thrust into Tree Hugger, making love to his wife by proxy. With a shudder of pleasure Cherry happily resigned herself to the role of John’s permanently pregnant broodmare. So long as he kept looking at her like that, she’d bear for him until she dropped!

John’s amorous appetites seemed to be only increasing as he spent more time in Equestria. When Cherry first met him, a simple morning blowjob had sufficed to see him off to his job at the mill. Now John had quit that job to help his wife run their brothel. Spending his days surrounded by lustful mares instead of industrious stallions, his own libido had increased to match. It now took at least two nuts to get him going in the morning, and today he aimed to collect both of them without leaving his marriage bed. Hardly had he groaned and deposited his first load of seed in Tree Hugger’s tender womb, but he was gently moving Cherry on her stomach atop her satiated employee, and plunging his undiminished prick past her welcoming ponut.

“J-John!” Cherry moaned and looked back at John as her insides were claimed by her husband’s thick, pounding cock. “Please, she’s still sensitive from last night!” Beneath her, Tree Hugger wriggled excitedly beneath her boss’ ever growing weight, reaching up to grope those wondrous teats as the shudders of her own maregasm faded.

“I’m wise to your tricks, Miss Jubilee,” John smiled. “You simply say such things to rile me up, and get me to fuck you harder.” Gripping his wife’s enormous plot, with a powerful thrust he rooted his tree trunk in Cherry’s backdoor, the slapping of his nuts against her clit flipping a switch in her mind that sent a shower of squirt gushing from her untouched cunt.

“D-disgraceful, John!” Cherry complained. Squirting anal maregasms were hardly ladylike, after all. “You forget I am your wife, and carrying your foal, no less!”

“And a fine job you’re doing, on all accounts,” John grunted. “Now, let me see to my duties, if you don’t mind.”

As Tree Hugger claimed Cherry’s mouth in a hungry kiss, John silently, forcefully, plowed his wife’s straining ponut. Though Cherry knew well that she could accommodate John’s girth, the fit seemed impossible, and his stamina kept him thrusting for minutes that seemed like blissful hours, deliciously scented sweat breaking out on his chest and mingling with Cherry’s fur as it dripped down.

Cherry Jubilee’s poor tailhole had never seen so much action as in the past few months. John did prefer her cunt, but the safety of their unborn foal precluded such pleasures — at least until it was time for John to seed his wife again. Thus Cherry hiked her hips for her husband, concentrated on the mighty cock plundering her plot, and carelessly came her brains out. The juices of her near continuous maregasm flowed like a waterfall to mingle with the fluids that dripped from Tree Hugger’s satiated marehood, as the two mares shared twisting tongues and lustful moans. Cherry and Tree Hugger were partners in lust, obedient mare-toys who squirted and squealed beneath the thrusts of a superior male until he deigned to bless their insides with his rushing sperm.

Sated at last by his second climax, John reluctantly loosened his grip on his wife’s earthshaking ass cheeks and pulled himself out from her loosened pucker with a loud pop. Leaving the two mares to lick his cumshots from each others’ cream stuffed holes, he swiftly dressed and set upon the less erotic of his many morning chores. He cooked a large pot of oats to feed the mares who lived at the Cherry Hill Ranch, watered the potted flowers that livened up the girls’ bedrooms, and changed the cum soaked sheets that were the sign of a busy whorsehouse. Wiping his brow, he then picked up a broom and began to sweep up the dirt tracked in by the muddy hooves of the previous night’s customers: dozens of stallions who worked hard and fucked hard. As busy as Cherry kept him, such simple housework was a far cry from the strenuous labour John had performed at the Ponyville Mill — and the carnal ‘benefits’ of his new job simply couldn’t be beat!

Meanwhile Cherry Jubilee bathed, applied Prench perfume and a ruby studded butt plug, and dressed herself in a designer maternity gown: a few wisps of sheer white satin so thin as to be translucent. Covered in ribbons and bows, the fashionable garment granted Cherry the dignity of her age and position. Yet the flowing silks also shifted about her bounteous body as the moved, providing glimpses of her mighty plot and sensitive, soon to be milky, teats.

A necklace of fine pearls was the finishing touch, standing out against Cherry Jubilee’s cream coloured complexion, and capping her revitalized beauty. Dressed for the day, Ponyville’s latest MILF-to-be waddled into her drawing room and sprawled out upon a couch, keeping a watchful eye on her busy empire of lust. As stallions (and the occasional mare!) came in through the front door, Cherry guided them to the appropriate bedroom, matching each customer with a lover who was eager, willing — and, most importantly, not currently occupied!

“Do be careful, my dear: Moondancer is trying out a new spell. She says it multiplies the stallion’s pleasure tenfold, but I fear there may be side effects...”

“Our discretion is total, Miss Dash — Applejack will never know you were here.”

“I’m afraid Tree Hugger is busy at the moment, but Miss Derpy is simply longing for a stiff prick like yours to fill her pretty pegasus ponut. Could you be so kind as to indulge her? A mare has needs, after all!”

Me? Oh, you flattering soul! I’m quite spoken for, but if you’re moved to clop off, I’ll do my best to give you a show. Do direct your cum into the spittoon, please!”

Yes, the Cherry Hill Ranch had reopened as Ponyville’s first 24-hour brothel. For a reasonable fee, Cherry Jubilee’s girls offered stallions a quick and satisfying fuck whenever they felt the urge, day or night. John’s suggestion was quite a gamble upon the horniness of Ponyville’s males, not to mention the ability of Cherry’s whorses to keep them drained. Yet it seemed John’s days at the mill had served him well in gauging the true appetites of his fellow stallions. Beginning late in the morning and continuing all through the night, customers lined up in Cherry’s drawing room, eagerly awaiting service. Even more convincingly, the PILES of shining bits in Cherry’s bedroom safe spoke for themselves!

After the mid-day rush, business slowed somewhat, and John and Cherry were able to sit together as they enjoyed their luncheon. Cherry munched a daisy sandwich as John went through the day’s mail — delivered by Appointed Rounds, of course. Business was now so good at the Cherry Hill Ranch that Derpy didn’t need to hold down two jobs anymore. In fact, the way things were going, Ponyville’s generous stallions were well on the way to paying young Dinky’s way through university!

“Well, looky here,” John raised an eyebrow with surprise, opening a hefty envelope. “We’ve got a letter from Miss Trixie, all the way from Earth.”

“I hope she’s doing well,” Cherry Jubilee smiled. “I do worry about her, after the tales you told me of the rough life of the frontier.”

“She heard me tell the same tales, ma’am, and they excited her something fierce. Let’s see, here...” John unfolded the long letter and read Trixie’s hornwriting aloud to his wife.

The Great and Powerful Trixie is in great demand here on Earth. Humanity has never seen such erotic magic as she has to offer! She just performed a sold out show at the vaudeville in Gold-Digger’s Gulch, with many private ‘encores’ in her caravan afterwards. Human stallions may be smelly and ill groomed, but they are oh so generous, mining gold from the ground and giving it all to Trixie!

John’s eyes scanned down the rest of the page, then he turned over a few more sheets. “Just a few more pages talking about how great she is...”

“And powerful, no doubt,” Cherry tittered.

“Then she concludes with... ‘My best to everycreature back at the Cherry Hill Ranch.’ Sent us one of them newfangled photographs, too.”

Reaching out with a hoof, Cherry Jubilee drew the scrap of slick paper towards her. The photograph, taken on the primitive cameras of Earth, showed Trixie in her caravan with two human males, her living space crammed with large bags of gold nuggets and dust. Somehow she’d found the room to sit her plothole down on one of the humans’ cocks, while the second man straddled her, gripping her hind legs and introducing his cunt-starved cock into her glistening marehood.

As she studied the sordid details of the black and white picture, Cherry couldn’t help but notice that although either of the humans’ members left the average stallion in the dust in terms of size, John was larger than both of them put together!

“I’m surprised at such open debauchery, John,” Cherry murmured, passing the photograph back across the luncheon table. “Trixie’s rather provocative magic show got us all arrested the first time she performed it. I’d thought Earth’s laws were even less enlightened than Equestria’s.”

John shook his head grimly. “You ain’t been to one of them mining towns, ma’am. Ain’t no law to speak of in Gold-Digger’s Gulch.”

“Ah, you know the place?”

“I know the sort of place it seems to be.” John frowned. “Small, filthy, a week’s ride from anywhere, full of rich and desperate men. Men who ain’t seen a female of any description for months, excepting their own steeds. I hate to say it, but Trixie probably ain’t even the first horse some of these fellows have fucked.”

John seemed shocked by this proposition, so Cherry issued a small gasp, solely for her husband’s benefit. All in all, though, this place sounded no worse than Dodge Junction!

“Gold-Digger's Gulch ain’t no place for a delicate soul like yourself, is what I mean to say,” John added. “Why, if it were anypony but Trixie working them rough crowds, I’d fear for her safety. But it seems she’s got them miners lining up for their turn at her magical plot, all polite, like.”

Cherry Jubilee finished her sandwich and patted her lips with a napkin. “Well, John, your luncheon was delicious as usual, but I think it’s time you went and worked on training up Trixie’s replacement.”

“Yes, ma’am, I reckon it is about that time.” John stood from his specially-crafted human sized chair, and donned his cowboy hat. “Have no fear, I’ll tame that wild mare sooner or later.”

“I desperately need Miss Sunrise to start working tonight, John,” Cherry pressed the point. “I refuse to compromise on quality, but the other girls are getting mighty tired down below, picking up the slack since Trixie left.”

“I’ll do my best, Miss Jubilee.” The human began the familiar motions of undoing his belt. “How about a kiss to see me off?”

“Mmm, of course, John.” The human pressed his huge, stiff cock to Cherry’s reddened lips, and Cherry eagerly slipped those lips over the tip. It was a ritual the two had performed countless times since they began running the Cherry Hill Ranch together, becoming business partners as well as lovers. The pregnant whorse hungrily snorted her husband’s potent scent and slobbered and slurped upon his leaking flare, blessing the prickhead with a sloppy “kiss” that could have made a bystander wonder whether Cherry had married all of John, or only his cock!

Thus aroused, John had to resist the urge to plow another load down the throat of his lustful wife. Instead he strolled down the hall, knocked on the door to Trixie’s old room, and let himself in to greet the Cherry Hill Ranch’s newest employee, a lovely pegasus mare known as Strawberry Sunrise.

“Ugh, you again?” Strawberry griped, brushing her curly mane and gazing deep into a vanity mirror. It seemed that when it came to attitude, Miss Sunrise took after her great and powerful predecessor. Fortunately, John had just the equipment to break horny pega-brats like her! His wet and well teased dick throbbed in his palm as he anticipated just how much sweaty work lay ahead in this bedroom. For Cherry’s sake, he’d do whatever it took to transform this mere slut into a proper, elegant whorse!

“That’s right, Miss Sunrise, it’s me,” John stated soothingly. “We’ll be picking up your lessons in oral elocution, just where we left off yesterday. Now, I trust that today, you’ll be able to get more than just the head of my dick into your mouth.”

“All this boring studying and practising!” Strawberry Sunrise complained, gesturing at the unused dildoes and butt plugs scattered about her bedroom. “When do I start getting fucked?

“This training period is on Cherry’s orders, ma’am,” John insisted. “Her policy is that every gal at the Cherry Hill Ranch deepthroats with a smile. Til you can manage my full length, I’m afraid we can’t have you do anything but look pretty in the window. Come on, now — let’s get that gag reflex of yours tamed into something you can stroke a stallion off with.”

“My dates never complain,” Strawberry grumbled. “I get them off just fine without deepthroating them.” The cocky pegasus waved a hoof and giggled. “Just imagine, a classy girl like me, slurping down stallion dicks! Haha!”

“Whorsing ain’t just about getting guys off,” John chided. “It’s a powerful skill, and a source of pride for the mare who’s mastered it. Do you think Applejack sucks on the fellow’s head, swallows his cum and says done with it?”

“Grr, Applejack!” Strawberry Sunrise shook a hoof fiercely at the mention of her rival. “She thinks she’s so hot, just cause she’s so hot!” The opinionated pegasus swiftly became flushed with anger... and, strangely, somewhat aroused. “How come she gets all the stallions? That mealy fruit-selling hick... I hate her so much, I want to scissor her all day, and shove my hoof up her huge disgusting butt!”

John chuckled, every brat had her weakness, and he’d just found Strawberry’s. He waved his meatclub about, thwacking it gently against the muzzle of the whorse-in-training as she drooled, her eyes tracking its every movement. “You put a bright ring of lipstick around the base of this cock today, Miss Sunrise,” he promised, “and I’ll toss you on that bed and plow you harder than I’ve ever fucked Applejack.”

John was a simple soul, but he knew how to motivate his student! With the prospect of besting Applejack at something, Strawberry Sunrise launched herself into her training, and by late afternoon, her gag reflex proved to be a thing of the past. In fact, John deemed her greatly improved throating skills adequate to bring her into Cherry’s stable full time — much to the relief of Tree Hugger, Moondancer, and Derpy, no doubt!

Yet before he left Strawberry’s bedroom to deliver the good news to his wife, John had a promise to keep to the Cherry Hill Ranch’s newest whorse. Tenderly kissing the pegasus cutie and gently preening her wings, he firmly positioned his trainee doggy-style on her bed, as if it were a sacred altar of love. Lifting his cock to her holy gate, he then blasted her marehood wide open with powerful thrusts.

Over the course of an hour — for John always preferred to take his time when it came to a mare’s first erotic encounter with mankind — Strawberry Sunrise was reduced to a half conscious, drooling mess, her head drooping unsupported on her pillow. Finally bloating her womb with fresh human seed, John courteously rimmed Strawberry’s sweet pucker goodbye, let her tail drop to cover her marehood, and closed the door behind him. She’d need some time to rest up before beginning a shift that could see her taking the same rough treatment from dozens of eager stallions!

Bringing the good news to the drawing room and Cherry Jubilee, John couldn’t conceal a certain eagerness. According to the grandfather clock in the hallway, the magical hour of 5 P.M. had nearly arrived. If he were still working his menial job at the Ponyville Mill, John’s obligations would have instantly ended with the toot of a whistle — yet here at the Ranch, his responsibilities were never ending. Today was different, though. After weeks of nonstop hard work on behalf of the mare he called both boss and wife, this overworked male had been offered the most precious thing imaginable — a night off!

“Alright, John,” Cherry agreed, “you’ve done a splendid job cleaning the house and training Miss Sunrise. I’d say your day’s work is done... go and have yourself some fun.” With an indulgent wink, she pushed a small bag of bits across the sofa — a wife’s generous (but not too generous!) allowance to her husband. “Now, don’t go using this to get drunk on. I won’t have it be said that my hubby is a souse.”

“Not a drop of liquor will touch my lips, Miss Jubilee,” John promised. Falling to his knees, he brought Cherry’s muzzle towards his lips for a long and passionate kiss. “None of the hard stuff, anyways... I might end up with a bit of cider in my belly.”

“Oh, you naughty man.” Despite knowing exactly what her husband was capable of, Cherry blushed at the implication of what he had planned for the night. “Ain’t us poor gals at the Cherry Hill Ranch enough for you?”

“Miss Jubilee, when it comes to matters of the heart, there ain’t no other gals whatsoever, and never could there ever be.” John placed his hand on Cherry’s belly as he spoke, as if swearing a solemn oath. “My love belongs to you, and you alone. But in other matters... well, you oughta know by now there ain’t such a thing as ‘enough’ when it comes to me and beautiful mares.”

“J-just remember to come back, John.” Despite her marriage to John, and the romantic promises which he renewed seemingly daily, Cherry couldn’t let go of a tiny bit of jealousy towards Applejack, the much younger mare who’d been John’s first equine conquest. “Remember who’s carrying your foal.”

“As if I could ever forget, Miss Jubilee.” With a light kiss on his wife’s swollen belly, John stood and strode towards the front door of the Cherry Hill Ranch.

It wouldn’t be so bad to do without John for a few hours, Cherry mused to herself, ogling her husband’s plot as he left. Why, the way he fucked, he’d probably shut down Sweet Apple Acres for the night, driving all of Ponyville’s other horny stallions through these very doors. Yes, Cherry could practically smell the bits already! And after all, even Applejack deserved to be properly pounded, once in a while.

Once in a great while...

With the promise of a night of utter debauchery in the air, John practically skipped down the road to Sweet Apple Acres, tossing the jingling bag of bits from one hand to the other. Applejack and Apple Bloom were waiting for him on the front porch of the cozy farmhouse, waving excitedly. Yet before John could properly greet them, Apple Bloom leapt off the porch into his arms and plastered her lips against his, hungrily grunting as she took her pleasure from his firm human mouth.

“Whoa there, AB, whorses don’t kiss their customers,” Applejack scolded. “Yew know that costs extra!”

“I reckon I’m good for it, Applejack,” John smiled. He tossed the older mare the sack of bits he’d gotten from Cherry. “In fact, tonight I want the full marefriend experience from all of you lovely ladies here at Sweet Apple Acres.”

“Why, of course, John.” As she counted the bits, Applejack’s features melted into the sweetest expression of adoration ever seen on the face of an equine. “AB, kiss this fine gentlecolt, what are ya waitin’ fer?”

Cupping Apple Bloom’s firm yet jiggly plot in his palms, John made out with the sweet and tender mare, acting as a receptacle for her youthful passion. “I want you in mah pussy tonight,” Apple Bloom requested sweetly as her tongue finally slipped free of John’s mouth. “I ain’t a virgin no more, but the stallions say I’m so tight, ya wouldn’t know.”

“Apple Bloom, I’ll fill every hole you’ve got tonight, with the finest cream,” John promised.

“An’ I’ll go tell Granny an’ Big—I mean, Orchard Blossom—ta git ready for ya...” Applejack’s mighty will wavered somewhat as her eyes glanced over the bulge in John’s trousers, and her Apple sense detected a stallion in desperate need of an immediate draining. Why the heck is Cherry blueballin’ her husband like this? she thought to herself. If John was mah stallion, I’d *never* climb off his cock!

“M-mebbe I’ll take a lil’ taste fer mahself first,” Applejack admitted. The hungry mare nestled in beneath her sister’s ass cheeks, supported as they were by John’s squeezing fingers. Eagerly she undid John’s belt buckle with her teeth, tugging his jeans down and sighing with contentment at the sight of his long anticipated girth. Dragging her tongue down the sweaty and well used prick, the experienced whorse raised an eyebrow with surprise.

“Mmm... ya taste like that uptight bitch, Strawberry Sunrise,” Applejack surmised with a chuckle. “Now how bout that?”

“Oh, you know the lady?” John managed to ask before Apple Bloom resumed plundering his mouth with her tongue, her front hooves wrapped tightly around his head. “She spoke highly of... well, she mentioned you.”

“Heh, me and that drama queen has hatefucked more times than I care ta count,” Applejack chuckled. “Good for her, I say. A few inches o’ human dick’d be good for her, I reckon — and ya’ll got more than jes’ a few.

Throwing himself into his role as the lucky recipient of a “marefriend experience” never to be forgotten, John cupped Apple Bloom’s ass in one hand and kissed her vigorously. His other hand gripped Applejack’s mane and pulled her towards her meaty destiny. Applejack obediently opened her mouth and let John’s cock slip past her lips, treating her sensitive tongue to the taste of his musk, lining up the shaft and pressing forward until his fat flare felt the sweet embrace of a tiny, skilled pony throat.

Yes, John thought, Equestria was definitely the right place for a fellow to settle down. Here he’d found good weather, a good wife and a bevy of frisky females to pleasure on the side. Though he’d never admit it to Cherry, even his old stomping grounds of Sweet Apple Acres had its own unique charm, simply by virtue of being a place away from John’s many and growing obligations.

For as much as John loved fucking his wife, and pleasuring the endless series of mares who needed his services at the Cherry Hill Ranch, fulfilling such constant feminine demands could be quite stressful. As he kissed Apple Bloom and plowed Applejack’s gullet open, this satisfied customer mused how nice it was to be able to get away from work, every once in a while...