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Well, that was a good read! Funny, wholesome, and sizzlin' hot. :pinkiehappy:

And lo, a monster was born!

"How do you know about my husband's dick size?"

My first thought when I read this was "Oh God, please not another story where Pinkie had sex with Carrot behind Cup's back". And I am honestly so glad it didn't turned out this way and the explanation was more innocent. I hate the trope of "Pinkie secretly fucks Mr. Cake" in porn stories, simply because:
1 - it paints Pinkie as an a-hole, not caring about Mrs. Cake at all, who is like a mother to her
2 - it's so overused it became boring
3 - I simply dislike stories involving cheating

That being said, I really enjoyed this story, good job :twilightsmile:

"Also, normally? Come on, Mrs Cake, do you even know me?"

she has a point.

An amazingly sexy story with great performances from all three of these happy lovers. The Pinkie/Cakes threeway is a story many have told (including me), but it's a favourite for good reason, and you made the dynamic hot and surprisingly wholesome. I especially enjoyed Pinkie's hyper, chattering hunger for cock. :pinkiesmile: So silly, spicy and true to the character!

And another one likely conceived.

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