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Well!!! Crap!! That happened. Not bad at all.

Read this in the pack, damn hot stuff!

It was quite fun to read this from the pack, and glad to see it here.

Sugar Belle suddenly looked like a foal on Hearth’s Warming morning. “Really?! You don’t mind?”

Cup smiled. “Not at all! Just don’t actually—”

Meep! Meep!:yay:


-cook anything.”

Okay, that was amusing.:raritywink:

Holy absolute FUCK that was a good story. If this ever gets a sequel I might actually explode.

:pinkiegasp: OH MY GOSH.........THIS STORY NEEDS A SEQUEL!

appears behind Pinkie Pie and sprays her with cold water lightly from a spray bottle.........................NO........Bad Pinkie Pie, don't go breaking the fourth walls in the comment section, even if they SHOULD write up a sequel to this story where it's the Mane 6 who end up trying a copy of that suit out themselves.

agreed, sequel where the magic/wish/gift gets shared.

This fic was unf as fuk

Gotta third my fellow pack readers: this fic might've been prodigiously indulgent, but what else is the 'treat' portion of Nightmare Night about? The smattering of suspense introduced by that outfit's mindwarping effect & Team Derpturner's timely intervention didn't exactly hurt either. Plus, Addams reference with characters who usually wouldn't be visualized within five miles of that aesthetic. Good show, old chap!

Excellent work! Been a while since I've read a really good hyper preg story. Thank you.

Wait Im so confused, is cupcake a pony or is this in the human world. Im so confused

That was a most amusing story.

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