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Contains: Incest, bimbofication, extreme bimbofication, aphrodisiac drugs, body modification, non con, extreme body modification, breast expansion, ass expansion, lip expansion, magical clothes alteration, impossible proportions, rough sex, maledom, femsub, impregnation, cum inflation, excessive amounts of cum, penis expansion, ball expansion, magic absorption, mind wiping, lots of mare juices, drooling, FFFM foursome, extreme mental modification, very fucked up relationship dynamics, anal sex, oral sex, senseless clop without much of a plot and heavily OOC characters

A shame that with the breast and ass "upgrades". Their wasn't any boobjob/titjob or assjobs in here.

Nevertheless, a good story.

Amazing story author I hoep you gonan make sequel with Celestai adn Cadance become hi bimbo lusts and broodmares and bearing his foals

Fantastic story for us bimbo enjoyers.

Could have done with a minor downgrade to the sizes, but either way good story.

Hope you plan on continuing this one with more bimbos to be! Cadance would be a good pick since she also regularly deals with Sunburst.


Despite founding it ironic for a downgrade/decrease, coming from another bimbo enjoyer?

Since bimbos are supposed to be big proportions.

Perhaps its just personal preference? Either way, it did not diminish the story in my eyes.

Personally, I am more of a fan of the more modest bimbo type. For me there is a fine line between bimbo and hyper.

A tremendous disappointment: Between the extremely poor writing and word use, the garbage dialogue, and the AI-generated cover, this is one of the worst fics I've seen on my feed in recent memory. I don't even care about these characters, so it's not that the dialogue was OOC or unfitting: It was just bad in the general sense, stilted and wooden and boring. The sexual descriptions were uninteresting, and the only unique part of it (the actual transformation and the related drugging / mind fuckery) was run through at a pace so brisk it was more like a sprint. This is so far below your usual standards and it's sad to see.

It's also a several years old work awkwardly expanded from a short, and specifically catering to certain directions. In general I'm not a great fan of what I've seen of my old work, and I feel I've gotten better as a writer over time, but I simply didn't have the option to rewrite this whole. Hopefully future stuff is more appreciated, though in general with commissions I intend to care more about customer satisfaction than what others think (but I will still try to make something good, of course). Thanks for the feedback.

"It's how I always make it." Stellar Flare's tongue lolled out of her mouth, one hand still in her pussy, the other still mercilessly twisting her nipples. "I love keeping myself dumb and horny for you, dear. I know you like it when I make myself into more of a mindfucked slut for you."

Nice. I love this idea. I really want to see what happens if Sunburst accidentally drinks it. Something like this:

I am curious about the foals, would they inherit the Bimbofication from their parents? If it's male, what is the male version of Bombified?

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