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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Hardcore futa and cum inflation...
Upvoted and added to smut story folder
Also, futa stellar flare. Something not common at all so really interesting.
(Sub sunburst always in stories with shining armor smh)

SO need the Derpibooru number too.

It's on Tektite's subscribestar for now. It'll be made public in a week or two!

I don't really lewd Sunburst at all, but for a lewd Sunburst fic it's a great one.

Nice, can you send a number when that happens?

welp, after reading that...I'm going to hell

If I don't already have a VIP ticket and a scholarship to the Hot Place™, someone's not doing their job right

I don't think it works that way

Bleating like a bitch being claimed, the sublime heat and pressure proved too much for Sunburst to bear. He could feel it coursing within him, erupting into him like a fire hose, and it was mind-bendingly phenomenal. As his mom’s potent seed flooded into him, dousing his interior with her fertile essence, he spontaneously climaxed a second time. Somehow, defying all logic, it was even more powerful than before.

Which was when Stellar smirked and whispered to him, "You really do take after your father."

>oh a new Stellar Flare fi-
Fuck this site

For what it's worth, I also write feral

Gotta make stuff for everyone

It was the futa tag that got that same response from me, Just gotta wait for the next story I guess.

Every week a certain someone plays a game. It starts with a casual toss of a single d10. After making their roll they reach into a bin filled with red and blue balls and randomly draw the number of balls that the die gave them. They then move over to a giant contraption and carry the balls up a three story ladder. The machine is a 30 ft tall cylinder with ten discs three feet apart. Each disc has several holes, is constantly spinning and all spin in the opposite direction of the discs above and below it. At the bottom sits a table covered in hundreds of words each with its own cup. The balls are placed in a funnel on the top and make their way randomly through the machine and into the cups. Each cup is a fetish, the blue balls indicate a minor role and the red a greater role. This information is placed in a random bullshit generator and out pops a story. That certain someone is Leech's brain.

Oh more of your fantastic work, its always so outstanding

This is fantastic and deserves a sequel.

Maybe with her buying him feminine clothing like thongs and corsets and putting him in chastity before taking him to a dickmare orgy.

> be not into Futa-on-Male
> but have to read it as a contest entry judge
> get lured in with the incest pairing
> dom sub personalities fit characters
> the sex is really hot
> TFW this was not a fetish I wanted to acquire

Well played, Leech. Well played.

All according to keikaku...

You’re disgusting.

Already ahead of you there

Shut the fuck up. I'm so tired of being disrespected on this goddamn website. All I wanted to do was post my opinion. MY OPINION. But no, you little bastards think it's "hilarious" to mock those with good opinions. My opinion. while not absolute, is definitely worth the respect to formulate an ACTUAL FUCKING RESPONSE AND NOT JUST A SHORT MEME OF A REPLY. I've been on this site for 4 years: 4 YEARS and I have never felt this wronged. It boils me up that I could spend so much time thinking and putting effort into things while you shits sit around (probably jerking off to Gardevoir or whatever furbait you like) and make fun of the intellectuals of this world. I've bored you? Good for fucking you. Literally no one cares that your little brain is to underdeveloped and rotted to comprehend my idea...MY GREAT GREAT IDEA. I could sit here all day whining, but I won't. I'm NOT a whiner. I'm a realist and an intellectual. I know when to call it quits and to leave the babybrains to themselves. I'm done with this goddamn site and you goddamn immature children. I have lived my life up until this point having to deal with memesters and idiots like you. I know how you work. I know that you all think you're
"epik trolls" but you're not. You think you baited me? NAH. I've never taken any bait. This is my 100% real opinion divorced from anger. I'm calm, I'm serene. I LAUGH when people imply I'm intellectually low enough to take bait. I always choose to reply just to spite you. I won. I've always won. Losing is not in my skillset. So you're probably gonna reply "lol epik trolled" or "u mad bro" but once you've done that you've shown me I've won. I've tricked the trickster and conquered memery. I live everyday growing stronger to fight you plebs and low level trolls who are probably 11 (baby, you gotta be 18 to read mature stories). But whatever, I digress. It's just fucking annoying that I'm never taken serious on this site, goddamn

Does it irk you that an 18 year old is more mature than you? I could go on some long winded tangent like you but I'd rather be straight forward. No one gives a shit that you've been on this site 4 years, no one cares about your opinions, and you can shove your holier than thou attitude up your ass.

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