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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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First baby!!

“Here’s your lunch, you little slut ,” Zaila huffed, shifting one hand to squeeze his throat.

Bloat him like a beanbag:rainbowdetermined2:!!!

Dis storie ams stupid :moustache: JK

But, isn't the anthro pony in the cover art female?

Just an effeminate dude

I don't know why this turns me on

Please help

Though he couldn’t know it at the time, their little experiment would lead to quite the hefty bit of income, several hundred new followers, and offers from many, many of his fans to help him make another such video; whether or not he would make another such recording - well - only time would tell…

♫ One o'cock, two o'cock , three o'cock rock ♫ Four o'cock, five o'cock, six o'cock rock ♫ Seven o'cock, eight o'cock, nine o'cock rock ♫ They're gonna rock their cocks to block tonight! ♫

Oh yeah, the fic slaps too.

Resu #9 · June 18th · · ·

How did you get into my browser history leech, how did you know to put there that kink?
Poor carpet we can only imagine the suffering and abuse it gets

I actually feel sorry for Sweet Cheeks. His parents must have named him that way as a sick joke.

Now you're thinking with portals.

awesome story, keep up the good work! :yay:

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