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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Let's see how long till this is featured


I give it yesterday. Leech's ability to garner faves defies time and space

I don't know why but that picture reminds me of Johnny Bravo for some reason.

Is it bad I want an mpreg situation happening. A hyper one at that?

can you like
with the anthro, dude?
i'm heavily tired of seeing shit of yours i can't enjoy

Then unfollow.
I'm not going to stop making anthro or feral, so either quit complaining or find someone else's stuff to read.

If you want to pay me to write feral, cool, I can do that.
Until that happens, you're gonna have to deal with it or leave.

Thanks for the downvote, BTW

Huzzah a fic of quality! Can’t wait for a part 3!

ty ty
Glad you enjoyed it

Kratz #9 · Oct 26th, 2019 · · 1 ·

can you like
calm down
with the shit comments, dude?
i'm heavily tired of seeing hate comments like yours i can't enjoy

well, best get used to them cap
cuz til he posts good shit again, you're gonna keep seein em

unfollowing only disservices me
because then i'll miss the good shit, when you finally get back to writing it
not to mention how it doesn't solve the whole problem
it stops me from seeing it, but not you from making it

Comments like yours actually have the opposite effect of what you're intending.
By openly complaining about anthro stories, you make me want to write them MORE

Please, for my sake and everyone else's, just sit patiently and wait.
I'd actually had a feral story queued up for next week, but I'm damn tempted to shuffle it to the back of the line.

fine, i'll wait
but if it has any fucking incest or striped shit in it i swear to Luna...

It's neither of those two things
Only hint I'll give is that it's connected to something feral I've written before...

good, maybe you'll keep the streak up this time

I assure you, I won't

Actually, I'll do you one better
> opens gdocs
16 stories to publish; dead even split, 8 feral and 8 anthro

... alternate them?

Comment posted by Perpetually Confused deleted Oct 26th, 2019

Well, aren't you sunshine and lollipops. People are totally gonna listen and not just think you are an annoying dick. :raritywink:

chumbo, you're hours late to the shindig
the problem's been solved already, so shut yer yap and go home

>problem has been solved
Oh good, so you aren't gonna post anymore. :raritystarry: Glad you realized nobody is gonna listen to the dick. :scootangel:

Good shit Leech! Loved it. ur super gey. 😂

yeah, keep tryna stir shit chief
this is your last (you), don't spend it all in one place

Ok, two points.
1. You're the one that started this.
2. Is that a threat?

First off you expecting to like every story Leech puts out is foolish. Leech intentionally makes all kinds of stories for all kinds of people. Second, expecting Leech to only put out stories you like is equally foolish. Leech owes you nothing and if it weren't for Leech you wouldn't get the good ones either. Third, it is entirely possible to convey your dissatisfaction in a way that isn't rude. You should try it sometime. You are allowed your opinion but so is everyone else.
Good work as usual, Leech. As a writer myself I find you ability to constantly put out new works to be incredible.

You're the MVP of the night
Good sir or ma'am, I tip my hat

Thank you, but I hardly deserve it.

Ohh, good story like the norm. Wish more would come out quicker lol

Dislikers don't know what they're talking about. Great fuckin story.

I put out a story every week, been keepin that consistency up for over a year running! Still, glad you enjoyed it!

Man do I love futa on human

AAAaaaaannnnnnnnndd......featured. good job Leech. I'll get to this once I'm done with your latest Setkiss fic

At this point, I'm emotionally invested to see the romantic aspect of this story come to a satisfactory conclusion.

For seeing this story in the featured panel for so long, I thought it'd make around 300 likes by now.

It's futa on male, which never gets a super glowing reception

It's all good though, I think this Wednesday's publication will be far better received!

See the Pic?
She Super Saiyan'ed AFTER Anon got fun

Which is unfortunate because futa on crossdressed male is always so hot.

mate shut the everloving fuck up

leech my man , you're the most amazing thing i ever fooking seen,thank you for this story i'm glad you have both the imagination and the skill to bring us stories like this for us to enjoy! THANK YOU and don't you listen to them neigh sayers!

Another one bites the dust

Like, neither do I like anthro as much as ponies, but I don't feel the need to bother anyone about this. Especially a free content. Maybe, I don't know, patreon someone and make a request?

I wanna see this Celestia straight up hammer toss Nightmare Moon for a banishment.

......... Holy mother of God!!....... Got to admit, not sure how I'd like the emasculation angle but damn. Damn good fic, can't wait for the next.

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