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Damn, don't see either of these characters often, I'm sure this is gonna be a blast (both figuratively and literally)!

That was quite the story. I never considered this pairing, but I guess this is why they're called crack ships.

I like how Harshwhinny respects Spike in comparison to his friends in Ponyville

He's a good durgen

“Am I that unattractive?” Harshwhinny chided, causing him to look to her face. “I’ll have you know, I’m in immaculate shape, for my age, and my bust is all natural! Here, see for yourself!” he attested, snatching his wrists and pulling his hands to her bosoms.


This was amazing. A pair that I did not expect but loved seeing how it turned out.

Angry Harshwhinny is best Harshwhinny.

Sunburst the nature grown mare toy. Ms.Harshwinny should claim this stuff for good :raritywink:

This was good, a few spelling errors but nothing that took away from the read.

Kind of feel bad for Sunburst but it all worked out in the end, sort of...

What spelling errors? :fluttershyouch:

Sunburst, you lucky nerd! Also, lucky Harshwhinny!

There's a "your" instead of "her" here: "he took note of your attention."

Sunburst... Luckyest nerd everrr♡

Oh nice more of your magnificent work

The only thing I desire is elaboration on what gets her off about being a cream filled milf.

It was at the end that Sunburst discovered that she lactate pure black coffee.

She'll fallen into pleasure a week after that.

I hope there's a sequel where she's pregnant.

Great story You should do a big story about her and a 15 year old weak human boy falling in love and thing happened that would be interesting But this is up to you.

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