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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Comment posted by Luna Aeterna Solutae deleted Nov 8th, 2019

Oh boy... it's finally here.

Nice story. Real nice!!

Pretty dang hot, as usual. Nice job.

Dash wins, done.

See now we got a slutty adventures of anon Just waiting to happen

Love futa on male thank you for more amazing work

No problemo!

I like futa on human male it has just the right taste. That can’t be beat

Minutes passed in a flash, while the man pondered on the message he’d received, and he soon found himself at the gym’s front door. Looking around, he raised an eyebrow, noticing that something was off. Normally, there’s be a fare number of ponies coming and going, but the place seemed abandoned.

You mean "fair." "fare" refers to a cost or to an array of food.

My two favourite ponies + futa + steamy gym action = absolute bliss.
Would love to see you do more futa on male and more FutaDash especially :rainbowwild:

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