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>tfw you know who the artist is, so it's already a good time.

This isn't half bad! Well Done!

Curious, are all mares in this setting like Rarity?


I have no idea. This was a commission, not my own creation.

Great clop, looking forward to the next one!!!!!

Ah, I see. My bad.
Part of me was wondering that if there was a sequel, it could involve either Twilight or Celestia finding out of Spike and Rarity's new relationship.


Well, if the commissioner ever decides to throw Celestia in here for a sequel, we could get a good look at Celestia's star-sized, solar-powered maredong.

I'm not really a fan of the futas but it's very good that you publish stories again

hide her purple cock

I gotta ask... Why purple? :rainbowhuh:

That would be something to see and look forward to.

God damn...

It’s great to have you back, man.

That was hot. You are very definitely one of the better writers, my dude :ajsmug:

The madlad did it. A futa story that didn't instantly get a dump load of downvotes just for being a futa story!

I salute you and give you a thumbs up, sir! Most pleasantly written!


That happens?

I did not know this.

In general, futa tends to get disrespected, especially in the MLP community. There are some exceptions, but I think it's because a lot of fans consider themselves straight and think futa is inherently gay, which is bullshit through and through.


That's bizarre. Most interactions I've seen with futa in the MLP community is almost overwhelming support.

Bizarre indeed...

We may have just had different experiences. But we can both agree, futa is hawt.

I have one word for you: Sequel?

Truly the commissioner is a man of culture.

*Reads Kinks*
Inflation, Like Helium? Is she going to float?

Think more like a water balloon, but the water is cum

Thanks for the clarification, I just think of cum inflation and the first thing in my mind is a actual balloon

Again a fantastic story.

Good job, love it.

Why would Spike even wear the top? :rainbowhuh:


Because it compliments the outfit.

Obviously :raritywink:

It's very rare to come across a futa Sparity story. It's even rarer to find one so good. Good work.

The jiggle would be legendary

Why am I reading this? :rainbowlaugh:
...onwards :pinkiecrazy:

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