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This is fiction. But it is based...

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"Yuge" is another word for Huge?

Yeee. "Yuuuuuuge"

Perfect as always. Goddamn this hit a LOT of fetishes...


This was great! This is one of the best clops I’ve read so far!

This.... this is what I wanted.
You did not give me this.

Awesome! I hope there's a follow-up!

Yuge Boobs

Don't you mean huge?

Yeah! Yuuuuuuge boobs.

Second comment on this, so FIIIIINE I'll change it to be normal :rainbowwild:

Don't you do it. I knew what you meant XD

boobs out of 10 :moustache:👌

When I saw this story posted, I came for the boobs.

That is all.

As a fellow boob man, thank you for posting this. I can't believe this gem was just sitting around.

N-No u

And if by many you mean two, then yes :rainbowlaugh:

A compromise was made :trixieshiftright:

"...I came..." --Dude3

But ayyyy, fellow boob man. I gotchu. And exactly why I posted this--wasn't doing anything, really!

Your sexual selection of assets is disgusting. Revolting, even. What can one even do with two melons up top and not on the bottom? You are threatening a schism between Ass and Tits on the likes of which never seen before. See you in the trenches, sourdough.

Anyways, good looks! Love the writing as normal. 🍊


Ass is great also! And thanks man! Really appreciate it :D

Ah, a fellow boob connoisseur!
This was an amazing read, short and sweet and straight to the point, with boobs at the center of everything.

10/10 would boob again.

I'm curious though... What 'niche fandom' was this adapted from?

Yeeee. Stoked you enjoyed it, mayne! Not sure this is completely 'short' but fair 'nuf lmao.

I guess it's less of a fandom but more of a 'community' so to speak. I'm gonna elect to keep that under wraps though for the near future just for some privacy reasons, though.

Dude, this was absolutely phenomenal. This is easily one of my favorite lewd stories I've read on this site. Fantastic job.

Haha thank you SO much!! :D

Herr Flammenwerfer, Gott sei dank! So many of your excellent stories are already on my bookshelves, and I've just added this one too. 📚📚📚 :)

Now, what will the future bring for this pair?

  • Will it be like Shakespearicles' "Mother Knows Best", where Button 🐴 is kept at peak academic performance by the always-available rewards of his Mom? :)
  • Or will your characters have a sexual relationship where Rarity :raritywink: insists that they have sex only in the manner which she dictates, and only when she commands it? And will she make Sweetie Belle :unsuresweetie: become part of a threesome?
  • Will Rarity and her protegé have a more consensual relationship, and be seen going out on dates in public together?
  • Or will his age keep them in a Rarity - Spike relationship, where because of their age difference Rarity must keep it secret?

So many possibilities!

Yes, Boobs out of 10.

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