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Welcome to the cum zone

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Buster! Where did thou art leave-ish to?


Crackshack behind the shed. Took a little more than I should've and was out for a good while, but I'm back now.

I'm here to kick ass and cumflate thots, and I'm all outta thots.

does that quote come with a pair of sunglasses and a 12ga?


No, it comes with a high risk of STD transmission and a lot of sexual harassment lawsuits.

Well, we're all glad you're back.


It's always good to see me :raritywink:

Hello, darkness, my old friend. Its nice to see you again.

the lord has returned

The king has returned

Now we will see if the old story’s will return the holy scriptures.


Sadly, they won't. It's against site rules to repost stories that were previously deleted, so they're not coming back.

Are you able to link to them on a different site or rename them?


1. I don't have copies of them myself.
2. No, as that will just get flagged for plagiarism or breaking rules.

Or post them as multiple stories underneath the title of a single story just all different chapters

Somebody saved a copy of them on a different site I will send you the link once I find it


I'm also currently looking into complete account restoration, so I'll let you know what happens with that.

Buster Knutt has graced us with another busted nut. Thank you, your posts always make my day better.

friend you don't know how much I needed you I missed you too much

Fimfetch has copies of them

And I’m sure if you speak to the kids there’ll be amenable to the return of such glorious lewds

Could we get a sequel maybe?



Not really sure how I'd do a sequel that isn't just doing the same story a second time based on what was set up.

You wouldn't be able to send that link to me as well, would you?

Well one idea from me if you had interest in expanding this universe would definitely to be pick whether you want to focus slowly on Dusk, or make this a series of corruption stories. For instance, the rest of the mane 6, princesses(Or princes), and spike all find some obscure way that leads to Dusk and it ends up leading them to the snowy mountains of Yakyakistan. A blizzard rolls in, everyone gets separated, boom! Perfect setup for a sequel or multiple in which it focuses on one character at a time and each of them getting captured by Chrysalis or maybe caught in a trap or a number of other things. Each story could focus on different kinks and have their own interesting appeals and plot. You could do it however you wish.

Don't mind me though I'm just an editor so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to suggest it. :twilightblush:
(P.S. Welcome back to the scene!)



Also: account restoration is a no-go, I'm afraid. Once it'a gone, they cannot recover it.

Awww man!!

Well, i'm glad that you're back!!

Glad you're back my man and I loved this new story. Hope to see more of your awrsome work soon.

I’m sorry to hear that you can’t get back your old account. The only other idea I can think of is to take all of your stories that were once standalone and try to combine them into one cohesive story instead of individual things happening that may or may not coincide with each other. This way you’ll be able to rewrite or change certain aspects about it that you wanted to before at the same time making it more of a giant amalgamation of your ideas.


I'm currently looking into getting them restored and transferred to me, so we'll see how that ends up going.

I am going to celebrate your return exactly how your name is telling me to. Welcome back sir. Also, strangely found myself wanting a follow-up to this story.

Look man, I can get that Dusk is hesitant to get with this chick, she is black after all and that usually entails evil dark magics and spooky stuff.

Edit: Oh no Dusk, quick ask for the N-Word pass that'll calm her down.

What if Chrysalis easily fall for Dusk's perfect trap?

You still got it!

Welcome back. Still writing good ol' smut? Great job once again.


Shit, I can't do much else :raritywink:

A very hot return to form. Welcome back, ya cunt :pinkiecrazy:

Good shit. 👌 💯 :heart:

I was kind of expecting Chrysalis to transform into Twilight Velvet during the "mommy" bit. Still, fuckin hottest thing I've read in a long time


Guess we can chalk that up to missed opportunities.

This was awesome story I hope there's a sequel where they get together.

I think, if there was gonna be a sequel to this, it'd have to be an 'after Dusk gets rescued' kinda story. Like, after several months, Dusk gets rescued against all odds, and the story shows the feelings on both sides, and how they feel now that Chrysalis and Dusk aren't together anymore. Both have developed very confusing feelings for each other, but neither are in a position where they can share those feelings, or do anything about them, so they just go about their lives while never really letting go of the other.

Whether they got back to each other or not would be up to the author, of course.

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