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Im a bit confused, is this only gonna revolve around chrysalis or are you gonna add more main characters as we go on?
Also, going off what happened so far wouldnt it be good to slap a dark tag onto it? i just think it a got a bit dark at the end.

There will be other main characters later. I don't have the exact ones yet though.
I don't know about the dark tag. Not sure when it's something that should be used or not.
It hasn't really been my intention of being dark, but I think it might get semi dark.
I can already say now that the story will not contain death and completely irreversible tfs.

Glad you like it.
Just got home from vacation, so I can start to work on the second chapter again now.

Please dont change shining or peg him there is not enough shining x chrysalis vanilla where her evil plan works

Good news then, I don't plan to switch him with a changeling.
Chrysalis wants the additional revenge by taking everything Cadance cares for including her husband's love.

Good just dont peg him please

ooh I hope we get to see some punishments for "chrysalis" 😈

Not really into it myself, so it probably won't be happening. Probably not even to anyone in the story.

Great new chapter, what I don't get is why LUNA hasn't seen into the dreams of both Cadance and Chrysalis already, after all shouldn't she see into her Niece's dreams and find out that she and Chrysalis have swapped bodies along with Changeling Drones having swapped bodies with Crystal Ponies?

Funny you ask.
It'll be explained in the next chapter.


I can't wait to see what happens, thought if you make it so that Chrysalis has some kind of magical item to block Luna then I would say that is just OP right there, after all Luna is the Princess of the Night and Dreams, she can go into any ponies dreams easily and should be able to get past magical blocks easily even if it's done by a changeling, not to mention that Chrysalis and Cadance have swapped bodies now so Chrysalis shouldn't have any of her magic abilities that would help her block Luna.

Don't wanna spoil it, but I've done it in a way I feel is appropriate.


Well I just hope that it's not some kind of item that you made that will block Luna, if so then I would think that would be Lazy writing on your part, a way to make the Changeling Queen more powerful then the Alicorn Princesses, I do hope that she is found out though so the ponies can swap her back with Cadance.

Okay that with the Dream of Chrysalis while there in Canterlot of all places should not have worked, this is LUNA, the Princess of the Night and DREAMS, the DREAM WORLD is her domain no one else's, not even Chrysalis should be able to pull one over on Luna at all while there.

Wanted to have them being close to equal and the defining factor being Luna's compassion.
I put many things into play that gave Chrysalis a an edge that piled up to her victory.

We also can't know her full power for sure, even in the show she's defeated by her own mentality in the dream world.


Well I hope that Luna and Celestia find out about Chrysalis BEFORE they go up to the Empire or at least cast spells to protect themselves from transformation spells so they won't be effected by them, also since the sun and moon are linked to Celestia and Luna it's via their SOULS so I do hope you don't think that some changelings taking the BODIES of the Princesses will allow them to control the Sun and Moon then.

Not planning to switch them because Chrysalis rather wants to humiliate them.


Well I hope she fails and why didn't Luna go into Cadance Dream world, after all that way she could have then figured out what was wrong, also I like how Celestia was pissed off at Twilight like that, it would do her some good to get busted down like that.

Luna couldn't go into Cadance's dreams because she's still in the Crystal Empire, if Luna were to get close enough she could bypass the aura around the Empire, she also assumed she was going inside Cadance but only realized too late.
Celestia wasn't angry at Twilight though, she was very angry at Cadance and let some of it out on Twilight because of her frustration, she also didn't want to occupied with Twilight when disciplining Cadance and potentially risking further corruption of Twilight.

I hope she succeeds bad ends and villain wins are the best. :3

Nice but you keep using "he/she" when referring to different characters. He/she should only refer to the last character you mentioned by name. If it changes you should use their name again. Otherwise it can very easily become confusing.

I'll try to keep that in mind, thanks for the feedback.

Chrysalis must be defeated and Cadance put back, another thing how has Celestia not found out about Bust Twilight. Also shouldn't Discord be able to tell what Chrysalis is up to with the crystal empire, also what happened to Luna again?

I wanted this chapter to be seen more from Twilight's perspective, so I left most of these questions unanswered.
I did however imply that Celestia was never the one sending the letters, as she was already stopped before they were sent.
The next chapter will focus on what's happened with Luna, so trying to keep it spoiler free.
I think Discord is just enjoying the show, he doesn't really care, it's just fun to watch the whole thing crumble.


Oh, and what will happen if Fluttershy is made into a Living Bust like Twilight was, what will he do then? Now what if Princess Celestia comes across Bust Twilight, what will she do then?

Celestia in the start of the chapter was a fake, and the one in the end was the real one, so she did come across Twilight.

If anything happens to Fluttershy, I think Discord will do something though.


Okay so then why hasn't the REAL Celestia come back to Twilight again and have Twilight tell her that Chrysalis is posing as Cadance again, also what were to happen if that mirror that swapped the changelings with the ponies were to break, would all the ponies go back to normal and the changelings too?

You mean if what had happened to Celestia in the end didn't happen and she then came to Twilight on her own instead of being moved there by the guards?
Then she'd probably release her and try to gather the elements of harmony to stop Chrysalis. But as it is now, Celestia is even more powerless than Twilight.

I haven't decided what will happen if the mirror breaks, but since it's a one of a kind, I don't think anyone else in their universe would know either.


Still I think that if the mirror does break the spell would be undone, thus freeing the ponies and putting the changelings in the spot light where the other ponies could take them out then, also are you saying that the same thing happened to Celestia as what was done to Twilight or am I reading what you just wrote the wrong way, I guess I'll have to re-read a few of the other chapters.

It's near the of the chapter. It's not described in depth, but you've seen my art of it, so you know roughly what's happened.
In the end, I think breaking it would release them too, but I do want to pull as much drama out of it as I can.


Okay then, still I hope that someone finds out what's going on, also those who have become changelings wouldn't they have the abilities of the changelings then, also while Chrysalis is now in Cadance body she shouldn't be able to control the Changeling Hive link anymore right, so shouldn't something have happened to the Hive by now?

The hive is being abandoned, since the changelings are taking control of the rest of Equestria they don't need it anymore, everything of worth is also being moved to the Crystal Empire.


I'm not talking about the Hive, I'm talking about the Changeling Hive Mind link, also that black anti-magic throne can't be taken with them or else it would break the spell on that mirror and free the ponies then.

I don't think changelings have a hive mind, they're just following the one who can make all the others submit, or maybe they breed special queen changelings like bees and other insects do.
Still I think they have free will, they just need someone to make them realize they don't have to follow their leader.
Right now, I think she's more popular than ever with the changelings, thanks to all her recent success.

For the throne, I don't know if or how I'll incorporate it into the story. It already doesn't make sense that she could use the mirror to body swap ponies with it in the hive and keep them swapped, so either the mirror runs on changeling magic, it's immune to the anti magic field, Chrysalis specifically allowed it's magic, or the throne isn't canon in my fic since it's diverged right before that episode took place.


Okay since your story came out before that episode I guess we can say that her old throne doesn't have any magic like it did in the show, also why do the changelings follow her now that Chrysalis herself is NO longer one, she is a PONY and she is the Princess of LOVE, that is what the Changelings feed on, so why don't they just capture her now since she doesn't really have any control over them.

I did write the fic after the episode came out, but I wanted it to diverge from that point since I wanted the Changelings to still be a threat.

As I said, the changelings aren't just drones in a hive mind, they've been prospering since they found the mirror and thus they're more loyal to her than ever before.
They're kinda like vampires, who get the chance to become human again, but they've been hungry their whole lives, so many changelings want to switch out with ponies as they take control, and they praise their queen for all of their success.
The changelings that still have their changeling bodies are no longer hungry, and don't have any reason to rebel, and the ones that have swapped don't need to feed on love anymore anyway, so they help her see her plan through. They still have their changeling minds though, so they're filled with more lust than most ponies.


Okay, well I just hope that they never had to face against the Caribou or Zebra's from those 'Fall of Equestria' stories, then the Changelings would be SCREWED that's for sure.

glad i found the fanfic

I'm glad you enjoyed it. 👍

You miss spelled breasts several times


Neither me, my editors, or google's spell check has been able to find that. Do you have any examples?

Probably easy to miss considering it was spelled beast not breast Third chapter I believe

Thanks, I've corrected the both instances where I spelled it wrong.

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